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evidence destroyed

UPDATED at the end.

ATLANTA | One of the largest convulsions of tornado activity in U.S. history left a swath of death and debris from Oklahoma to North Carolina and Virginia, killing at least 45 people, disrupting electric service for thousands and leaving many others injured or huddled in shelters. The three-day outbreak included 241 tornadoes reported over 14 states, according to, which noted that the spate of twisters is likely to rank among the most active ever recorded....Both of the station’s nuclear reactors shut down automatically, and backup diesel generators kicked in to provide electricity, the company said....The conditions that allowed for Saturday’s storms will occur on the Great Plains maybe twice a year, but they almost never happen in North Carolina, according to meteorologist Scott Sharp. The atmosphere was unstable, which allows air to rise and fall quickly, creating winds of hurricane strength or greater. There was also plenty of moisture, which acts as fuel for the violent storms, and it had shear winds at different heights moving in different directions, creating the spin needed to create tornadoes, Sharp said.

Another Act of God then?


Peter Kawaja told us that the VA hard files, meaning the health documents of soldiers from the first Gulf War, were sent to the Murrah building and thus were lost in the bombing. This happened amid Kawaja hotly pursuing Gulf War Syndrome as a legal case against the government. Joyce Riley came into his life to be his "CIA wife" shortly thereafter.

Other important records were lost in the Oklahoma City bombing. Records about Waco, TX and Mena, AK.

Kawaja refers to the shadow government as Zionist. He had been visited by Israeli agents. He also refers to the satanic nature of the shadow government.


Recall that Dimitri Khalezov included the Oklahoma City bombing on his list of 'dial-a-size' nuclear bombs.

See: dial a scapegoat

Khalezov was also acquainted with Mike Hariri, former Deputy Director of Mossad.

Khalezov reports that Harari was in a CELEBRATORY MOOD after 911. Very happy, "the happiest moment of his life." Other Mossad agents also celebrated, according to Khalezov. The other agent Khalezov knew was called Hani Hamour, his Arabic name.

Khalezov reports that nuclear bombs can be calibrated to blow up anything from a single house to much larger targets. He describes the MANY bombs he says were dial-a-size nuclear bombs. He says he knows this as a fact. "Absolutely certain." It is "well-known to everyone." These include:

  • Bali
  • Marine Barracks in Beiruit, Lebanon
  • First US Embassy bombing in Beiruit, Lebanon
  • 1992 and 1994 bombings in Argentina, Buenos Aires
  • Bogota, Columbia El Nogal nightclub bombing
  • WTC 1993
  • Oklahoma City
  • Khobar Towers
  • US Embassy in Kenya and Tanzania

Khalezov claims that the Oklahoma bombing was done by Harari to destroy the evidence of an investigation into drug dealing that implicated Harari and his friends.

The first people blamed for the Oklahoma bombing were Palestinians.

We guess that all sorts of inconvenient records would have been stored at the Murrah building. Especially if certain people in positions of authority knew the building was going down, there would certainly be an incentive to make sure that any evidence requiring destruction be there for the big day. The anniversary is tomorrow, by the way.

Who would be the gatekeeper to decide what records would be stored there?

The FBI's Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building?


Peter Kawaja had been pursuing a case against the government. He had evidence that the government created and purposely inflicted the Gulf War illness on US military personnel and their families. According to Kawaja, this was part of research into creating a super soldier.

In fact, a lot of research has been done into creating a super soldier. A13 left us some links to the COTO website.

More from the Big Blue Omnibus details the various programs, such as the Blue Brain Project (build a human brain), the 5GW soldier (super soldier), Operation Brain Gate (using thoughts to control action), Project Blue Gene (using supercomputers to understand biological processes like protein folding), Project Soft Blue (controlling biology through chemtrails), and of course Project Bluebeam (Bluebird, Bluelight, Blue Ray).

The super soldier research alone is quite amazing.

