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Brawny Ray Davis waits in jail. No paper-shuffling diplomat, Ray is a stud. Ray had been working to save us when he very unfortunately got caught up in this diplomatic kerfuffle after regrettably shooting two people dead on a busy street in broad daylight.

Regrettably, Pakistan has so far refused to release Ray. Washington makes threatening noises. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher sponsored the following legislation, H.RES.145:

Calling on the Government of Pakistan to release Raymond Davis.
Whereas, on January 27, 2011, Raymond Davis was attacked by two armed men in Lahore, Pakistan;
Whereas Raymond Davis shot and killed both men in self-defense;
Whereas Raymond Davis is a United States veteran and former Special Forces soldier;
Whereas President Barack Obama called Raymond Davis ‘our diplomat’ and said that ‘we expect Pakistan . . . [to recognize] Mr. Davis as a diplomat.’;
Whereas Pakistan is among the world’s leading recipients of United States aid having received more than $10,700,000,000 between FY2001 and FY2010, which included $6,000,000,000 in development and humanitarian aid;
Whereas on March 1, 2009, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates told an Afghan interviewer that ‘the ISI’s contacts with some of these extremist groups [such as those led by Hekmatyar, Haqqani, and others] are a real concern for us.’; and
Whereas in a Los Angeles Times article published on September 22, 2009, the then-top United States commander in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal, accused ISI elements of materially aiding insurgent groups that attack coalition forces in Afghanistan: Now, therefore, be it
Resolved, That the House of Representatives calls on the Government of Pakistan to release Raymond Davis in accordance with international standards of diplomatic protocol and, until such time, all United States monetary assistance to Pakistan should be frozen.

Shift all the blame on Pakistan then? Make Raymond Davis a victim? Neglect to put the foreign aid in perspective?

"Pakistan is among the world's leading recipients of United States aid," he snipes. We all know who is the No.l recipient of US foreign aid, don't we? Can we talk about what we get for the money that we pour into Israel?

The idea seems to be to shift all the blame onto Pakistan, even pre-emptively.

The group Ray had infiltrated, LeT (Lashkar e-Taiba), now wants to destroy American targets, according to "officials" and reported in the NYT.
It goals have broadened, these officials say, and Lashkar is committed to a campaign of jihad against the United States and Europe, and against American troops in Afghanistan.

A campaign of jihad. LeT emerged as a threat, finally, and not surprisingly, thus inevitably provoking the tensions between Pakistan and America.

LeT has operated in Kashmir with impunity.
Lashkar has long employed the language of global jihad in its propaganda, denouncing the United States and Israel, and vowing that the group would “plant a flag” in Washington and Tel Aviv.

Despite such global goals, Lashkar for most of its history has limited its attacks to India and Kashmir — the targets that would serve the interests of its ISI benefactors.

Weird huh? Lashkar blah blah blah Israel blah blah blah Washington, but by the way Lashkar only attacks in Kashmir.

Read another theory about what is going on here. We think this is probably a lot closer to the truth than the NYT version of events:

The Dragon Policy is one of the most successful enterprises of the illegitimate Israeli state’s fission field warfare, the pinnacle of false flag terrorism. This highly sophisticated operation is a multi-faceted cohesion between intelligence, military, media and politics, all for the purpose of fragmenting nations that are seen as threats to the global agenda of international Zionism. Excluding occupied Iraq, no nation has been hit more ruthlessly than the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. And no area of Pakistan has been hit more barbarically than Peshawar, which has been transformed into a Mossad-RAW stronghold. Hence, Davis’ photos of military installations in the city.
Mossad and RAW, the two principal executors of the Dragon Policy, set up four agencies in 2001 which would target Pakistan’s societal top tier, from finance to politics, religion to military. These agencies would seduce, blackmail, train and employ young Pakistani men from different sects and serve as their handlers in carrying out terrorism across Pakistan. Once the recruits are in the field, they are met by their handlers under the guise of ‘Al-Qaeda’ or the ‘Tehrik-I-Taliban’ and issued money, weapons and other supplies. These meetings are then reported by the Zionist media as coordination between terror groups. When these stooge agents are unable to secure a ‘checkout,’ or completion of their mission, the ordnance units of Mossad and RAW take to the field in collaboration with sleeper cells of Xe contractors to spread the chaos. The blood-drenched end result is still reported by the cabalistic Zionist media as “Islamic extremism,” to the detriment of Pakistan (15).
Davis’ exploits aren’t just another example of American military malevolence exercised on the hallowed grounds of a sovereign Muslim nation, they are an example of a full-blown Israeli intelligence operation that is tearing Pakistan apart. And Davis’ arrest does not just have the potential to cripple the relations between Pakistan and the United States, it has the potential to remove the curtains on the vampiric Zionist entity’s criminal activity in Pakistan and bring it to light for all of the world to see. Every moment that Davis remains alive, Israel and its allies in RAW, the CIA and Blackwater are at risk. Do not be surprised if Davis winds up dead at the hands of one of the Dragon Policy’s endless supply of patsies.

