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death by a thousand methods

We've said it before and we'll say it again. There are powerful people who want to kill a lot of human beings. They don't care particularly which ones. They view human beings as cattle, useless eaters. They want to cull the herd. And they want to get away with it. That's very important. We can't be catching on now to the predators because they don't want us stampeding into some panic unless of course they have all their chutes and corrals ready to receive.

See: the pattern of killing and getting away with it

Just remember... every day we survive and they haven't pulled the trigger on their ultimate mindfuck is a day that We Have Won.

cattle chute and sky from cutthroat stalker

So in order to get away with killing people, the deaths must be chalked up to things such as wars, diseases, Acts of God, human error, terrorism, deadly weather, etc. No one of importance shall be held accountable. The deaths shall be deemed regrettable.

And if you wanted to reduce the population, it also makes sense to target women and children: stop procreation, destroy fertility, devastate families. It is LOGICAL.

A13 has done an excellent round up of the latest killer disease in Germany: E Coli + Germany + Bio Weapon.

We learn that this is:
  • The most virulent strain of e. coli that doctors and researchers have ever seen....
  • Producing horrible and unusual personality changes such as mental confusion and aggression... 
  • And being highly resistant to many drugs... 

And, oddly enough, making lots of women sick.

"The age and sex distribution of cases in this outbreak is highly unusual, as is the identified outbreak strain: STEC O104, Shiga toxin 2 (stx2)-positive, intimin (eae)-negative." 

But it's just a few people in Germany... so it can't possibly be a bioweapon attack.... ?

No. That's not how it works. Just because a problem seems small or localized, that does not preclude it from being directed.

Harmless little drops of water will erode solid rock over time.

And a thousand minor directed incidents will add up to many deaths over time.

And "tiny" "miniscule" radiation particles will skew the human population over time.

Millions Fewer Girls Born Due to Nuclear Radiation? June 2, 2011, National Geographic (some links removed):

Nuclear radiation from bomb tests and power plant accidents causes slightly more boys than girls to be born, a new study suggests. While effects were seen to be regional for incidents on the ground, like Chernobyl, atmospheric blasts were found to affect birth rates on a global scale.
The result: Millions fewer females have been born worldwide than would otherwise be expected, researchers estimate. And given Japan's current nuclear troubles, another boy boomlet could be on the way, experts say.
For the new study, scientists analyzed population data from 1975 to 2007 for 39 European countries and the United States.
They found an increase in the number of male births relative to female births in all of the countries investigated from 1964 to 1975—and in many eastern European countries for several years after 1986.
In "normal" circumstances, male births outnumber female births by a ratio of 105 to 100, study co-author Hagen Scherb said. "It's not known what is the biological reason for this ratio," he added. "It's a natural constant, like the constant of gravity."
The statistical bumps observed in the study are in addition to that slight natural imbalance.
The 1960s and '70s increase is attributed in the study to the global dispersal of radioactive atoms from atmospheric atomic bomb tests. The tests lofted radioactive atoms high into the atmosphere, where air currents caught the atoms and then dispersed them around the planet.
Open-air nuclear tests were most common from the late 1940s until 1963, when the Limited Test Ban Treaty sent such testing underground, at least for signatories the United States, Soviet Union, and United Kingdom.

Oh, oopsie. Regrettable. Do you suppose they had any inkling when they had that malignant flowering of curiosity about the effects of radiation?

"The malignant flowering of curiosity about the effects of radiation on humans continued for three more decades. Until the 1970s, government scientists and physicians made use of unwitting Americans in order to discover the effects of exposure. Scientists already knew that radiation was dangerous....But scientists wanted to know more. What types of physiologic damage were caused by specific levels of radiation?"

Such as fewer females being born? Win win win?

We suppose they did figure that out before last year.


A13 said…
Hi Pez,
Great post and Yes it's all so suss.Thanks too for the link over :)
Why? women?..The "creative" aspect? ie Human creation?
the ultimate creation?
Something most vile and seemingly otherworldly seems to be orchestrating a "move" methinks.

more here on the female suceptability of this New Bacteria.

