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terrorists upgrade their weapons

Aangirfan rounds up some information about the dead birds and fish, and possible connections to John Wheeler, the former Pentagon official who was found in a Delaware landfill.

His death has been ruled a homicide. (Dead Birds, Dead Fish and One Murdered Military BioWeapons Expert ...)

Wheeler's military career included writing a manual on the effectiveness of biological and chemical weapons. (BioWeapons Expert.)

His work involved "standing up Cyberspace Forces and placing Precision Strike technology."
The town of Beebe is less than 20 miles from the Little Rock Air Force Base.
In 2010, it was reported that some Air Force researchers were testing high-powered microwave blasts to knock small robo-planes out of the sky. (Dead Blackbirds in Arkansas)

Wheeler's body was seen jutting out of a garbage truck Friday at the landfill by a hazardous materials spotter.

Another Act of God.

Of course his briefcase has gone missing. He told people someone stole it.

Also, he might have made it home.

Wheeler’s last neighbor, and the one who has the most to share about the week surrounding his death, is Ron Roark.
John’s neighbor Ron heard loud noise emminating from John’s television during Christmas week, and it wasn’t the usual occassional program, as Roark says: it was so loud as to be disturbing…and it was continuous for days.
Delaware law enforcement aren’t saying how John P. Wheeler III died, but they are denying his home was the crime scene. However, according to WTOP FM Radio, two wooden chairs in the Wheeler’s kitchen had yellow crime scene tape stretched across them–and several wooden floorboards near the two chairs were missing.
This could indicate that John P. Wheeler took that Amtrak train and actually made it home. He might also have had an unexpected guest who felt noise was called for as he searched for something buried in the kitchen–and left John Wheeler tied to a chair.
Police have not indicated how John Wheeler died, thus it is not know if torture was part of that death. But unusually loud television noise is often used to mask the sounds of activity others are not meant to hear in the criminal world, and John P. Wheeler did die by foul play.

Does Wheeler's death have anything to do with the technology or pollution apparently causing birds and fish to drop dead by the thousands?

We just have to pause right here to remark how much we love our experts! They are so reassuring. They say not to worry about the birds falling out of the sky, and the fish dying. This is very common. It's nothing to worry about.

So far, scientists are dismissing these scenes as common phenomena. They say the fish in Arkansas were killed by "disease" and dismiss any possibility of chemicals being involved. The red-winged blackbirds, after autopsies were performed yesterday, appear to have been killed by "blunt trauma," but it's not clear whether that trauma was the act of slamming into the ground or if it was caused by something else beforehand.
Of course, we won't know the reason for probably a month or so. It takes time to do these tests.

Except in some cases, experts can turn lab work around really quickly.

Green chemical in river not toxic, study confirms.
Totally natural! Don't WORRY about it!!Probably just some pranksters.

DECEMBER 30, 2010: VICTORIA — Horrified nature-lovers at Goldstream Provincial Park watched as the Goldstream River turned bright green late Wednesday afternoon.....By 5:30 p.m. the river, known for its dramatic salmon runs, eagles and other wildlife, was back to its normal colour.

DECEMBER 31, 2010: VICTORIAThe chemical that turned Victoria’s Goldstream River green earlier this week has been confirmed as fluorescein...."Fluorescein is a synthetic organic compound soluble in water and alcohol. It is widely used as a fluorescent tracer for many applications. The product itself and its products of degradation are not toxic.”

The Daily Mail reports that "terrorists could be targeting the wildlife in Arkansas for their own evil purposes."

Well, what kind of technology do these "terrorists" have? That would help identify them. These would be terrorists with weather modification technology we guess. Access to electromagnetic scalar weapons, bio weapons, things of that nature.

Who has that sort of thing? The Pentagon.

Also, just the other day, we learned that the sheikhs of Abu Dhabi have weather modification technology. (h/t Switters)

Scientists employed by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, president of the UAE and leader of Abu Dhabi, successfully created more than 50 rainstorms in the state’s Al Ain region last year, mostly in July and August when there is virtually no rain at all. It is believed to be the first time the system has produced rain from clear skies.
They have been using giant ionisers, shaped like giant lampshades, to generate fields of negatively charged particles, which create cloud formation.
In a company video, seen by The Sunday Times, Helmut Fluhrer, the founder of Metro Systems International, the Swiss company in charge of the project, said: “We are currently operating our innovative rainfall enhancement technology, Weathertec, in the region of Al Ain in Abu Dhabid. We started in June 2010 and have achieved a number of rainfalls.”

"State visit: Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the United Arab Emirates, 
accompanies the Queen at the Mushrif Palace in Abu Dhabi last year." Daily Mail

We do find this slightly interesting.

We did a post about the sheikhs of Abu Dhabi after Sheikh Ahmed died in the glider crash. The post still gets regular hits.

That was the sheikh killed in a glider crash in Morocco, the younger brother of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan pictured above with the queen. Sheikh Ahmed was in charge of the world's largest sovereign wealth fund.

The circumstances of the crash were strange. And we caught a troll from the "far west coast," meaning Florida as we recall.

