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catapulting the narratives

We don't have time to blog at the moment, but would like to draw your attention to several things going on:

1. Oregon officer shooting suspect is paranoid (link under photo)

Minor offenses, suspect descends into paranoia, commits ghastly crime, smiles for the camera.

WALDPORT, Ore. (AP) — The man accused of shooting and critically wounding a police officer began to act erratically six months ago, his friends say, slipping deeper into a depression after a breakup and entertaining paranoid fantasies about being pursued by police.
Narrative: People who distrust authorities are paranoid and likely to commit heinous crimes?

After protests in Egypt "inspired" by the uprising in Tunisia.

See: Aangirfan: CIA to topple Mubarak and split up Egypt?

Perhaps after the dust settles Gamal can come back in glory?

Narrative: People power revolutions are taking place to overthrow corrupt Arab regimes?

3. Chabad emissaries describe 'horrifying' scene at Moscow

Then leap into action counting Jews and distributing kosher food to Jews.

Why do they always seem to be nearby when terror strikes? Just lucky we guess.

Bibi declares need for international response to terrorism.

Narrative: Israelis are the heroes and experts on international terrorism?

WASHINGTON -- The United States is warning Americans of the potential for terrorist attacks in the east African nations of Burundi and Uganda next month, possibly by Somali extremists with links to al-Qaida.
February, American interest, al-Qaeda linked Islamic terrorists, etc.

Narrative: Al Qaeda terror Al Qaeda terror Al Shabab terror Islamic terror they hate us for our freedoms terror blah blah blah?

5. NO NEWS from the Tri-Border Area of Paraguay, Brazil & Argentina. Quiet as a church mouse down there.

Narrative: SURPRISE!

Narrative: HAHAHAHAHA!


Timster said…
Great post, great links AP!
Anonymous said…
Chabad again!

- Aangirfan
Anonymous said…
Ever seen this one?

Tactical nuke blows up the Bagdad airport killing 20,000 Iraqi army troops and 3000 U.S. soldiers who were said to be on their way to being killed anyway.
Anonymous said…

Looks like a lot of websites have been shut down recently. I notice Suraci disappeared.
A. Peasant said…
has anyone heard from suraci? maybe HHQ? i don't know that DHS could take him down since he's in the UK, but still, we don't know what's going on.

dubs the ghost troop site looks interesting except for the part where you have to hunt around for a summary.

Aan, yes isn't that odd? they were right handy evidently.

Timster, glad you like it. i didn't have much time but that picture was just worth it.
Anonymous said…
In other news I had a tooth pulled and was herded into a room with a "panaramic xray machine. It is tube around your head no explanations nothing.

I just looked it up, it is like the air port scanner 100 times more dosage. I won't going back there especially if I get thyroid cancer. You gotta watch them!
Anonymous said…
I forgot to mention Chucky said Suraci just gives up blogging from time to time, this may be another instance of that. Don't know for sure.
A. Peasant said…
oh thanks for the word on suraci. did you ever see his video of being buzzed by black copters? it has happened to him several times while out biking in the country. he doesn't owe anyone anything, that's for sure, because he has taken on these monsters.

and you have to be careful with the dentists. they have a lot of creepy equipment and access to our heads.
Anonymous said…
Yes I have seen that video and it is not surprising.
Hei Hu Quan said…
I email corresponded with Suraci recently and he's doing well, but taking a brief hiatus. I don't blame him at all, as slogging about in this work is demanding, consuming, oft times thankless and bleak. His writings and reporting are definitely missed. He carries forth an indomitable spirit and he'll be back at his gun posts firing away before long. I expressed for him to reach out to his friends if he needs any help. We must all watch one another's backs and assist when needed.

Cheers for the concern, very nice looking out.
A. Peasant said…
thanks HHQ, thank you for letting us know. give him our love please when you can. everyone who does this knows the price of being this sort of warrior, and he is heroic.
Anonymous said…
Hi A.Peasant.
Thank you for your blog, and for allowing annonymous comment back so i can say thanks big time.
To all of you that commented here a big thank you as well, and even though i'm not a blogger i still try to walk the path of the truth, be aware and vigilant in my actions and try to inform others of all of your sites and blogs, so Thank you once again.

Cheers A13
A. Peasant said…
dear A13, you are very welcome. thank you for reading and sharing. you know what i always say, the resistance begins in your mind. we just keep banging on the mind doors right? it's all good.

"Devoid of thought, I sat quietly by the desk in my official room,
With my fountain-mind undisturbed, as serene as water;
A sudden crash of thunder, the mind-doors burst open,
And lo, there sits the old man in all his homeliness."

Chao-pien, from Thomas Merton in The Inner Experience.