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plenty of evidence - UPDATED

UPDATE: Lebanese paper Al Akbar publishes diplomatic cables. These don't appear to be related to Wikileaks, although that is not clear. The source is anonymous. The diplomatic cables suggest that some factions in Lebanon passed word through the US, presumably intended to get to Israel, to the effect that they want Israel to destroy Hezbollah, and if some Hezbollah supporters in Southern Lebanon get killed, that would be acceptable.


Via Deep Politics Monitor, we learn some very interesting revelations on Rafik Hariri's assassination at Voltairenet.

The article is also posted at Global Research.


While western media have announced that indictments against Hezbollah will be issued shortly by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, Russian magazine Odnako challenges the entire UN investigation. Thierry Meyssan posits that the weapon used to assassinate former Prime Minister Rafik Hairiri was supplied by Germany. Former German prosecutor and first commissioner in charge of the UN probe, Detlev Mehlis, seemingly doctored evidence to cover up his country’s involvement. These revelations embarrass the Tribunal and reverse the tide in Lebanon.

2009 article says he was named Senior Attorney for the European Commission to the Philippines.

Thierry Meyssan's article covers the history of the Special Tribunal to Lebanon (STL) extensively.
The STL was created on 5/30/07 to prosecute the alleged sponsors of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri’s assassination. At that time the suspects were Presidents Bashar el-Assad of Syria and Emile Lahoud of Lebanon. In May 2009, Hezbollah came under suspicion.

For the past 18 months, Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah’s secretary-general, has been proclaiming his party’s innocence. He maintains that the real aim of the proceedings is to decapitate the Resistance and clear the region for the Israeli army. For its part, the U.S. administration in a sudden surge of righteousness pledged that no one would be allowed to shun international Justice.
In any event, the indictment - which all believe to be imminent - against Shia leaders for the assassination of a Sunni leader is of such a nature as to spark off a fitna, namely a Muslim civil war, plummeting the region into new depths of bloodshed and violence.
What happened to the physical evidence from 911, such as the steel beams? It was carted away and destroyed.

What happened to the physical evidence after Benazir Bhutto's assassination. The police immediately hosed down the crime scene.

What happened to the Hariri crime scene? 

The crime scene - on the basis of the topography still intact as well as the photos and video footage shot on that day - was not examined in detail. The victims were not exhumed and no autopsies were performed. For a long time, no attempt was made to ascertain the modus operandi. After discarding the hypothesis of a bomb buried in the ground, the investigators espoused the one involving the van withough bothering to verify it.

And yet, this version is implausible: looking at the crime scene, anyone can easily observe the very large and deep crater that a surface explosion could not have dug out. Faced with the adamancy of the Swiss experts who refused to endorse the official version, on 19 October the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) recreated the crime scene behind closed doors. It didn’t take place in Lebanon, nor in the Netherlands which is the seat of the STL, but in France, one of the countries funding the Tribunal. The buildings surrounding the crime scene were reconstructed and earth was brought in from Beirut. The convoy was reconstituted, including the armoured vehicle. The aim was to demonstrate that the height of the concrete buildings had confined the explosion, making it possible for the blast to produce the crater. The results of this costly experiment have never been divulged.
The bodies displayed strange burn patterns -- charred on one side and intact on the other. The blast generated a burst of exceptionally intense heat, not explained by ordinary explosives. The explosion sucked up all the oxygen which made the bodies brittle. Several limbs were found broken off cleanly, as though made of clay.

  • "When we asked a number of military experts what kind of explosives would be capable of generating such damage, they mentioned a new type of weapon."
  • "...combination of nuclear and nonotechnology science can trigger an explosion the exact strength of which can be regulated and controlled."
  • "There is one unequivocal fact: this weapon is equipped with a nano-quantity of enriched uranium, emanating radiations which are quantifiable."
  • "Technically speaking, the weapon is shaped like a small missile, a few tens of centimeters long. It must be fired from a drone."
  • "On the day of the attack, the United States had deployed AWACS aircraft over Lebanon. The live feeds could help to establish the presence of a drone and even to determine its flight path. But Washington and Tel Aviv - which indefatigably urge all parties to cooperate with the STL - turned down the request."
  •  "According to the military experts, in 2005, Germany was the only country which had a handle on this new technology. It is, therefore, Berlin which supplied and set up the crime weapon."
Hmm. Those military experts. According to them, Germany was the only country which had a handle on this new technology?

