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the malignant flowering of curiosity

We can "know" something in the marrow of our bones, but can we prove it? No we can't. But by surveying the evidence, studying behavior, and drawing conclusions through inductive and deductive reasoning, we can detect and note PATTERNS.

Now we can see why there needs to be a flu psyop... ? If radiation -- POISON -- causes the disease known as polio, and that disease is substantially related to the disease known as influenza, and there's an "outbreak" of the influenza disease due to all the POISON in the environment.....? The disease cannot be tied back to the radiation. Thus a new scientific narrative is required, and a new vaccine. The flu psyop covers for the intentional (False Flag / "Act of God" / "Human Error") poisoning, and furthermore TREATS the poisoning with: MORE POISON! People, that is a win win win if we ever saw one.

Now we know that unspeakable amounts of radiation have been released into the atmosphere. Flu season in the US runs from fall through early spring. We will go out on a limb here and predict a really bad flu season, maybe even the horrible mutation they've been warning us would happen eventually? The West Coast will be hit very hard, but many important people will be spared. Just lucky we guess.

Why do we think such a thing might be possible? Because it fits the pattern of events that have already transpired, things we and others have been studying and writing about for the past several years.

The pattern of bad things happening and being blamed on the wrong parties. False flags.

Can we point to a pattern of testing on humans without their informed consent? 

Yes. Here are four books documenting radioactive, chemical and biological weapons and substances testing on US citizens, by the US government.

Between April 1945, scant months before the bombing of Hiroshima, and July 1947, the scientists of the Manhattan Project followed the construction of the atomic bomb with a chilling second act: medical experimentation on hundreds of unsuspecting Americans....But the radiation experiments did not end there, nor even with the end of World War II. The malignant flowering of curiosity about the effects of radiation on humans continued for three more decades. Until the 1970s, government scientists and physicians made use of unwitting Americans in order to discover the effects of exposure. Scientists already knew that radiation was dangerous....But scientists wanted to know more. What types of physiologic damage were caused by specific levels of radiation? So, in hospitals, schools, and other institutions across the nation, they administered amounts of plutonium, x-rays, gamma rays, and radium that far exceeded established tolerance limits... [From The New England Journal of Medicine, December 16, 1999, reviewing The Plutonium Files: America's Secret Medical Experiments in the Cold War, by Eileen Welsome]

Does anyone seriously think they STOPPED EXPERIMENTING in the 1970s??? Because our common sense tells us they most certainly have not stopped a damn thing. Experiments continue apace.

Jennifer Lake has also collected a lot of information about the secret testing on humans and animals that has gone on over the decades, under the rubric of Health Physics. See, for instance, this post: Was the Polio Vaccine a Radiation Experiment?

The military medical staff that had overseen the Manhattan Project reorganized in the era of Nuclear Testing and developed Health Physics to examine the effects of fallout and industrial use of radioactive materials. At that time in 1947, the document states, “many critical problems of far-reaching scope remain to be solved. Information concerning the method of production of these injurious effects in body tissues is almost completely lacking. No methods are available which might stop or delay the development of radiation injuries. No therapeutic measures are at hand….Such problems relate to the fundamental nature of living matter…”.
...The document goes on with recommending “study of casualty effects. Field study of fission clouds, possible injury to water supply, soil, and the like, human damage by population surveys…”  …and… “Feeding experiments using radioactive materials in the foods”… “…methods of determining the amount of plutonium, polonium, uranium, etc. that are fixed in the body” and to “bring to light entirely new problems with unknown hazards and unpredictable safeguards”… Large scale biological work is mandatory“.
In 1953, seven years after drafting the Health Physics document, the secret Wilson Memorandum shows the government finally giving itself permission to experiment on the population, despite the many decades of doing so less officially. The field testing of the Salk “IPV” vaccine began in 1953. This followed the “gamma globulin trials” of 1951 in Provo, Utah.

Can we point to a pattern of false causality on important matters?

Yes. Consider the assertion that Muslims hate us for our freedoms. Consider the assertion that two jets caused steel and concrete building to fall into their own footprints defying the laws of chemistry and physics. Consider the assertion that voting leads to substantial change. Consider how frequently we now experience  100-year floods, droughts, earthquakes and other natural catastrophes. Consider how frequently disasters and accidents are blamed on Acts of God and/or Human Error. In fact we are presented with false causality so frequently it hardly bears remarking upon.

