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Guest post by James at Winter Patriot Community...

Enough of this madness. Reading the news is becoming hair pulling stuff, isn't it? It feels like any reasonably competent twelve year old could run things in this world better than the psychopathic lot we have for leaders have been doing.

But that's it, isn't it? They're psychopaths and that's why every thing is turning to shit. None of them are the least bit concerned about the people they harm, injure and kill. War is an opportunity for Quislings to become statesmen. War is an opportunity for electorally spent politicians to get it up for one more election. And those that could have prevented the war and just stood by instead, can wring their hands with regret and utter their condolences on behalf of the disenfranchised to the families of the disembowelled.

The leaders of Russia, China, India and the Arab League could have prevented the attack on the Libyan people simply by saying, “No”. But they didn't. They regret the carnage but not their decisions it seems. Psychopaths. Gotta be. Either that or they are too stupid to tie their own shoelaces. Either way, we can do without them. We need to do without them.

And who cares if a nuclear reactor goes incandescent? Who cares if a power station turns itself into the Roman Candle from Hell because they were too stupid to do something to prevent what everybody with half a brain in their head could see was inevitably coming? No, they'd rather lie and look like they know everything. We've got our kickbacks in our kitbags and we're jetting out of the area on the first plane while the paid conscienceless mouthpieces calm everyone down so they can all get irradiated and don't clog up the airport for us, thank you.

It's the psychopaths, isn't it? They're the ones that cause the problems for us all. They're the ones who site nuclear reactors over geological fault lines. Not just in Japan either. They do it all over the world. They're the ones who make unbelievably more dangerous nuclear fuel rods out of plutonium because it is more economic. Well, it's more economic if you lie about the quality control checks because you had to cut budgetary corners and then pass on the clean up costs after the inevitable disaster to the government. “Oh, did people die? I'm very sorry to hear that. That's very regrettable. But there were only a few and it was a million to one chance, anyway. More people will die driving to work this morning, you know.” That's their reality.


This article draws heavily on the work of Keith Harmon Snow. So here is the reality from him-

Of course, technology gurus and corporate executives and financial consultants are hysterical, claiming there were no deaths from Three Mile Island and that deaths at Chernobyl are exaggerated by the mass media. These claims are false. The new book, Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment provides irrefutable evidence of massive loss of life.

"The book is solidly based -- on health data, radiological surveys and scientific reports -- some 5,000 in all," says journalist Karl Grossman. "It concludes that based on records now available
, some 985,000 people died, mainly of cancer, as a result of the Chernobyl accident. That is between when the accident occurred in 1986 and 2004. More deaths, it projects, will follow."

And, by the way, if adequate warnings had been given when the dangers were known, a whole bunch of people would have been spared death or injury. But we can't admit to how bad a fuckup we've made of things, now can we? No, there's no need to panic. We are on the way to getting things back under control. And this is what regaining control looks like at Fukushima reactor #3 –


While we're talking about Fukushima, here's Keith Harmon Snow's list of stupidities behind this disaster-

Nuclear stupidity No. 1: the Fukushima reactor buildings are square (not circular) and had to absorb the force of the tsunami wave straight on. Stupidity No. 2: six reactors clustered too close together. Stupidity No. 3: no shoreline protection against a tsunami. Stupidity No. 4: reactors sited on earthquake faults. Stupidity No. 5: assumptions and calculations proving that the reactor, prior to its construction, could withstand anything that nature threw at it. Stupidity No. 6: it didn't begin in Japan: the industry, with all its corruptions, false assumptions and technological hubris, was born in secrecy in the United States of America.

Stupidity No. 125: spent fuel pools are packed too tightly, as is well-established by industry documents, for economic reasons, discarding safety concerns. Stupidity No. 458: the Spent Fuel Pools at Fukushima are suspended up high inside the reactor buildings secondary containment -- the same buildings whose roofs are blowing off! Are we to believe that the massive explosions that were captured on film, and others that were not, did not damage these elevated time bombs?

Unbelievable, no? Storing years of spent and radioactive fuel rods above the reactor with no back-up containment. It was no doubt cheaper than doing storing them somewhere else in a properly designed, well, lets say a better designed storage facility. Sane societies do not need lunatics like this in their midst.

