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the pattern of killing and getting away with it - updated

UPDATE: Penny notes more lies about Fukushima and especially the appearance of a NEUTRON BEAM observed 13 times on the premises.

TEPCO, the operator of the nuclear plant, said the neutron beam measured about 1.5 kilometers southwest of the plant's No. 1 and 2 reactors over three days from March 13 and is equivalent to 0.01 to 0.02 microsieverts per hour and that this is not a dangerous level.
The utility firm said it will measure uranium and plutonium, which could emit a neutron beam, as well.
So, it's not a dangerous level sort of problem to have neutron beams shooting into the sky (????) but they're gonna start measuring.

Jesus God.

Video from There Are No Sunglasses.


In passing we note that Defense Secretary Gates reassures Egypt that the violence in Libya will not cross over the border, while the US and "allies" struggle to maintain Arab support for this war amid dissolving pledges of military aid, shifting public opinion, and well-founded fears that Libya will turn into another Iraq.

On Wednesday, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates arrived in Cairo to reassure Egyptian officials that the fighting and instability in Libya would not spill over the border, U.S. officials said.
Gates then arrived in Israel to talk about the "peace" "process," and such timing, arriving as he did hot on the heels of a "terrorist" attack in Jerusalem that miraculously killed only one British tourist and ZERO Israelis. Lucky.
Authorities said a British tourist died and more than 50 other people were wounded in the blast near Jerusalem's central bus station as the evening rush hour began.
As Israeli officials probed the attack, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates paid a visit there Thursday. Gates came to Israel after a trip to Egypt and was planning to meet with his Israeli counterpart, Ehud Barak, as well as Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
None of this should be a surprise to readers here.

Libya is surrounded by countries populated by Muslims. Libya will become the new Afghanistan. It will be used to de-stabilise all the countries surrounding it, including and especially Egypt.

Egypt escaped it's fate of being invaded by Israel some weeks ago when the protesters refused to become violent which would have enticed Egypt's military to massively repress them creating the environment for invasion from Israel under the excuse of Israel needing to protect itself.

But there's more than one way to skin a cat. So the attack is now going to come from the western flank through Libya in the form of 'terrorists' and drone attacks (just as in Pakistan) instead of directly across the Sinai from Israel. Libya will be effectively broken up into tribal areas ruled by compliant tribal leaders just as in Afghanistan. This is the 'Balkanisation' strategy in action.

ALL OF THIS PALING in comparison to the nuclear disaster unfolding...

i n v i s i b l y.


We'll take a stab at it. We went away from March 15 through March 22 and enjoyed God's beautiful creation, beautiful beyond measure.

And now we have work to do, because God did not make this planet for the express purpose of psychopaths and sociopaths (henceforth simply -paths) to destroy it, which is what they are attempting to do and we will give them an A+ FOR EFFORT.

The first thing to remember about -paths is that they express power by killing and getting away with it.

It's not JUST the killing, it's the GETTING AWAY with it that gives them deep satisfaction. Thus there is a pattern to their work.

The evil are patient. Evil people in positions of power have many tools at their disposal to murder people. But they still have to do lots of planning and be patient in order to get away with it.

Work slowly.
Start and stop.
Small doses.
It doesn't matter who dies as long as people die.
Express regret.


If you take this sort of thinking, this type of understanding, and apply it to what is happening in the world, you can begin to grasp the scope of the evil around us. If you understand the sorts of things kept secret, such as technologies and agreements, even if you don't know the specific things themselves, you can begin to grasp what is going on, realizing that evil people would like to kill as many people as possible, and get away with it.
They have been succeeding.

Are many people dying around the world from intractable wars, illegal drugs, corporate malfeasance, street violence, hunger, disasters, accidents, terrorism? Yes.

Has anyone of consequence been held accountable? No.

