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glass definitely half empty

From Global Research: Dividing the Middle East and North Africa, by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya
February 10, 2008

The Nazemroaya article makes the following points:

1. NATO decided to divide North Africa into "spheres of influence" between the EU (Franco-German) and US (Anglo-American) interests.

2. Europe's borders would expand eastward, all the way to Turkey. 

Joschka Fischer, former German minister, stated that the terrorist bombings in London, Britain and Madrid, Spain revealed that the Middle East “is truly our [Europe’s] backyard, and we in the E.U. must cease our shortsightedness and recognize that.”

3. "The whole Mediterranean is slated to eventually fall within the European Union’s sphere of influence."

That includes the North African countries. France and Germany play the lead role in this integration.

"This is another case where cooperation with the Franco-German entente, is in the interest of both and Britain and America. To insure a strong Anglo-American role, NATO has been involved, and Israel has been integrated into the framework for a Mediterranean Union. Israel’s role in this process also hinges upon its bilateral relationship with Turkey."
4. Turkey plays a pivotal role.

5. "A country’s economic policy is what determines its status in the eyes of Washington and London."


Are we seeing a coordinated plan to reset North Africa?

We see a stable country, Tunisia, receive the Jasmine Revolution from the globalists.

We see Morocco in the pocket of the globalists.

We now see the globalists rapidly withdraw support from Hosni Mubarak. Son Gamal escaped to London in the nick of time. That was lucky.

They are calling this one the Lotus Revolution.

Hillary demands that the Egyptian police and military take it easy on those protesters. How very thoughtful. (Don't expect the same treatment here. They'll be out with the Pain Ray for sure, at least.)

Click to enlarge.

Egypt has strategic assets. The Nile. Water. The Suez Canal. Access to the Mediterranean and it's underwater assets. Access to the Red Sea.

Maps of Greater Israel include these Egyptian assets. We might say that Israel covets these assets. Didn't Moses have a commandment against that?

Looks like the US and Israel have decided that it's time for Hosni to go.

"Despite Israel’s peace treaty with Egypt, Egypt remains Israel's primary threat in the region.

"Israel sees Egypt as its main obstacle to regional dominance." 

"Greater Israel" includes the Sinai and Egyptian territory to the Nile.

Is water playing a role in these decisions? We know that Israel wants to capture South Lebanon up to the Litani. Water is a problem. That's a fact.

See: up to the Litani

A December 1998 analysis of the water situation, by Mohammed Al-Kattan informs us:

In the 1970s and 1980s Arab states began making strategic water alliances.

  • the Egypt-Israel North Sinai Agricultural Development Project (NSADP)
  • the Southeast Anatolia Development Project (GAP)
  • the Syria-Iraq reaction against the effects of the GAP
  • the Turkey-Israel “Peace Pipeline”

These alliances altered the balance of power in the region.

Egyptian President Anwar Sadat promised Nile water to Israel back in the 1970s.

There are many potential repercussions, however, for other users of Nile waters, especially for Sudan and Ethiopia. There also is a two-fold geopolitical danger for the Arab word: first, Israel may hold West Bank waters hostage for an increase in the Gaza water supply. In the future, Israel may also claim the right of a downstream user to increase its share of Nile River water. The U.N., through the Convention on the Law of Non-Navigational Use of International Watercourses, has given downstream users priority over those countries upstream.

Thanks to the UN, all such arrangements have been structured to benefit Israel.

With the U.N.’s May 21, 1997 adoption of the Convention on the Law of Non-Navigational Use of International Watercourse, Israel is identified as a downstream country in all of the above scenarios. In the future, therefore, Israel will be able to demand and receive a larger portion of the water.

click to enlarge

The obstacles and prohibitions [of delivering the Nile water to Israel - ed.] are not the Egyptian government… Sadat promised it to them.
The prohibitions and obstacles are due to the stance of the Egyptian people, and objections of some active states and the states of its sources.

...Anwar As-Sadat promised Zionists in his speech in 1979 in Haifa to give them the Nile water, and said it is presented as a MONUMENT TO THE PEACE RECORD contributed by the Egyptian people in the name of millions of Moslems, and shall be like Zamzam water (which is from a well at the Kaaba compound) For believers!!! As-Sadat spoke about the peace canal that he wants to build under the Suez canal to transfer the Nile water to the Sinai and the Negev desert in the south of occupied Palestine. And he sent a letter to Begin who was the Zionist state’s Prime Minister at the time, promising to have it reach Jerusalem… Begin replied saying, “If the Nile water means that we have to give up Jerusalem, we don’t want it.”)… More than one Zionist source commented about the presence of the Bilharzias in the Nile water, As-Sadat replied, “they want it with or without Bilharzias!!!”
But as it turns out, Egypt has not yet given Israel the Nile.

Egypt has perhaps given Israel many other things, but not the water.

