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h/t Follow the Money

h/t Chuckyman


chuckyman said…
Many thanks for the link A.P.

Great video also on the total debt. As the old saying goes, ‘A billion here, a billion there…pretty soon we’re talking real money’. Graphics like this can put some real perspective on it.
Anonymous said…
hahaha. yeah, you wouldn't credit it but they add up. Amazing
malcontent said…
The $12,000 billion is a little light according to some of the estimates I've seen but it still is king of the hill in that pile.

The only thing missing is the current accrued US federal deficit which happens to match the too-big-to-fail bailout, give or take a couple thousand billion.

We need another video to delineate how much of the deficit comes from where. Of course it will be highly subjective due to the secrecy of the perps in question.
A. Peasant said…
there might be more versions of these at the site -- i haven't checked. there was a UK version over at Follow The Money.