That does not happen by accident. That takes planning. That takes secret technologies. That takes media ownership and message discipline. That takes wars and armies. That takes poison. That takes a lot of unfortunate "human errors" and "accidents" and "incompetence" and "Acts of God."
You don't have to be an expert to see the pattern. You just have to be willing to see it, and to interpret it correctly. This requires an understanding of -paths that many people can't quite bring themselves to accept. While these people mentally resist the truth, the pattern repeats over and over again. We are all literally trapped -- not by the -paths even, but by the ordinary people, the well-intentioned but foolish empaths, who refuse to understand the truth because it is too upsetting to their world views, whatever they may be. These people unwittingly create a space of denial from which the -paths abuse us all.
The controlled media enforces this space.... for now. Let's see if some of the correspondents break rank when they realize they've been exposed to something serious.


The events in Japan fit the pattern, seems to us.

1. We have an "Act of God," a hundred year earthquake and tsunami. Except it's only been SIX years since the last hundred year earthquake and tsunami "Act of God."

2. In addition to the "Act of God," we have a plethora of human error, incompetence, and accidents in play as well. Much of this has been pulled together by Keith Harmon Snow. (link fixed)

3. We have an invisible poison now released into the atmosphere, which will cause untold, indiscriminate suffering and death by the slow-kill method, much preferred by -paths.

4. We have a controlled media telling us not to worry, in marked contrast to the fear-mongering they engaged in with the *last* invisible menace -- the Swine Flu.

5. We have no way of knowing where these deadly radioactive particles are, nor do we have any way of holding anyone accountable for all of this destruction and death.

Essentially, this is another X Wars narrative. Remember the BP Disaster?

See: disaster of biblical proportions
See: death spiral

Human Error + Mother Nature = Disaster of Biblical Proportions
If you are a death cult, you like death. You like situations that cause death or threaten death, the bigger the better. But you would also like to get away with it. So it has to be an accident, and it has to be poorly managed, and it has to involve mother nature.


Also see: myth-making to read about some of the witnesses to the BP Disaster.

We note the presence of ten German technicians from Areva at the Fukushima plant, all of whom fled immediately and got away safely.

Ten German employees of nuclear giant Areva were conducting maintenance work at Japan's Fukushima plant during Friday's massive earthquake, according to a Sunday report. A company spokesman said the men immediately left the site. The technicians were working in a building housing reactor 4, which had already been shut off before the quake hit, Bild am Sonntag reported. A massive explosion occurred around reactor 1, increasing the risk of a nuclear meltdown and radiation leaks.

"They left the power plant immediately after the earthquake and fled further inland," Areva spokesman Mathias Schuch told the paper. "All 10 are healthy and doing fine."

Note also the comment thread, and comment 24:

The 10 men work for Areva. I am good friends with 5 that I know where there, and I'm not sure who the other 5 were. We do the same type work all over the world. They were there for Ultrasonic inspection of some pipes and welds. It is common practice that all Nuclear Plants contract this type work to large companies that are truly experts in that field. They were instructed to leave site after the quake and spent the next few days in a disaster shelter set up in a gym 40 km away. When an opportunity came to leave and return to Germany they did so. I am happy they are back and there are 10 more spaces in the shelter for Japanese citizens.
Again, these are patterns. The fingerprints of -paths.

The authorities mismanaged the BP Disaster. The authorities are mismanaging the Fukushima Disaster.

See this interview with Hirose Takashi at Poor Richard's blog.

Yoh: It will take 1300 tons of water to fill the pools that contain the spent fuel rods in reactors 3 and 4. This morning 30 tons. Then the Self Defense Forces are to hose in another 30 tons from five trucks. That’s nowhere near enough, they have to keep it up. Is this squirting of water from hoses going to change the situation?