Really? Maybe... seems a bit unlikely however.

Also, we know that the Soviet Union used something similar-sounding, thermobaric weapons, in the 1980s. And they have been used since. Thermobaric weapons create a pressure wave which sucks the air out of victims, shreds their internal organs and crushes their bodies.
The weapons are so controversial that MoD weapons and legal experts spent 18 months debating whether British troops could use them without breaking international law. Eventually, they decided to get round the ethical problems by redefining the weapons. “We no longer accept the term thermobaric [for the AGM-114N] as there is no internationally agreed definition,” said an MoD spokesman. “We call it an enhanced blast weapon.”

So changing the name clears up the ethical problem then?

The laser-guided missile has a warhead packed with fluorinated aluminium powder surrounding a small charge. When it hits the target, the charge disperses the aluminium powder throughout the target building. The cloud then ignites, causing a massive secondary blast that tears throughout any enclosed space. The blast creates a vacuum which draws air and debris back in, creating pressure of up to 430lb per sq in. The more heavily the building is protected, the more concentrated the blast. The cloud of burning aluminium powder means victims often die from asphyxiation before the pressure shreds their organs.
Sound like similar technology, at the very least.

This brings us to Detlev Mehlis, who is "notoriously linked to the German and U.S. secret services."
Assigned in 1986 to shed light on the attack against the La Belle disco in Berlin, he diligently covered up all Israeli and U.S. fingerprints to falsely accuse Libya and justify the bombing of Mouammar Khadafi’s palace by the U.S. Air Force. In the early 2000s, Mr Mehlis was lavishly paid for his stint as researcher at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (think-tank linked to AIPAC, the pro-Israel lobby) and at the Rand Corporation (think-tank attached to the U.S. military industrial complex). All elements which cast a shadow over his impartiality in the Rafik Hariri affair and should have sufficed to have him taken off the case.
Mehlis was seconded by Commissioner Gerhard Lehmann, who is also a well-known German and U.S. secret services agent. He was formally identified by a witness as having taken part in the programme run by the Bush Administration in Europe, involving the abduction, detention and torture of prisoners in "black holes". His name is mentioned in the ad hoc Report by the Council of Europe. Notwithstanding, he managed to dodge all judicial proceedings on the strength of a strong though unlikely alibi provided by his colleagues in the German police.
Mehlis and Lehmann propagated the theory of the explosives-laden suicide van to deflect the investigation from the German weapon that was used to commit the crime.
The article goes on to explain the way Mehlis and Lehmann tampered with evidence and witnesses. Meyssen explains why the STL has been fatally compromised.

Everything leads the Lebanese to believe that the information is actually earmarked for Israel, of which, in their eyes, the TSL is merely an offshoot.

...The truth ultimately seeps through. The Israeli drone videos released by the Hezbollah expose Israel’s involvement in the crime preparations. The facts revealed by Odnako point to the use of a sophisticated German weapon. The puzzle is nearly complete.

The puzzle must be completed with the physical evidence, the evidence of the weapons used. What is the technology? Who developed it? When?

Sick minds make sick weapons.

Let's remember back to 2006, back to the war in Lebanon, when so many died.

