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hiding behind the sun

This is an interesting video from Fox News.

First, we see that Piers Corbyn made an accurate prediction, going against the conventional wisdom: "The winter, December to February inclusive, in Britian and Europe will be exceptionally cold, and snowy, like hell frozen over at times."

Piers Corbyn: UK man more successful than UK government experts.

"So much for Global Warming..........Prepare for the Ice Age." Hahahahaaa ~ Fox News

"A clock’s pendulum moves back and forth because the forces that act on it are not balanced. The weight on the pendulum and the tightness of the string constantly try to pull the pendulum towards the centre. But its weight and speed swing it past the point of balance (equilibrium point). So the velocity of the pendulum is constantly changing." source

Thus, we see the weight and speed of the narrative moving from Global Warming to Coming Ice Age.

You see, a problem arose. The science behind global warming has been exposed as a scam. Oh shit, said the globalists. Those fucking Russian hackers. We can't put it back together. Whatever shall we do now?

Quickly! We need to swing the pendulum to the other extreme! The Ice Age Cometh!

Let's make sure not to stop at all the weather manipulation / human intervention / chemtrails etc. that we did. Let's go directly to blaming everything on the sun.

So here we are.

Fox wants to know, how did Peirs "pull this off?"

The answer: "The science, so called, of these scientists you refer to, is failed science based on fraudulent data."

We consider that a true statement.

Piers then says: "We understand that the sun -- solar particles, the magnetic effect -- which control earth's weather and climate, and we are able to predict this a long time ahead."

We would suspect, based on our limited research, that the sun does indeed have a very major influence on earth's climate. We did a post on it last February. Click through for the six part video, which Incoming found.

One might also note that the Danish physicist Henrik Svensmark has been working on this solar magnetic theory for over a decade. This is his theory. Could it be that some people are trying to use this theory for their own nefarious purposes? We understand that is typically how things work.
Shorter theory:
The magnetic field of the sun regulates how many cosmic rays reach the earth.
The magnetic field of the sun varies over time.
Therefore, the number of cosmic rays reaching the earth varies over time.
Cosmic rays produce ions in the atmosphere — tiny aerosolized particles.
These ions — tiny aerosolized particles — allow water to condense and form clouds.
More cosmic rays make more ions make more clouds.
More clouds reflect more sunlight and cool the earth.
So the clouds are caused by the cosmic rays, which reach the earth based on the sun’s magnetic field.
Therefore the magnetic field of the sun regulates the earth’s climate.
According to this theory, which makes sense, cosmic rays and the sun drive climate, not you. Do a little happy dance.
Note the sourpuss faces at the IPCC when they saw the presentation (part 3). The scientists could not get the results published for sixteen months. The IPCC people say this is NONsense.
Right now we appear to be in a cold period, based on our position vis-a-vis spiral arms of the Milky Way. These spiral arms can generate a five to ten degree variation in earth’s temperature. Five to ten degrees! That’s a lot.
So what are the particles they’re spraying into the atmosphere, which we know as chemtrails, that spread out and form clouds, which cool the planet, while they browbeat us senseless with this human-caused global warming crap?
Why do they do this? To make everything worse? To JUSTIFY their global warming carbon trading schemes?
Go here to watch a five minute explanation of the theory.

And again, what else makes clouds besides the sun? How about all those chemtrails making cloud cover? Some people think those planes spraying those chemicals are trying to help us and save us from global warming, and that's why the chemicals spread out and blanket the sky and turn the beautiful blue sky into gray. Absolutely laughable. We see the chemtrails as a win win for the globalists: 1) pollute the environment and every living creature in it, and 2) fuck up the weather. We would like them to stop.

Piers Corbyn says about the climate change science:

"It is complete nonsense, it's fiction, it comes from a cult ideology. There's no science in there, no facts to back them up....What they have is they fiddle the facts in order to justify political attacks, carbon trading, extra taxation..."

During the time Peirs Corbyn speaks these powerful words, images are scrolling next to him. Look at the images.

@ 3:07

"...and in fact it is now closing up again in the Artic and the Antarctic has been cooling for the last 13 years..."

This statement being accompanied on the right, suddenly, by a picture of a ferris wheel.

Two curious subjects justaposed: ferris wheels and the Antarctic.

See: some people know how to celebrate an anniversary

"Indeed the Ferris wheel is totally laden with symbolism that is linked to the illuminate and the Serpent Cult. It literally is an obelisk, a benben stone (pyramid), an all seeing eye, the Sun and an acknowledgement of famous secret society members all rolled together in one monument. I tell you the truth, there is enormous symbolism behind the Ferris wheel and the secret rulers of this world have tricked you for at least a century about its symbolism and its true meaning. The Ferris wheel is literally a very powerful symbolic Sun God monument and it is literally being hidden right under our noses." ~ from Matthew Delooze website excerpted at the link 
Also see: what's up down below?

Busy busy busy down there. You know I just find that suspicious. It's true I find lots of things suspicious but you know, as they say in Russia, it's not for nothing. It's not for nothing that all those scientists keep hanging around Antartica for decades. It's not for nothing that the Dutch royals visited to see what it might be like to live there. It's not for nothing that ships go in and out of there with tons of supplies. It's not for nothing. It never is.

Anyway, Piers goes on to say:

"We are just past the peak of a world temperature rise, and we are now falling, and it's going to carry on falling in general for the next twenty five years, and all these major extreme events around the world, the biggest ones, such as the heat wave in Russia and the floods in -- the ending of the heat wave in Russia and the ending of the floods in Pakistan -- were predicted by us using our solar magnetic theory."

Did he just say ALL these major extreme events were predicted?