Hirose: In principle, it can’t. Because even when a reactor is in good shape, it requires constant control to keep the temperature down to where it is barely safe. Now it’s a complete mess inside, and when I think of the 50 remaining operators, it brings tears to my eyes. I assume they have been exposed to very large amounts of radiation, and that they have accepted that they face death by staying there. And how long can they last? I mean, physically. That’s what the situation has come to now. When I see these accounts on television, I want to tell them, “If that’s what you say, then go there and do it yourself!” Really, they talk this nonsense, trying to reassure everyone, trying to avoid panic. What we need now is a proper panic. Because the situation has come to the point where the danger is real.
...Yoh: Every day the local government is measuring the radioactivity. All the television stations are saying that while radiation is rising, it is still not high enough to be a danger to health. They compare it to a stomach x-ray, or if it goes up, to a CT scan. What is the truth of the matter?

Hirose: For example, yesterday. Around Fukushima Daiichi Station they measured 400 millisieverts – that’s per hour. With this measurement (Chief Cabinet Secretary) Edano admitted for the first time that there was a danger to health, but he didn’t explain what this means. All of the information media are at fault here I think. They are saying stupid things like, why, we are exposed to radiation all the time in our daily life, we get radiation from outer space. But that’s one millisievert per year. A year has 365 days, a day has 24 hours; multiply 365 by 24, you get 8760. Multiply the 400 millisieverts by that, you get 3,500,000 the normal dose. You call that safe? And what media have reported this? None. They compare it to a CT scan, which is over in an instant; that has nothing to do with it. The reason radioactivity can be measured is that radioactive material is escaping. What is dangerous is when that material enters your body and irradiates it from inside. These industry-mouthpiece scholars come on TV and what to they say? They say as you move away the radiation is reduced in inverse ratio to the square of the distance. I want to say the reverse. Internal irradiation happens when radioactive material is ingested into the body. What happens? Say there is a nuclear particle one meter away from you. You breathe it in, it sticks inside your body; the distance between you and it is now at the micron level. One meter is 1000 millimeters, one micron is one thousandth of a millimeter. That’s a thousand times a thousand: a thousand squared. That’s the real meaning of “inverse ratio of the square of the distance.” Radiation exposure is increased by a factor of a trillion. Inhaling even the tiniest particle, that’s the danger.

Yoh: So making comparisons with X-rays and CT scans has no meaning. Because you can breathe in radioactive material.

Hirose: That’s right. When it enters your body, there’s no telling where it will go. The biggest danger is women, especially pregnant women, and little children. Now they’re talking about iodine and cesium, but that’s only part of it, they’re not using the proper detection instruments. What they call monitoring means only measuring the amount of radiation in the air. Their instruments don’t eat. What they measure has no connection with the amount of radioactive material. . . .

Yoh: So damage from radioactive rays and damage from radioactive material are not the same.

Hirose: If you ask, are any radioactive rays from the Fukushima Nuclear Station here in this studio, the answer will be no. But radioactive particles are carried here by the air. When the core begins to melt down, elements inside like iodine turn to gas. It rises to the top, so if there is any crevice it escapes outside.

Yoh: Is there any way to detect this?

Hirose: I was told by a newspaper reporter that now Tepco is not in shape even to do regular monitoring. They just take an occasional measurement, and that becomes the basis of Edano’s statements. You have to take constant measurements, but they are not able to do that. And you need to investigate just what is escaping, and how much. That requires very sophisticated measuring instruments. You can’t do it just by keeping a monitoring post. It’s no good just to measure the level of radiation in the air. Whiz in by car, take a measurement, it’s high, it’s low – that’s not the point. We need to know what kind of radioactive materials are escaping, and where they are going – they don’t have a system in place for doing that now.

Douglas Lummis is a political scientist living in Okinawa and the author of Radical Democracy. Lummis can be reached at

read more: 

Very scary stuff. Did you get a warning to stay indoors or anything like that while all these invisible and immeasurably small particles are being released and carried around the world, just waiting for people anywhere and everywhere to ingest them? No we didn't either. And yet it is already done, already happening.

Who will be held accountable for the cancers and deaths? No one of course. No one is ever held accountable. How will anyone who gets cancer next year prove that their illness was caused by an invisible, deadly radiation particle that they inhaled after it traveled halfway across the world? These things happen. You know the word for it: REGRETTABLE.

