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in the midst of a crack up boom

Kind of creepy how he laughs when he says:
  • we're all doomed
  • Pakistan is next
  • there are high levels of inflation in many places
Remember the Raymond Davis.

There's an asset who might be worth more dead than alive.

Works for the CIA and Xe, maybe was helping al Qaeda get some bad weapons, and was involved with the drone attacks....?


Penny said…
Well, I can't disagree when he says Bernanke is lying.
chuckyman said…
You said it A.P. – creepy. He really does laugh at all the wrong times - for us that is. An odd phrase that ‘a crack up boom’. Whom is it a boom for?

I found the economic side of what he said to be illuminating (grin). He thinks that economically things will be contained for the next 6 months before the massive money printing comes home to roost. I think he’s optimistic.

He also illustrates the fact that the percentage of household income going towards food will increase. That is a very important point. Food is going to get a lot more expensive – that’s from the horse’s mouth. In addition car fuel is running at an inflation rate of 20% not the 13/14% official stats.

The majority of income in the West goes towards paying mortgages or servicing debt – cars, credit cards etc. A lot more of us will need to decide to either pay bills or buy food. That’s a stark choice to make.
A. Peasant said…
hi Pen. no we can't, though that is not a stunning admission by any stretch...

C, good points. to me it seems like he has graduated from social engineering school.
kenny said…
Faber is a frequent guest on the Alex Jones show. Graduating from SE school seems to open doors.
Anonymous said…
Oh how I hate these fuckers, just wanted to get that off my chest Peasant, thanks for listening.
A. Peasant said…
hey Kenny. yeah i saw he had another interview recently on AJ's show, same time frame i think. i had started to listen to it and when he said that the CIA was caught completely off guard by the events in Egypt, never saw it coming, etc., well that was as good as wearing a name tag on the lapel: TOOL.
A. Peasant said…
anytime sal. i try to be here as much as possible.
Anonymous said…
Greetings AP,
The zio-bastards at Blogger summarily shutdown my blog Undeleted Evidence for a post exposing a US Department of Homeland Security programme called Global Entry. The programme was enacted at US airports that provided Israelis special considerations that allowed them to breeze past security checkpoints unmolested. Thanks for your support and inspiration, be seeing you soon.

Cheers and respect.

- Hei Hu Quan
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry to hear this HHQ. You must have stepped on a very sore corn.

I hope you can get back up on the net one way or another soon. Dealing with boogger is like sitting on a trap door
Anonymous said…
Hei Hu Quan

Try wordpress, the only trouble I have encountered there mostly was one of my Sarah Palin photoshops they said was for "security purposes" whatever that means.

It is like walking on eggs at times. It is my impression that wordpress doesn't try to bury the link to your blog like google does. So far that seems to be the case.
Never seen a No Sunglasses article appear on Google news search. I have seen a few of mine from other sites but never from Sunglasses. I know that some Wordpress sites are featured on Google News, Like Rupee News. I am not sure how any of it gets in the real news feeds.
Anonymous said…
Peter I have had about as many hits in eight months using word press as I had in 17 months with google.
Anonymous said…
Thanks all for the support and ideas, I'm going to regroup and get this sorted as soon as possible. Dublinmick, at least WordPress communicated with you on the Sarah Palin images, Blogger is not and did not communicate one single bloody word.