"Dr Ulf Goebel of the Charite university hospital in Berlin said it might just be that this specific strain had something in it which found women's bodies suitable and not men's (just as some strains work on some ethnic groups and not others).

Intriguingly, a previous outbreak of this rare type of E. coli happened in the United States in 1994 - and again the victims were predominantly women, with the average victim being 36 years of age."

from HERE;

childbearing age..
and quite specific..I doesn't look like a "natural" variant or mutation. It looks CONCOCTED.

Day by day, this is looking more highly suspicious and conspicuous.
A very interesting post Pez, thanks again.
ps..maybe these people had the swine flu vaccine?? in the past couple of years? i wonder if there is a correlation?
dublinmick said…
EPA posts latest radiation data: Cesium-137 in Delaware drinking water above “Maximum Contaminant Level”

All the rain up that way lately didn't help.

Pregnant women are more likely to catch swing flu.
Gardisil is for women?

gov says vaccines do not effect the breast milk of nursing women... gee that is good to know.

Shocking stories of miscarriage from pregnant women who took the vaccine.

We are way past simply poisoning the well, the world's most formidable predator has moved on to bigger and better things.

To tell you the truth I haven't been feeling so well lately myself, chest pains.
Hei Hu Quan said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hei Hu Quan said…
Bio-warfare at its wretched core. Targeted strains of E. Coli and radiation such as we see spewing out of Fukushima primarily affecting women and their birth rates. Then you have strains of GM corn being exposed as having spermicidal effects. What you have left is an assault against the ranks of the masses that they view as a threat. These soul-vacated bastards maybe arrogant, but they are not quite as stupid as they would lead us to believe. They know they can't sell their horseshit forever to the populace and for this they have their birth culling contingency. They seek to whittle down the number of potential soldiers who will eventually come to strike them down with righteous vengeance. Whether it's vaccinations, poisoned food and water, cell phone radiation cancer, war, famine and what have you. It is a war against the masses waged multi-tiered on all fronts.
JJane said…
Hey, AP, just read that 78 per cent of the Pakistani children that were diagnosed with Polio were given the polio vaccine. No mention of all the DU there, but what I wanted to say about the uptick in males is that our bodies physiologically are more complicated than our males - the Corpus Collasum, for one thing, the big bundle of brain matter that integrates left and right-brain is bigger and more complex in women, not to mention biologically - maybe when the body is reproducing under stress it takes the easiest route and goes for the "simpler" model? I duuno, i guess I could catch some flak for that, but for sure how they must hate the feminine and the children.
I found this at
from Gabrial Cousens:
The bad news about Fukushima is that it was 6 nuclear reactors and 6 spent rod pools. Some physicists speculate that this is the equivalent to 8 nuclear reactors going off, which makes it 8 times the impact of Chernobyl.
not good. and no end in sight.
AND The research from Chernobyl, which was only one nuclear reactor going bad, showed that there was a 40% increase in overall U.S. mortality in the following 8 months after Chernobyl. Three months following Chernobyl there was a 900% increase in perinatal mortality in the Boston area. There was also a measured 245% increase in perinatal mortality in the Seattle region, and a 45% increase in the Southern California region. The actual epidemiological data here is undeniable."
thse numbers are scarier than shit.
25 years later and Chernobyl is still "leaking".
Clearly immune system impairment and DNA twists twisted, all sorts of genetic defects. and then the C diseases, unmeasurable numbers, and I think the death statistics are low and unknowable.
Oh, I get it - that's where THEY came from - they're mutants.
Fukushima feels like a big win for the 'paths although having said that, I also doubt that they will escape unscathed, although they probably must have very strong God-like belief systems - cnvictin which might counteract radiation poisoning, I think. maybe.

ps - planted two lime trees for you in your honor after your 'eat fresh fruit'. they're doing fine:)

hugs frm the jungle, AP and thanks again for all the good intel. Awarenes is resistance!!
nobody said…

Here I am! Wonders will never cease.

I just wanted to say that the other obvious aspect of it all is that men are far more useful to the death cult than women are. They can haul heavier guns over greater distances and kill more people when they get there. Dumb beasts only need apply and men are far better suited to that than chicks.