"The condition of the injured workers was not immediately known. Japan’s chief cabinet secretary Yukio Edano said the situation was “very regrettable”." Fukushima workers in hospital after radiation exposure

A very lucky victim might get covered as a human interest story, complete with a shakedown of the rest of us for money. But the people actually responsible will never be held accountable.

Who are the people responsible? That's a good question for another post.

Meanwhile please see this excellent site for more information: The Low Level Radiation Campaign.

The things that need to be measured are not being measured.

The principal alpha-emitting nuclides of interest are Plutonium and Uranium. To all intents and purposes only specialised and expensive scintillation counters like the DP2 Elektra can detect them in the environment. Even then the detector window must be within 2cm of the radioactive particle....There is a cause for concern. As we have already said, it is more than likely (in fact quite certain) that Plutonium and Uranium are part of the fallout mix. If the gamma signal goes above background you have to assume there are particles floating about that you definitely do not want inside your body. The problem with alpha-emitting particles is that although the range of their radioactive decays is very short, they are immensely destructive, killing cells and potentially mutating the DNA of cells which survive. The standard ICRP model of radiation risk takes an average of the energy of those decays as if it were distributed across large volumes of tissue and concludes that the risk is low. This is as stupid as believing that because it's safe to warm yourself by the fire it's equally safe to absorb the same amount of heat by eating a red-hot ball bearing. At the date of writing we still know of no information from Japan on alpha emitters from the disaster. This is a serious dereliction of duty to the public.
Problem? Murderous radioactive particles being released uncontrollably from broken down plant. Solution? Just Don't Measure Them. This marks another pattern.

See: women and children first as usual

This is a disaster unfolding in Japan. This will cause INDISCRIMINATE DEATH to people across the world. It just takes time. Time for the DNA to mutate.

Click image to enlarge.


bholanath said…

Re: the Fuckyershitup nuke plant - heard on Mike Malloy radio that workers can only be around the area for 30 minutes. One hour gives a year's worth of deadly dose. Top ex-nuke scientist simply said "RUN!". Whole island of Japan will be dead-zone. "Regrettable".
All 'paths' will need to be ID-ed, and dealt with if we wish to continue here.
ps- loved the "Enough" posting too!
A. Peasant said…
hey bho, good seeing you. thanks for the reminder about Arthur. i put him on the blogroll. it's been a while since i had read there. he's really really good.

yah on the plant. much much worse than being let on. God help the japanese and the rest of us too.
Anonymous said…
Awesome post and awful news. Thanks for putting it all together so well, AP.

thanks Bho.
A13 said…
Hi A.P,
Glad your back and for that post..finally some sanity in all the madness...
Put together all the peices that needed to be, an eloquently as usual.
Glad you got to spend time out in Gods Creation,which is there for all of us to enjoy, we should all do that more, it's like a cosmic recharge.
Do you mind if i repost your "Getting away with murder" post on my blog?, linked back to you of course. :).
I've got inlaws(outlaws :)) comming for the weekend and want to put up something that will get people thinking...
Great post and good to see you back.
Many Regards
A13 :)
A. Peasant said…
hey there A13, good to see you too, good to be back in the ring though this was hard to put together. yes of course you can repost anything you like here and i would be honored.
dublinmick said…
Peasant one of the best you have ever done. And yes it is an unbelievable situation. It doesn't matter how serious things are any more, according the installed press agents it is not a problem.

We have a very serious problem in the United States also that nobody every talks about. We have much more plants than Japan and almost as much volcanos and faults as they do. We coast along thinking the major faults will never go, but they will millions will die. Here is a map from another site on it.

The area you are in is teeming with nuclear plants and they are all over the New Madrid fault line which is going to go sooner or later. There were 60 shallow quakes in Arkansas right on it over a week ago. When it goes it will be just like Japan, people will run and die and the mouth pieces will insist it is not a problem provided there is communication because all of the gas lines, communications lines cut right across the fault as well as bridges to ship food.

