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blanketed by poisons

Do the dogs and cows, fish and voles, have a choice?

"I just was appalled that everything they were doing was just poisons. Everything had to do with death. Here was a food processing plant and everything had to do with the word death. I had to run back to my office at 2, 3 in the morning and I'd flip through the pages and everything would be -- under my hazmat books -- and everything would be death, death, death." Peter Kawaja, approximately 1:04 in the video, describing his discoveries between 1988-90.

"They will be blanketed by poisons everywhere they turn."

As noted the other day, we wondered if certain powerful people had some sort of ANTIDOTE to all the radiation they don't quite acknowledge is spewing forth dangerously into our environment. And sure enough, there are a couple of drugs that we read about, and one is informally called Prussian Blue, making it a Good Thing. How convenient is that? We think it might be very convenient to have an antidote to radiation poisoning, although we wonder who has ACCESS to the antidote.

However, further research indicates that Prussian Blue is also a chemical warfare agent, making it a Bad Thing.

There were rumors circulating after Desert Storm that some U.S. troops had encountered a new type of chemical war gas which penetrated or compromised the current military-issue activated carbon N.B.C. air filters and masks. This chemical agent is purported to be a strain of hydrogen cyanide called, Prussian Blue. It is further alleged that it was developed in the U.S. by a company called Product Ingredient Technology (P.I.T.) of Boca Raton, Florida. This P.I.T. plant was financed and constructed by a Dr. Barbouti of Ishan Barbouti International (I.B.I.) who also built the Pharma-150 chemical-biological complex at Rabta, Libya. P.I.T. exported Prussian Blue to Iraq a year or so before the Persian Gulf War.

An informant, Peter Kawaja, who tried to alert the federal government about P.I.T. was raided in 1990 by eight heavily armed federal agents who removed evidence, tapes and documents not only implicating the involvement of foreign agents but also high ranking U.S. government officials. The evidence has been sealed by a federal magistrate under the guise of "national security."
To recap, we're talking about:

  • a chemical agent strain of hydrogen cyanide called Prussian Blue;
  • developed in Boca Raton, FL circa 1988-90
  • and financed by an Iraqi named Dr. Haidar Barbouti, who appears to have been on the payroll and supposedly is long dead by now
  • who also built a chemical complex in Rabta, Libya
  • and the chemical agent was exported from the US to Iraq a year before the first Gulf War.
Here you can read a good summary of the information presented in the video.

We completely understand this is very old information, and there may be various people who have long been aware of these things. But it's new to us. And if it's new to us, we presume it must be new to many other people, given that we spend a lot of time in the weeds and this is the first we've come across it. Interesting that it connects to Libya and current events. Interesting that it parallels in some ways the situation with Fukushima. We just want to get it back on the radar as a data point, especially for people who have a hard time believing that our government does EVIL, PREMEDITATED THINGS such as release poisons onto unsuspecting civilians and military personnel while they simultaneously develop antidotes to protect those "in the know." Of course, such behavior is perfectly consistent with Death Cult behavior, for those who believe that the Death Cult actually exists. For everyone else, you may continue to scratch your head in disbelief and good luck coming up with a viable explanation. Or, you can watch the video and read some of the links and note the evidence of homicidal behavior going back twenty years.

As related by Peter Kawaja, some of the evidence related to this, in particular files proving that the Gulf War illness was developed and unleased on purpose, even ended up in the Murrah Building and was subsequently destroyed. Imagine that.

Meanwhile, in real time, Richard Weitz, a senior fellow at the HUDSON INSTITUTE informs us that:

Recent events in Libya have refocused attention on Libya's remaining chemical agents, with particular concern over the possibility that Moammar Gadhafi will use them against the Libyan insurgents or against other targets, such as Western civilians. But there are also fears that the Libyan government could somehow lose control of some of the agents, whether due to ongoing domestic chaos or an eventual collapse of the regime, allowing terrorists to acquire them. Leaders of the coalition currently enforcing the U.N.-mandated no-fly zone over Libya need to adopt a strong declaratory policy against any misuse of these agents, even while they contemplate unpleasant contingency plans to secure or eliminate the material on their own.
Always planning ahead at the Hudson Institute, a think tank founded by the spectacularly hirsute monster Herman Kahn, whose major contributions were the several strategies he developed during the Cold War to contemplate "the unthinkable", namely, nuclear warfare, by using applications of game theory....Whether hundreds of millions died or "merely" a few major cities were destroyed, Kahn argued, life would in fact go on.... (at least for those with the secret antidote! Winkedy wink wink.)