In fact, just this past August Mubarak said that the Nile water “will not extend beyond Egyptian borders."
Diaa Eddin al-Qoussi, former advisor to the minister of irrigation, told Al-Masry Al-Youm that Mubarak’s statements clearly demonstrate that Egypt will not give up its Nile water quota in order to satisfy Israel. He added that Mubarak’s statements further emphasize that Egypt rejects any negotiations which aim to bring Nile water to Israel.

Maybe, perhaps, patience has begun to wear thin. Maybe it doesn't matter anymore how nicely Mubarak cooperated on all those other items.

And in addition to this water angle, the is the oil and gas under the waters of the Mediterranean. Who gets all of that?

"Israel has always said that their territorial waters extend to 12 miles from its coast, now they have backtracked and said that it extends to 200 kilometres. That would be well and good if the same logic would correspond to dividing this gas for Egypt....
Question of whom or whose is the oil? Egypt? And it falls within its 200 kilometres. Israeli entrepreneurs who financed U.S. oil companies? What Israel now says that it is not 12 miles but 200 miles? In southern Cyprus? The British enclave? How can we say that Lebanon would not have anything? Or the same European Union that desperately wants gas? Sounds like the groundwork is being laid for some huge war."


nobody said…
Hey AP,

As I understood it, if the Israelis don't get that water from the Nile that will mean that the entire Israeli Porn industry will be forced to go without jacuzzis. Not surprisingly Benjamin Netanyahu declared that this would be COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. God forbid that even the most idiotic of Jewish desires should not be met.

As it says in the Talmud: "Should a Jew desire even the smallest and most pointless of things, even if he demands that the ass's milk he uses for his enema come solely from albino asses fed nothing but white rose petals, it should be considered more important than the lives of every goyim in the world."

So there you go.
A. Peasant said…
haha, where you been mate? it's good to see you back.

thank you for the explanations. i love visuals. there we go indeed.
aferrismoon said…
Jasmine , Lotus - are they really just outing the names of their ops in plain sight.

Who in fact comes up with these pithy names.

Orange Rev.

Of course none of the G-whatever summit riots are considered as acts of revolution, or the student riots, yet they are obvoiusly counter the status-quo. No, they are anarchist villains on drugs.

Bored young people pranks with a smattering of agent provocateur , not that that would happen in an A-0rab country where sudenly Euro holiday destinatios have overnight become dictatorial hotspots.

I wonder if the conflicts with Palestinians stop the Israeli public from demonstrating their government and the apparent poverty that's growing there.

A. Peasant said…
no kiddin huh? there must be a department like at Benjamin Moore or Mary Kay where they have people think up names for their products. except the spooks lack creativity. they really should hire someone from cosmetics.

so looks like the military and the protesters have joined forces. i'm thinking that is blowing over like a lead balloon with our masters. and bibi orders SILENCE!!!
Anonymous said…
That is funny as hell Nobody. We will see if this can be contained. You know it looks like the Germans just can't stop their Bavarian Illumined government from dragging them into a conflict periodically. They had best beware they don't end up paying billions to the middle east forever for more war crimes. Germany is pretty industrious and a big target for milking by the bankers. The average German doesn't know all this of course as they are told to just read about the economy in Deutsche Welle.

It is obvious where the center of power is supposed to reside. Whole foods in the US has just caved into Monsanto and will allow GMO. GMO has now been virtually ruled out in Europe. So what does that tell you? Get ready for re-wilding.
Anonymous said…
We will see if the new government remains under the IMF and U.N. mandate or if the puppetmaster has decided that Mubarak is just too unpopular to remain as their front man. Hillary can't just come out and see these miscreants need a good whipping. No you have to ooze compassion.

Another thing is perhaps the greatest treasure on the planet is still under the sphinx and the great pyramid from all we can decipher. If the world is going to be privy to the entire records of mankinds stay on the planet then Egypt must become free or they will be loaded on a plane late at night and sent to the British museum and the vatican.
Switters said…
Supposedly, Vodafone turn off their DNS servers at the request of the Egyptian government. It resulted in an increase in people taking to the streets.

The social engineers at Tavistock must be having a field day with this hot live variable group action!
A. Peasant said…
good tip Switters. i put that in the most recent post.

dubs i ask the same question: can it be contained?
nobody said…
Hey AP (and Mick)

Um, mate I'm always here. The only problem is that your pieces are too long for me to read online in the library. Subsequently I save to desktop and take them home and read them there. And then by the time I come back the next day I'm too far removed from reading to make a sensible comment.

It just so happened that the last couple of pieces were short enough for me to read and comment in real time.

Um... this isn't a backhanded way of me asking you to write less - by all means write on - it's just a statement of the constraints I face.
A. Peasant said…
excellent nobs. i'm glad you're lurking. lurking is good. i don't have as much time to blog as i used to so i try to make the posts chewy when i get the chance, thus the length. it is what it is. no worries.