The NYT article references Professor Fair.

Professor Fair, the Georgetown expert on Lashkar, said the group has set up sophisticated networks throughout Asia to train dozens of sleeper operatives for attacks in India.

It all gets very murky here...

But experts on Lashkar say that in recent years the group has expanded the focus of its operations, perhaps because it has felt restricted by the ISI, or perhaps a sign that it was splitting into factions with competing agendas.
Whatever the reason, American intelligence officials believe that hundreds of Lashkar operatives now operate inside Afghanistan, and have teamed with other militant groups to attack American troops. In February 2010, a Lashkar assault on a cluster of guesthouses in Kabul killed 18 people, including a number of Indian doctors and other foreigners.
Experts say the group expanded, perhaps for one reason or perhaps for another, but WHATEVER!!! Experts don't have to prove things, they merely need to "say" and "believe." Officials BELIEVE the group is now inside Afghanistan, teaming up to attack Americans... and Indians!

Who are WE to question? WE are in our home. WE cannot verify, and presumably, neither can YOU. WE don't make the big bucks as a frequent commentator on television and radio including the CBS, BBC, Al Jazeera, CNN, Voice of America, Fox, Reuters, NPR among others. WE do not give extensive interviews to journalists with the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, The Atlantic Monthly, Businessweek, The Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe and other print media outlets.


The NYT tells us what to expect.

Lashkar has also bolstered fund-raising networks throughout Europe, especially in Germany and Britain, and European counterterrorism officials believe Lashkar is considering attacks in Western capitals similar to the devastating raids by the group in Mumbai, India, in November 2008.
Seth G. Jones, a senior political scientist at the RAND Corporation who until last month worked on Afghanistan and Pakistan issues for United States Special Operations Command, compared the expansion of Lashkar’s operations with the broadening ambitions of the Pakistani Taliban, a group that had focused exclusively on attacks inside Pakistan until it dispatched Faisal Shazad in a failed mission last May to set off a van full of explosives in Times Square.
Mr. Jones said a Lashkar attack on the West could have more far-reaching consequences than one by the Taliban because Washington would no doubt lay blame for the attack on the ISI’s doorstep.
“There is a recognition that because of Lashkar’s associations, an attack on the United States could wind up causing the Pakistani government extreme pain,” said Mr. Jones, implying the possibility of using military force deep within Pakistan.
For years, the ISI has quietly assented to the C.I.A.’s campaign to batter Pakistan’s tribal areas with drone strikes, because the strikes have largely focused on operatives from Al Qaeda and the Pakistani Taliban — groups that Islamabad also considers to be mortal enemies.

Shorter: If something bad should happen in the US, like a Mumbai-style attack, Washington will blame PAKISTAN, and in particular, the ISI. Lay it right on the doorstep.

Mullen Good Cop vs. Hilary as Bad Cop


According to General Mirza Aslam Beg, former Chief of Army Staff in Pakistan, Raymond Davis exercised direct control over the Special Investigative Centre (SIC).