This is also the very same think tank that "brainstormed" with some other people who were later implicated in the Ergenekon coup plots Sledgehammer and Cage. These plots, you may recall, involved bombing two Istanbul mosques, provoking Greece into shooting down a Turkish plane, and killing schoolchildren on a field trip.

See: Aangirfan: Killing kids on a field trip: Ergenekon and 911

For more on the Hudson Institute, see:
think tanks: where experts go to reverse engineer plans for world domination
reverse engineering white box version

But we digress, which is easy to do!


In the speech recorded (late 1990s?) Peter Kawaja describes the research around hydrogen cyanide, the chemical weapon aka Prussian Blue, as a weapon of mass destruction. The idea was to develop superior defense against chemical warfare.

"All an opposing force would have to do to deny terrain or equipment from capture, is spray it with one of these chemicals to make it useless and inaccessible to less prepared troops. Therefore an internal protection or antidote would be highly advantageous. If this antidote is used in combination with an agent that will penetrate all other defenses the enemy has, it can also be used effectively as an offensive weapon. Attacks with this agent followed by an attack of prepared troops unhampered by extra gear into affected areas would insure victory in all circumstances." Around minute 47 in the video.
He goes on to tell the story of how he pieced together that our own government was developing weapons, using them against American soldiers and citizens, dumping cyanide into the water supplies in American cities, and all this with the consent of many powerful people, some of whom he says laughed about it.

Kawaja describes events that took place twenty years ago. We see the same pattern of behavior in events taking place today. The poisons are different, but other than that, the method of massive, indiscriminate, slow-process killing and getting away with it remains the same. That is what we would like to draw attention to here: the method of poisoning the environment, under a pretext, while preparations have been made in advance for certain people to be delivered from harm via antidotes.

The military develops antidotes for things. See, for example, the drug Ex-Rad, which is currently "in development" with the DOD, in case they need it someday. Lo! Look here seems like they will need it! Good thing it's already "in development."

It seems to us that an internal protection or antidote to RADIATION POISONING would be highly advantageous for people interested in killing off an enemy, even an "enemy" like the unspecified civilian populations of the world. Since, in fact, the unspecified populations of the world, in particular Japan and North America, are the victims (enemy?) of an invisible contaminant (weapon?) like radiation, spewing forth uncontrollably (accidentally on purpose?) into the environment and indiscriminately killing life (except for those who have access to the antidotes?), it all seems a bit predictable.
"The psychological effect of chemical agents on troops in the battlefield has proven to have a greater effect than the actual physical danger of the chemical weapon itself. Much of a chemical weapon's effectiveness lies in the panic and disorientation it produces in unprotected soldiers and civilians." Chemical and Biological Warfare
Like this?

Divine preservation my ass.

In fact, we came across other explanations of what happened that make a lot more sense to us. And to be sure, we are not here to say definitively what happened with Peter Kawaja and all of these events twenty years ago, but we know the bullshit narratives when we see them because they all start to sound alike after a while, as in "luckily no Jews were harmed in this attack blah blah blah." Due to the "divine intervention" of course.

It becomes very difficult to know what to say after a while. We collected more information in the past several days about this one mindfuck than we could possibly hope to read and process. But perhaps it's not necessary to understand all the details, although that would be nice. Perhaps it's only necessary to recognize the patterns, which we can do.

And perhaps the solutions are relatively simple also. But that has to be the topic of a separate post.