Keith Harmon Snow's article “NUCLEAR APOCALYPSE IN JAPAN” is extremely well researched and written. Though the subject matter is hair pulling stuff, I recommend you read it together with an update entitled “JAPAN: RADIATION 'SAFE', PRESS EVACUATES, INVESTORS SCARED”

While you are at it, you can read about all the warnings Greenpeace gave to the Fukushima District Court in 2000 in an attempt to stop the Fukushima #3 reactor using MOX (Plutonium) fuel. What they warned about has come about. But will those responsible be brought to account? Not bloody likely, even though the evidence is all there.


And Stuxnet. How could I forget that criminal piece of lunacy, Stuxnet. The worm that turned. It was designed by Israeli and US departments and overseen by these two clowns.

It wreaked havoc with the Iranian nuclear project (which it was designed for). Israel has boasted about it and MI6, through their mouthpiece the Telegraph, dobbed in those two rogue countries, Israel and the US, for us. See here . The problem with it now is that it has gone viral and is bound to mess up all sorts of industrial functions that use Siemens S 7 controllers. Wanna guess which controllers the Fukushima plant uses? Make that 'used'? Yes, indeed, patient reader, you guessed it. And 63 copies of it have been found on USB's in Japan. So it is highly likely that the worm developed by those insane people in Mossad and the NSA have now unleashed a horror on the Japanese people who are just trying to make a living and cope with earthquakes and tsunamis at the same time. And if the meltdown (or meltdowns) proves to be worse than Chernobyl (which it shows every sign of doing) then these criminally insane morons will be responsible for millions of deaths over the coming decades. Haven't the Japanese suffered enough gratuitous death from nuclear radioactivity already? (courtesy of the US government)

And which halfwit signed this Israeli firm up to run security at Fukushima? See here too It just goes on and on. Enough!

And what about all these earthquakes? What about these tsunamis? Are we to believe that the US Military/Industrial snake that has spent many millions (billions?) of taxpayers money researching how to modify the weather and cause tsunamis etc. will not use it? See Keith Harmon Snow again for all you never wanted to know about this perverse militarisation of nature. (Out of the Blue:
Black Programs, Space Drones, and the Unveiling of U.S. Military Offensives in Weather as a Weapon

How about that the tsunami that devastated a huge swath through Asia a few years ago? It was caused by an 'earthquake' which had its epicentre just offshore from Aceh in Indonesia and yet it couldn't knock over a building in that town. A convincing argument has been made that the facts fit better with a nuclear bomb being detonated in the undersea trench rather than a natural earthquake and I'm inclined to believe it.

But anyway, lucky for the Achens, the US Navy was all pre-prepared and in the neighbourhood to rush in and secure . . . sorry, help . . . just in case a building did decide to fall over later. The US military base at Diego Garcia had plenty of warning but not so the poor people of Thailand and elsewhere. The US military seems especially blessed in these matters.

And Haiti? Same deal. Except the buildings did fall over this time. But the US Navy was there again in a flash .. .. to help. Except they aren't much help at all because the people are still living in tents without water. But hey, we've found lots of oil. Isn't everybody happy? And all that donated money, too. Where's that gone? Maybe to run those dodgy field hospitals that all those kids disappeared into.

And Katrina? How we doin' down there in New Orleans after all this time and money and equipment and what-have-you? Still looked like shit the last time I looked. How about all those resourceful volunteers that were rescuing stranded people and were stopped from continuing? And Brownie, . . . . fuck you.

And all the time these disasters are going on, we are fed bullshit from morning till night. Blatant, in your face lies. Every talking head on the teevee is lying. They always have, haven't they? They wouldn't be an “expert” and get to go on teevee if they weren't prepared to mislead (i.e. lie to) the public. They simply wouldn't get a guernsey; they wouldn't get to play.

See here for some revelations about 'experts' and how they shape the public's understanding of 'science' and earthquake prediction in particular

But we know all this don't we? We know we are being lied to. We know 'they' do what ever they like and don't give a damn about what we think because we'll just keep trotting along grumbling to ourselves. But now we are starting to see that 'they' are causing many of these disasters in the first place and if they don't then they capitalise on them to make them ten times worse than they would have been otherwise. They dis-empower and victimise us at every step.

