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reverse engineering white box version

Question: What is reverse engineering?
Answer: Reverse engineering is the general process of analyzing a technology specifically to ascertain how it was designed or how it operates. ... The process of taking something apart and revealing the way in which it works is often an effective way to learn how to build a technology or make improvements to it....In "black box" reverse engineering, systems are observed without examining internal structure, while in "white box" reverse engineering the inner workings of the system are inspected.

Reverse engineers take things apart to learn how they work. This allows them to recreate the thing they deconstructed.

We have argued before that reverse engineering is the primary function of think tanks. And since we run our own damn think tank, we thought we would reverse engineer the reverse engineers, which hopefully puts everything right side up again.

In that post we noted that the Hudson Institute met with SAREM, a Turkish think tank, in 2007 to "brainstorm." This came to light after a raft of high-ranking military officials were arrested in Turkey for plotting to overthrow the government. One of them was retired General Suha Tanyeri.

Retired Gen. Suha Tanyeri is remembered for his participation in a controversial meeting of the neoconservative and pro-Bush administration US think tank the Hudson Institute in 2007. In the meeting, participants had discussed the outcomes of possible scenarios in Turkey, including increased terrorist attacks killing 50 people in İstanbul and the assassination of the former head of the Constitutional Court, Tülay Tuğcu, by a suicide bomber. Sources confirmed that Gen. Tanyeri and military attaché Brig. Gen. Bertan Nogaylaroğlu participated in the meeting. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had referred to the doomsday scenarios as “ridiculous nonsense.” Tanyeri was the director of the Turkish General Staff’s Strategic Research and Study Center (SAREM) at the time.

To be clear, some people reportedly wanted to overthrow the government. Turns out they met at think tanks to discuss the outcomes of possible scenarios such as terrorist attacks and assassinations by suicide bomber, scenarios that would kill innocent people. PRESUMABLY, the outcomes they were looking for would specifically be the outcome they allegedly wanted: to overthrow the government.

In other words, they were reverse engineering how to arrange a coup. But since they had these discussions in prestigious think tanks, it's all good, and you don't need to worry about it, because these are all distinguished experts and high-ranking military people who would never, ever do anything wrong.

You can read more about the Hudson Institute here and we especially note again how this works with the teevee.

Should any of these scenarios cooked up at think tanks ever go live, don't expect any of those experts to be held accountable for the planning. That would just be a coincidence. In fact, you will probably see them paraded across teevee as even greater experts for having predicted what happened in advance.
That's correct. So if some lowly bloggers tell you that some such shit might go down, because we read exhaustively and painstakingly using ALL PUBLIC SOURCES THAT YOU CAN CHECK YOURSELF and using our very own BRAINS to add two and two together, that should be studiously ignored or even frowned upon as rather suspicious behavior. But if people who make big bucks at paneled THINK TANKS and have access to CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS and INSIDERS predict something before it happens, you should consider that TOP TALENT. And may the whiff of corruption never disturb thy nostril.


Jaime Darenblum works at the Hudson Institute, Senior Fellow. He is a Latin American scholar and directs the institute's Center for Latin American Studies. He was Costa Rica's Ambassador to the United States from 1998 to 2004 and has a long history in Costa Rica: professor, lawyer, political adviser, columnist, author, commentator. He has testified before congress and is a speaker.

Costa Rica. See: priorities.

In October 2010 Darenblum gave a speech at the AIPAC National Summit that you can read here: Iranian Penetration Posing a Threat in Latin America.

  • Iran's presence in Latin America the "most disturbing geographical development" facing the region.
  • Iran is "Messianic" in its goals and "relentless" in its tactics.
  • Iran is "intimately related to narcoterrorism."
  • Hugo Chavez has been key to Iran's expanding reach.
  • Iran and its peers view embassies as "platforms for terrorism."

Evidence so far: "We need only to remember that two of the most brutal terrorist attacks in recent times in the region were ordered by Tehran and were planned and executed by Iranian agents operating directly from Iran’s embassy in Buenos Aires."

See: violence around the world

He [another expert, Dr. Walid Phares - ed.] wastes no time bringing up attacks on Jews as proof of Tehran's terrorist activities and global reach. However, the 1992 attack killed 29, only 4 of them Israelis. Most of the victims were Argentine civilians and children. And the inquiries into the Argentine attacks cited as proof were cursory and marred by accusations of serious mishandling. Such as, for instance, that investigators ascertained that in BOTH CASES the explosives were inside the Israeli-controlled buildings, and did not arrive via truck-driving-suicide-bombing-Hezbollahniks.

Back to the CLAIMS MADE in the speech.

  • Hugo Chavez is mediating Iran's penetration strategy, for instance to Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua.
  • Chavez has visited Tehran nine times.
  • Chavez facilitates Iranian arms purchases banned by the UN.