Anonymous said…
"It becomes very difficult to know what to say after a while"

Amen to that, AP. As twisted and treacherous as it all is, each step in this diabolical plot has a precedent in history. And as you say, the patterns are all there.
A. Peasant said…
yes, that's exactly right. they keep going back to the same playbook over and over again.
Peter said…
As I'm sure you know AP, this is just the tip of the ice berg.
These chemical agents mentioned sound like "hard kill' agents. The "soft kill" agents are too numerous to enumerate.
Patterns indeed emerge. Are we too late?
Your work exposing these criminals is impressive AP.
A. Peasant said…
thanks Peter. this was very disturbing, kicking over this rock. there's much much more than i was able to get into, so yes tip of the iceberg indeed.

i do not believe we are too late. i promise to do a more uplifting post in that regard! i've been leading up to it. it's important for people to understand the magnitude of the problem first.
Anonymous said…
To say that I am constantly amazed by Apea's work would be a massive understatement. What gets me thinking, is how her investigative reporting would be digested if placed in a newspaper. It's as if she writes for us, the already curious and would someone raised and dependant on newspapers and television react to her investigations. I liken her to a Will Grigg of the unspoken topics...equal in their dedication, slightly different areas of expertise
A. Peasant said…
Switters, you are too kind. i do write for the people who read here actually, so that explains that. as for the rest, i know many of them personally, and i can tell you they generally ignore my blogging, think i'm a little weird, and if we get into any discussions they usually try to make me fit into a left/right paradigm, which doesn't work.
Anonymous said…
Thank you, I think you you are on to something important with this subject matter.

I watched the video; like you, I had never heard of Peter Kawaja. I did a little research and found out he seems to have disappeared in 2004 (probably murdered) but an impostor occasionally writes on a website to give the impression he is alive.

The speaker in the first part of the video, Joyce Riley, was apparently a CIA plant trying to find out what else Peter Kawaja knew. Researchers found she never served in the Gulf War which was her claim to legitimacy. The talk most likely occurred in 1995, as that was the only short (two-month) period that Kawaja trusted Riley; he then discovered the truth. Kawaja's story is so SAD; his wife was murdered when he wouldn't stop trying to get his evidence heard, he couldn't find any authorities to listen to and support him, two friends who helped him were murdered and finally, those in power silenced his voice, too. Peter Kawaja should be the one of the most famous whistle blowers.
A. Peasant said…
thank you very much for watching the video! it is an amazing story. i tried to find out the details of what happened to his wife, but i did not come across them. it seemed that she was poisoned.

please leave any links you found very helpful. i found a new term while looking at this one: S-curve, meaning they S-curved his story to lessen the impact of what he was saying. and did you notice that he mentioned satanists at the end? he knew much more than he could get into.

you might also want to see this link:
Anonymous said…
Yes, I had already found the information you linked to - definitely worth reading. I just discovered one of the most informative websites I researched just two days ago is now gone! This link gives some additional detail:

I recall reading (or perhaps inferred this) that Peter Kawaja's wife, Elaine(?) died from either a deadly infectious agent or poison.

The S-curve description of slowly twisting a story until it takes another direction was a new word for me too. It describes very well what the disinfo agents Riley, the doctor couple - Nicklesons, and others did with Kawaja's incriminating evidence.

I found the Libya connection, chemtrail agenda, and the satanist references interesting as well. As you mentioned, Peter Kawaja was uncovering these pieces to the puzzle over 20 years ago!
A. Peasant said…
exactly. i probably should have hammered that point home more, that he was talking about these things 20 years ago. it struck me also.

i mean certainly some of the things he predicted didn't happen, but that does not mean they weren't planned. the rest of what he says hangs together perfectly with what we know today. so it's quite amazing in that sense.
Unknown said…
Many thanks for the link.

- Aangirfan
A. Peasant said…
you're welcome Aan. didn't recognize you there as 'indulf'....

king of scotland. aha!
Anonymous said…
I remenber the scud bs story coming out of Israel. They showed the damaged done by the scuds: a hole in the ground with a couple dead chicken. They were making big money selling weapons to both sides of the conflict.