heroin: the star of the show

An addendum to yesterday's post.

According to the Havocscope Black Market search engine, the size of the black market economy is something like $1.334 trillion.

Drugs in general, and heroin in particular, play an important role in destabilizing populations because people can become addicted to heroin after one use. From a social engineering perspective, and from a geostrategic / military perspective (ie: NATO), heroin is a weapon against the target population. Introducing heroin destroys families and destroys the lives of young people, taking them out of the equation. That is a potent weapon. They only need to introduce people to the drug and it takes over.

"Mr Ivanov, a former KGB officer and senior Kremlin official, said the flood of the drug from Afghanistan posed a threat to Russia's national security. ...He said the drug was partly to blame for rising crime and a fall in Russia's population...."Drug trafficking has become a key negative factor for demography and a blow to our nation's gene pool... [and] a challenge to Russia's civilisation."

...The Russian health ministry says Russia has up to 2.5 million drug addicts out of a population of some 140 million, most of them aged between 18 and 39....The CND's World Drugs Report for 2008 reported that China was estimated to have about 2.3 million users of opiates, though how many of those used heroin was unclear."

Another country with a big heroin problem: Iran.

"Iran is the top country of drug addicts with 4-5 million addicted, as much as 1.6 million of those are heroin addicts. There are atleast 31 deaths every day in Tehran only. This also creates a huge problem with HIV/AIDS. Officially 50,000 iranians are infected with HIV. Probably much more due to the sharing of syringes amongst the drug addicts."

 government FAIL = organized crime SUCCESS

See: above reproach 

1) Intelligence agencies are fragmented and in competition.

2) Creating and sustaining a strategy of tension between the US and Russia JUSTIFIES the continued military-industrial complex buildup in Central Asia.

We do not think the US military has any plans, at any time ever, to leave Afghanistan. That might explain why the US military is all over Afghanistan and building bases. And Afghanistan lies between Russia, China and Iran, so it's perfect. It is a perfect place from which to DESTABILIZE various populations, for example, by giving them heroin.

Totally Occupied: 700 Military Bases Across Afghanistan

As long as terror exists in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the US military can justify staying. The military has to stay to control the distribution of the weapon: heroin.

Terrorism can always be arranged. Terrorists can always be found.

And who pays for these sorts of operations?

Well, we have a $1.344 trillion black economy. Surely there's some money around to fund some "rogue" people who like to find terrorists under rocks in Afghanistan and Pakistan, JUSTIFYING the continued US military occupation, which seems to be about controlling the heroin trade and driving a wedge between Iran, China and Russia.

Will Tunisia develop a heroin problem next?


stans said...

In regards to Clarridge, sounds like some Bush Crime Family (h/t to Sherman Skolnick) privateering. I bet Karzai screwed them in some drug deal. It's a "falling out" among business partners, like with Saddam, Noriega, Marcos, etc.

Hei Hu Quan said...
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Hei Hu Quan said...

With a number of synchronised, behind-the-curtain events, false-flag attacks, and concerted media rubbishing, there is a covert war being waged against Russia and Iran, with escalating agit-prop launched against China. Drugs are weapons of mass destruction and pacification of the general citizenry, long used by forces that use it as a powerful tool of destabilisation.
I've watched for quite some time, the goings on in Afghanistan, from the targeting and running out of the early Taliban who banned poppy production, to the setup of a classic pseudo-gang replacement. A Taliban full in the pocket of the intelligence services of the CIA, MI6 and the Mossad to name the key puppet-masters. I had anticipated for a long while that those vast poppy fields carefully guarded by British and American military, were to be unleashed upon the masses of US. However it appears that instead, Russia was actually the main target. Not to worry though, the citizens of the US will be besieged solid and proper, once their economy is suitably destroyed from on high. Then like magic, Heroin will flood right in, along with the self-destructive and collateral violence normally associated with its onslaught. Need a reference? Examine the US in the 70's and 90's where they suffered through two campaigns of narcotised warfare against targeted sections of the populace.

The Evil Bastard guidebook states that when you can't go in with guns and bombs, you use economic and chemical warfare in the guise of drugs to achieve the means of exponential destruction. In the case of Russia, it's having a devastating effect, that will have severe ramifications. It's pretty much The Opium War 2.0, and Russia will have little choice but to crackdown severely to end it similar to China. 

With the false-flag bombing today at Russia's Domodedovo Airport, I've no doubt that Israel has its filthy claw in this covert war. Especially after the terrorist attack occurs most conveniently after President Medvedev's visit to Palestine and Jordan the day before. Medvedev's diplomatic mission was to travel to Palestine to reaffirm his country’s support for a Palestinian state with its capital in East Jerusalem. He did not set foot in Israel during his entire visit.

A. Peasant said...

stans, yes could be. Penny has a post up on it too and a three minute video of him being interviewed by Pilger.


the guy is a dangerous ignoramus.

HHQ, indeed it is obvious. but then it isn't to so many people because they can't let their minds go there. and i agree that it will be unleashed here at some point. it's already here but probably an escalation is in order.

we also have different types of attacks here than in Russia. i don't know if the Russians have the chemicals in the sky like we do -- i think that is more a "West" phenomenon. yesterday we were absolutely whacked with chemtrails in the Boston area. it was ridiculous.

i had just seen the bombing of the airport but haven't had a chance to check it out yet. though i have my doubts about medvedev, i have to say...

A. Peasant said...

speaking of the airport bombing, chabad was there immediately to help and determined that no jews were killed. and bibi says:

"Terror is international, and so the response to it must be international. "If we unite we will suppress the terrorists and thwart their plans."

what say they will find out it was linked to some lebanese terrorists?

"Deitsch said his group reviewed a list of the names of the dead and determined that it contained no Jews. The Chabad rabbis remained at the airport to comfort the families of the dead. They also arranged kosher food for passengers on an El Al flight bound for Tel Aviv that was not able to take off due to the attack."


Anonymous said...

"Terrorism can always be arranged."

How true!

- Aangirfan

JJane said...

My guess is that it is being unleashed here already. Taking it down to a personal level, my best friend's daughter, who w a user for 12 years and presumably knew what she was doing, OD'd so apparently, the heroin here now packs a lethal punch. I didn't know that once tried, addiction is almost guaranteed, and the numbers of addicts. wow. We're a world lacking genuine spiritual/religious experience through any other means? I think the 'basic' pyramid of food, shelter and water needs another must: genuine religious/spiritual growth experiences. Cheers, AP, on yet another mind-blowing piece.

A. Peasant said...

hi Marlene. i agree it has been unleashed here and for a long time, but i think you nail it that it can be made more lethal, more addictive, and it can come to more places and reach deeper into society. i know a pharmacist and there are more addicts out there than one would think, because pharmacists get to see them. plus the addictive thinking tends to jump out at you once you've become adept at spotting it, so that people who think they are being so clever, before they hit bottom, really aren't. it's very sad because it destroys families, which is of course what the social engineers wanted in the first place. and people cooperate in their own demise, in society's demise.

if interested, this is a good and short description of why heroin is so addictive:


thank you for reading. i trust all my readers make aangirfan their first stop of the day! aan is indispensible.

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