What can we expect for UN Peacekeepers (NWO mercenaries) A simple designed killing machine. Simple in the water that will fill the suit. Designed for IQ challenged killers, this technology is in the books and production.

From Head to toe:

Fully functioning Headgear with Carbon-Kevlar – titanium buckyball casing to include motor/sensory transmitter and receiving with instant directional command processing. No thinking required. Virtual reality hologram lenses with data readouts, GPS system provide for enemy positional tracking from drone and satellite systems. Outfitted with camera for exterior C-COM video recording.

Electrical, data and drug delivery included in the connector from Helmet to skull. Pharmacological super adrenaline, Resveratrol and steroidal compounds administered by C-COMMAND Center based upon situational requirements. Super endurance with PCP type reactions provide for mission success.

Voice activated command for platoon leaders to administer commands, programs, operational decisions as well as drone and troop movement. Audio translation for foreign language and coded data in real-time terabyte speed.

Bio-receptor identify immediate chemical or pathological bacterial weapons and substances. This is protection from the biological weapons they will be using. On you!

The carbon nano-tech multi weave forested body suit contains compounds for conductivity, pathogen protection, Kevlar strength protection from explosion or armour-piercing munitions. Substances include cobalt, carbon, titanium, fluidic armour with multi weave gold, copper yarn weave in cotton undergarment layered strata and polymer based pathogenic protective layer with sterile dressing. Full Faraday mesh protection from EM assault.

Voice activated signatured trigger XM-25 multi purpose laser guided rounds. The soldier can set exactly where the 25-millimeter bullet will detonate by adding or subtracting 3 meters from that point. Then, the scope will send a radio signal to a chip inside the bullet telling it how far it should travel before exploding. Each bullet has a small magnetic transducer that interacts with the Earth’s magnetic field, generating a tiny alternating current every time it spins as it speeds toward the target. [Range: 3000' - 1 kilometer]

Data command wrist module will enable a soldier to command air to ground drone attack, surveillance and GPS recon operations. It will also provide a full systems, body suit and weapons check while maintaining contact with C-COM on all troop vital statistics and movement.

Smart Pad technology provides electrical and fluidic assistance in strength and endurance. With approx: 50 lbs additional weight the constant monitoring of stress and fatigue levels are adjusted with dopamine, lactic and corticosteroid infusions. Injuries are recorded and smart fibers apply immediate compression to injured area and smart pad technology compensates for mobility restrictions due to fatigue or damage to personnel.

Think of that the next time the American Cancer Society wants your money. How many Americans have died of cancer over the past several decades, the same time that surely all this research has been done into creating super soldier technology? What has the American Cancer Society accomplished with the billions of dollars raised from the millions of people who have lost loved ones to cancer since the nuclear age began? Better ways to deliver the same barbaric treatments they've been offering for decades? RADIATION treatments? Is that state-of-the-mind-fucking-art, or what?

Do you want to see progress? Look at what DARPA has accomplished with super soldier technology. THAT's progress. It's all about priorities.


Returning to the Murrah building...

According to various sources, the attack was planned from Elohim City, an apocalyptic white separatist sect in the Oklahoma hills, considered a "neo-Nazi type" camp by US DOJ officials. Elohim is a Hebrew word for God. Elohim City, a private compound, remotely located, was founded by Robert G. Millar. If it is to be believed, this document traces Millar's ancestry back one hundred generations through various kings of Scotland and Ireland. Quite fantastic. Maybe we could be a princess too? Also, he lived for years in Maryland, running "The Camp," before founding Elohim City. Of course, that's a nice little dead end there, "The Camp." Attempts to find out more about "The Camp" end like this:

Known as "The Camp", it was located on Route 144 about one mile west from the intersection of Route 29 in Howard County, at the former location of a Catholic Abbey. "The Camp" was rural in the early 1970s and has since been developed into a suburban housing community.
It's funny, sometimes when trying to find out more, how certain things can mysteriously dead end like that. Things that we would suspect have some history. Kind of odd that we found a one hundred generation family tree for the guy, but we can't find any details about what he did in Maryland in the 1970s.