There is about five of them around Florida also surrounding the place. So we see how bad it is when you can't cool them after a catastrophe. If say Cumbre Viejo in the Canarys sends a tidal wave this way who is going to cool them down? Experts say it is inevitable also, there is a granite mountain on the side of a volcano just waiting to splash into the atlantic. How many people are going to hang around and be the suicide water pumpers?

The post this is from American cross nuclear rumbles points out some pretty nasty activity going on all around the 33rd parallel. You know that magic number 33.
dublinmick said…
Oh I got rid of my google blogs, the scripts on them made them impossible to use. Every time I posted something the browser melted and I had to log in again continuously, wait minutes for anything to post.

I think Peter Chamberlain was right all along with the wordpress idea. I also dumped all my old photo shops, not sure about the patterns on them. With the new draconian laws they are throwing around about infringement, 20 years I thought it best. I now use only things from common source, copyright free. They are talking about time and eliminating blogs even for linking to somebody with an infringement.
dublinmick said…
Oh and this thing here about hauling ass with the nuclear carrier has nothing to with health, it is all about sensors scaring people going off and all.

"Rather, Admiral Roughead said, he wanted to move the carrier because even residual traces of radiation on a nuclear-powered warship, while not harmful from a health standpoint, could be mistaken as a sign of a shipboard nuclear leak requiring identification and clean-up.
Advertisement: Story continues below

”When you think of an aircraft carrier – that has literally thousands of miles of ventilation ducting in it – then you’ve got a significant cleaning issue,” Admiral Roughead said.

”My view was ‘Let’s just get her out’, get her away from where she could pick up any sort of contamination so that that ship stays clean.”

They just don't want those sensors going off, nuclear beams shooting into the sky are just for worry warts.
A. Peasant said…
hey dubs, thanks for the links.

impressive spinning by the admiral.
Things can only get worse for everybody, except for the select few, going on for many years, before the people who stand-up for freedom, after we are "taken out of the way" begin to glimpse the Light of day.

Mick: Wordpress normally works smoothly, working well with Windows Livewriter for posting and pasting from PDFs. They have gotten me through numerous DOS attacks. I have yet to be censored for what I post, or write.
Blogger lost my first attempted comment and I forgot most of what I had written (some of it was damned profound, too! Kidding.). I meant to point-out the gloomy fact that it took 206 days to seal one reactor at Chernobyl.
dublinmick said…
Peter I have only gotten one comment from wordpress and they removed a picture of palin with a pistol. I suppose it was because of the congress woman incident. They said it was a security issue. I can almost see that.

I use apple and the only problem I have is in the menu black part up top. A script shows up saying (there is a script slowing your browser click stop if you want to stop it or continue. It doesn't matter what you do though it takes about 10 minutes to change the menu.

Right now though post titles don't show on my computer but they do if you click on recent posts, it shows up??? Yep chernobyl was a nightmare, thousands died pouring cement on it, many had their thyroid taken out from cancer afterwards. It is still a forbidden zone and will be for centuries.

One Japanese scientist now in cali who worked on them in Japan was quoted as saying to people in Japan, run now while can and get far away.
A. Peasant said…
Peter, sorry booger ate your comment. there have been too many times i have lost work on it, and i have a wordpress site too. i still find wordpress cumbersome in some ways though, even though clearly it's "better." i also drink bud light, though not exclusively, but there you go. i'm simple minded evidently. :D
Anonymous said…
Welcome Back A. Peasant, hope your vacation was restful.

longtime lurker.
A. Peasant said…
a longtime lurker?? excellent! sending you warmest regards. i'm fine thanks, at least for now. it was a great vacation and it seems we squeezed it in in the nick of time, sad to say. the news is sickening. i can literally taste it in my mouth.
A.True.Israelite said…
I like how you put this - so well said:

We are all literally trapped -- not by the -paths even, but by the ordinary people, the well-intentioned but foolish empaths, who refuse to understand the truth because it is too upsetting to their world views, whatever they may be. These people unwittingly create a space of denial from which the -paths abuse us all.