Another piece of evidence: "I refer to the fact, reported in the international press, that while in Moscow recently Chávez publicly announced that he would buy the batteries for the S-300 surface-to-air missiles whose sale to Iran Russia had to cancel in compliance with the new UN rules. This raises suspicion about the massive arms purchases already made by Chávez, in quantities that go well beyond the conceivable needs of any single country like Venezuela."

Batteries raise suspicions. It's a fact.

And how rich to point out the MASSIVE ARMS PURCHASES that go "well beyond the conceivable needs of any single country like Venezuela."

We guess Venezuela is not a country "LIKE" Israel, which must have different "CONCEIVABLE NEEDS" which justify massive $30 BILLION A YEAR MILITARY AID GIFTS from the United States taxpayers. But we digress.

Back to the CLAIMS MADE in the speech:

  • The reaction of the most responsible parties in the region has been "amazingly passive."
  • It is time to wake up to the "Tehran-Caracas" axis and its links to terrorism. 
  • Spanish judges revealed that Caracas is a hotbed of terrorism, going into a rather long story about the ETA which supposedly proves the "organic link" between the ETA and Chavez.

Venezuela denies Spanish Judge's Accusation that ETA Trained in Venezuela

Mérida, October 5th 2010 ( – On Monday, the Venezuelan government denied an allegation by a Spanish judge that two suspected members of the militant Basque nationalist group ETA received training in weapons and communicating in code from a suspected ETA member in Venezuela. Judge Ismael Moreno said the suspected ETA members Javier Atristain Gorosabel and Juan Carlos Besance, who were captured in Guipúzcoa province in the North of Spain on September 29th, were trained in July and August of 2008 by Arturo Cubillas, an alleged ETA member who has resided in Venezuela for more than two decades.  ...“It all forms part of the orchestra that continues to play against the Bolivarian Revolution,” said Chavez in a telephone call to a talk show on the state television station VTV. He suggested that the allegations are meant to justify an eventual military aggression or intervention in Venezuela....The United States and its chief South American ally, Colombia, have repeatedly accused Venezuela of supporting the FARC, which the US classifies as a terrorist organization along with ETA, and of not fully cooperating in the fight against drug trafficking. Last month, in the run-up to Venezuela’s National Assembly elections, an Argentine-born US citizen was arrested for attempting to sell nuclear weapon secrets to an under cover FBI agent posing as a Venezuelan government agent. The Venezuelan government was never involved, but some media outlets and politicians used the story to accuse Venezuela of pursuing a nuclear weapon.

  • This story forms the "context" of the narrative that Iran is establishing "beachheads" in Latin America.
  • Iran has invested billions in Venezuela and wants to also invest in Bolivia and Nicaragua.
  • Important Iranians keep visiting Latin America, and Venezuela, including from the intelligence agencies.


  • Iran looks for diplomatic allies around the world to shake off its "status as an international pariah," which it "earned" 1) "for its behavior as a state sponsor of terrorism;" 2) "its ostensive quest for nuclear armaments;" 3) "its virulent anti-Semitism;" and 4) "its stubborn denial of the Holocaust."
  • Iran cleverly wants to make trouble in the US backyard.
  • Iran wants to export the Islamic Revolution, even imposing it through confrontation and armed struggle.
"It is not surprising then that a regime that is expansionist by definition would, through the years, develops a clear policy of state-sponsored terrorism, directly and indirectly executed through organizations such as Hezbollah and Hamas."

And so forth and so on about Venezuela, the TBA, etc.

Concluding that SOMETHING MUST BE DONE. The Latin American countries have to work together. One big happy family. No more fucking around. SOUTHCOM is there to help. Also, send more money to the Latin American countries for the following: airport security, bomb detection and deactivation, and the fight against terrorist finance. Hey guess what? The Israelis are the world-renowned experts in all these departments, because Israel has all the TOP TALENT. We are sure there are some nice Israeli companies that would love the contracts.

The companion piece to the reprint of the October 2010 Darenblum speech is by Jerry Brewer: The Commingling of Crime & Terror in Latin America.

In this piece we learn the extreme difficulty of breaking up the money laundering rings.

And the experts can't find the money laundries for the terrorists and drug traffickers either.
Donde los laundries? Nope, not here!
The financial district of Manhattan, New York, 2010. Photograph: Bloomberg/Getty Images

And the Tri-Border Area poses a big problem, et cetera.

A big problem and much confusion throughout Central America has been in coordinated interdiction strategies and priorities, coupled with a lack of ready forces and the necessary resources to effectively combat the insurgents. The porous borders, especially in Guatemala with Mexico, have been a nightmare.

What will fix the problem? COORDINATED STRATEGIES + MORE FORCE.

Sounds like a job custom made for the military. Thank goodness SOUTHCOM is already there huh? We bet they are ready to go at a moment's notice, as soon as something happens.

South America in particular must maintain a key eye on the TBA to ensure that there is not a proactive birth of Islamic fundamentalism. Leftist regimes in South America that routinely reject U.S. antinarcotics and counter-guerrilla assistance, while threatening neighbor nations for allowing the U.S. use of land bases for effective tactical and strategic staging for counter-criminal operations, must clearly state and demonstrate their intentions to safeguard the region.