Just imagine the narrative possibilities opened up by conducting secret testing on humans without their informed consent.

Multiple choice: What causes influenza?


What other possibilities exist?

Just imagine for a moment, what might happen if, say, a few people in some unspecified city contracted smallpox, which as we recently learned, is actually a disease carried by bedbugs. What would be the most likely explanation offered, when even one case of smallpox is considered a public health emergency? We give a 99.99% chance that it would be blamed on a group of people tied back to a country in the cross-hairs.

May 23, 2011 (CIDRAP News) – A World Health Assembly (WHA) committee that took up a resolution to destroy the remaining stocks of smallpox virus failed to reach an agreement today, despite a working group's attempts to find an acceptable solution.
Last December an expert group commissioned by the World Health Organization (WHO) released a report recommending that researchers and regulators work together to find new ways to test smallpox countermeasures so that remaining stocks of smallpox virus can be destroyed.
Though smallpox was eradicated in the 1970s, the United States and Russia have kept supplies of the virus, and researchers have continued to work on vaccines and antivirals for use in the event of a biological attack.
In 1996 the WHA agreed that the virus stocks should be destroyed, but it has postponed the decision four times....Russia and the United States are pushing to retain their smallpox virus stocks in order to do additional research and are hoping to postpone setting a destruction date for 5 more years, Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported today. Other delegations supporting that stance were the European Union, Canada, Israel, Monaco, Colombia, and China, the report said.
However, about 20 other countries, many of them developing nations in Africa and Asia, said the resolution should call for the immediate destruction of the virus stocks, according to AFP. During today's deliberations in the main committee, Iran proposed a vote on the issue, Reuters reported. The move was unusual, because the WHA typically reaches its decisions by consensus, the story said. The other nations rejected Iran's suggestion and opted instead to set up a working group to reach a compromise.

Iran at odds with US, Russia on smallpox stocks

GENEVA, May 23 (Reuters) - Iran spearheaded opposition on Monday to a U.S. and Russian-backed plan to postpone fixing a date to destroy the world's last known stocks of live smallpox virus...."You could say Iran is using this issue," a source close to the discussions told Reuters on condition of anonymity. "But it isn't just Iran. It's more or less a division between the developed and the developing world."

Sec. Sebelius: Concern that smallpox virus exists outside "official laboratories"

"We are concerned that the smallpox virus still exists outside the official laboratories and could be released intentionally or used as a virus weapon," Sebelius said at the World Health Organization’s 64th assembly, reported AFP.

...According to the FDA, there are two licensed smallpox vaccines: Dryvax, which was manufactured by Wyeth Laboratories, Inc., of Madison, NJ, and ACAM2000, which is manufactured by Acambis, Inc., of Cambridge, England and Cambridge, MA. Also, the FDA said, on May 2, 2005, CBER licensed Vaccinia Immune Globulin, Intravenous (VIGIV) manufactured by Cangene Corporation of Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada; VIGIV is used to treat rare serious complications of smallpox vaccination.

BARDA awards $3 billion in vaccine contracts for eradicated smallpox

...Two biopharm companies are in a spat over a US government awarded contract to develop a smallpox vaccine, as the U.S. continues to refuse to submit to international arms control inspections of its “dual use” biodefense-bioweapons labs....It’s likely, though, that both Siga’s ST-246 and Chimerix’ CMX001 will be funded by the US government. BARDA Director Dr. Robin Robinson stated, “A critical component of the U.S. strategy for protecting the public against intentional or unintentional release of the smallpox virus is having two smallpox antiviral drugs.”

...With one-fifth of the nation unemployed, one has to wonder at the federal government using taxpayer dollars to fund vaccine development for a disease that has been officially eradicated....The claimed need to protect against smallpox appears to be a ruse for the development of its use as a bioweapon.

Or, alternatively, smallpox has been retained to JUSTIFY developing the vaccines as bioweapons.

In the unlikely event that an "intentional or unintentional release" of something take place, all sorts of drugs have been stockpiled by the government. FOR YOUR SAFETY OF COURSE.

  • "The medicine in the SNS is FREE for everyone."
  • "An act of terrorism (or a large scale natural disaster) targeting the U.S. civilian population will require rapid access to large quantities of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies."

