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this calls for an owl

We will be out of touch for a few days so wishing everyone a good weekend.


Jen Lake said…
To your wordpress article. here's some dish on Magna BSP which was founded in January 2001: Magna was created within an Israeli technology development system called the "incubator network". Incubators are like mini 'silicon valleys', operated as private licensed franchises by the Israeli government to speed up investment and integration of new technical capabilities. Magna's Dimona incubator is licensed to a Life Sciences contractor, named Maayan Ventures, and the radar camera system was developed for sophisticated, and remote, "medical imaging". Presumably, this type of imaging can even be used with satellites as the U.S. GEIS (Global Emerging Infections System) seems to be adapting its network to collate this sort of data. Maayan Ventures owns at least 5 incubators throughout Israel.
Here's a link describing the relationship between the Dimona incubator "Maayan" (formerly called ATC and/or Rotem Industries) and the government: "ATC's companies operate according to the directives of Israel's Ministry of Industry and Trade Incubator privatization program.." --this merely clears up any doubt that Magna is an extension of the Israeli government. From there, we can see what kind of "systems" are disseminated by Magna's parent Maayan (80% owned by Maayan, and 20% owned by Rotem Industries), and take the Dimona chapter as but one example in a multiplex of "interests".
"The Technological incubator was founded in 1990. In July 2006 Maayan Ventures Ltd., which is publicly traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange acquiring the ATC incubator in Dimona --now called 'Rotem Ventures' (dated, oc). Together with Maayan's other two incubators [they own at least 5 presently] in Omer (Maayan Ventures) and Sde Boker (Iris Ventures), the combination of the 3 incubators has turned Maayan Ventures into the largest incubator in Israel."
....and here's a few examples of their project 'companies':
FeedPro Ltd -- makes "novel microparticles" as delivery agents for artificial diets
Intelguard -- makes transparent 'optical'-regulated invisible security fencing
Elestor Ltd -- makes organic "electro-active materials" for polymer applications
Micro-tag Temed Ltd --"the micro label is a substance which possesses a strong specific response to radio-frequency (RF) excitation --this substance can be introduced into [fluids and solids] and can be protected or masked."
Maayan supports its ventures with uncountable global capital funds --this is what I know about Magna so far.
Jen Lake said… more thing. Magna announced its Fukushima contract on 4-27-2010, one day off the anniversary of Chernobyl last year.'s%20passive%20electro-optic%20radar%20system%20detects_s_hd.../
(hope that link works)
dublinmick said…

Pepsi, Kraft and Nestle using aborted fetus cells in flavor enhancers. Bringing cannibalism to america.
Hei Hu Quan said…
Brilliant follow-up investigation Jen Lake! When Israeli contractors are allowed through the door, voracious and insatiable espionage comes with it. In nearly every one of their "beneficent" endeavours they are caught full out spying. When they do are they properly exposed and dismissed? No, the matter is covered up and the parasite invariably retains its host.

DublinMick - fucking well monstrous, and these bastards will only escalate the mocking horrors as we play sheep. As long as we remain compliant idiots we will get more of the same. At what point did we go from customer to submissive and accepting hostage?
dublinmick said…
Hei Hu Quan

Patterns, bingo!
A. Peasant said…
hola. great comments. thanks for the background Jen. that's quite the nice little arms-length set up that the israeli govt has with the little incubator technology "babies." i was just looking into one of them, Terlite:

"The portable test pack tests for and identifies, qualitatively
and quantitatively, various materials of clinical importance,
such as poisons and chemical compounds. The system is intended
for use at sites where it is essential to obtain immediate and
accurate test results."

sounds pretty handy. but while it's part of the "state of israel ministry of industry trade and labor R&D", it's also a private company, so there's nothing to see sorry. how convenient. and how much US taxpayer money that we send over there gets funneled into these technologies?