Wow! That comment is bang on and pretty much sums up the ENTIRE problem these days. Ultimately WE are responsible, for letting these evil -paths get away with this.

I only see two ways for this to be remedied - either the truth bloggers will wake up enough people for a proper (there will be blood) revolution or we get the promised biblical (there will be blood) intervention in short order. I believe only the latter remedy will save us because the deception and kool-aid is just so strong - but (the good thing is) it will not be anything like what any the 'prophets of today' are preaching.

Thanks for your in depth analysis. You amaze me! And welcome back, I missed you even for such a brief period.
A. Peasant said…
hi there ATI, and thanks for reading. it is the case that the problem is the inability / refusal of people to break out of their own mind prisons. i have noticed it for a loooooong time in my daily life, a source of immense frustration because many people are so incredibly resistant to the truth and, at the same time, still so lovable. thus it becomes a tragedy. a tragedy written by the social engineers who programmed society so very well to Not See.

perhaps the final irony is that the invisible radiation that we all can't see will be the thing that makes the evil visible, finally. but we still have to connect the problem back to the source, to the PEOPLE who caused it and not let it go by as an "Act of God." that is the important step seems to me -- to connect the evil to intention.
I am going to quit commenting here if it keeps eating my attempts.

Mick; try Mozilla with Wordpress.

Used to drink a lot of beer.

I think we are part of some cosmic experiment studying animals who have been given intelligence. What we often describe as a "conspiracy" is this higher intelligence at work manipulating the experiment. I think that the experiment will end when most of us figure this out, but then, that might be just my overactive imagination.
dublinmick said…
Peasant American beer probably has aspartame instead of sugar, I drink nothing but Guiness black.

I am not sure why we do this, maybe just to chat once in awhile with people who are not totally insane yet. Awhile back I emailed an old friend the story of the boy who swam in the gulf and became paralyzed with brain lesions. The response was it sounds like he is on drugs. Other comment Glenn Beck tells it like it is. At this point just have to walk away, the programming is too deep to reach them. He lives on the east coast too, gonna have to find out those fish are contaminated the hard way.

I have learned to never discard anything off hand but look into for myself. I am in good company here (buddha).

Peter I have thought about firefox, I might have to try it. I have heard others say this planet must be a big experiment. In fact those sumerian tablets seem to hint at this. They did refer to us as the earthlings. As I look around they must mean those of limited intellect. Large comments I put in a desk top file now so when they disappear I can pop it back up.

I stumbled into a video yesterday that summarizes many things we are talking about here.
dublinmick said…

Nothing to worry about here. Also Japan had 731 earthquakes since the tsunami and that was the other day.
chuckyman said…
It really is good to see you back an on top form A.P.

I must agree with Peter’s comment. All the efforts at the moment in Japan seem to be centred on the perception of being seen to be ‘doing something’. This is aimed at controlling the public perception.

I think that it was Hirose Takashi that described the reality of the cooling systems under the reactors. He described them as a maze of tube and valves. Once they started using seawater he states that the tubes and valves would become crusted with salt deposits and hence next to impossible to get back in working order.

Those in charge of the reactors know this so all of the work and sacrifice of the workers on site is a great tragic display of window dressing. It is as futile as rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic.

The paths know this so what we are witnessing fits in with their scheme. Japan produces a huge amount of goods for consumption by the global market. The loss of such a vast and high tech manufacturing capacity does not fit in with their long term plans.

The reactors need to be entombed and the people evacuated as soon as possible. If the might of the soviet machine took 200+ days to do so then the process must get under way as soon as possible.

A final thought is this. Japan also holds a lot US treasury debt. A sudden selling off of that debt would be as devastating to the petrodollar system as the recent seismic events were in the real world. Is that what they really want to avoid irrespective of the cost to the Japanese people?
Penny said…
btw... thanks for the link to!