Anyway, other people say Millar was a Zionist. And to make a long story short, the militia movement originally formed after the S&L debacle, back in the 1980s, and correctly identified the banksters as the problem. Thus, the militia movement needed to be infiltrated and controlled because it was a real threat. The FBI and ATF were used to destroy the militia movement for the banksters. And evidently, the FBI and ATF cooperated nicely.

Elohim City was used as a paramilitary training ground. It had a runway.

The head of security was Andreas Strassmeir. Strassmeir spoke fluent Hebrew and according to the London Times, he also had a Jewish girlfriend in the IDF. A real neo-Nazi, obviously.

Strassmeir knew various people in the military and intelligence community. Strassmeir also enjoyed full diplomatic immunity.
Even more bizarre is the story of when Andreas Strassmeir’s station wagon was impounded by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol after he was pulled over for driving without tags or a valid license. Kenny Peace, a tow-truck driver from Muldrow, Oklahoma who yanked the vehicle, said that immediately after this event he started getting a flurry of calls from a Houston attorney, a general or major at Fort Bragg, North Carolina (quite possibly Petruskie), the Highway Patrol’s district office, the State Department, and the Governor’s office – all telling him to immediately release the vehicle. They also said that Andreas Strassmeir had full diplomatic immunity even though his visa had expired.

Furthermore, the contents of Strassmeir’s briefcase held a copy of The Terrorist’s Handbook (including how to build ANFO bombs & detonators with delayed fuses), job applications for the INS & DEA, foreign bank statements which showed he was by no means an impoverished pauper, and suspected government classified documents in both English and German. But most bizarre were the classified papers detailing negotiations by Strassmeir on behalf of Petruskie Associates to buy 747s from Germany’s Lufthansa Airlines to begin a transport business out of Costa Rica! Now think about this incredible statement. Considering that Petruskie was involved with a shadow-group of black-budget operatives at the height of the crack cocaine craze, what do you think these airliners flying out of South America were going to be used for?

Connections to South America? Imagine our shock.

See: paramilitaries, a scourge on humanity

We would GUESS that there might be some connections to people like Victor Bout, Yair Klein, etc. as discussed here.

Because we are talking about ORGANIZED CRIME. All these events connect through ORGANIZED CRIME.

AND as the FBI well knows since the mid-1990s at least, all the top organized crime bosses have Israeli passports.

See: death by hot potato

Some people know today that all the top "Russian" mobsters have Israeli passports. However, the FBI has known this for a long time.

In general, Friedman writes, state and federal law enforcement agencies were loath to go after Russian mobsters, instead devoting their energies to bagging Italian wiseguys, a traditional route to promotion. And because the Russian mob was mostly Jewish, it was a political hot potato, especially in the New York area, where the vast majority of refugees were being resettled by Jewish welfare  agencies.

As for the FBI, which has the resources and the legal authority to investigate the Russian mob, Friedman says that were it not for the bureau's "own sluggishness in addressing the problem, the Russian mob in  the United States would never have become as powerful as it is today."  It wasn't until 1994 that the bureau set up a special force to deal with Russian organized crime. By then, Friedman says, there were some five  thousand "hard-core Russian criminals" in the New York region. Yet the FBI's spokesman in New York, Joe Valiquette, told Friedman, "The Russian Mafia has the lowest priority on the criminal pecking order."
To be clear, the article says that by 1994: 1) there were already some five thousand hard-core Russian criminals in New York; 2) and this mafia was the lowest priority on the FBI's pecking order; 3) because the fed and state agencies feared to go after them; 4) because the Russian mob is mostly Jewish.

So it was a "hot potato." So nobody touched it.

