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information end run from Egypt

UPDATE: The Egyptian people face a very difficult situation. People need leaders to focus their efforts. According to the information provided by Angry Arab (scroll down), spontaneous leaders have come forward in various places. That's very good. However, these people are likely in particular danger of being targeted by the state's apparatus.

A people need leadership to bring their aspirations together into a movement to bring about change. Leadership brings together a people's aspirations and focuses them on a particular issue or person to effect change. In this way, leadership functions like a lens that focuses the rays of the sun to burn away what might otherwise rest in the sun unperturbed all day just as a despot may rule forever a people who have no social and political leaders. Remove genuine leaders, like Archbishop Oscar Romero, and there is no problem. . . . until next time. Rinse and repeat.
After the invasion of Iraq, squads of killers went around Iraq kidnapping and killing academics, teachers and doctors, anyone who could provide a focal point and leadership to the rest of their community. Judge John Roll may well have been an example of someone who showed principled opposition to the ruling powers in America and would likely have gone on to become an important leader. He was shot in the head; the preferred shot for military trained snipers these days....
So these 'people's revolutions' cannot be what they are presented as by our news media. The protests are largely real but the leadership is a different thing. Genuine leaders who represent the interests of the poor do not last long leaving those provided or corrupted by the elite they purport to be against. Currently, there are people on the streets in Cairo but their presence is being tolerated by the army and whoever is controlling it for their own reasons. There are numerous incidents apparently, where protesters are overwhelming the police and there are instances of torching police stations. But it all hinges on the army and what they will do.
I hope it ends relatively peacefully, but fear it won't because there are far greater forces involved who set this uprising in motion for their own psychopathic purposes.
We can help by sharing information on what is really going on, countering the narrative of lies.


Here is some great information BYPASSING THE CORPORATE MEDIA.

Clearly the whole point of shutting down all internet in Egypt was to prevent this sort of information from getting around, so please share widely.

From the Angry Arab News Service, h/t Peter at Europe's Crowned Bloodsuckers.

Comrade Hossam: live from Cairo

Comrade Hossam is somebody I trust and admire: he is central in the protests in Cairo (and is a fine journalists too). Here is a sequence of his tweets:

3arabawy Hossam عمو حسام

"There r tens of thousands continuing the protests day and night in Tahrir Sq. Yesterday we almost stormed the Interior Ministry.

The police has vanished from the streets. They r barricaded inside their Interior Ministry, stationing snipers on buildings, shooting at us.

Live ammunition was used yesterday against us in Mohamed Mahmoud Street. I saw at least one person dead.

I'm ok, I have sustained injuries like everyone else from BB bullets and rubber bullets. But my family and I are fine.


My neighborhood Nasr City, my city Cairo and in all Egyptian towns, popular committees r being formed by citizens to provide security.

Barricades r up, cars r checked by the shabab. Saboteurs r beaten up immediately on the spot.

The army in Tahrir r useless pieces of shit. They r not "protecting" the demonstrators as they were claiming.

The shootings around Lazoughli and the snipers firing at protesters yesterday happened as the army sat and watch.


The curfew the army imposed is meaningless. We break it every night by continuing our protests in Tahrir.

MB activists were denounced by protesters around Lazoughli yesterday when they tried to stop people from marching on interior ministry

It is not true what some MSM outlets r broadcasting about the Muslim Brotherhood and the 6th of April leading the protests. It's complete BS

The protests have spontaneous leaders in most of the occasions. We won't let this upririsng to be hijacked by anybody.

Suez workers in several factories r on strike, calling for the overthrowal of Mubarak.

Situation in Suez is catastrophic in terms of deaths and injuries. The police fought the people in the same way Israelis fight Palestinians

There r chants against Mubarak always, accusing him of being a traitor, a client to the US and Israel.

There is no love whatsoever the protesters hold towards the US govt and Obama. They r hypocrites.

The Popular Committees hold the seeds for what direct democracy could look like in the future. We need to focus on them instead of BARADIE!

Demonstrations continue in all Egyptian cities. People do not want Omar Suleiman. People want to see Mubarak on trial.

State Security Police Stations in Daqahliya, Kafr El-Sheikh, Rafah, Damanhour, and in many other places have been torched down by protesters

Pigs at Nasr City Police Stations 1 & 2 have barricaded themselves inside the stations, shooting live ammunition at proteters from inside.

I attended the protests in Nasr City yesterday b4 heading to Tahrir, and the police used live ammunition on protesters.

We need more protests abroad in front of Egyptian embassies. Pressure your govts to cut all sort of relations with the Mubarak regime.