See: what do you mean you lost His Highness?

The question at the time was whether the family was divided into factions, and if so, would any of those factions be willing to cooperate with the Rothschilds. 

The only change, essentially, is Sheikh Hamed replaces Sheikh Ahmed. Sheikh Hamed is brought *into* the board and goes immediately to the Managing Director slot vacated by the deceased Sheikh Ahmed.

Also reported on April 15th, the Sovereign Wealth Fund decided to cancel the advisory group headed up by the Rothschild consultant hired last year. I guess that wasn't such a good idea after all.
April 15 (Bloomberg) -- Invest AD, an Abu Dhabi government- owned money manager, shut its investment banking advisory team and canceled plans to offer a property fund, citing market conditions. Invest AD’s investment banking unit was headed by Alex Carre de Malberg, who joined the company last year from Rothschild & Sons Ltd.
Just a case of bad timing then?

Invest AD is closing its investment banking advisory function, counting among the casualties Alexandre Carre de Malberg – the high profile hire it lured from Rothschild to head up the operation....The Abu-Dhabi investment company entered the investment banking fray about a year and a half ago – precisely when things took a turn for the worse. In 2009, total investment banking fees generated in the Middle East were $649m, or a 43% slide on 2008, according to Thomson Reuters figures. More recently, however, things have been looking up for Middle East investment banking deals. Data from mergermarket shows that the volume of M&A deals in the first quarter of 2010 is up 83% on the same time last year.
That's funny because, you know, Goldman Sachs made a crap-load of money "precisely when things took a turn for the worse."
Another angle to keep in mind.

Addendum: We also note that the Pentagon just sacked Owen Honors. We think the Pentagon considered him a perfectly good commander, based on the fact that the tapes had been in the open for years causing no noticeable consternation, and also based on the fact that he had been promoted and was set to redeploy as commander of the Enterprise this month. And also based on what we know from Kay Griggs. We are thinking, therefore, that the Pentagon is not too happy about this turn of events, but that the Pentagon had No Choice because the media has harped on gay culture for so long that it has become sacred ground.

See: white horse or spaceship
See: hiding behind the sun

Addendum 2: OR...

Is this the wrong track entirely? Is the problem oil and gas companies fracking?

Maybe in Arkansas. Not sure if that would be the problem in Sweden, Brazil, New Zealand, etc.

For more on that line of corruption, see: radioactive pipes?


INCOMING!!!!!!! said…
AP bird lungs, small bird especially?, are sensitive to pressure perturbations. I.e. the birds die. Fish similar? As for the guy in the dumpster who knows. Your previous about X wars and Aus. strikes me as calibration. Remember they test on us first. BTW almost everyone forgets Alice Springs when talking about HAARP. Perhaps they were calibrating the Springs for a shoot over the horizon. One other thing AP, and I know this beckons Lalaland, there is enough circumstantial evidence around to suggest this kind of tech pisses around with time. The weather effects might be a local recoil way after/before the event. You know earthquake there, floods here 6 months later! As a clue to it actually being out there I remarked over at AdamS's shop that public consumption weather forecasting must now be shit to cover the weapon's operations. Just a thought.
Anonymous said…
I mirrored this article if you don't mind it is just too good.
A. Peasant said…
Incoming, i had never heard of Alice Springs or Pine Gap. hoo boy.

though i don't buy the conclusion. this is all about technology.
Anonymous said…
Joe Vials used to talk about Pine Gap and a Harp type facility.
Anonymous said…
There are some good articles on that site but in my opinion the one on Alice Springs is not one of them.
Are we to believe they have an underground plant manufacturing saucers around Alice Springs. Oh please!

Everyone cooperating and ready for an alien invasion sounds like bs too.
Anonymous said…
That neon green river sludge looks a lot like the "slime" that used to come with the mad scientist toy sets back in the day. Poor fish.
Anonymous said…
Many thanks for the mention.

- Aangirfan
aferrismoon said…
I wondered if some of the fish deaths might be attributed to fracking.

Cows in Caddo County [ Louisiana -Oklahoma] died frothing green liquid from their mouths a couple of years ago.

' William Dubose said he captured video of yellowish-green fumes that smelled like a combination of antifreeze and petrochemical.'

The cattle were on a pasture south of Spring Ridge, a community about 20 miles south of Shreveport.

I think Chesapeake Energy were to blame, for bad frakking. Ches.Energy aren't though from Chesapeake but these frakking operations are all over the place.

It doesn't account though for Brazil, Sweden, NZ and UK though.

When Katrina struck some damage was done to frakking plants causing pollution, according to a lady interviewed in Josh Fox's film GASLAND. I wondered if the BP oil spill might not have helped cover that story up.

Anonymous said…

Peasant this one is going all over and I may put it on my site too. You may as well read this one on the "Wetikos" or evil spirits. Trust me it is a must read! Best to know now what everybody is talking about when they refer to them.
chuckyman said…
I’m a bit late to the meeting but here goes.

I’ve been reading a lot of similar discussions to A.P’s fine work recently. Over at Urban Survival George Ure posted this video on unacknowledged planet wide seismic activity recently.