20- 7- 2006
Dear all ,
Ok , I have to admit the attached pictures are hideously gruesome, but you have to look at them . Help me find out what kind of weapons cause this kind of dismemberment and mutation. What kind of weapons cause this kind of damage? Do you know? Could you find out?
None of this is confirmed, or could be here and now. However, there are growing doubts that Israel might be using internationally forbidden weapons in its current aggression against Lebanon. News from "Southern Medical Center", a hospital in Saida( in South Lebanon) are not good.
Dr. Bashir Sham, member of "French Association of Cardiovascular Surgeons", explains that the way the corps look when they reach the hospital , especially those of the air strikes in Doueir and Rmayleih, is very abnormal.”One might think they were burnt , but their colour is dark , they’re inflated, and they have a terrible smell” All this , and the hair is not burnt nor do the bodies bleed.
Eight of the victims of an air strike on Rmayleih bridge, near Saida, on the 15th of July, were transferred to Sham’s hospital.
Sham says that only chemical poisonous substances "lead to instant death without bleeding". And what indicates the power of these substances, is the high and unusual of number of dead victimes, compared to the number of injuries.
Sham thinks that whatever “abnormal “ substance causing these features might penetrate through the skin, or another explanation would be that the missiles contained toxic gas that stopped the proper functioning of the nervous system, and led to blood clotting.
These toxic materials cause immediate death, within two to thirty minutes, according to Sham, who admits that these doubts can't be proven, not even by an autopsy.
The director of the same medical center, Ali Mansour, says that due to the strong smell of the corps, he couldn’t breath properly for at least 12 hours after the corps were handled.
He explains that the center received eight bodies from Rmeileh last Monday, and none of them was bleeding.
Mansour tells us the hospital wrote to both the commissioner of the European Union for Foreign Affaires Javier Solana, and the United Nations Secretary general Kofi Anan. He said that dr Sham will communicate his doubts to the Doctors Order in Lebanon.

"Die. Die the way They want you to die. No one will weep.
Die by gunshots, by missiles, by sea shelling, or air strikes.
Die out of starvation. Die under the open sky.
Don’t run, they’ll get you on the roads.
Stay where you are and die, stand still, don’t even attempt to move, just die.
By forbidden arms, by “allowed” arms, die.
And die together, whole family members, so no one will cry when you go.
And down here, we won’t even be able to look at the pictures of your corps.
Silently die, don’t scream.
And stay right where you die, none of us is able to reach you, or to collect your remains from under the rubbles. None of us is able to know how many you are. None of us can protect you from the kind of death that they choose for you."



Anonymous said…
Hell of a crater, Peasant.

Bears a striking resemblance to the massive crater left in the wake of the October 2002 Bali bombing, which the "authorities" attributed to a car bomb, and which murdered 202 people.

Oh yes, and it was blamed on Muslims, of course.

It's worth having a hunt around on the net and finding pics of the Bali crater, and the huge radius of destruction beyond the crater.

They expect us to believe that slaughter was from an above ground car bomb . . . and I expect to see pigs flying overhead any day now.

A. Peasant said…
you know it Celt. in the absence of a media that does it's job properly, people *must* use their own critical thinking skills.

google image search on bali bombing crater does turn up some interesting pics.
kenny said…
Evidence makes no difference. There's no binding international law for what kind of weapons of murder are used. The technology is shared, sold or stolen and the killers sit back and say, "my, that worked very well, let's tweak it and try again."

word verification sort of related ... cooklin
A. Peasant said…
that's convenient, huh?
the Silverfish said…
I find it rather strange that these so called thermobaric weapons are somehow new. The US used them extensively in Viet Nam, then they were simply called daisy cutters because of the daisy like hole that they punched out of the jungle. They were simply 15,000 pounds of powered aluminum mixed with high octane aviation fuel in a tank delivered by parachute. The over pressures and resultant blast radius have to be seen to be believed.

They were ostensibly used for clearing
helicopter landing zones in the jungle, They were also dropped on villages but few mention that.

Also DIME explosives are also not that new.
A. Peasant said…
good points silv. i don't really know the answer. maybe they tweak these things or change the names, maybe it's just a matter of dealing with public opinion that changes over time. it's all pretty sick in my opinion.
Anonymous said…
Reminds me of the Bali Bomb.

- Aangirfan