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cockroaches have lived with humans for centuries

"What are those fast-moving bugs you see when you turn on the kitchen light? Where did they go? Most likely, they were cockroaches. One of the most hated and feared insect species, cockroaches love to live with humans and have done so for centuries. This title presents a historical and biological biography of this loathed creepy crawly." source

In the aftermath of the shootings in Lahore on January 27 by suspected CIA operative Raymond Davis, intelligence agencies in Pakistan began scrutinising records of the Americans living in Pakistan and discovered several discrepancies, causing many suspected American operatives to maintain a low profile and others to leave the country altogether.
The foreign ministry states that there are 851 Americans with diplomatic immunity currently in Pakistan, of whom 297 are not working in a diplomatic capacity. However, sources at the interior ministry put the number of non-diplomats at 414. The majority of these ‘special Americans’ (as the ministry refers to them) are concentrated in Islamabad, with some also residing in Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar. Interior ministry records show that most of the “special Americans” live in upscale neighbourhoods in Islamabad and Lahore, with smaller presences in Karachi and Peshawar.
Most of the ‘special Americans’ are suspected of being operatives of US  intelligence agencies who are on covert missions in Pakistan, reporting to the US Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), according to sources familiar with the situation.
Counter-intelligence agencies in Pakistan have long suspected a covert US espionage presence in Pakistan. The first internal investigation into suspicious activities by American citizens in the country was conducted in March 2009, which revealed some significant gaps in the implementation of laws concerning foreign citizens.
Under the Foreigners Act of 1946, foreign citizens are not allowed to live in cantonment areas anywhere in the country. Yet the majority of the suspected American intelligence operatives in Lahore are reportedly living in the Officers’/Generals’ Colony on Sarwar Road and Cavalry Ground in the Lahore Cantonment.
Several senior retired army officers – ranging in rank from brigadier to lieutenant general – have rented out their homes to American citizens at rates astronomically higher than the rents of similar homes in the area. The presence of these Americans came to light when several serving and retired Army officers who lived in the neighbourhood reported suspicious activity, including unauthorised foreigners living in cantonment areas.
Foreign citizens in Pakistan have to obtain a no-objection certificate (NOC) from security agencies before they can rent a residence. This process is meant to ensure that they are not living in prohibited areas. But somehow American citizens were able to get NOCs issued to live in cantonment areas in violation of the law.
Sources say that the intelligence agencies’ reports state that many of the Americans living in these residences are assumed to be US Special Forces – including members of the covert Delta Force of the United States Army – and therefore are considered armed and dangerous.
The report further claims that the late US special representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan, Richard Holbrooke, had visited one of the covert American teams in Lahore, at a residence on Sarwar Road owned by a retired army general.
Published in The Express Tribune, February 28th, 2011.

March 6, 2011: 5 German spies with sensitive pictures nabbed. "These German speaking spies did not have any travel documents on them. The police found pictures on their cameras of the railway headquarters and other sensitive areas nearby. The German nationals said they were on a visit to Lahore and their travel documents were at the hotel."

Beards and mustaches to fit in.

CIA Hooliganism under US diplomatic cover: 'Davis' is not an isolated incident

The Long History Of US Special Ops Disguised As American Diplomats In Pakistan

John Arso, Pickel Robin Kenneth, Lister Douglas Michael, Clen Denen Jason Robert and Steele Jr Richard Earl, James Bill Koeen and Charlie Benzic are the names of some of the US ‘diplomats’ arrested in Pakistan over the past three years. What were four US ‘diplomats’ carrying M-4 machine guns and wearing Pakhtun clothes and beards doing entering the Pakistani capital coming from the Afghan border?

The article describes various incidents.

1. June 23, 2009, a vehicle coming from Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa refuses to stop at a police checkpoint. Police radio to the next checkpoint, and they stop the vehicle. Three American diplomats namely Jeffery, Jeffdic and James Bill Koeen, plus a driver named Charlie Benzic belonging to Regional Security Section of the US Embassy are in the car wearing beards and indigenous Pakhtun clothes, carrying four M-4 machine guns and four 9 mm pistols. An authority intervenes and they are allowed to go.

