student experiments

h/t Socio-Economics History Blog


Edo said...

Thanks AP - I'll be checking more of this. Really interesting.

A. Peasant said...

i thought so too Edo. socio blog has another video posted with this one:


also very good. i hope to check out parts 2 and 3 of the Iserbyt interview. pretty stunning the way she lays it out there.

chuckyman said...

Cracking video A.P. We know that this process has taken place. It is ‘educational’ to hear the detail.

Her terminology is revealing. Over here in CCTV land there is a very low profile but very influential group called Common Purpose. They are involved in ‘training seminars’ for all manner of medium to high level professionals. Tavistock House is stamped all over their methodology.

Edo said...

My thought exactly Chuckyman.
When I heard Iserbyt speak, the first thing I thought of was Common Purpose. Sounds identical in format.

chuckyman said...

I just caught this today over at Greg Bacon’s place. It is very relevant to this discussion.

A. Peasant said...

absolutely, that's the video mosesman at socio-economic history posted with this one. it was even too depressing for me, and that's saying something because i can look at a lot of depressing information. that's why i didn't post it. it's very, very sad how well-intentioned people have conceded their rights and responsibilities to the authorities; and the price that children pay. it makes me sick.

i think we hear as much about Common Purpose here in the US. it seems to be more a UK thing. but anyway it's the same agenda custom packaged for each audience i suppose.

A. Peasant said...

also i meant to say we *don't* hear as much about common purpose in the US, at least not defined as such.

chuckyman said...

That’s understandable A.P. There is ZERO mention in the usual ‘media’ about this group here. I first heard about it online through the blog-vine.

Some enterprising souls have set up a dedicated site to highlight their activities if anyone is interested.

While this may be a British head of the Hydra the methodology is very NWO. The chain goes back to CFR, Tavistock Institute, the Round Table and Cecil Rhodes. Different front agencies but the same agenda.

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