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meanwhile in Fukushima


Penny said…
I think about Fukushima every time I am outside, looking at the beauty of the planet.

Being ruined by a bunch of greedy bastards
A. Peasant said…
i know what you mean Pen. it's distressing to watch all the children outside kicking up soccer fields, baseball fields, with all this invisible radiation lurking we don't know where.

and very obviously, not a damn thing has been brought under control, and it looks like it's about to get worse.
freethinker said…
Arnie Gundersen seems a good egg.

NILU has discontinued its Fukushima forecasts due to poor data -

last modified 2011-05-13 11:26

Thank you for your interest in the FLEXPART products for Fukushima. The Forecast system is no longer running.

We have discontinued our Flexpart forecast of the atmospheric dispersal of radionucleides from Fukushima. This due to the fact that we do not have access to reliable release rates reflecting the current situation at the plant to be used as input to our simulations. It is likely that the release of radioactive material is significantly reduced compared to the initial period, and that levels no longer pose a health risk at distance from the plant"

aye, right

However the forecast gifs seem to be getting put on their 'Zardos' server (I know your a fan of Zardos and Sean Connery's mankini AP :p ). 'Dutchsinse' has been making alarm over the symbolism of this being on 'Zardos' (post nuclear appocolypse etc) but Zardos.nilu has been around for years. Its a sad fact that scientists and engineers are geeks who like crappy old sci-fi films (but NOT SC's mankini!). The pictures do seem to be getting worse (quelle surprise).

Its not looking good.
freethinker said…
I forgot - the URL for the NILU forecast gifs is:;O=D The ones with _h in the filename would seem more useful.
Anonymous said…
Have you written anything on Susan Lindauer AP? Talk about a twisted story regarding her...

"In 2006, she was released from prison after Michael B. Mukasey ruled that Lindauer was unfit to stand trial and could not be forced to take antipsychotic medication to make her competent to stand trial."

She's feeling muuuuch better now btw, and even appearing on "alternative news programs"

On RussiaToday

So Andrew Cards cousin is a truther? Cue the ORLY owl! :-)

A. Peasant said…
hi friends. so freethinker, thanks for the link, checking it now.

i agree Arnie Gunderson seems to be ok. as long as he doesn't don a mankini, please God... yes that is a once in a lifetime experience.

so ok, taking a look at some of these gifs. no it does not look good. this is excellent data. as for dutchsinse, he's a bit spooky seems to me.

hi switters, nope this is new to me... i will check it out. many thanks. hoping to post again today or tomorrow. my blogging time has been severely curtailed by other obligations lately.
A. Peasant said…
and hi Pen! don't know about you but my booger account was unavailable the past couple of days. there was some terrible problem and i have no idea how many people were affected.
Anonymous said…
Sorry, just one more link regarding this Susan woman.

VT seems confidant she's regained her facilities. As skeptical as I am of VT, they do post Jonathon Azaziah, who seems credible to my gullible ears.

freethinker said…
Jonathan Azaziah is a remarkable writer (and talking guest on TUT) - he has dissasociated himself from VT according to comments on Mask of Zion that have recently gone down the Blogger memory hole.

Opinion-Maker apparently related to VT also seems dubious to me - some good stuff but quite a lot furthering the 'narrative'.
A. Peasant said…
i don't read too much at VT. if i do read something from there it's because some other blogger has included it in context for something.

Azaziah seems ok to me, and he is an amazing writer. so i think it's very teling that he has dissociated himself from VT. do you know what the issue was?

don't know opinion-maker. basically this is the way it goes though, this is how disinfo works. good info + bad info, the "mix" varying for the intended audience.

still need to read up on lindauer.
Penny said…
Hey Ap

yah, I got zinged!

No access for most of Thursday and Friday, missing post (thursday)
the last three posts all comments were gone and my profile was changed!

Don't know what in the hell happened.

Oh one more thing, I could not sign out, couldn't post, couldn't do anything but sign out and go back to dashboard, sign out and go back to dashboard.
When hubby came in he did something that got me out of that all but then access was gone completely.

Greg Bacon left a comment that he was affected also
freethinker said…
"Azaziah seems ok to me, and he is an amazing writer. so i think it's very teling that he has dissociated himself from VT. do you know what the issue was?"

I'm sure he's a straight arrow. The issue basically was the pro-war stance of Duff & Co against Libya. He didn't make any announcement as such but he confirmed it in a comment to his latest article, now lost by the recent Blogger outage.
Some earlier discussion of VT and Libya here-
Anonymous said…
Susan dropped by to say "Hi, no I'm not dis-info!" in the comments. How nice of her!