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making island disappear, etc.

Revisionist history for your consideration.

Yes, an island really did disappear off the Yucatan peninsula. September 2009:

The mystery has come to haunt Mexico as unrelentingly as one of its beloved soap operas: where is Bermeja, an island off the Yucatan coast that appears to have vanished without trace?
The disappearance of Bermeja is no laughing matter – it would allow Mexico to extend its maritime border some 55 miles further north, helping it to fight off what it sees as American encroachment on its claims to potentially vast oil reserves in the Mexican Gulf.
Hunger for news of the missing island has intensified – along with bizarre speculation about what could have happened to it – as Mexico and America ponder a new drilling agreement.
Mexico’s hunt for Bermeja has been given urgency by BP’s announcement last week of a big find in the Gulf, the latest in a series of discoveries that has turned the area into one of the oil world’s most promising exploration regions.

Hmm. What a coincidence.

As for flying the planet, well that might not be so off-the-wall either. See: The science of graviti-ology.

And here you can read about the Nautilus laser.

Also here.

Mrs. Mevinsky

Ms. Lewinsky


aferrismoon said…
They went to the same teeth shop.

I can Hilary in Chelsea , but not Bill

So Hilary's had a tryst and Chelsea's the result?

Or maybe Bill's firing blanks.

Is that why Hil stayed with him?

RE: bermeja , are Mexico and the US plus any 3rd parties carrying out an undeclared war. Will the drugs gangs territories lead to balkanising Mexico and possibly some of the southern US States.

I noted that many States are in the 'red' finance-wise , apparently first time for them, and the 'fed' won't help them out.

A. Peasant said…
hi Ferris. it is interesting that they resemble each other, at least in these pics. everywhere i went in my mind with that was bad.

based on the extravaganza of the wedding, plus,

if bill is the son of churchill and harriman, per the video, it makes princess chelsea royalty. and she married mevinsky. so i was not surprised that the "bloodline" took that turn. cryptos. keeping it all in the family.


interesting thoughts on the southern states. that fits into other balkanizing scenarios:

"Panarin conjectured “the U.S. will break up into six parts - the Pacific coast, with its growing Chinese population; the South, with its Hispanics; Texas, where independence movements are on the rise; the Atlantic coast, with its distinct and separate mentality; five of the poorer central states with their large Native American populations; and the northern states, where the influence from Canada is strong.”"
aferrismoon said…
Linking Chelsea with royalty -

So there are 3 'true blue' football clubs in Britain:

Glasgow Rangers [ the most famous]
Birmingham City
Chelsea [ owned by Roman Abramovic].

Maybe Birmingham are included, but defo Chelsea & Rangers

They are considered [ or were] pro-monarchy and Protestantism [ more defined in the Rangers .v. Celtic rivalry]

Anyhow , so Chelsea fits right in as being royalty.

Unknown said…
Those two horse-faced female kikes ... what can be said about them that is even remotely polite? I'll better keep my mouth shut on that one.

I think that they resemble each other because most jewish females resemble each other. There are 3-4 basic face types, and they mostly variations of these types. Mevinsky is of the main type so much that it smacks you in the face - and interesting because she only very marginally resembles her mother and not-at-all Bill (a hint for adoption)? Look up "Aaron Gene", and the issues widespread of incest in that tribe to find plausible reasons.

A.Peasant, would you pretty please consider allowing anon comments (I swear I'll always remain circumspect!)?

Thanks BTW for your first-class analysis of events.
Penny said…
Ap, per favore?
I am looking for an older post of yours on South America.
Tri something or another.
Ring a bell? I want to link it in to today's post, because I do believe they connect.
Spent some time looking through your blog, but, cannot find it.
Help if you can?
Anonymous said…
The southern border balkanized long ago, trust me on this one. It is a no man's land.

This is fairly good book on it for any who have the time.

Per aletho mission solved on Loughner. It was a case of reefer madness according to Califano. He wants to test his hair for ganja! LOLWhile they are at it test him for aspartame, corexit, proxac, fluoride and host of other poisons that we obviously can live with without going crazy.

If it were not so serious this would all be comical.
A. Peasant said…
ha, yes the reefer madness. ridiculous, as noted. sheesh.

pen, sent you email.

r, i like your analysis, and you're welcome & thanks for reading. i will look up the "aaron gene." chelsea does look very jewish to me, very much so.

as for anonymous commenting, ah i have a whole line of thinking on that. i will turn it on for a time, but i will turn it off because it never fails, someone decides to be a troll.

in any case i do think it gives a false sense of security. those who want to know who you are have total information awareness, and being anonymous helps you not one bit in my opinion. it just preserves the illusion that we have some sort of privacy. in my mind it's better to just say what you want to say and not be coy about it. but i understand if you don't feel the same. we'll give it a little whirl but don't be cross if/when i change my mind.