Any harboring of any of these criminal elements or facilitating their movements must be met solidly by Latin American and U.S. officials to halt additional assimilation with the narcotraffickers that are controlling the ever-increasing wealth.

Aha, so there might be some "leftist regimes" in South America who reject our help?, and complain about our helping their neighbors?, and who harbor criminal elements? Any such "harboring" behavior must be stopped.

As a matter of fact, there has been some coordinating of regional policy in Latin America. The trouble is, they were coordinating to RECOGNIZE AN INDEPENDENT PALESTINIAN STATE IN 2011.

Oopsie that would be the wrong sort of coordination.

See: getting ready to solve more problems

We saw that Paraguay is set to play the role of "difficult Leftist regime."
So who is ruining everything? The Paraguayan government. Even a child can see the set up.
Obviously the need for scientists to catalog all the plants and animals in the Chaco supersedes the needs of 150 crazy Indians. There could be cures for diseases in there, right? Anyway, the scientists promise to be very careful and not bother the Indians. So who is being unreasonable? The Paraguayan government. 

Maybe they are unreasonable about other things too.

See: exploring the Chaco

You see, apparently Lugo is no lefty liberation theology priest. He's a fascist elite. And it seems he wants dead any people on the left, especially any uppity peasants, who formerly associated with and supported him while he was pretending to be the "bishop of the poor." And evidently, this is easy to arrange since there are plenty of sprawling elite fascist ranches in Northern Paraguay from which to host death squads.

See: fakers?

See: the low hanging fruit on the tree of evil


Therefore, theoretically, you can reverse engineer this and see that if the government wanted to put the military into a place, acts of terrorism would create a justification to do so. Therefore the government might from time to time have a MOTIVE to commit acts of terrorism.

But that would be very evil, to commit acts of terrorism and kill innocent people just to create a justification to put the military someplace strategic. Everyone knows this. Furthermore, our myths instruct us as to who is good and who is evil, and we are always good. Therefore any acts of terrorism that our people must "necessarily" commit need to be blamed on "evil" people.

And of course this is how it's been done forever, but many Americans are too God-damned naive to believe it. They just can't connect those dots. It would be unpatriotic.

The resistance begins in your mind.


malcontent said…
Are you due for a raise at your damn thinktank yet? Seems to me you have earned it.

One thing about Venezuela that the US is eternally fixated upon is their crude reserves and the annoying demands of the Venezuelan politicians that the people of Venezuela realize a significant benefit from it- which generally conflicts with the oil companies that are trying to control and distribute it themselves via corruption of a small circle of dictatorships.

The counter argument to Venezuela's desirability for exploitation is that its reseves are heavy crude rather than light crude so it is more difficult to process into energy. While this is true, there is another aspect of heavy crude that bears note. When cracking heavy crude into the various products of industry like gasoline, diesel, propane, fertilizer, plastics, lubricants, etc., there is a much higher output of ethylene in heavy crude. Ethylene is an essential raw component in plastics manufacturing.

If the energy component of crude oil consumption becomes less important than the asphaltenes, resins, paraffins and other heavy fractions then Venezuela's reserves could become the world's most valuable.

Of course I am probably skipping a chapter or three in highlighting this since the light sweet crude has not been depleted yet and our energy alternatives have yet to be accepted for consumption.

Would this be burning the furniture to keep the castle warm?
Anonymous said…
This explains a lot of things.

Turkey, Venezuela, thinks tanks like the Hudson Institute...

I wonder if there is a Tunisia link?

- Aangirfan

(Word verification "probably")
A. Peasant said…
Aan i didn't see Tunisia but there was mention of Moroccan, Syrian, and Algerian Muslims with the ETA.

i like the verification. probably indeed.

malc, Venezuela would only have the world's most valuable resources when it comes under our control. it's a matter of timing.

and no, no raise yet at the think tank. we are still bootstrapping.
Penny said…
" Therefore any acts of terrorism that our people must "necessarily" commit need to be blamed on "evil" people.

And of course this is how it's been done forever, but many Americans are too God-damned naive to believe it. They just can't connect those dots. It would be unpatriotic.

The resistance begins in your mind."

I just thought that entire part was worth a repeat!

It is not just Americans that are too naive. Sadly, naivety is an epidemic amongst the brainwashed masses.
Most people would rather BELIEVE in a false narrative then to look at the reality of any givens situation.
It is too hard to connect dots!
it might take time away from television watching?
Switters said…
You've probably already seen this AP, but I thought I'd share in case you, or some of your readers haven't. It's fascinating, and remind me of that quote by some Bush official about "creating new realities everyday."

Starsuckers -
A. Peasant said…
thanks Pen. it is an epidemic. but i have to say i am noticing some improvement in people i speak to. some of them are starting to "see."

Switters, i have never seen this! i'm just at the beginning but you're right, this is fascinating. thanks for the link.