some problems are unpatriotic

Here's the argument, presented by the experts with furrowed brow:

Climate change destabilizes places around the world.
Climate change leads to migration and resource conflicts.

Therefore, climate change affects national security.

Oh no. Something Must Be Done.

Intelligence needs to adapt and become more flexible.
Scientists, corporations, and the military people must share information.
The military must be part of the solution.

Climate change JUSTIFIES spending more money on intelligence, the military, and science.
Please, do the right thing and blame the conflicts on climate change and support the military.
Please, do the right thing and send more money to the intelligence community, the scientific community, and the military.

(All you need to do is know how to change the climate, and you're golden.)

See: aangirfan: CIA watching weather & population


An update on Wheeler and his connection to the Minot-Barksdale incident:

What the "news" is not telling you is -

Wheeler was the assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force in the George W. Bush Administration. It was the Secretary of the Air Force who discovered that Richard Cheney had set up an alternative chain of command to the nuclear weapons wing of the AF. In the process, six minutemen missiles armed with nuclear warheads were secretly transported from Minot AFB to Barksdale AFB. The later is the chief staging base for the Middle East war. The alarm system for the weapons was deactivated for the transport, something that not even the base commander could authorize. The orders had to have come from above. Many point to Cheney. Before the warheads could be flown via B-52 to the Iraq/Iran theater, the Secretary of the Air Force [Wheeler - ed.] ordered the stand-down of all B-52 flights. When he discovered the alternative chain of command to Cheney, he fired all military personnel who were involved. Cheney was said to have been livid. The Secretary ordered an investigation of what the AF press release called an oversight, and 70 enlisted men and 5 officers were removed from the Minot nuclear system.

At the same time, people involved began to die mysteriously. Wheeler is only the latest casualty.


An update on certain injuries to the birds and fish, and what that might mean for winnowing out the various theories about what happened:

The birds reportedly had internal hemorrhaging and shredded organs.

Some of the drumfish reportedly had eyes missing.

These types of injuries are consistent with scalar weapons.

Scalar technology can be tuned. Patents that have been granted support that capability. This tuning ability permits the electromagnetic frequencies to zero-in on specific biology such as a certain species of bird or fish…or humans too.

Only red-wing blackbirds died—in midair, during flight. No other species of avian was affected. Could Scalar beams have been "tuned" to wipe out the birds?

Military field tests—a kind of "in situ" laboratory experiment—may well account for the bizarre deaths of the birds and fish. Scalar can be projected across thousands of miles and the beam weapon could have originated anywhere in the U.S. It might even have been activated from a seaborne platform on a naval vessel. [Or satellite? - ed.]

If that is the case, then the test would be ongoing and targeting red-wing blackbirds to assess the efficacy of the beam technology could easily be carried out across Arkansas, Louisiana, and Kentucky. Perhaps more incidents will occur in the near future.

Another aspect of 3D Scalar technology is the theoretical ability to create a force field bubble. If such an experiment was attempted and the flock of birds flew into that force field the aftereffects would be eerily similar to what Beebe residents witnessed. Furthermore, the what the follow-up autopsies revealed about the internal state of the birds also supports some kind of Scalar interaction with avian physiology. 


In a Twitter Reddit discussion thread, we saw the following comments -- click through and check it out:

"i was in the USMC guarding some of the odder tech at Aberdeen, i wouldn't doubt it. i saw a towed laser array that was designed to vaporise the retinas of hundreds of people simlultaneously. I asked the project head, a Dr. Sterns, i think...if that was an obvious violation of the Geneva convention's articles against weapons designed to maim. He laughed and said "yeah, if we deployed it overseas." He was grinning. Evil exists. It's the wall we put between 'us' and 'them' that makes 'their' suffering our joy. Goddamned engineers."