The Special Investigation Centre (SIC) was established in 2005, with its controlling headquarters in Model Town, Lahore, which was blown-up some year and a half back. It’s really a Gestapo organization and employs over six hundred operatives, spread all over Pakistan and is tasked to carry out all the ‘dirty work,’ which Pakistani intelligence agencies would not be willing to take-on. It is this agency which kidnapped hundreds of Pakistanis and handed them over to the CIA, killed and tortured many and carried out number of ‘terror attacks’ to foment trouble and discredit the government by creating despondency amongst the people. The very painful aspect of this organization is that majority of the operatives are Pakistanis, engaged in such heinous acts. Raymond Davis exercised direct control over this agency, maintaining close contact with Blackwater and the agency working along the North Western borders, without a name but controlled by the CIA.
The North West Border Agency was set-up in 2004, when the Americans complained to the government of Pakistan, about the cross-border involvement of Pakistanis and support to the Taliban movement inside Afghanistan. The government came under pressure and the CIA, along with the marines and FBI were allowed to set-up their vigilance net-work along the entire border from Balochistan to Khyber Pakhtun-khawah province. Thus, more than seven hundred personnel were deployed to monitor the Pak-Afghan border. It was during this period, that the ‘Indian Spy Network’ was established in Afghanistan, under the RAW, about which I had sent my report few years back to our national dailies, under the heading “Global Conspiracies Against Pakistan”. Thus CIA and RAW joined hands to infest our border with their agents, and destabilized the entire region and succeeded in turning the war on Pakistan. Thus the Pakistan Army, since 2005, is engaged in dealing with this threat, identified as Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and Tehrik-e-Nifaz-e-Shariah (TNS) in Swat and Dir. It is in our common knowledge that prior to 2005, none of our tribals in the border region, fired even a single shot, in anger, in our direction. Thus the CIA and RAW have been able to create the serious insurgency problem for Pakistan. There are a number of NGOs working in Pakistan, who provide operational support to CIA. The FATA Development Agency (FDA) in particular, is very active in support of CIA and COTE operations by the coalition forces in Afghanistan.

The arrest of David has caused strains in our relations with the United States, who has been threatening Pakistan of dire consequences, if Davis was not released. Therefore President Zardari found it necessary to tell them, ‘not to cross the red-line’, in blaming Pakistan, because it were the courts of law of the country who would decide the matter and our intelligence agencies, particularly the ISI will probe into the matter of violation of trust for intelligence sharing, and engaging in activities considered detrimental to the security of Pakistan. In this connection some arrests have also been made and more are expected, including some important personalities of Pakistan, operating at the behest of Davis. Thus the working relationship between ISI and CIA also is not the same any more.

We would like to know, who are these important personalities of Pakistan who have been arrested?

We also note the mysterious dearth of news on Carmela Conroy.


peter chamberlin said...

I find it very hard to believe anything that any retired Pak General has to say, especially Gen. Beg and Hamid Gul. Those men are apparent front men for the Army still. Both of them seem to think that the Taliban are swell guys, especially obvious in this previous ode to the Taliban from July of 2009.


A. Peasant said...

Gul at least seems to have had some semi-truthy things to say over the years. don't really know about Beg. who can keep track of them all? it's hard enough keeping track of the clowns here.

but point taken, thanks. it's really always the same situation of sifting and winnowing. that duty never ends. there are no trusted sources unfortunately. it's all data points.

nobody said...

Hey AP, have fun mate.

Even though I'm not participating much, I never miss a thing (here, that is) and lately it's been absolutely cracking. I'm loving all this stuff out of Pakistan.



Penny said...

Hey AP.
Enjoy your time away, me I have company at this time..so I am doing what I can, anyway.
The comment about the terrorist group Lashkar being an appendage of ISI soley is speculative at best.

The attacks in Kashmir would also be of great benefit and interest to India.

Therefore if they are being attributed to Pakistan
I would think that is not the case. Just what someone/entity/ptb wants the average person to think....
Better to question that assertion

Hei Hu Quan said...

Safe travels AP, hopefully the weather is cooperative. Have fun and relax if you can, we'll see you back at the front when you return.

Cheers and good fortune.

Anonymous said...

Ray Davis is free. Blood money accepted.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Anonymous. Penny has more here. Be sure to read the comments as well!

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