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things that stink

Two El-AL planes return 400 Israelis from Cairo.

Economic turmoil begins to set in. Egypt's Central Bank orders banks closed on Monday. The stock market is also closed.

Charter flights will carry thousands of Americans out of Egypt, starting Monday.

Fighter jets are buzzing the protesters.

We would expect the situation to deteriorate, meaning the military will escalate violence, once the foreign tourists have left Egypt.


Suez is a chokepoint, which is causing all sorts of speculation in the financial markets.

And Israel has allowed Egypt to move 800 troops into the Sinai, to the Sharm el-Sheikh area, which is "far from Israel."

Israel is making a big show of being concerned, and supporting Mubarak, because he has been so crucial to keeping peace all these years, thanks to the billions and billions and billions of dollars that US taxpayers funneled his way, although that part was not mentioned. The poor Israelis are worried.

Israel likes to put itself on the high horse. They love peace, they crave peace, blah blah blah. That way when they hop off to kick some ass, they can be all righteous about it because they really wanted peace more than anyone. As they never tire of explaining.

We think the US and Israel are stringing Mubarak along, and everyone else too for that matter, to SQUEEZE CONCESSIONS out of him. Mubarak has not been quite good enough. He could do a little more, before he goes. Then maybe things can take a turn for the worse, REGRETTABLY, since the Egyptian people are so angry, thereby JUSTIFYING some trusty self-defense action by the suitably worried parties. We're just guessing. We could be completely wrong.

Meanwhile, two charter flights out of Egypt carrying over 400 Israeli citizens landed in Ben-Gurion International Airport on Monday, with returning Israelis claiming that the week-long anti-governmental protests that have been sweeping Egypt were not as bad as they seemed. (Israel allows 800 Egyptian troops into Sinai)

But what about next week?

Also, the US Army is sending aerial backup to the Sinai?

The US Army's Aviation Regiment has mobilized for deployment to Egypt's Sinai Peninsula to back the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) overseeing the Egypt-Israel peace treaty.

Connecticut National Guard Detachment 2, Company I, 185th Aviation Regiment of Groton left Connecticut on January 15 for Fort Benning, for further training and validation, a Press TV correspondent reported on Monday.

January 15th.....ten days before anything happened in Egypt.

You know what we call that sort of prescience here at Twelfth Bough? TOP FUCKING TALENT.


Switters said…
Agent provocateur covered by a shady news outlet?

Of course this threatens israel, what doesn't m
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the link, AP
Switters said…
It was only a matter of time. It kinda has the aroma of a "wipe israel off the map" mistranslation..I do believe you and aagirfan called this one.
btw, I have been wondering what that handle means.
A. Peasant said…
welcome James. Saladin put a link at WRH so there !

Switters, you know they are the most fragile flower...
A. Peasant said…
aan's handle? i don't know. aan is very mysterious.
A. Peasant said…
also, aan called all of this going back to Tunisia, not me. i've been on the back foot but trying to keep up.
Anonymous said…
Ah! I put my comment on the wrong post. It should have been on the previous post. I must be getting old!

Yes the Egyptian troops into the Sinai is a set-up. Indeed, perhaps one of the concessions to the israelis from Mubarak you mentioned, AP.

I can imagine the line of argument presented to Mubarak was the troops are needed to protect 'international investor's' investments in Sharm el-Sheikh.

Luckily, these troops aren't needed to protect the people from snipers and looters in Cairo and Suez.

Speaking of Suez, I think it is high time 'the international community' started pressuring israel to secure the Suez Canal for the benefit of the whole world's economy.
veritas6464 said…
Hey AP,...You nail'em girl!

A. Peasant said…
V, we hope. this one is tricksy.

good to see you mate.

Hei Hu Quan said…
James Griffon stated "Speaking of Suez, I think it is high time 'the international community' started pressuring israel to secure the Suez Canal for the benefit of the whole world's economy."

That is the real reason for the Egyptian and US troop deployments to the Sinai Peninsula, it's to secure the Suez and its canal, should the Egyptian people take power. Also Israel is fervently trying to keep its pathetic blockade, and siege of Gaza intact. So they're sure to create a buffer of proxy soldiers, to prevent the Egyptian border of Gaza from being breached at all costs.
Anonymous said…
Just in time for the million man protest, perfect testing grounds for the new, improved "peacemakers" Rights NGO claims that Israeli planes carrying crowd dispersal weapons have arrived in Egypt -

A. Peasant said…
HHQ, correct. see the latest, it's a post that James wrote last night and i can't recommend it highly enough.

Swit, great link. that is exactly in line with what we would expect!