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we do not recommend cooperating with this plan

We call your attention to a very important post, an over-arching theory of the big picture, and a work in progress: World War III - underway, by James at the Winter Patriot community blog.

Aangirfan has recently published a whole series of articles about Tunisia including articles that presaged the coup there. This coup can be seen as another chapter in the undeclared war on Russia and China by the NATO Powers for world dominion.
The Tunisian coup has the CIA/Mossad's and NATO's fingerprints all over it. One of the points Aangirfan also made was that Tunisia had made trade agreements with China. Why would this be a problem to US/NATO? China and Russia (along with Iran which is a strategic asset to both of them) constitute the only real stumbling block to world domination by the people who control the West's economic and military forces. Principal among these people are the international bankers.

Kay Griggs, a historian, explained in her 1998 interviews that the CIA is a red herring, because the big decisions really come down from SHAPE, ie: NATO.

See: the love affair with the military must continue

Kay's interview is at that post, which we wrote in the wake of the Colonel Russell Williams incident. We also covered some of the information about Colonel Al Carone in that post. What was the point? To show the evidence of INSTITUTIONALIZED CORRUPTION in the military -- corruption up to and including murder, sexual depravity, drug trafficking -- activities consistent with ORGANIZED CRIME. Colonel Al Carone, for instance, based on the testimony of his daughter, Desiree Ferdinand, was a bag man for the CIA *and* the mafia:

"He originally was with the military and then he went into New York City Police Department and did crossover work with Central Intelligence Agency and while he was with the military until his death, he was with Military Intelligence, Counter Intelligence Corps.   ...The agency, the CIA, was bringing in drugs and dad was the liaison between organized crime families because my father was a made man with organized crime; he rode both sides of the fence." ~ Desiree Ferdinand

Again, as Kay Griggs explains, NATO would supercede the CIA. "The CIA is a red herring, because the big decisions really come down from SHAPE, ie: NATO."

SHAPE is the central command of NATO's military forces.

Since inception, US and UK Army Generals have dominated SHAPE. 
Recall the recent allegations against Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci, who was named as the boss of a brutal organized crime ring specializing in butchering enemies for their kidneys, assassinations, beatings, drugs and weapons smuggling. NATO put Thaci in power.

Gangsters may be easy to control because they have limited motivations, generally money and power. Putting gangsters in key positions and keeping gangsters happy makes the traffic (drugs, humans, weapons, organs, money) flow smoothly. The traffic generates money. Some of the money stays in the black economy to finance who knows what off the books, and some gets laundered into the "real" economy.

Perhaps certain technologies, like X-wars technologies, are funded through the black economy.

Perhaps some people have to be assassinated (or at least character assassinated) when they threaten to expose a piece of the plan. We think of John Wheeler, Judge Roll, Dr. Wakefield, Ben Ali, etc.

See: exposure

This March 2008 article by William Engdahl lays the whole thing out very clearly. The people who run the world knew exactly what Thaci was, a gangster, and that's why they decided to groom him for politics. His connections to organized crime QUALIFIED him for a big job in politics.


To get back to World War III - underway, James states:

"China and Russia (along with Iran which is a strategic asset to both of them) constitute the only real stumbling block to world domination by the people who control the West's economic and military forces. Principal among these people are the international bankers."
The international bankers and NATO likely perceive China and Russia (and Iran) as problems to be overcome.

How do these forces normally overcome opponents? Several ways. One is by infiltration. COINTELPRO. By placing people deep inside these countries to attempt to control them from within. This is why, perhaps, sometimes countries do things that don't seem to make sense, given their known strategic interests.

Along those lines, two considerations:

1) How much US military technology has made its way to China over the years through espionage?

US stunned by Chinese espionage, June 1999
Defector confirms Chinese army spying on US, 3/27/01
Chinese general visits US STRATCOM in Omaha, Nebraska in October 2009

2) What is the status of the new special relationship between Israel and China?

