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How Israel Plans to Rule the World Part 3; The Strategy in Action

Another guest post by James at Winter Patriot Community...

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"The United Nations Security Council has voted on a resolution authorising military intervention in Libya to protect Libyan citizens, including the enforcement of a no-fly zone." (Al Jazeera)

This is a declaration of war against Libya. It is beyond my comprehension why Russia and China abstained from this vote rather than vetoing it given the geopolitical ramifications outlined below. I carry no brief for Muammar Gaddafi and he has not handled the rebellion and the protests, such as they were, in an intelligent nor a humane way, it seems. But the alternative proposed by US, Britain and France will be far worse. No country that has had 'humanitarian' intervention by these military forces has benefited in any way from it. Violence only begets more violence and that is exactly the aim of these military invasions.

The “no-fly zone” is, and always has been, about destroying Libya's air-force in preparation of bombing and the strafing of their armed forces. This will pave the way for a full scale land invasion with all its death and destruction. Ask the Iraqis; ask the Afghanis; ask the Yugoslavs how they feel about being liberated from oppression and their cities and being bombed and their children being killed.

The rebels have been armed, trained and encouraged by the US and Israel together with Britain and France. The SAS and other Special Forces have been in Libya supplying arms and training. These rebels are inviting mayhem into their land. They are also inviting mayhem down on their own heads. Zionists do not make good allies. They betray ALL their allies sooner or later. This is the "Trojan Horse" strategy in action.

Libya is surrounded by countries populated by Muslims. Libya will become the new Afghanistan. It will be used to de-stabilise all the countries surrounding it, including and especially Egypt.

Egypt escaped it's fate of being invaded by Israel some weeks ago when the protesters refused to become violent which would have enticed Egypt's military to massively repress them creating the environment for invasion from Israel under the excuse of Israel needing to protect itself.

But there's more than one way to skin a cat. So the attack is now going to come from the western flank through Libya in the form of 'terrorists' and drone attacks (just as in Pakistan) instead of directly across the Sinai from Israel. Libya will be effectively broken up into tribal areas ruled by compliant tribal leaders just as in Afghanistan. This is the 'Balkanisation' strategy in action.

Why all the trouble in Muslim countries?

A brief look at the map below entitled the Turkish-Islamic Union will show you that Muslim countries, as a block, separate Europe from Far East Asia. This Union separates China from Russia. It separates the Northern Hemisphere from the Southern. So you might say it's location is very strategic. Location, location, location!

Then there is the oil. Can't forget the oil, can we? It is what Europe and Asia need for survival. That's pretty strategic too!

It's quite a prize, is it not? Tempting for greedy minds with lots of money, technology and men under arms? These Muslim countries have been becoming richer, some more so than others, under the mentorship and trade co-operation of China. China has been supplying finance, technology and very likely military intelligence. Their outlook and standard of living has been improving.

These Muslim countries together with China and Russia have the potential to place Europe and the United States out in the cold. Look at the map again. Eurasia is the heartland with Western European countries on the periphery on one side and Japan on periphery on the other side. America is on the other side of the world. As Zbigniew Brzezinski has said, if you want to rule the world you need to rule Eurasia. Eurasia IS the world!

Britain and now the United States have ruled the world mainly through ruling the seas with their navies. This has worked till now because Eurasia has been been fragmented, weak economically and militarily. But times are changing. An economically prosperous and militarily united Eurasia is a very different entity to deal with. Maybe an impregnable one.

But why are the Unites States (and it's partner in the dark, Israel) messing with students who want democracy and training them in ways to disrupt the current client regimes? To provide disruption which the US et al hope to exploit to unseat the less than completely compliant puppets and to, ironically, defeat the students' (and others') aspirations for more freedom and break up these Muslim countries and drive them backwards economically and culturally. Just like they have done to the Eastern European countries through their 'color revolutions' and through 'liberating' invasions in Afghanistan and Iraq and are now currently preparing to do to Pakistan.

To attack these countries openly without a covering and deceitful narrative would lead to the disaffection of the home populations of US and the UK and to their abandoning support in the form of military enlistments and in many other ways. Hence, the need for deceit at every step aided ably by the so-called Main Steam Media.

The "Muslim Terrorists" will be the scapegoats again and the poor people who live in these Muslim countries (along with the western countries' soldiers) will be the sacrificial goats again in the enactment of yet another blood sacrifice for their god that will lead towards the reward of world ruler-ship for the Zionists. They hope.

Afghanistan was the US military's foothold in Central Asia. From there they have spread mayhem into Pakistan and Iran. They have fostered the poppy/heroin trade and spread it into Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan (and elsewhere) and corrupted their political, social and cultural life in the process. The drugs have been pushed further afield through these countries into China and Russia causing all sorts of economic and social upheaval.

The same fate awaits North Africa as the the US and allies prepare to occupy Libya. Note again the countries that surround Libya and then look also at the place these countries occupy on the Turkish-Islamic Union map.

There is another name for the Turkish-Union. It is also known as the Caliphate. The Caliphate was an allegiance of all Muslim countries to the Caliph who was responsible for the holy cities of Mecca and Medina and had to assure all Muslims access to those cities. The Caliph had tremendous prestige and influence over all Muslims. He was not only a spiritual leader but a temporal one as well.