"GI bill. College. Working internship. I'm a Cathar, i don't live to work/breed/die, I want to know as much as i can, and spread the knowledge to whomever receives it willingly. We make terrible soldiers and good scientists. I wish i was making that up, about the laser array. That was the most disheartening thing i've ever seen. Also saw the AWE pod (parachute-dropped robot turret that tracked and killed everything that moved with a 5mm chaingun,unless you had the proper radio tag)and DREAD gun (no barrel, used rotational force and could stack rounds so closely together that you could 'erase' a wall brick by brick) , a railgun in operation, and the effects of a crude plasma cannon on human cadavers. Downside...i never got to go overseas."
Here's a link to that DREAD gun that really exists.

And a reply from another person:

"Speaking from a physics/engineering background and simply knowing the laws of physics would suggest the following: 1) Laser definitely exists, google the airborne laser it can shoot up nukes what do you think it'll do to your head 2)dread gun physics are feasible It's just applied rotational energy 3)awe pod feasible as well spotting human targets from the air is entirely doable and we certainly have the computing tech to do it see the miniguns on carriers that shoot down missiles 4)railgun is proven 5) not sure what a plasma cannon would entail but I bet it's a variation on a focused plasma stream. Does it exist maybe, tesla patented such idea back in the early 1900s
My best physics prof worked for the government as a contracted engineer on extremely cutting edge projects (ring laser gyroscope for example) and firmly insisted that you are 20 years behind the us military whether you like it or not"

After which this little exchange ensued with a third person:

"Sure all of those things are possible but this guy (and you, for that matter) don't sound reputable at all."

We guess he wants to hear it right from DARPA. More reputable.
"Read a modern physics textbook then think about what the army does with 600 billion dollars"


And the reply to that:

"I'm not saying they don't. I'm saying this guy is spewing bullshit because he never actually worked where he said he did. No former soldier would ever be dumb enough to talk about stuff like that."

How does that work then? If you only accept disturbing information from reputable sources, and you also believe that reputable sources would never give you disturbing information, then you never have to take your head out of your ass! This happy condition affects millions.

Secrecy. It's so easy when everyone plays dumb.

And the best part is, it's not even a secret! We're just not supposed to notice. We're not supposed to be able to have a problem with it. Problems are unpatriotic.

"Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited."

The resistance begins in your mind. It begins when you allow your self to see what is really going on.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post.

I place a link on my site.

- Aangirfan

A. Peasant said...

many thanks Aan.

malcontent said...

So there were minuteman missiles trucked into Barksdale in addition to the nuke cruise missiles with variable yield warheads? W-80 warheads as I recall?

Or more likely the type of missile referenced was changed to protect the guilty?

I will say that watching the videos of Wheeler in the days immediately preceeding his death it is obvious that he is out of his mind. He is disheveled, rambling and nonsensical. He looks drugged and panicked, not to mention homeless. A West Point graduate with an MBA from Harvard, a law degree from Yale and professional accomplishments that by any measure are elite, and he is reduced to a bumbling stumbling fool wandering the streets of urban Delaware. Welcome to the jungle.

Anonymous said...

If you only accept disturbing information from reputable sources, and you also believe that reputable sources would never give you disturbing information, then you never have to take your head out of your ass! This happy condition affects millions.

Great line! Excellent post!

Anonymous said...

Reading stuff like this makes me more disposed to believing in demon possession, even though I know it is completely irrational. I am unable to fathom what motivates such obviously highly intelligent people to use their talents for such evil intent. I am going to blog this at WRH and see what kind of feedback we can get.

aferrismoon said...

The gun appears modelled on the Starship Enterprise.


veritas6464 said...

Hey Campo,...I'm gob-smacked, such a coincidence; the dread gun is not really News to me though: When I was pulling extra duties for various misdemeanours as a young soldier, I was attached to a detail that guarded P&EEE (Pyrotechnics and Experimental Explosives Establishment) Greytown, in Victoria, Australia. Deep silo bomb bunkers and stuff, very well guarded, secure environment, when you are signed in you are in until you are relieved and its one of the few places a soldier will carry ‘live’ rounds on duty at home; way cool for us kids – cocked and locked dude! “You will, respect, my Authoritaaaa”! Hey Cartman eat your heart out.