"Rothschild has had offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia since the 1970s. It opened an office in Australia in 1968... "The Chinese are pragmatic people, they know that in the long run they have got to have foreign capital."" ~ Evelyn de Rothschild, Rothschilds to China

See: another country heard from

Chinese TV made a documentary in twelve episodes, Israel, the land of milk and honey, which will soon be broadcast on CCTV-2, then on the other satellite channels in China. This documentary was shot in high definition, with a big budget and using the State of Israel. It presents Jewish culture as a beacon of human thought on a par with the Chinese culture. A private screening was held in Beijing attended by leaders of CCTV and the Embassy of Israel.

See: party time in Beijing

The "Beijing Consensus" was coined by Joshua Cooper Ramo, a Jew, who speaks Mandarin and lives between NYC and Beijing, and is the youngest managing director ever at Kissinger Associates, and before that the youngest senior editor ever at TIME Magazine.

China needs "help" from people like Ramo to deter "some on the fringes of US politics" who want to turn China into a "pariah."

"Based on more than a hundred off the record discussions, the Beijing Consensus captures the excitement of a country where change, newness and innovation are rebounding around journal articles, dinner conversations and policy-debates with mantra-like regularity." 

George Soros recently said that China would be the world's next major economy, replacing the US economy. So a strong China is in the cards, but only if it is under the CONTROL of the international bankers. That's the trick.

In the video below George Soros is asked what is his "nightmare scenario" if the US does not go along with the new financial world order. He says China will make bilateral relations, as it already does.

"I think that a world of bilateral relations is less desirable than a continuation of a multi-lateral system. But the system we have now has actually broken down only we haven't quite recognized it. And so you need to create a new one, and this is the time to do it." (around minute 8:30)
Soros likes the system we have now, which has destroyed this country. He PREFERS the one-size-fits-all EU-style one-world-currency idea to nations acting in their own best interests and making independent, bilateral arrangements. But the system we have now is broken, and the banksters need to manage the transition to a new system.

"Well, certainly, a decline in the value of the dollar is necessary in order to compensate for the fact that the US economy will remain rather weak, will be a drag on the global economy. China will emerge as the motor replacing the US consumer. [notice the smiles. - ed.] Of course it's a smaller motor because the Chinese economy is much smaller, so the world economy will have less of a motor, so it will move forward slower than it has in the last 25 years. But China will be the engine driving it forward and the US will be actually a drag that's being pulled along through a gradual decline in the value of the dollar. So there will be a slow decline in the value of the dollar, a managed decline, and that will be the adjustment that  needs to be accomplished. Now it could get out of hand, and certainly the fear of inflation will precede inflation itself."

The fear of the event will precede the actual event. Sounds like a plan.

Other methods of controlling nations include isolation and force. This option is generally only used on small, weak countries with no chance of resisting. China does not fit that description. Neither does Russia. Neither does Iran for that matter. (World War III)

Currently, there are missile emplacements around both these countries with more planned. The recent sinking of the South Korean warship Cheonan inadvertently exposed another missile threat to China. It seems that a US nuclear submarine was also sunk at the same time and may well have exchanged torpedoes with the ROK Navy ship, the Cheonan. The US nuclear submarine was hiding behind a South Korean Island and would have been undetectable by the North Koreans. It was also very close to Pyongyang, as in approximately 100mls. What wasn't mentioned in the article but obvious on a larger map was that this presumably nuclear armed US submarine was only about 500mls (as the missile flies) from Beijing in the other direction; far closer than any other possible missile emplacement . The article linked above hints at this being an ongoing situation with various US submarines on rotating duty there. Being clandestine, this submarine had no threat value for the time being, only strike value and first strike, at that. So, this is serious stuff.