Early news reports were very clear that two additional, unexploded bombs were found in the Murrah building. Watch the video footage that Kenny left in the comments.

"But it was a great stroke of luck that we've actually got defused bombs. It's through the bomb material that we'll be able to track who committed this atrocity." Dr. Randall Heather, Terrorism Expert

Except we never did find out.


Anonymous said…
The usual suspects.

- Aangirfan
Jody Paulson said…
yeah, if you're going to blow up a building anyway, why not use it to store all the info you'd like to just "go away."

On Sept. 10, 01, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said "Rumsfeld stated: "According to some estimates we cannot track $2.3 trillion in [Pentagon] transactions."

"The computers that stored this accounting info were destroyed THE VERY NEXT DAY. The BACKUP of this accounting data was stored in Building 7 of the World Trade Center, IT IS NOW GONE...... And now guess where the original accounting data was kept? The offices of the Pentagon that were destroyed in THE SAME DAY." --

Of course a lot of SEC accounting info was lost with WTC 7 as well.

"[WTC 7] contained offices of the FBI, Department of Defense, IRS (which contained prodigious amounts of corporate tax fraud, including Enron’s), US Secret Service, Securities & Exchange Commission (with more stock fraud records), and Citibank’s Salomon Smith Barney, the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management and many other financial institutions. [Online Journal]

"The SEC has not quantified the number of active cases in which substantial files were destroyed [by the collapse of WTC 7]. Reuters news service and the Los Angeles Times published reports estimating them at 3,000 to 4,000. They include the agency's major inquiry into the manner in which investment banks divvied up hot shares of initial public offerings during the high-tech boom. ...'Ongoing investigations at the New York SEC will be dramatically affected because so much of their work is paper-intensive,' said Max Berger of New York's Bernstein Litowitz Berger & Grossmann. 'This is a disaster for these cases.' [New York Lawyer]

"Citigroup says some information that the committee is seeking [about WorldCom] was destroyed in the Sept. 11 terror attack on the World Trade Center. Salomon had offices in 7 World Trade Center, one of the buildings that collapsed in the aftermath of the attack. The bank says that back-up tapes of corporate emails from September 1998 through December 2000 were stored at the building and destroyed in the attack. [TheStreet]

"Inside [WTC 7 was] the US Secret Service's largest field office with more than 200 employees. ...'All the evidence that we stored at 7 World Trade, in all our cases, went down with the building,' according to US Secret Service Special Agent David Curran. [TechTV]"

A. Peasant said…
very true Jody. it's an excellent parallel to WTC7. and from what i recall, not only was all that historical data lost in WTC7, but it was also the command center from which the whole operation was run. thus, a few hours after everything had gone down, the decision to "pull it." a shame about all the evidence lost though, huh? REEEgretable.

that rudy guliani, what a dirtball. one among many.
Anonymous said…
Top post, AP. Yes, they have the technology when it suits their purposes. And we seem to always come back to the usual suspects, don't we?

Like the WTC towers (all three of them), the bleeding obvious is staring us in the face with the Murrah Building. there is no way an ANFO bomb parked in a truck outside this building could do that damage.
Anonymous said…
We had an earthquase this afternoon around 2:55PM. I heard this loud noise without knowing what was happening. It was a 3.8 earthquake followed by another small quake. It did not cause any damages.
Anonymous said…
the way that the damage to each floor is so similar, indicates to me that similar charges were placed in similar positions on each floor.

if the bomb was just at street level, you would expect to see more damage at this level and less as you ascend.

it's a demolition job with multiple explosives, to me
A13 said…
Hi A.P This is a Very Interesting post..But, My brain hurts and so i will be back to comment more appropriatley. KIDS !!!!!!
chuckyman said…
My first thought when reading of this research was – thank god the US is nearly bankrupt and won’t be able to pay for any of this. Doh - silly me and my na├»ve ways!

What use could black ops research have for the hundreds of billions of CASH in drug profits sloshing around the world looking for a nice secure return of interest?

