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what's really going on?

Check out these fascinating videos of ordinary people answering the question, "What's really going on?"

Many thanks to Gudrun at Endwell Road for posting these videos. Also see: Are we who we think we are?

children killed by US drone attacks

heroin junkies

a picture we saw a long time ago at Goon Squad, and Greg dug it up for us

a dead bird covered in BP oil

the resistance begins in your mind


Timster said…
What I think is really going on, is that there seems to be a desperate lack of dentists in israhell...
Anonymous said…
bahahaha Tim...

This video feels like a sympathetic "the average person isn't aware...a la Germany..."

Concentration camp down the block, but only one has the guts to even allude to anything "not right".
A. Peasant said…
oh they're aware. they just can't talk about it directly because they are inside the machine.