There is simply no way the US and NATO could hope to invade and occupy China, though. The only way it could be done would be to lay siege to it and eventually force a capitulation. It would be quite useless for China to counter or pre-emptively attack its enemies if the enemy amounted to the rest of the world. What we have been witnessing in recent years is the continuous expansion of NATO and the forming of satellite organisations to include countries such as Australia, Japan and many Middle East Countries. So all this suggests a strategy of isolation of China from the rest of the world. And even little countries such as Tunisia are a pebble in the shoe of this plan as it goes forward. NATO has been courting Tunisian military commanders and I would expect Tunisia to announce some formal inclusion in NATO or one of its satellite organisations during the coming year should the coup remain successful.
On one hand, they want to make China stronger. On the other hand, they want to keep China under control.

Another method of controlling nations is to instigate a "revolution," like in Tunisia, which puts the desired gangster in power. Also spoken openly as "regime change" for "axis-of-evil" type nations like Iran. But for smaller, strategic nations, expect "people power" revolutions named after colors and flowers. See: Aangirfan's extensive work on Tunisia over the past several weeks.

Also note the events in Kyrgyzstan from last April. Note the strategic importance of the Stans in general.

See: driving a wedge
See: who moves the drugs out of Afghanistan?

World War III:

Tunisia, as a prosperous and socially stable country, is/was also influential with neighbouring states, Libya, (and here also) Algeria and Morocco through its example. NATO, no doubt, wants to make a different kind of example of Tunisia. The truth may out yet and unravel this takeover. Let's hope so. Libya and Algeria have oil agreements with China and Morocco has growing trade ties with China.

Throughout all this the “Elephant in the Room' is NATO. Despite it having no ongoing purpose after the fall of the USSR, it has never-the-less expanded relentlessly not only further eastwards through Europe but throughout the whole globe. There can be only one purpose to this; the control and eventual domination and absorption of Russia and China in a formal or informal One World Government, a unipolar empire.
Though NATO is heavily involved in wars such as in Afghanistan, Iraq and now Pakistan and various other smaller conflicts around the world including skirmishes into Iran, these conflicts in no way justify its existence. But by providing live-fire wars (even to the point of supporting the other side), these conflicts provide the excuse for inclusion of sovereign states military forces from all over the globe into an active supra-national military force and this process conditions these countries and their military personnel to taking orders from extra-national authorities. In the process all member countries are losing their military sovereignty along with the slow ongoing loss of their economic and political sovereignty. So the "Global War On Terror" is really about turning the United States' allies into captive vassal states; absorbing them into its imperial empire and then using this empire to isolate and strangle Russia and China.

We see there is a role for China in the New World Order, should China cooperate with the international banksters and not with countries like Iran and Russia.

World War III:

The training of this worldwide military force under live-fire conditions is swallowing lives whole and these lives need to be supplied and replaced readily. This appetite will get greater as time goes on. It will be necessary for the US and NATO to demonstrate to the Russian and Chinese governments that they have the ability to wage long term and protracted warfare if they are going to pose a credible threat to Russia's and China's survival that culminates in the capitulation of these countries to NATO. Ironically, I believe is the reason for the de-industrialisation (war industries aside) of the US and the UK particularly; to provide the manpower for this military machine through unemployment. (World War 2, which killed millions, was preceded by the Great Depression).
The Vietnam War demonstrated conclusively that military drafts, conscription, don't work. The US campaign in Vietnam collapsed because the troops mutinied. And they mutinied because they were forced to be there against their will. Their choice was taken away from them. This is not a problem faced by the leaders of a volunteer army. Todays enlistees think they are choosing to join regardless of the fact that economically they don't see an alternative. And this is the key.

