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more treachery in the works

Tom Hanks will star in the upcoming movie about the Tri-Border Area, "Triple Frontier." The movie producer, Kathryn Bigelow, won Oscars for last year's film "The Hurt Locker." They start filming in March 2011.

Mark Boal is "writing and producing "Triple Frontier" for Paramount. Bigelow will direct.
The film is described as a "Traffic"-like drug parable set in the notorious border zone between Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil, where the Igazu and Parana rivers converge, making 'la triple frontera' difficult to monitor and a haven for organized crime. Bigelow had noted that the film will use the same "raw and visceral visual style" as "The Hurt Locker."

"Raw and visceral visual style" means:
"If it suits the material, yes. I quite like that style, I have to say, it allows for a kind of experiential filmmaking — it puts you there. I think that's what film can do that no other medium can. Prose can be very reflective but film can create this pre-conscious physiological reaction to something...There's something intriguing, if the story provides the opportunity, about parachuting the audience into a moment that he or she may not want to experience first hand."

Hoo boy. Are you ready to be programmed? Because after this movie comes out, and who knows maybe even before, the Tri-Border Area will be on the map, baby...

You will learn all about Bad Guys in South America, courtesy of Hollywood. 

A process known as Predictive Programming.

See: entertainment is to program you

And we think it would be really great to have some idea of what goes in the Tri-Border Area *BEFORE* we hear it from Hollywood. Just in case they decide to take a little artistic license.

[As an aside...

Sarver's suit characterizes the critically acclaimed film as "... nothing more than the exploitation of a real life honorable, courageous, and long serving member of our country's armed forces, by greedy, multi-billion dollar 'entertainment' corporations." The suit also alleges that Boal, as part of an armed services press program embedded in Master Sgt. Sarver's unit, used personal details from the soldier's life in an embarrassing way.
Among those named as defendants are director Kathryn Bigelow, screenwriter Mark Boal, and the film's distributor Summit Entertainment and producer Voltage Pictures. Playboy, the magazine that Boal was working for when he wrote the story about a bomb squad in Iraq that later inspired the film, is also named in the suit. Sarver's suit alleges that "virtually all of the situations portrayed in the film" were based on Sgt. Sarver experiences and had been observed and documented by Boal, while the journalist was on assignment for Playboy.
Just a few days ago, a New Jersey federal judge moved the case to California District Court. This decision means that Sarver, the U.S. soldier who claimed that "Hurt Locker" damaged him, could end up paying damages to the film's producers, as a result of something called "anti-SLAPP" statutes.

Just in case anyone thinks they can get some justice around here.....pfft.]

The Tri-Border Area is also known as the Bangkok of Latin America. Tafficking takes place there: clothing, drugs, humans, babies, etc.

"Many girls are trafficked via the pique. It's all highly organised", explains Marcelina Antunez, director of Luz de Infancia, a children's care centre in the Argentine town of Puerto IguazĂș.

Driving the trade is the flood of foreign tourists who come to visit the world famous IguazĂș waterfalls. Much of the demand for prostitution is casual. Yet the region also attracts a hardened group of sex tourists. 

..."The triple frontera is the Bangkok of Latin America...after the tsunami, many sex tourists started coming here instead of Asia," notes Cynthia Bendlin, director of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) for the triple frontier area. IOM runs a number of awareness programmes to highlight the dangers of the trafficking trade. But it is an uphill struggle. Many of the children most at risk either live on the street or come from very impoverished families, Ms Bendlin explains. (2007)

Aha so it's the FOREIGN TOURISTS, including a hardened group of SEX TOURISTS, who drive the trafficking, just to be clear.

A tourist destination, with beautiful hotels. Many tourists come to see the Igauzu falls. But hey, there's really nothing to worry about because the place is crawling with feds and agency people, including CIA, on account of all the Arab terrorists there, so relax! Who would dare do any illegal trafficking with all these law enforcement people around?

Immigration officer Emilio Osses, who oversees one of the Argentine checkpoints in the area, said that contrary to popular belief, this is not the worst trafficking hotspot on Argentina's border. He says that this tri-border area is heavily controlled — saturated with officers from at least eight local, federal and international agencies, including lots of CIA agents.
And it's largely because of the intelligence community that there's a lot of hype around the tri-border, he said. There is a large and important Arab population here, and it's believed that the terrorist cells that bombed the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires had support in this area.

“That's why it has this stigma of terrorism, corruption, and illegal trafficking,” Osses said. "In reality, the tri-border area suffers from propaganda.” But Osses goes on to admit that there's a lot of room for illegal trafficking here. In the high season, 30,000 people per day cross the triple border — and that's just at the official checkpoints. Like any border, much more of it is uncontrolled.

Jesus God, Mr. Osses. Do you think there's a connection between all those agency people and the trafficking?