2. August 5, 2009, a Pakistan police inspector and his wife passing through a checkpoint near the US embassy are stopped and abused by US security person John Arso. The police inspector informs Arso that he has no authority to stop vehicles on a public road. Arso whips out his gun and says he can do anything he wants in Pakistan.

3. Two Dutch diplomats carrying hand grenades and other weapons are caught red handed. Pakistanis get upbraided for noticing.

Click through for these and other incidents.

CIA's multinational interests in Pakistan, March 6, 2011

  • "What is shocking is the extent of the massive covert maneuvers, which have been going on for years since the painstakingly laid infrastructure could not have been established in a few weeks’ time."
  • "It has now become apparent that CIA was working for besides itself, the interests of a number of other foreign powers having hegemonic concerns in Pakistan; some of them openly hostile to Pakistan." 
The basic problem is TRUST, which does not exist when dealing with people who LIE FOR A LIVING.

If we are not at war with Pakistan, then why do we act like it? Why have we infiltrated Pakistan with so many intelligence operatives conducting hostile operations? In fact a covert war has been waged on Pakistan. The substance has been revealed through the arrest of Ray Davis.

Why do we make war on Pakistan? Because this country, the United States, has itself been thoroughly infiltrated by agents of a foreign government. The United States does not pursue foreign policy goals that make sense. The United States pursues the foreign policy goals of Israel. And Israel wants to destroy Pakistan. And Israel uses the US to do it so they don't have to get their hands dirty. And they would very much like this to keep going on, and that means they have to somehow patch things up with Pakistan, by using their proxy agents in the US government and in particular, the US State Department.

Top-level US-Pak talks underway to negotiate settlement on Davis standoff, Marcy 6, 2011
A veteran diplomat said that a marked improvement in bilateral ties between Pakistan and the United States "will be visible over the next couple of weeks" when US Special Representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Mark Grossman, will hold talks with top civilian and military leadership of the country.
...The former diplomat also cited three major developments that indicated leniency on part of Pakistan: (a) It refrained from prosecuting Davis on espionage charges despite the fact that he was put on trial for the Lahore killings (b) Pakistan is no longer demanding the custody of the three US nationals who went into hiding after crushing to death another Pakistani citizen (c) Spying charges were not pressed against another US national Aaron Mark De Haven, who was arrested in Peshawar despite having been found to be involved in questionable activities.
We hope the Pakistanis will not cave into the pressure.


Hei Hu Quan said…
My question is how can a country that allegedly enjoys its own sovereignty (Pakistan), make bargains with devils that actively undermine them and work towards their country's destruction? It's self-destructive stupidity and for what? Military resources, training and weaponry? Money and diplomatic status? What good does it do for a king to profit and yet lose his kingdom in the process? No one can be that stupid or gullible without bargaining some sort of transitory and pathetic benefit for themselves.

Also, Pakistan ISI openly deals with MI6, the Mossad and the CIA regularly, so why is all this foreign espionage deception and intrigue, a sudden surprise to them? They're either playing at dumb or are we to believe that they are actually that ignorant? This requires some steadfast and very proficient analysis in order to discern and separate verified realities from strategically planted disinformation. These foreign sponsored and engineered black ops are getting exposed as regular as clockwork now and there must be a reason. The masses are either sussing out what is what and whom is whom from growing experience and internet education; or factions that used to work for foreign intelligence, are now turning their talents and expertise to their compatriots and country's advantage. Today's news from Libya 'SAS unit' Captured in Libya reports that a team of up to 8 SAS and British Intelligence operatives were exposed and captured near the town of Khadra, about 20 miles west of Benghazi.