One favorite way TPTB manipulate us is by arranging events so that the options narrow inexorably until we have "no choice" but to do the thing they wanted to do in the first place. By destroying the US economy, people will "choose" the military because they have no other meaningful options. World War III:

China has helped the bankers implement this plan of restricted employment options by taking over the consumer manufacturing removed from the UK/US and elsewhere so that domestic manufacturing could not compete price-wise. It has cost China, too, because this consumer production has not supplied the domestic demand in China and has drawn resources away from infrastructure development that could have has added long term benefits for the Chinese population and it would have also used up resources that could have gone into military defenses of one sort or another. Importantly for the bankers, China has become dependent on this consumer market and will, no doubt, suffer social unrest as it winds down eventually due to ever shrinking markets world wide and probably leaving many Chinese manufacturers with bad debts denominated in useless (after massive inflation) US dollars.
So the economies of the US and the UK and elsewhere have been deliberately run down to create this situation of very limited choice of employment for its citizens. The economy, no doubt, will continue to get worse to feed the growing appetite of this monster. The effect of this shrinking employment situation, the growing disincentives to travel outside the US (and tourism into the US) and the growing isolation, the growing inanity of the pubic programming, the militarization of police forces and the ominous FEMA Camps, is to increasingly turn American society into one big military encampment. It is being accomplished through increasing restrictions on freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of movement together with increasing poverty and fear mongering.
For this drive to increasing poverty to have any credibility, there cannot be any alternative prosperous societies to give the lie to it. And certainly no prosperous societies that are outside the NATO fold and “trading with the Enemy”, Russia and China, and becoming prosperous in the process. So Tunisia was a threat in this manner, too. Other North African countries were following this example, some of them with resources, too, such as oil as noted. These would soon, if not already, show up the crime that is Nigeria and that is Egypt, too, to the rest of the world.

Latin America plays an important role in whether this will succeed or fail. World War III:

Other countries outside the US/NATO fold include the ALBA countries of Central and South America and the Caribbean; Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua together with Honduras until their recent US backed coup. Haiti was drawing closer to the ALBA countries until the earthquake and subsequent US re-invasion. Most of these countries have oil, too, including Haiti, believe it or not. Huge deposits apparently. My . . . , that was a close call for the US! Still, they have the unhappy prospect of Cuba exploiting its oil with the help of the Russians and the Chinese. This could lead to prosperity right on the doorstep of the US. Hmmm . . . can't have that . . . really.
I think we can expect increasing “terrorist” attacks and more coup attempts against these ALBA countries and them also being blamed for attacks elsewhere. If you read the article linked just above you will also see that peak oil is a myth and no doubt was part of the planning together with the global warming myth in justifying the ongoing impoverishment of Western societies to feed this multi-headed Hydra war machine.
Though this unacknowledged world war is in process, the NATO countries and their military forces have a long way to go yet till they are in a position to lay siege to Russia and China. There are problems ahead for them. There are shifting alliances within the Elite causing some headaches for the bankers. Also, there are still quite a few countries to subvert or overwhelm and some of them like the Latin American ALBA countries (not to mention Russia and China themselves) are getting stronger by the day. The US and the principal NATO countries also need the blind co-operation of their constituent populations. Of course, they need this information and their motivation to remain hidden from the Western populations to be successful. Will the cat get out of the bag?

We agree that Latin America provides a convenient place for various narrative threads to tie together. The narrative of Hezbollah in South America, for instance, brings the "terrorism" of the Middle East through Africa and into South America and, so we are told, up through Mexico and into the US.

Terrorism justifies military force. Military force requires bodies. People without jobs will be available for the military. Everyone else should stay home and shut up and remain in fear.

We do not recommend cooperating with this plan.


Anonymous said…
Oh definitely that is the plan. I don't know much about Tunisia but the head man sliding over to Saudi Ariabia in not a glowing recommendation for him. It will be an easier path for the new boss, he can't be blamed for any past problems new or imagined.
Anonymous said…
Excellent. It's good to see the BIG picture, including the role of NATO and various gangsters. Very many thanks for the links. I wonder if Tunisia will now be flooded with heroin?

- Aangirfan
A. Peasant said…
dubs, probably he went where he was told. plus it could have been calculated to send him to SA just because it makes him look bad. it fits with the character assassination job.

Aan, that is such an excellent point, and how tragic. i guess we'll see and if that happens it will be confirmation.