I can't login to facebook or gmail from where I am. So anyone who is in touch with my sister Salma, tell her I and mom r doing well.

Gotta leave now and head back to the protests. Down with Mubarak. Down with Obama the hypocrite. Long live the Egyptian revolution."

PS I always teased Hossam and told him: when are you finally going to overthrow Mubarak? Well, he is finally doing it, along with the brave Egyptian people.


1. The police are using snipers and shooting live ammunition at the protesters.
2. The army is not protecting the people. Egyptians do not want the army.
3. The MB is not leading the opposition. Egyptians do not want the MB.
4. The situation in Suez is particularly violent, no doubt due to the STRATEGIC LOCATION.
5. There is no love for Obama or El Baradai. Egyptians do not want El Baradai.
6. Egyptians don't want Suleiman either.


Anonymous said…
The protests are being manipulated.

Egypt has reduced the gap between rich and poor.

This is a CIA-Mossad-NATO coup.

- Aangirfan
A. Peasant said…
Aan, agreed on the CIA-Mossad-NATO coup, but i'm very curious how much manipulation they can achieve. ?
Anonymous said…
I disagree with Anon, no doubt that is what they want us to believe. This is no wikileak type situation, I'd bet money on that, however I wouldn't doubt the usual suspects are working 24/7 trying to hijack it.
I've sent this to WRH, posting as widely as I am able. Thanks Peasant, excellent as usual.
A. Peasant said…
i appreciate the links to WRH Sal. to Aan's point, i'm really torn about how much of this is controlled. there's no question in my mind that the spooks are TRYING to control it, as you say 24x7, and surely in some parts they are succeeding. but it seems like an awful lot of people running around and they can't all be controlled. now whether those people have a clue or not, that's a good question. many of them may walk right into the various traps. i was encouraged by the post at Angry Arab, but who knows how representative his contact is of Egyptians. ?
Anonymous said…
Sadly I feel that the Muslim Brotherhood is probably a chock full of zionist terrorist sleepers as Hamas and Palestinian Authority are.

One of the zionist tactics is to infiltrate a group with a peaceful disguise only to revert to its true terrorist nature when appropriate.
chuckyman said…
Reposted again from your previous post A.P. as I think it’s relevant.

We mere humans see the chaos and offer a prayer to the success of the uprising in the hope that there is the possible spark of freedom out there for us all. Historically the hopes and desires of everyday folk get fed through the bender and the product recycled and fed back to the survivors. I sincerely hope that the chain of misery gets broken this time.

There is still a lot more of the drama to go. The media are feeding us the approved script but Peter’s links and others show a different reality on the ground. I am hopeful that the best laid plans of spooks and vampires can still go awry.

While we can interpret the seemingly clumsy efforts of the US to play both ends against the middle as cack-handed and unproductive – we would be wrong. You correctly point out the smudged fingerprints of the spooks. A developing crescent of turmoil and instability seems likely to sweep the Middle East.

‘Out with the old boss meet the new boss’ is the open strategy on display. I see the spread of instability as the key to the moment. The times of civil unrest are when the power elites can make the greatest changes in their favour. Instability is the key.

A century ago the British Empire tore up the entire map of the Middle East and redrew the lines. They created the artificial entities we now know in the region. Those lines no longer suit their purposes. I feel that process is about to begin again and we know what lengths they will go to further their ends.

Israhell has now called for Western support for Mubarak. They may as well have lined him up against a wall – so now we see how they want this to play out. The spooks have lit the match and I’m sure that they know exactly how they want the firebreaks to burn. It’s just us useless eaters between them and the prise.
A. Peasant said…
great comment C. i have similar thoughts and emotions about the whole thing. i want something important to go right for a change. if we don't believe it will ever happen, it will never happen. so while we may be cynical about the odds, we have to be persistent in the hope.
chuckyman said…
Pretty much as you say A.P. We cannot make it happen if we don’t envision it happening. A plot is like a machine. The more complex it is, then the easier it is to throw a spanner (or shoe) in. It is only if we understand how the machine is made can we sabotage it.
Hei Hu Quan said…
Brilliant work AP, thanks for providing a persistent flow of good information on the Egyptian uprising. Your compilation and commentary go a long way to providing some clarity on this history-making revolution. I've refrained on posting about it on my site because you've done such a spectacular job, which I'm sure keeps you busy as clockwork researching.

Cheers and much respect.
A. Peasant said…
HHQ, you are too kind. thank you so much. i actually have to work the next two days so don't hold back on my account! i say we pile on. pile on.