  • "The decision to deploy SNS assets may be based on evidence showing the overt release of an agent that might adversely affect public health. It is more likely, however, that subtle indicators, such as unusual morbidity and/or mortality identified through the nation's disease outbreak surveillance and epidemiology network, will alert health officials to the possibility (and confirmation) of a biological or chemical incident or a national emergency. To receive SNS assets, the affected state's governor's office will directly request the deployment of the SNS assets from CDC or HHS. HHS, CDC, and other federal officials will evaluate the situation and determine a prompt course of action."  

So essentially, all that is needed now is a reason to JUSTIFY distributing all these "medicines." And actually, we'll just have to take their word for it. Because it may be "subtle indicators" that alert the health officials to the national emergency. In the case of smallpox, just ONE case would likely trigger millions of doses of vaccines.

And you wouldn't want to be the family that refuses to take the FREE MEDICINE offered by the government, putting everyone at risk of contracting SMALLPOX or something.... would you?


dublinmick said…
Timely post and they are pretty serious about these vaccinations.

Mother raided by swat for refusing immunizations. Reports also indicate girl was raped in foster custody.
Anonymous said…
AP - you are indispensible.
Something huge this way comes.
A. Peasant said…
hope to be wrong Swit but just in case, let's keep everything on the table (haha, to use their own words).

dubs, that is a horrible story. so this child has presumably NOT had all her shots, and was home schooled. but now going into public school. could it be that the state seized her into custody because they don't want the evidence of a healthier child moving freely amongst the vaccinated children... ? an analogy would be like the treatment Libya and Tunisia got. we can't have successful alternatives to show up the FAILURE of the system in place, based on the supposed wisdom of the experts.
dublinmick said…
This one goes into more detail on that story, which is absolutely amazing. They put the 13 year old on risperdol also, which is aspartame based like most of them. This was after a perfectly healthy person began making facial grimaces after the immunizations. Risperdol will calm you down alright because it is a neurotoxin and kills brain cells. After that they can prescribe anything they want as you disintegrate toward a vegetable state.

Many so called head doctors will give patients risperdol without a prescription, so there is no record of it when you are screwed up. The key is to screw you up in the first place so there is something that needs medicating.

I guess it has changed in Michigan, I used to tell them vaccinations were against my religion. (Yoga!)
They didn't like that one too well but didn't push it.

There is a place around here where you can see what is I suppose stay at home patients coming on a bus for checkups and new prescriptions. Most of them have a very vacant look in their eyes from the risperdol and other type drugs. I know someone who went through all that. They wanted to give them an MRI also, you know microwave the brain. That is the new trick that makes all kinds of money.

SAM-E by the way is natural, helps the bone Marrow produce more DNA and lab tests showed it worked better than prescriptions but very few doctors will prescribe it. You have to go to the health food stores and buy it. So all these people with problems could fix it easily but it doesn't make any money for the demons who are on a fast train to hell when this over. By the way that new cone beam dental xray is just like the airport, they put your whole head under it. Happened me before I even knew what was going on. Told them though that was the last time they would pull that. They don't even bother telling you what it is.
dublinmick said…

Prepare for zombie apocalypse!
Mike Adams natural news.
A13 said…
HI Pez :)
More here from the UN..

Health ministers from around the world agreed Tuesday to put off setting a deadline to destroy the last known stockpiles of the smallpox virus for three more years, rejecting a U.S. plan that had called for a five-year delay.

After two days of heated debate, the 193-nation World Health Assembly agreed by consensus to a compromise that calls for another review in 2014.


Evil Fuckers..excuse the lingo.
They DO have plans..
Heads Up :)
Cheers A13

WV= wrack
Noor al Haqiqa said…
Amazing post Annie. I live on the West Coast and know we here are under the radioactive gun, so to speak. Dutchsinse keeps me informed alas. Between that and the constant chemtrails, I hardly dare go out for very long. It is like, the rain kills; the sun kills; the winds kill; and no one pays attention here.

Since we bloggers helped to expose the vaccine schedule, the PTB have been hard at work developing new methods to sneak by our radar. May their souls rot forever.

I grew up in a pristine world and find it difficult to understand how the world got this way under my generation's watch.
A13 said…
Here's another one, From Rahm the mahn's CITY..