I’m sure those nice and most moral folks in Israhell could turn a quick trick selling the entire project technical specs to the highest bidder as they did with the F-35 recently. (usual source advisory re Gordon Duff)

Know any mega rich budding super powers with plenty of cash and no qualms about treating its people like walking organ donors? I don’t often get in the China bashing business as I don’t like the company I would be keeping.

There is historical precedence as most of the major brains in nuclear research were German and they moved away to the US as the spectre of war loomed in Europe. The planned collapse of the US and global economy is now looming and the usual characters will soon be on the move now that the US is almost exsanguinated.
A. Peasant said…
honk bonk man, are you in the US? NW, SW, NE, SE? or where might you be?

C, you refer to the super soldier research i presume. probably the black ops budget has two main functions: funding terrorism and technology. and bribes of course.

but i think a ton of it must go into all the secret technologies, and then they can say it's alien technology and everyone will be all woo woo the aliens are here. this is precisely why they've had to hold the world back all these years -- to make a big show when they reveal the real state of technology.
chuckyman said…
Agreed A.P. Shock and awe on steroids. That way we will cry out for someone to ‘save us’.

I still think we will see some old fashioned war, famine and pestilence before the ‘big show’.
kenny said…
A little addition to OK City was the first reports of additional bombs before the official spin could be put into place. These reports were later called 'mistakes' by the media and bomb squads in the fog of chaos.

The success of the destruction of the Murrah evidence set the stage for the same thing at the WTC.
A. Peasant said…
C, oh sure. they never let an opportunity go to waste. it's all good for set design anyway.

Kenny, great video. it wouldn't allow embedding but i put a link in the post at the bottom. thanks.
kenny said…
Youtube has changed the way to access the embed code. Click share first and then embed is below.
A. Peasant said…
thanks for the tip! i didn't even bother to click the 'share' thinking it was the usual twitter etc. that i don't do. good to know.
aferrismoon said…,_The_Sword,_and_the_Arm_of_the_Lord

It was besieged by the FBI etc in 1985 [ no fatalities]

"Eight years later in 1993, this was the date [April 19] that the FBI chose to end the standoff in Waco, after specifically having studied the outcome of the CSAL standoff. Two years after that, in 1995, this was the date chosen by Timothy McVeigh, in protest against the Waco incident among others, to bomb the Federal building in Oklahoma City."

Interesting to note they blame either extremist Christians/Whites or Moslems.

The JDL support the English Defence League, so it seems that 'Jews' have no problem with nationalist groups and their infiltration.

Lovely to read about all that technology that could probably help the general population no end is to be used just for the military.

My only hope is that they overlook the zips on their new warwear and the goofy grunts are forever incarcerated within their advanced technology

A. Peasant said…
this is the truth ferris. all day yesterday i was actually waiting for teh shoe to drop. but then again we have today. today is a date for terrorism also. so many anniversaries for them to celebrate!

you might want to check out this guy's theories on it.

"Everything Starts With The S & L Collapse Of 1982...The bankers initially felt this would be another simple 1929 style swindle, but as the banks started to foreclose, the farmers formed the basis of the modern militias. These Militias pinpointed the bankers as the ones behind the scheme, and threats of violence shook the community.

Jewish Watchdogs Mobilize

The ADL and SPLC, the Mossad's American terror organizations, realized these militias would provide a basis for a future resistance movement, and they needed to take action. These groups could jeopardize their plans for a 2006 world-wide collapse (1929 redux).

SPLC and ADL formed anti-militia units

Morris Dees and Abe Foxman, through their organizations, formed special 'Militia Watch' units. The SPLC's normal function was keeping the blacks stirred up with their bogus KKK, and protecting Jewish interests, such as their abortion industry. After the S & L fiasco backfired, they realized Militias were their first real threat. Their target now became the militias.

Both groups infiltrated the militias, and set up False Flag terror bases at Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and Elohim City, Oklahoma.