A senior member of Benghazi's revolutionary council said: "They were carrying espionage equipment, reconnaissance equipment, multiple passports and weapons. This is no way to conduct yourself during an uprising.
"Gaddafi is bringing in thousands of mercenaries to kill us, most are using foreign passports and how do we know who these people are?
"They say they're British nationals and some of the passports they have are British. But the Israelis used British passports to kill that man in Dubai last year."
Anonymous said…
Hey HHQ, it is indeed curious how people can make deals with known liars. Or as AP puts it "with people who lie for a living"
But our whole society is built on this stupid practise. Organised crime (including politics) is the most glaring example of it. I think the thinking goes that it will always be someone else that gets stabbed in the back; that they are smart enough to survive.

THey are addicted to power, of course, and all addictions distort one's perceptions of reality.

No doubt these dickheads are compromised and therefore open to blackmail of one sort of another. Once compromised, they cave in to the pressure and go along because they believe it is safest for them.

It is interesting to look back on Musharraf's decision to go along with the invasion of Afghanistan. No doubt he thought he was protecting Pakistan and his and other's privilege (and personal corruption) within it but he actually helped in the destruction of his country. Such is the nature of 'offers you can't refuse'. They are the very ones you must refuse.
A. Peasant said…
that's true what James says. and it's a great question HHQ. i don't know the answer but i can tell you that Zahir at Project Humanbeingsfirst (blogroll), a Pakistani, has been asking it for years. he has recently returned to writing in Urdu and is going to try to knock some sense into his fellow countrymen, and i hope he succeeds.

i don't know what wires are crossed in the Pakistani consciousness but it is tragic. and we can say the same for other countries, our own included, so it is not my intention to denigrate anyone in particular. i think around minute 3 of this video:

from the last post, the condescending attitude of conroy toward the Pakistanis is clearly evident. that is my impression and my read of the emotional content. and the hosts are so polite there is nary a ripple of acknowledgment in the emotional field that this white woman is patiently explaining that milk needs to be refrigerated. i mean, i just wanted to punch her in the face, but that's me. but the problem has something to do with this dynamic, is my overall impression. that some people seem to think it is their duty to be condescending, and others think it is their duty to be condescended to.
Anonymous said…
I'd say you are reading the emotional content perfectly, AP.

Yes, the delusions we fall into when we seek to exploit. Western culture is one where the hierarchy is central to everything. Hierarchies are about organising multiple levels of exploitation. And hierarchies require of successful individuals to "kiss up and kick down". It becomes reflexive behaviour after a while.

Interesting observations re plots being more often exposed these days, HHQ. My own thoughts on this is that the multiple deceptions put in place to construct this world wide net of deception are being exposed to the players involved as the deceptions draw to their conclusion as they must. Hence the infighting that is increasingly going on. So they are not hidden any more to the same extent and the challenge for tptb is increasingly becoming the control of the narrative once these plots are exposed.

The SAS in Libya is a good example of this. And a good a very good alternative narrative is given by McJ in this comment at Winter Patriot Community here
Anonymous said…
It is sad but the truth, the Pakistanis probably have more control over their government than Americans do in their won country. It is easy to see for me how some pretty absurd things are happening in their country. In fact in most European countries the opinions of the average citizen hold little sway in how things are run. It appears to me from afar of course those in the U.K. have absolutely no voice in what is going on around them. Opinion polls for many years indicate a large majority would like to leave the place and go somewhere else.

Something tells me that blackmail plays a huge part in all this. The zeal of an enterprising politician can probably be toned down considerably when you remind them of the photos from the last "party."
A13 said…
Hi There.AP.
One would hope that Pakistan will not cave in, but the amount of dual nationals withing it's National Assembly and in other important Government portfolios, basically guarantees that they are indeed compromised, and from within.
Great post today and this Davis case has set a precedent in the exposures of these "activities"

BTW, i think most "western" countries have been internally compromised as well, hence the "coalition of the willing"
Cheers to you all,
Thanks AP.
Regards A13
Hei Hu Quan said…
James, AP and DM you are absolutely correct, and comments spot on. I believe my brother said it best and please excuse the language, "Fuck with the devil and you'll be fucked by the devil". Simple, very much to the point and vital to remember.