Scientists at the University of Illinois at Chicago Center for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology are working towards fighting anthrax and other bioterrorism agents.

As WBBM Newsradio 780′s Mary Frances Bragiel reports, their project comes thanks to a substantial grant from the federal government."

Penny said…
Hey AP:

did you get an e-mail from blogger saying they were changing some of your posts back to draft?


sorry for the off-topic
Anonymous said…
Slightly off-topic. Have you guys seen this:-
dublinmick said…
You can see where the epidemics are breaking out here at RSOE. 102 infant deaths in Germany this year from HSN B flu.

We will soon know if we are protected against anthrax as it looks like they plan to test it out on American children.
A. Peasant said…
thanks everyone. many links to check out. i've been under the weather. either something is "going around" or the steady 2+ weeks of rain have finally delivered enough radioactive toxins to our area that something is "going around" that causes flu-like symptoms of nausea and muscle weakness. anyway, i'm working my way through all the links, many thanks.
Penny said…
Hey AP!

Interesting that Iran would want the smallpox gotten rid of.

I suspect it is because they can see the finger pointed at them should something occur.

Think of Iraq and the Anthrax "attacks"

Oh so convenient.

Russia and US won't give them up for pretty obvious reasons. Neither wants to, in case the other one doesn't.

An upper hand kind of thing.

As for the "vaccines" for smallpox being widely distributed or not?

So many questions there?

would these really be vaccines?
Or would they be a means to spread disease?

During the bogus H1N1 pandemic, I posted something about a "mock-up" vaccination being distributed.

A mock up that contained the H1N1 virus!

If I can find that link I will post it, just so your readers realize I am not just being "conspiratorial"
Penny said…
Hey AP, I am back!

"Also in Europe, some manufacturers have conducted advance studies using a so-called “mock-up” vaccine. Mock-up vaccines contain an active ingredient for an influenza virus that has not circulated recently in human populations and thus mimics the novelty of a pandemic virus. Such advance studies can greatly expedite regulatory approval."

Vaccines that contain an active ingredient for an influenza virus that has NOT circulated in human population.

It "mimics the novelty of a pandemic virus"

These "advance studies"? can expedite (vaccine) regulatory approval

The link is viable, the paragraph is still there.

Which is why I would question exactly what would be in the mass distributed vaccines?
Anonymous said…
I have worked for someone whose husband was involved in the Manhattan Project. She worked for the CIA in Europe after the WWII in the so called Radio Freedom or something like it. Poor woman! She lives a life of guilty and isolation.
dublinmick said…

Vaccines have never worked Penny, they protect against anything. The live vaccine spreads the disease.
Some very good scientists have called them out on this. The spread of polio really picked up with the advent of the vaccine.

There is no HIV either but something in the shots which cause it. They have done a job on Africa with it also. Roundup causes aids in plants as the glysophate in it cause manganese depletion.
Anonymous said…
Bill Gates urges worldwide vaccination rate of 90 percent
Anonymous said…
Supreme Court vaccine ruling: parents can't sue drug makers for kids' health problems

The question really is will Bill Gates compensate those who suffer bad product or side effects leading to life long disability from said vaccinations.

The Supreme Court has ruled there will be no legal damage recourse from vaccine manufactures. So how can you be forced into mandated vaccination programs?
aferrismoon said…
I se in the 'news' that there's been a spike in measles in the UK. Doctors are advising vaccinations. App. it started in France .

"In France, the figure of 7,000 cases so far this year already exceeds the 5,090 recorded in the whole of 2010.

The World Health Organization said France was taking immediate steps to control the outbreaks by vaccinating infants at nine months and offering the vaccine to all unimmunised or under-immunised people over that age"

I assume that means they're giving this MMR at a younger age so that it'll stunt or alter child development more effectively :)

I has M, M , R and chickenpox and they did me no harm - few days off school [ indoctrination], which is probably why they're pushing it.

My guess it has some characteristics that make subconscious programming easier.

veritas6464 said…
Hey AP,...Tell those nutjob yids, I'm gonna hold my breath 'til they quit it!

aferrismoon said…
Fresh from Georgia:

A. Peasant said…
yup. ferris, i was noticing yesterday too:

in Pakistan.
aferrismoon said…
"Hi Pakistan, we just cooked this up in Georgia adn now our drones are dropping it all over your country!"