A sacred Mecca, in Northern Idaho, where future psychos gather, and were groomed.

ADL agents prowled militia meetings, gun shows, White Power websites, where they recruited unstable dimwits, parolees, and violent gun nuts, etc.

They shipped them to both spots where they became fodder for future operations."

i haven't even checked out the coeur d'Alene thing yet. but is this not the EXACT playbook as the radical islamofascist terrorists? seems to me it is. infiltrate something effective. get some morons involved. get more morons. destroy the group. drive the smart ones away. use big group of morons to commit acts of terror.

repeat. repeat. repeat.
aferrismoon said…
Great info AP.

Shucks reminds me of ole Germany circa 1938, when the whole darn thing jus' took off.

One day its all gonna come back round and bite us in our self-absorbed ass , but hell we'll jus' blame some other poor sucker when it does.

Doubles and Restitution payments all round

Anonymous said…
By the way, the latest media incarnation of this supersoldier is the "Kull" warrior from Stargate SG1.

He can be seen in his unmasked state at around minute 36 -

I was a Stargate buff, and he was definitely the creepiest :D
dublinmick said…
Blue beam will never wash here.
Mouser said…

The key domino in getting the world to accept a global fractional reserve currency is China.

Don't misunderstand, global currency is 100% suicide and will lead to an effective one world government by the oligarch banking families.

The private central bank in China is rumored to be 50/50 rather than 100% Rothschild owned as it is in the other 192 of 197 countries. Therefore, it is slighly harder to implement the private fractional reserve global currency in China than elsewhere in the Rothschild empire, excluding Iran, Sudan, North Korea and Cuba.

George Soros (Swartz) has the job of selling the Evelyn Rothschild (Bauer) plan for defacto global autocracy as instead being the salvation of the economic crisis.

event - reaction - solution

debt suffocation - fear of devaluation - global fractional reserve currency (world government)

Once the China domino falls, the door will be wide open to implement a private global currency in 193 countries. It will be touted as "gold backed" instead of "fiat", but actually will only be fractionally gold backed at less than 1:100.

More importantly it will be a private currency - meaning that Rothschild and the oligarch banking families will be able to create money autocratically with out input from the people of the world who use it.

This 'gold backed', fractional reserve, private global currency will be lent out to governments and individuals with usury. Thus ensuring literal debt slavery from cradle to grave for individuals and countries.

As the life blood of any society, Rothschild will hold everyone and every country in the palm of his hand. And once implemented, anyone who dares to oppose him can be taken off the grid with the flick of a key stroke.

Worse than heroin. As bad as cancer. Manifest dictatorship disguised as "economic freedom". Orwellian doublespeak - 100%.

Don't do it, ever.
A13 said…
Hi A.P.
Just off topic so I apologise, but I have a new blog that you might like..
NOT serious and a bit of a bloggers lounge..The Rant Lounge, a collabrative affair!

check it out and we'd love you to contibute if you can, email me on my profile..
big hugs and Wah Doh x
A. Peasant said…
sushispace!! love it dubs.

A13, you know i got it ...

Anon, that is TOTALLY creepy, ugh. i had never thought what it would look like under the helmut. wow. good point, because that's not human, and it looks more human clothed which is an advantage.

mouser, that sounds right. look at these usual suspects:

"The trip is called a “senior” Senate delegation because, in addition to Reid, second-ranking Democrat Dick Durbin (Ill.) and other major players are on board: Democrats Barbara Boxer (Calif.), Chuck Schumer (N.Y.), Frank Lautenberg (N.J.), Jeff Merkley (Ore.) and Michael Bennet (Colo.) and Republicans Richard Shelby (Ala.), Mike Enzi (Wyo.) and Johnny Isakson (Ga.)."


we are gunning for all their plans to fall apart, and we'll do that until the last breath.
dublinmick said…
Monosodium glutamate will be in short supply after the Japan quake. Their company was blasted. MSG is the stuff that produces neural toxicity and brain damage in animals but Ajinomoto Co., Inc.says is good to go in humans.