It really seems that he was beginning to say that his team predicted the heat wave in Russia and the floods in Pakistan, and then he corrects himself and says that they predicted the ENDING of the heat wave in Russia and the ENDING of the floods in Pakistan, using their solar magnetic theory.

Because if they predicted the actual events before they happened, that would pose quite an ethical dilemma, seeing how many people suffered and died as a result of these events. They would have had a moral responsibility to sound the alarms, seems to us.

Then again, maybe he is telling the truth. Maybe these events were predicted because they were accomplished with weather modification technology.

See: Pakistan: unlucky in everything then? really?

Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025, A Research Paper Presented To Air Force 2025 in August 1996, 14 years ago.

...The following notional scenario postulates how weather-modification might become both technically feasible and socially desirable by 2025.

Between now and 2005, technological advances in meteorology and the demand for more precise weather information by global businesses will lead to the successful identification and parameterization of the major variables that affect weather. By 2015, advances in computational capability, modeling techniques, and atmospheric information tracking will produce a highly accurate and reliable weather prediction capability, validated against real-world weather. In the following decade, population densities put pressure on the worldwide availability and cost of food and usable water. Massive life and property losses associated with natural weather disasters become increasingly unacceptable. These pressures prompt governments and/or other organizations who are able to capitalize on the technological advances of the previous 20 years to pursue a highly accurate and reasonably precise weather-modification capability. The increasing urgency to realize the benefits of this capability stimulates laws and treaties, and some unilateral actions, making the risks required to validate and refine it acceptable. By 2025, the world, or parts of it, are able to shape local weather patterns by influencing the factors that affect climate, precipitation, storms and their effects, fog, and near space. These highly accurate and reasonably precise civil applications of weather-modification technology have obvious military implications. This is particularly true for aerospace forces, for while weather may affect all mediums of operation, it operates in ours.
In other words, after the weather causes "massive life and property losses," people will finally demand that Something Must Be Done about the crazy, deadly weather.

So of course it would be completely ridiculous to suppose that halfway through this plan 1) they already have the technology, and 2) they use it to cause "massive life and property losses," so that 3) we will beg them to develop the technology and save us from the weather. That would betray an extremely cynical understanding of social engineering and psychopathy.

No. Better to think it's all just Mother Nature and Acts of God and Remarkable Coincidences and Bad Luck.

Something is missing from the conversation. We think it's very good that people understand global warming is bogus. However, in the rush to come up with an alternative explanation based on the sun, we think the pendulum is swinging right past a few pesky details such as weather modification technology and chemtrails.

Just because Piers Corbyn makes some true statements, as far as we can tell, it does not follow that weather modification has not been used. It is just not being discussed.

See: half true means worse than useless

"A half truth deceives the recipient by presenting something believable and using those aspects of the statement that can be shown to be true as good reason to believe the statement is true in its entirety, or that the statement represents the whole truth. A person deceived by a half truth considers the proposition to be knowledge and acts accordingly."
It would be very convenient for some people to blame everything on the sun.

We don't think so.

Chemtrails? What's all this about then?

Watch: What in the world are they spraying?

Also see, related: disaster lottery.


Anonymous said…
It's difficult to take Global Warming seriously when we know what they can do with their HAARP technology and they refuse to come clean about the constant chemtrail coverage. If they can't be honest with us about those things, what else are they holding back on? And how are we supposed to trust anything that they say?
A. Peasant said…
we don't recommend trusting anything they say.
Hei Hu Quan said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hei Hu Quan said…
Those satanoid criminal bastards can call it whatever they like: Global Warming, Ice Age 2.0, collective farts from Mayan ghosts or Carbon rift channeling from Dimension X. Bottom line is I'm not paying their shite Carbon Tax full bloody stop, so they can shove that pathetic little scam straight up Al Gore's bum from whence it came. Then do the zio-boogie on down to the Rothschild hacienda with the news that the well is drying up. They'll all have to get themselves off the people's dole, get proper jobs and actually work for a living. Too bad they're unqualified for anything except rapacious theft and running confidence games.
A. Peasant said…
HHQ, i do believe you have them nailed. :D they should go get their crying towels ready because it' not going to work out.
aferrismoon said…
To mess with everyone's head I have decided to introduce a new brand climate killoff scenario -
GLOBAL ICE WARMING AGE which combines both idleologies into a friendly slogan utilising a mild form of occult opposition [ ice and warming]. The true explanation doesn't actually exist which allows greater manipulation of the arguement and 3D ping pong inside the heads of the luckless populace.

One explanation is that ice has now adapted to global warming and now remains frozen at higher temperatures.

With this comes more ice and as its warmer the planet heats providing both an ice age and globval warming.

The carbon tax will be replaced by a car-bomb tax when cars will explode if they use above their daily quota for carbon [ though we shan't inform the car-user of the new modifications and sell the information to interested intelligence agencies who can then use it as propaganda]

Thus a merging of terrorism and climate-based trauma will stun the masses into submissive obedience.

Loudspeakers in all major population areas will relay ' Suicide is Painless', the theme tune of the Global Democratic Party [ GDP, as in made by u for us].

A brightly dressed smiling minion will be sent round to you to see if you are psychologically fit for the future.

A. Peasant said…
ferris, don't be giving them ideas. for pete's sake.
Anonymous said…
Not to sound like a total nerd or anything, but that owl keeps making me laugh. Or the eagle, or whatever it is. The one that keeps going "Oh really?"
A. Peasant said…
one of my favorite pics. i use it a lot.
Anonymous said…
Happy new year AP

Another great post, you're kicking them out now.

We'll have to keep an eye on amateur weathermen who have a habit of making the official versions look like the controlled assets they are. I wouldn't trust them to tell me the time of day.