The last Caliphate was ruled from Turkey until 1924 when it was disbanded. This disbanding was another victory for the Zionists through their agents, the Donmeh of Turkey, otherwise known as “The Young Turks”. The Donmeh are Sabbateans as well as crypto-Jews.

The Ottoman Empire, which included the Caliphate, was opposed to the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine and so came under attack from the Zionists. It is clear that these Zionists together with the leadership of the countries they control, Israel, America and Britain principally, would like nothing better than to balkanise all these countries of the old Caliphate. And to never allow them to come together again. Or would they?

It is beyond question, in my view, that the balkanisation and destruction of all Muslim countries is the plan ahead but whether they succeed is another matter. In spite of the destruction, many events are not going their way. In any case, from this point forward, my views on the Zionists plans are highly speculative. With that huge qualification, let's proceed.

It is more that just possible that the Zionists would like nothing better than another world war because they want to destroy the world in order to rule it. It is a formula they have used repeatedly with success. We're talking about psychopathic thinking here. Sabbatean thinking, where everything is backwards to the aspirations of sane people.

But practicalities intervene. They only want to wage wars they are certain to win. You may have noticed that the US never invades a country that can put up a reasonable defence. So China is out of the question. As is Iran; for the moment, anyway. So who's next? Not Russia, either.

So it is quite possible, in this writers view, that the break down of these Muslim countries is not only for the reasons outlined above but to make the idea of a renewed Caliphate appealing to a majority of Muslims across the world so as to distract them from the secular way with peace, prosperity and co-existence as the goals. The Zionists would rather they come together as an opposing force to incite violence and so provide a worthy enough (but not too worthy) opponent against which to wage a major world war.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion foretold of three world wars on the road to their complete domination of the world. We've had two of these wars with a third yet to come.

Currently, the idea of the Caliphate, as I understand it, has no great appeal for Muslims generally. Until the last couple of years when food prices have sky-rocketed, the standard of living has been improving overall for these people. They aspire to exactly the same things we do (but don't have nearly enough of); freedom of movement and of assembly and freedom from state or other authoritarian oppression and exploitation.

But a prolonged war with religious and cultural overtones may very well change all that. So a Caliphate led by our old friends the Muslim Brotherhood or a similar front for the CIA/Mossad might be just the ticket to provide a worthy, but not too worthy, an opponent to provide for an 'Armageddon' type war, a Clash of Civilisations, and to isolate China and severely constrict their economic future in the process by depriving them of markets and oil and so soften them up for their eventual turn under the gun.

As stated before, the next world war opponent would need to be worthy but not too worthy. So this Caliphate would need to be appear formidable but yet be very vulnerable. Pakistan being a Muslim country would be a candidate for membership, of course, and therefore their nuclear weapons would need to be destroyed or confiscated beforehand. I believe we are seeing this acting out in front of us now.

But, nothing is certain and the Egyptian and Bahraini protesters are proving a thorn in the side of the US leaders, the Israelis and the bankers that rule over them all. Perhaps the Pakistani people can rise up and overturn their corrupt regime and not allow themselves to be used by the evil forces of this world in the process.

Let us hope they can and that they inspire the peoples of the Western world as the Egyptian protesters have inspired many in the West to cease their mindless co-operation in this evil world-wide destruction and exploitation. Let us hope the people of the Western world will stop taking their cues from the teevee: from the fundamentalist preachers; from the mindless, spineless puppets that are the vast bulk of our politicians and start seeking and speaking the truth and then acting on it. Acting on it by turning off the teevee and turning out on the streets when the parade goes past. Till then, by pointing out to anyone who will listen that violence cannot bring peace and if you indulge in it, you only help those who want to destroy humanity.


Anonymous said…
I have advocated against the use of violence and so I think I should define the term. By violence, I mean any force used over and above that required for the preservation of safety for yourself or for those that you may be responsible for.

If means other than physical force are available and judged to be effective, then they should be used for preference. I do not advocate passivity in the face of a physical attack.
Anonymous said…
It all sounds plausible.

- Aangirfan.
JJane said…
thank you for the thorough explanation.
Anonymous said…
Thanks, Jane. I'm glad it was helpful
Anonymous said…
It wouldn't do any good if anyone pointed out that the Protocols are a fake...? You seem obsessed with the idea that Jews are wanting to take over the world. Seriously. The whole world? Almost 7 billion people controlled by less than 14 million Jews... most of whom have utterly no idea what you're talking about. So, not 14 million Jews... only those holding the strings of power. So, what's that, a couple of hundred? Really? A couple of hundred Jews... taking over the planet? 1.4 billion Chinese (world's 2nd largest economy) ... 1.3 billion Muslims... 1 billion Indians...
... but you think a cuople of hundred Jews are take on and beat this lot?
Anonymous said…
thats right a few could rule the many and thats exactly how it is and always has been. and if you have been following the blog and know anything about world events the protocols are exactly what is happening but still its not going smoothly for the top snakes.