Well, no more. It's time to cry “ENOUGH”. It's time to tell the truth about what we know at every opportunity. It's time to confront every politician we come across with the fact that they dance to the tune of their electoral fund providers; that all their talk of democracy is bullshit because they never vote the way people want them to; that they tow the party line (bank bailouts); that they don't even read the bills they vote for (Patriot Act). When they do surveys it is to see how little they can do to keep us happy and how to phrase their lies.

It's time to start asking the hard questions at the church functions and services. It's time to ask “Who would Jesus bomb?” And demand an answer. “And what does 'turn the other cheek' mean to you, Pastor? Non-violence, maybe?”

It's time to talk to our neighbours that are involved in the armaments industry. It's time to talk to his son to reconsider joining the military. Like, “Do you know that the sole purpose of the armed forces is to kill people?” And “Do you really want to spend the rest of your life dealing with the nightmares from doing that; killing people who never said so much as one nasty word to you?” “Thou shalt not kill”? “Do unto others......”? “Do you really think your God wants you to kill people?”

This is what 'blood lust' does to a "nation's finest".The victim was only a boy.

Check out A13's post for a righteous rant on war and the evil it spreads

And don't get me started on the mind numbing hypocrisy of a "no-fly zone" over Libya and the resulting carnage there. WHAT ABOUT GAZA???

It's time to talk to strangers. The media lie to us and keep us separate. But only so long as we oblige. We don't have to. We have the power to change things and there's nothing the Powers-That-Be can do about it. We turn off the teevee and we talk to each other. We start to connect with our humanity more rather that some teevee show all about toilet humour or some psychopath who misleadingly shows how 'righteous violence' works out. Play chess or poker with your friends. Teach you kids how to play. Good for the brain. Organise into ad hoc groups to do things even if it is only to clean up old Mrs Brown's back yard.

We need to get back our family and neighbourhood connections and start helping each other without going to some government or some municipal council or some 'authority' to organise it for us or to do it for us. We don't need them! We've had enough of them. Haven't we? Enough!

It's time to stop voting for these tag team political parties, too. They're stacked with psychopaths. They work for psychopaths. As if we didn't have enough trouble dealing with psychopaths in our workplaces, in our churches without voluntarily voting them into power over us. That's just nuts! If you have to vote, vote independent.

Psychopaths have no empathy for others. They have no concern for our welfare. They are incapable of it. They can look and sound like they can and are but they're just lying. They've learnt how to do that by copying others. So, often they'll overdo it. They'll be too charming. There's a clue, folks. They actually have no conscience. They are the very last people we would want in power. And, yet, they are the very ones who pursue it.

It's time to learn about psychopathy and the danger it poses to humanity. It's a very real danger and when it comes down to it, the only real danger to humanity. It's time to talk to our neighbours about it and how to recognise it and how to deal with it. We've had enough of their destructive behaviour.

source Libya - March 2011

Depending on whose research you go by, psychopaths constitute between 4 and 6% of the population. So let's settle on 5%. That's one in twenty people. 90% of psychopaths are males. So that means near enough to one in ten men are psychopaths. That's worth thinking about for a moment.

If you take into account the fact that psychopaths are attracted to professions and careers that involve wielding power, you might reasonably say that perhaps one in five rather than one in ten people entering into the military, the police, medicine, psychology/psychiatry, law, religious ministries and, of course, politics are psychopathic.

These psychopaths are adept at climbing hierarchical organisations and they have the ability to recognise each other and will promote and network with each other to the cost of everyone else. So they become more prevalent the higher up the organisation you go. Do we want to be dependent on these organisations and the psychopaths that invariably run them any more? No. We've had enough.

We've had enough Katrinas: enough Haitis; enough Fukushimas; enough Hiroshimas; enough bloody wars; enough killing lies. We are now no longer sitting still in the face of this insanity. I will explain that psychopathy is our only real enemy to anyone who'll listen (and even those that won't!). And I for one will call bullshit every time I hear it from now on.

I've had enough.


Avops said…
Excellent A. Peasant! Shout it from the rooftops, paint it on city walls!

Wake up world, WE ARE HERE!