The company and warehouses in Tokyo and Sendai were severely damaged. We will have to get our supply somewhere else now.

Aspartame will be in short supply also.
dublinmick said…
The Vogtle reactor in east Georgia shutdown on it's own. They will get back to us when they figure out why.
freethinker said…
"if the bomb was just at street level, you would expect to see more damage at this level and less as you ascend.
it's a demolition job with multiple explosives, to me"

I'd have to agree with that James. Saw a youtube video recently of Gen Ben Partin giving a speech that came to a similar common-sense and highly informed conclusion. He seems to be (have been?) a straight talker.

Sorry AP but I'm not impressed with this Khalezov geezer (or Duff of late). The idea that you can't build a metropolitan sky-scraper without first planting a nuke under the foundations, that you (hopefully) wont be using for maybe 50-100 years, is just loopy.

There might be some merit in this:
A. Peasant said…
that's quite allright freethinker. we do not require lockstep here.

as far as we can tell, duff is covering for the military cooperation in all these psyops. khalezov may be disinfo, of course that is possible. quite possible. all we have are the data points.

from the link you provide, what is with a statement like this:

"An individual who was too gormless to understand concepts such as tritium concentration, isotopes of iodine, radioactive fallout, neutron activation or electromagnetic pulses (EMP, an extremely low frequency component is present in underground nuclear explosions even when high frequencies are attenuated) would similarly be incapable of seeing through the 9/11 deception to understand that the crime was not perpetrated by "Arabs" with "box cutters"."

so the writer is equating comprehending multiple scientific concepts with the simplistic narrative of arabs with box cutters. ? this seems a bit disingenuous to me. is he -- btw who is he? -- saying that if you can't understand tritium concentration, you obviously can't understand a simple blame the arab narrative? wouldn't it work the other way around? i don't know. i just don't like all the disparaging remarks how everyone is such a fucking idiot if they don't see what's totally obvious. when frankly, nothing about 911 is obvious except that it didn't happen the way they said it did. it's been completely overrun by disinfo from the first moment. so the whole tone of that piece i find suspect.

and of course it is possible that multiple things were used to bring the building down. bombs in the basement, bombs on the floors, etc. they were big buildings.

as you can see from my latest post, i do think they have a lot of technology that we don't get to know about, and this adds to the confusion trying to sort things out after the fact.
freethinker said…
I agree the writer comes accross as a bit of a prick and that disparaging remarks weaken the arguement. I've no idea who he is or what is his agenda. Being a reformed 'liberal' myself I've had to come to terms with the fact that the truth often comes from some pretty unpallatable sources.

I also agree that there may well have been a mix of technologies involved in the pulling of the towers - there is little point getting hung-up on the details. However much of Khalezov testimony is just silly;
Pre-planted nukes in a city that won't be used for many decades - no way
Super-dooper hardened steel cruise missile with nuclear warhead that didn't explode but was examined and identified by the US authorities (within about half an hour if memory serves) so the authorities had no option but to pull the towers themselves with the decade old nukes they knew were buried under the foundations - crock of shit!

I'm not buying anything that Khalezov is selling, but that doesn't mean that everything he says is false. His ridiculous assertions might be used to taint some truth so IMO what he says has zero value; neither +ve nor -ve, its just a waste of time.