He also tied that to some recent increase in activity on the New Madrid fault zone coupled with an increase in ambient microwave energy. See these 2 posts. DM has warned of this previously in relation to the Gulf of Mexico crime scene.

I am quite sure that the usual suspects will be playing silly buggers with the weather patterns to increase the hunger factor for later this year. The floods in Pakistan this were linked to the drought that hammered the Russian wheat harvest.

We also see an unusual flood season in Australia’s most fertile grain region currently. I believe that these are deliberately influenced to increase the fear factor as food prices rise rapidly in the coming months.

There is also the unexpected to consider. The mainstream astronomers have discovered a coherent energy cloud – they call it fluff - that they cannot explain (surprise, surprise) in the region of space that our solar system is about to traverse.

I feel that the Universe is about to remind us all of our true place and perspective in the grand scheme. TPTB are mental midgets with a giant Napoleon complex. The great awakening amongst all of humanity will soon be reminding them and reasserting its proper place. Sorry for all the extra reading folks.
Anonymous said…
That is spot on Chucky. Of course they can't explain it, our solar system is entering the milky way. Nobody really knows what will happen but not too long from now our little planet will be the absolute center of our known universe. Round and round she goes, what happens nobody knows.

Dooms day Dan Eden

This is what I would like to think is about to happen. From Quetzal Coatl lord of the wind and water. He promised ”There shall be a shifting, a great shaking and all things shall be touched, even the stones, and in a moment there shall be a newness in a great swelling of light that will fill the heavens and block out even the light of our own sun in its brightness…and the worlds shall split as will the heavens… in a moment. And in that moment you shall be where your heart is for time as we have known it shall be no more.”
A. Peasant said…
well, wow. great links everyone. there is a lot of data to think about, a lot of things that could be going on.

my hope is that the people messing with us (very aptly described in the article at bho's) are playing God. and they are not God. and they are going to get a smack upside the head by creative forces much larger than their puny selves.
A. Peasant said…
and i should add, whatever happens to the rest of us while that all goes down, well so be it.
A. Peasant said…
speaking of species-specific killing in the Ure links from Chuck, i read that the some of the drumfish had missing eyes. there is a youtube here about the drumfish having a unique reflective pearlescent disc behind their eyes.

this is also a very, very interesting interview, about 10 years old, with a guy who has since died but had some things to say about the aerospace sector, among other things. 1 hour.
Anonymous said…
On the link it also has a pretty good diagram showing the earth spiraling towards the center of the milky way. This take from David Law of the University of Virginia.
Anonymous said…

This is interesting and read the reader comment.

Klowe59 wrote:
Hi I am An Aerospace Electro/Mechanical engineer and live in Hot Springs Arkansas.
I would like to give you some information I have been following sense early December 2010
When I saw a news flash on yahoo about a crack in the northern geomagnetic field see the link below.

At first I was concern so I started tracking Spaceweather now to see if there were any increase in solar activity but was surprised that the sun was calm, however I check this site daily up to today and only found slight elevations in the sun activity which also puzzled me.

So I starter looking at local anomalies that could account for such a reaction to the birds being affected and I found that different region have higher level of magnet fields and appear the Little Rock and Beebe area falls in one area that has a positive charge nanotesla field at 1000 feet elevation colored in red which would attach the negative charged solar winds electrons and ions. see link:
other State Maps

The crack is rotating as seen in Auroral Activity Extrapolated from NOAA observations on the sun side of the earth were high energy particle enter the atmosphere and spread around to the dark side of earth and are distributed across the hemisphere then to space and create a snapping of magnetic field lines which can induce brief hi current and lighting. And as I recall we had a coronal hole and coronal ejection earth bound on the December 30/31 2010.
Sense the timing of the fire works may have masted the lighting and thunder it is very possible that this event and other similar die offs could have been caused by the Crack in the Geo magnet shield and localized in areas of hi absorpsion on earth.

Allway enjoy your work
Ken Lowe
Anonymous said…
Hello again Peasant
The more you look around on this the more you find.

Shift in magnetic pole affects tampa airport.

This guy thinks it is plasma burst from the sun which are attracted to magnetic field such as Ark with a high magnetic field.

This is interesting and read the reader comment. 

Klowe59 wrote:
Hi I am An Aerospace Electro/Mechanical engineer and live in Hot Springs Arkansas.
Anonymous said…
The more you look around the more you find.

Shift in pole affects Tampa airport

This is interesting and read the reader comment. He thinks heavily magnetic areas like Arkansas attract plasma burst from the sun more so than other places.
chuckyman said…
Check out the front page of the space weather site today for a picture of ‘punch hole cloud’ formations.
Anonymous said…
I looked at that, interesting. Since this subject seems to be of interest I have patched together all I can find on the matter and put it in one place. Interestingly the Tampa Bay Newspaper has laid it out on the line with this:

It seems a shift in the earth’s magnetic pole has affected Tampa airport. The airport has closed its primary runway until Jan. 13 to repaint the numeric designators at each end and change taxiway signage to account for the shift in location of the Earth’s magnetic north pole.