Also, I'd like to clarify a point before I'm misunderstood. When I expressed my frustration at the logic employed currently by the Pakistani government, it by no means meant that they have a monopoly on making questionable deals with the Western powers. This is the stock and trade of deals internationally as foreign policy and deployed in every single nation throughout the globe. They either succumb to the self-destructive offers and Rothschild debt plans or face sanctions, war and invasion. In the US, Canada and Europe the deals are covered with honey and spun sugar delusion, in the rest of the world their deals are served with a rich ganache of blood, death, gunpowder and terror.
A. Peasant said…
i think the main trouble is that people don't know what to *do* when faced with these impossible situations. but James alluded to it. the deals you can't refuse are the ones you must refuse. the fears of death and loss (of status, money, power, etc.) will keep some people from making their stand. and the temptations of gain will get the others. and there are creatures in this world who make it their JOB to know what buttons to push on each individual, to make sure that people don't have any leg to stand on.

in another of the conroy videos she talks about how hilary clinton came to lahore and spoke with the pakistanis because she wants to know what they think. nosy people who ask lots of personal questions usually want to know your business so they can fuck with you later. honest people tend to volunteer too much info to these charming sociopaths.

due to the limitations of sociopaths, they can't function (ie: LIE) effectively if they don't receive enough info / feedback from empaths. that's when they malfunction and make mistakes. they out themselves when we stop helping them.
Anonymous said…
"they out themselves when we stop helping them.

great punch line!
Anonymous said…
Oh, and I like your brother's thinking, HHQ!

Another one that I like is, "He who would sup with the devil needs a loooooong spoon indeed"
Peter said…
AP. I'd pay top dollar to watch you pop that chick in the nose

OMFG wv cents
Anonymous said…
Peasant I am becoming a fan of your treatises in pathological psychosis concerning those of the shall we say haute couture.

Human sickness is so severe that few can bare to look at it...but those who do will become well - Vernon Howard
Anonymous said…
I have been forwarding this one around, very good I though and somewhat relevant here.

I bring you the power of insanity!
A. Peasant said…
i saw that yesterday dubs, in my travels. that's a great piece.

Peter, hahahaha! me too!
A. Peasant said…
i saw that yesterday dubs, in my travels. that's a great piece.

Peter, hahahaha! me too!
nobody said…
Hey AP,

I've been a bit up against it but I have been reading everything albeit late usually.

I wanted to pop in and say that this one was an absolute cracker. I do love hearing what they're reporting in Pakistan and not reporting here. No surprises that it's all an absolute dead giveaway. Brava, as they say in Italy (if you're a chick, that is).

As for the 'how can this be possible' line of HHQ, I'd say that you could sheet home a great deal of that to the pedophocracy/satanist gag, which in this case we will call a blackmail enforcement mechanism. Certainly it exists in and of itself (a la the Catholic church, say) but its spectacular and unrivalled utility to the bankers as a corruption tool is the function in which it would serve here.

Or anywhere! I mean honestly, never mind the Sub-continent, why is the US elite participating in the reduction in their once proud country to that of a failed state? Same-same the Pakistanis - because someone somewhere has a video of them buggering a twelve year old. Following that the unfortunate video star can either live in fearful compliance or embrace the whole thing enthusiastically - it's not as if the pointy end of the pyramid gives a shit either way.

And that's how it's done! The inexplicable now explicable.
A. Peasant said…
hey nobs, been thinking of you. glad you popped in.

i would say you've got to be right about the pedophocracy being involved here. it's everywhere that powerful people go and especially where they want to control events.

btw malcontent sent this link over about the saudis being next, and now wikileaks has revealed all their partying and debauchery.

but will wikileaks ever blow the lid off the pedophocracy?! we think not! somehow that will remain safely under wraps because when that story blows the whole pyramid comes down with it.