We'll know our disinformation program is complete 
when everything the American public believes is false.
-- William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting in 1981)

Click over for the conclusion of that post.

Also see: not for nothing, and the point B list.

We will continue to hear about the terrorists in South America, in the Tri-Border Area. Accusations of money laundering crop up over and over again, some simplistic things like: they launder money in the TBA and send it to the Middle East, where of course it is used for terrorism. !! You will not see much proof. You see, the area has a large Arab-descent population. And a couple of terrorist incidents took place in South America once upon a time, and these incidents get trotted out over and over and over again to cast aspersions on certain groups.

An October 2004 Senate report said:

Ciudad del Este provides the kind of uncontrolled environment that can sustain criminal organizations--and terrorists. The 1992 Israeli Embassy bombing and the 1994 Argentine-Israeli Community Center bombing cast a spotlight on the baleful role being played by some elements of the Arab community in Ciudad del Este that it has since been unable to avoid. Because much of Paraguay's export business is underground, basically based on contrabanding, the situation leaves the Arab community suspect of helping to financially support Arab terrorist groups, although without clear proof is wanting. Although it may be unwise to assume that all black-market contrabandists are terrorists, police authorities believe that the amount of funds being generated by smuggling and money laundering that is being transferred within Paraguay to overseas banks is far more than any presumptive business activity in the country. It raises some suspicions in the minds of local police officials that some in the Arab community are supporting radical terrorism with the spoils of illegal trade.

Indeed, the U.S. State Department clearly advises that there are individuals and organizations operating in Ciudad de Este and along the tri-border area between Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina, with ties to extremist groups. Brazilian Judge Walter Fanganiello Maierovitch... reports that Osama bin Laden is setting up an al-Qaeda unit near Ciudad del Este under the cover of the Arab community. The U.S. Government cannot confirm an al-Qaeda presence in the tri-border area. However, other radical Islamic extremists routinely rely upon illegal activities, such as drug and arms trafficking, to help fund terrorist activities throughout the world.
Is it not infuriating? They have no proof. It's all a bunch of beliefs and suggestions and innuendo.

BY THE WAY, WHO RUNS ORGANIZED CRIME? AND WHO LAUNDERS THE MONEY? We mean for all the other organized crime that is not associated with the Tri-Border Area?

In violence around the world, we learn how the experts love to bring up the 1992 bombing of the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires and the 1994 bombing of a Jewish center as "proof of Tehran's terrorist activities and global reach. However, the 1992 attack killed 29, only 4 of them Israelis. Most of the victims were Argentine civilians and children. And the inquiries into the Argentine attacks cited as proof were cursory and marred by accusations of serious mishandling. Such as, for instance, that investigators ascertained that in BOTH CASES the explosives were inside the Israeli-controlled buildings, and did not arrive via truck-driving-suicide-bombing-Hezbollahniks."

Recall also that last July a bunch of US warships suddenly parked off the coast of Costa Rica. What was that all about? Nobody ever seemed to say for sure. We know the US military gave out 472 pairs of sunglasses, among other things, to the people of Costa Rica while the people of Haiti continued to suffer in misery.

So today we read that a former US ambassador to Brazil, Clifford Sobel, "(born 1949, to a Jewish family in Brooklyn, NY)" this week said the Brazilians are "paranoid" about their sovereignty in the Amazon region, regarding one of the Wikileap dumps.

Sobel ended his three-year service as ambassador in August 2009, wrote that while the document details the dangers of uncontrolled jungle borders, "it also indulges in the traditional Brazilian paranoia concerning the activities of non-governmental organizations and other shadowy foreign forces that are popularly perceived as potential threats to Brazil's sovereignty." Even so, he wrote, that concern "serves the practical purpose of tasking the military with developing greater capabilities."
"Traditional Brazilion paranoia?" What a pompous ass. Not to mention that NGOs like USAID, with their ties to the CIA, etc., are indeed potential threats to any host nation's sovereignty. And not to mention that he admits in the next breath that any nation's correct assessment of such threats drives military spending. So a little "paranoia" is good for US objectives then, even though it's totally fine for an ex-ambassador to make disparaging remarks about it? Does that not meet the definition of bullying?

He goes on to say:

"There is no threat, for example, to Brazil's maritime oil deposits," Sobel wrote. "But Brazilian leaders and media have routinely cited oil discoveries off the coast as an urgent reason for better maritime security."

No, of course not. Why would any country on earth worry about their maritime oil deposits being commandeered? Surely that has never happened before, not even once. Paranoid Brazilians.

Sobel took over the post of Ambassador to Brazil from John J. Danilovich. Mr. Danilovich is a member of the CFR and a Knight of Malta. Before serving as Ambassador to Brazil he served as Ambassador to Costa Rica, from 2001 to 2004.