This reminds me of the Horton hears a Who story from Dr. Seuss.
Maybe we just need to join ALL our voices together to break through the cloud!
aferrismoon said…
The Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant (Persian: نیروگاه اتمی بوشهر) is a nuclear power plant in Iran 17 kilometres (11 mi) south-east of the city of Bushehr, between the fishing villages of Halileh and Bandargeh along the Persian Gulf. The plant is located at the junction of three tectonic plates.[1]

I assume that tectonic plates have a habit of shifting.

Do Nuclear plants have a comedy-architecture dept?

A. Peasant said…
ah, wow. i'm back from an amazing vacation and catching up with all the outstanding work James has done in my absence (Avops throw your flowers at James please...) what a week to go away. i have much reading to do in the next couple of days.
Anonymous said…
So glad you're back, AP! Whew. I don't know how you keep up the pace. I hope the hols all went swimmingly!
What a week to go away, indeed.

Aferrismoon, ..umm...yeah..there's a rumour going around that these tectonic plate suckers do move but I don't believe it. I mean, you may as well say the world is round or something stupid like that.

Yes, it is unbelievable, but 'they' do it time and again and what about all those gummint morons that approve the plans?

Anonymous said…
"Safe nuclear does exist, and China is leading the way with thorium"...anything in this? See:

Anonymous said…
Hi sl,
thanks for your comment. I'm always highly suspicious of anything coming out of the Telegraph. It sounds like damage control to me.

I had a little look around about thorium and it sounds better than uranium, for sure. But it is still highly toxic and remains so for 500 yrs still (and that's from the protagonists)

So let them factor in the costs of 500 years of high security isolation and containment and then see how economic it is.

I found this article which goes into it a bit-
New age nuclear

Here's the money quote from page 3-

"The primary benefit of Thorium Power's system is that it can be used in existing nuclear plants with slight modification, such as Russian VVER-1000 reactors. Seth Grae, president and chief executive of Thorium Power, and his team are actively working with the Russians to develop a commercial product by the end of this decade. They already have thorium fuel running in the IR-8 research reactor at the Kurchatov Institute in Moscow. '

This still leaves their centralised power grid with all its control in place (and their investments!) And we can wait forever for them to swing over to Thorium - always "in the next year or two"!

We've had enough of their power (pardon the pun!) and control. And their less toxic alternatives. We want decentralised non-toxic alternatives. Well, I do anyway :)
JJane said…
Welcome back from vacation, AP. glad you're back, not that james disappointed, he BLASTED with those two prescient postings. think prescient is the right word. both of you have this truth light beacon from your brains...thank you again and again for all your time and research. hugs from the jungle
A. Peasant said…
thank you Jane. James has written some incredible posts the past week. prescient is a good word. he has an ability to see the picture from a very high level. i hope people listen to him.

i'm happy for you for living in the jungle. i experienced the tropics this week and it was amazing. such a beautiful planet. such a shame that some people are intent on murdering it and everything on it.
Anonymous said…
.. . those are high compliments Jane and AP. I feel humbled and very pleased to be of service.
Penny said…
Hey James, you really did do an excellent job!

Ap what a week to take off! But, everyone needs a break, everyone.
Chuck said…
Welcome back, AP. It is good to see that you survived your harrowing adventure.
A. Peasant said…
hey C-man. it's good to be back but to be perfectly honest, i'm glad i got a really good vacation in before everything is totally ruined.
Hei Hu Quan said…
Kudos James for a sterling job well done. Also welcome back AP!

Cheers and respect all.
Anonymous said…
Thank you very much Penny and HHQ. Praise from two very fine writers. I had the advantage of having the work and inspiration of Keith Harmon Snow's writing to draw on which helped enormously.

And thank you AP for your praise, support and example.

This has been my first 'rant'. Perhaps I'll do some more from time to time. It is very liberating to vent some anger.

I'm looking forward to a lower profile for a while, though.
chuckyman said…
Great posts from James. Getting it off you chest can be very therapeutic - it is for me (grin). Your work carries a lot of weight for me James.

Welcome back A.P. I hope the batteries are well changed.
chuckyman said…
Oops – that should have read ‘charged’
A. Peasant said…
eh, charged, changed... whatever. i'll have something later today. you can be the judge, fair prince.
bholanath said…
Anonymous said…
Thanks very much Chuck