At night we were so bored stiff, even the actual staff, who had to be on hand 24/7, would get stir crazy; so they would show us reels of film taken during experiments, their own and stuff from our ‘allies’ – I distinctly remember watching a film showing a tumbling rotary action (vertical though not horizontal like the graphic) machine-gun that fired .22 calibre rounds at a science fiction cyclic rate of fire estimated at between three hundred and seven hundred rounds per second. The reason for this tiny calibre was the mechanism’s time in motion required to sustain that rate of fire without a Bolt and firing pin, the round and charge were two separate components and only came together at the time of firing; bigger rounds were just not mechanically feasible apparently – nonetheless: This puppy tore through brick walls like no-one’s business, the small calibre was deadly regardless of its diameter and muzzle velocity, totally inaccurate out after sixty or seventy metres though, no rifled barrel.

However; what terrified me and my young colleagues was the thing being used against sand-bagged entrenchments; that’s where we lived man – just a few short guttural fffizzzzzzzzing bursts and gone! Crash-test-dummies and splatter pots sploshing chunks of detritus and red paint all over the wall of the trenches and fox-holes. This little monster was slung under a goofy little Chopper that was operated by a geek with one of those remote controls any kid can buy for his mini monster-truck: Very intimidating stuff, for a young aspiring war-hero anyhow. They also used it in a demolition role too; tearing at the masonry stanchions of bridges; useful in Europe maybe? Or cutting the road surface of big bridges like the Golden Gate? Runways? Trains? Tanks? Shit, the uses for this little demon are endless.

Hey I’ve just measured off 5mm, that is approx’ .22 calibre, doh! Well, just shows ta go ya; nothing new under the sun; just the apocalypse doing its thang, I guess. You know the crazy aspect was the new variant they were working on – didn’t use an explosive propellant to throw the rounds, it used an electro-magnetic pulse to throw the rounds: Exponential increase in the cyclic rate of fire, maybe this is the one we are seeing here?

Very interesting stuff, excellent nightmare entertainment...aaahh the memories that used to haunt me, everything old is new again, thanks Campo (grin).


chuckyman said...

It is more depressing in a way that this information is known by so many but for some reason no one talks about it. This is not about defence or combat – it is pure and simple carnage. Many of these systems are so automated and ‘mundane’ that the average 14 year old dummy can operate them.

There really is one thread through all of this and that is Death. Saladin is on the right thread but it’s not the horned, cloven hoof types of movie and religious dogma fame that we need to worry about. The hands directing this hate humanity and all other life with every fibre in their being.

We need to appreciate the depravity of those we fight and the dawning realisation that there are no lengths that they will not go to prevail over us. Great post A.P – forewarned is forearmed.

A. Peasant said...

thanks all for your insightful comments and support. i guess in summary, we are talking about the death cult. that's what it is. these are people who have no regard for life. anti-life. that is the essence of evil.

there are too many people in denial. if anyone does not see what's going on, it's because he or she does not WANT to see what is going on. it doesn't matter how much evidence, how many links, how often we write about it. some people refuse to see. it is willful blindness, an unwillingness to suffer the pain of being wrong, the pain of losing one's cherished ideas about this country, the military, people, etc.

i have nothing nice to say about them so i will leave it there.

Anonymous said...

There was some discussion on various sites about the laser during the first Iraq war and whether it would be used. It was called the death ray then and it was said it could cause eyeballs to explode all across a battle field.

You are so right also Peasant, people will go to great lengths to deny things rather than admit they have been a duped fool for most of their lives. Some will almost hate you for pointing it out to them.

The extent of brain washing and the intellectual and moral capacity of many people throughout the west is really a scary thing to behold sometimes.

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