So we see a locus in the Western Hemisphere, centered on Central and South America, and this theater operates in parallel to the Asia theater. As far as we can ascertain, US warships remain in Costa Rica. We see Hollywood taking on the Tri-Border Area, presumably to control the narrative about Arab terrorists. We already know about the drug lords and violence in Mexico, bringing everything closer to home. If something should happen in the Americas, a terrorist incident, we would expect linkages to be suggested immediately implicating Iran, Hezbollah, perhaps some transit countries in Africa, and the Tri-Border Area. We think that because that's what they keep saying. They keep saying it because that's what they want us to believe. They set the narrative up first so that the events will fit into it.

That's the way it's done.


Penny said…
Hollywood teaches us all, who the bad guys are...

let's see communists, natives, arabs and now some south americans??

Hollywood also teaches us our morals.
And makes us smart.


I mean look at Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan.... see moral and upstanding.

They offer oodles of hope to young girls, if you are none to bright but plenty skanky.You can be popular.

When my daughter was younger, Brittney moronic Spears, had just hit the entertainment scene.
She asked me what I thought of her, I recall telling her, she can't sing worth a crap, and has a rather generic sounding voice, what is there to like?

She thankfully, very quickly passed that phase.

I could not have been happier.

But, she was plenty skanky...
Penny said…
oh and btw the grimms tale.

quite interesting
Anonymous said…
The usual suspects.

- Aangirfan
malcontent said…
The Wikileap collective on Paraguay National HUMINT Collection Directive

It's dreadfully dry reading but organizing like this makes it easy to run a series of searches for terms that interest the curious.
A. Peasant said…
ah Pen, it's not easy raising girls or boys for that matter. the music in particular is a constant presence with the ipods.
aferrismoon said…
Tri-Border or Tribe Order?

Re: What passes for Music - constantly on: music is good, what, don't u like music??

But its not music , its a hypnotic , constant beat.

Oh your'e just out-of-date.

many listen to music loudly and constantly and with the ear-plugs are contained in a self-separated 'world'.

In 2000AD , a comic , in the '80s one story had these characters called 'Drummers' who just rocked their head to a constant drum-beat and had basically little or no communication.

As we might surmise from Dave McGowans Laurel Canyon investigation perhaps 'pop-music' , while being catchy, is not for our benefit necessarily.

Of course listening to 'music' is akin to 'freedom' so if u ask for it to be turned down or off u r a fascist.

I prefer listening to the rinse cycle of a washing machine than the painful dements that force their genital regions on to the general public.

Somewher on the web a 4-year old girl impersonates Beyonces distinctly sexual gyrations while parents appreciatively video her.

Had they tried to teach her to cook they'd probably be imprisoned for sexist role-modelling.

A. Peasant said…
well said Ferris.

music is like a loaded gun. i won't say more.
nobody said…
Ferris - spot on.
Hei Hu Quan said…
The tri-border, a.k.a. the Triple Frontier, is also home to the Guarani Aquifer and is one of the world's largest aquifer systems containing an important source for fresh water. It is reported that this vast underground reservoir can supply the world fresh drinking water for 200 years. In the near future fresh water will be the next critical resource that will be strategically shorted for Eugenocidal control. This tactic is already deployed and in use in Africa, India and parts of South East Asia where fresh potable water is scarce and the people either drink contaminated, septic water or simply die from deprivation of it. Fresh water sources are being privatised and monopolised by diabolical corporations and others are being acquired by intelligence operations at the behest of personages like G.W. Bush and Rev. Sun Myung Moon. KCIA and CIA asset Rev. Sun Myung Moon purchased the land that sits above the Guarani Aquifer. Argentina in particular is very anxious at the sudden appearance of the World Bank reps, Americans and other foreign operatives popping up to buy land strategically around the region. The Argentinians are right to worry as a large military airbase has been planned, under the contrived racialist pretext of an Arab threat to the region.

The conquering worms want direct access to these natural resources to horde them for themselves and distribute at a gross profit. By also dominating these resources, they can also deny them to areas of the world they want to see destroyed through environmentally synthesised murder by attrition.
the Silverfish said…
Ooooo, a New Tom Hanks movie, be still my trembling heart. I mean like he is soo uber cool, what a hunk.
Hei Hu Quan said…
I forgot to include this in my reply, but for more information on Water Wars and the corporatisation of those resources, check here: Water Wars Videos
A. Peasant said…
Hei Hu Quan, thanks for the video -- i will check that out. yes indeed there has been a lot of interest in the Chaco. i covered some of that here:

but i did not get into the water angle, which looks like it deserves it's own post. the elites' interest on a personal level (pelosi vacations, bush ranches, etc.) in this region is inexplicable unless we take these other agendas into account.


and hello there Silv.