This aside I love your work AP :p
A. Peasant said…
haha, no worries. you make good points. as luck would have it, my friend Zahir has just sent me this link and he also thinks khalezov is wrong, which was part of his email that i won't copy in here, but Z actually understands science, unlike me :D.

anyway, here is what he says:

bottom line being that in something like 911, for instance, they could use multiple methods (traditional demolition, something else in the basement, nano-thermite, etc.) ON PURPOSE to set up a bunch of red herrings / false trails to keep the peeps busy, and at the same time they could also use a technology that we don't have any information about, one of their secret technologies.

pointing to nukes seems like the worst thing we can accuse them of. but if they have other methods, secret methods, then pointing at nukes is just more disinfo or limited hangout type of operation. so it could be something like that.

in any case, i have no special regard for khalezov. it's all about the truth. if he's wrong, fine. if he's disinfo, shame. either way, we keep digging for the truth and he may end up in the dustbin.
freethinker said…
Thanks AP for the link to Z, new to me - my god the guy is a one-man word factory (I prefer the one-woman think-tank (ha-ha)) but its a bit hard to see the wood from the trees. BTW I'm an EE also.

Some quick thoughts, at the danger of flogging a dead horse:
I'm not too impressed with Dr Judy and don't understand Z's fascination with her theories - why the need to propose such fanciful technology such as scalar-wave weapons (if they exist) when conventional tech is adequate for all other controlled demolitions. The presence of thermate is proved to my satisfaction (its what opened my eyes) and is proof positive of controlled demolition - it doesn't preclude other technologies being involved. Dr Judy and others talk of the steel being turned to dust - that is bollocks, there were great piles of chopped-up steel shipped off to China. That picture of the firefighters standing in front of the oblique-cut column is very telling.
Z is puzzled by the presence of unburned paper and suggests Dr.J's energy beam hypothesis is the answer. I don't see any problem with unburned paper in the thermate scenario - thermate (or any other metal cutting incendiary) produces a very intense highly localised heat, there will have been paper not adjacent to the columns which would be unburnt and blown out of the building when the floor above collapsed down - so what? To me the presence of the melted cars some distance away is more puzzling.
Z doesn't understand the term 'scalar-waves' that J refers to. These are longitudinal electomagnetic waves as proposed by the new-science crowd. Z and I were taught only about the transverse electromagnetic waves from Heaviside's simplification of (the mega genius) Clerk Maxwell's original electromagnetic theories. I have not yet found time to look into the substance of longitudinal or 'scalar' waves.
A. Peasant said…
haha, so i'm thinking EE, what is that... EE... ? i get to the bottom of your comment and it comes to me: electrical engineer. you science people. you know i am one of the more unscientific people going, right?

i'm checking out Judy's stuff. i like her approach because it is intuitive and i get that 'follow your nose' sort of thing. and there's nothing in my background to prevent me from considering something totally crazy, if you know what i mean. but as always, there's the danger of getting sucked into a time consuming vortex of sorting through the evidence while these creeps go on to the next project. i think that has been the main success of their post-911 cointelpro, to Z's point.
freethinker said…
Re the anti-Khalezov link earlier, "-- btw who is he? --", he goes by the nom de guerre 'Poseidon' here:
Seems to be a smart guy, if a bit of a prick. He has vendetta against Brendon O'Connell and Jim Kerr (fugaziquo.COM) who he claims are anti-zionist strawmen. O'Connell is currently doing time in Oz for being a stupid prat. Know anything of them?

Watched an intervue with Judy Wood last night. She's an engineer? - in 30+ yrs in engineering I've never heard an engineer talk like her. Best of luck to you and Z making sense of her - I look forward to Z's updates on that.

mille baci
dublinmick said…
Oops! I think I have been hit by the ST...U.......X............n..................e..........................t..... 67u6gr4f3dbhnjuu
dublinmick said…
Anyway what I was saying before bugger ate my comment.

I thought they had put Sorcha on medication? I guess not. It is not to our knowing if these strange American Peoples will ever realize what is unknown to them!

I check over there once in awhile to make sure the Einhaar warriors have not carted Sorcha off somewhere. Sorcha makes it hard sometimes to have a logical discussion concerning aliens. (There is such a thing right?)

What good is an apocalypse if you can't have any fun?

What good is it to be nuts if you can't have any fun... .Nietzsche