Hmm... did I stump all the women's libbers out there? I expect so.

Anyway, the question du jour - what good are women to cherry marines and paedophiles? a) not much, b) none, c) someone shoot that whiny bitch for fuck's sake.

Just channelling you understand...
aferrismoon said…

New MRSA strain found in cows that will transfer to humans from too many antibiotics given to cows.

As far as men being more useful to carry guns for the death cult - drones only need operators mate, as does most war now.

Men and women are equally likely to die in 'their ' war, but u can get the men on the battlefield, down the mines etc. For the ladies u need other options.

If it is from a 'food source' it highlights how far our connexion with food has gone - in that most people can't grow their own.

And factory food , its a problem

A13 said…
mr nobody said
"Hmm... did I stump all the women's libbers out there? I expect so"

no, you didn't :0
I'm a Human Being libber!!!
we are all in this together big boy!
Cheers to you ;)
A. Peasant said…
thanks for the many great comments and links. it will be an eight hour shift at least before i can look it all over and respond.... but i see them talking about this on the teevee news and blaming the veggies.

probably the crochet vegetables.
Penny said…
and then there is that contraceptive corn???
bholanath said…
Insecticidal protein from Bt (bacillus thuringiensis) GMO crops found in 93% of pregnant women's BLOOD and UMBILICAL CORDS in Canada study.
Anaughty Mouser said…

"Israel unloaded several white phosphorus bombs on Gaza in April (2011)" J.Azaziah

My question: Is "israel" completely fucking barking-mad CRAZY to be killing Gaza children in front of the whole world?

Fact: the country of "israel" IS a false flag. Their flag is the criminal goldsmith Bauer's red shield. The "country" of Rothschildlandia is as false as the Balfor "declaration" paper written and paid for by false-jew Khazarian Ashkenazis. This "country" is as fake as a three dollar bill.

It is time to end the fakery, the madness, the murder.

Dissolve "israel" before it samsonises the whole world as they did 9/11. Put Nathan and his whole criminal klan in prison (sic).

Press restart and begin the civilised world again - without any usury or any fraction reserve banking. There is no other way - the system can never be fixed as it presently exists. Corruption exists at every single level in every single governing body in every single country everywhere in the world.

If you love your children, if you love life, the above MUST occur worldwide!


A. Peasant said…
dubs -- those stories are very interesting in that the women miscarried very quickly after the shot.

the data about miscarriages was brushed under the rug:

"A shocking report from the National Coalition of Organized Women (NCOW) presented data from two different sources demonstrating that the 2009/10 H1N1 vaccines contributed to an estimated 1,588 miscarriages and stillbirths. A corrected estimate may be as high as 3,587 cases. NCOW also highlights the disturbing fact that the CDC failed to inform their vaccine providers of the incoming data of the reports of suspected H1N1 vaccine related fetal demise."

covered in this post:

but that doesn't stop all these reports in the news, and i see them frequently, trying to spin that the shot is good for pregnant women.

"The study found that babies who were born during the flu season, by mothers that were vaccinated against influenza during their pregnancy, were less likely to be premature."

-- of course not including the babies who were aborted by the vaccine...
A. Peasant said…
HHQ, ferris, you know it. and nobs, too accurate.

"Anyway, the question du jour - what good are women to cherry marines and paedophiles? a) not much, b) none, c) someone shoot that whiny bitch for fuck's sake."

that reminds me of the post you did that starts out with the pedophile killing the child in the airplane...

you gonna write again? what if we beg?

Pen, yes the corn, the gardasil, the radiation, the flu vaccine, this latest illness? .... there are many ways to reduce fertility and births, all of which are suitably deniable and regrettable. as long as people don't notice the common denominator, no problem.

bho -- unbelievable.

"Till now, scientists and multinational corporations promoting GM crops have maintained that Bt toxin poses no danger to human health as the protein breaks down in the human gut. But the presence of this toxin in human blood shows that this does not happen....Cry1Ab toxin was detected in 93 per cent and 80 per cent of maternal and fetal blood samples, respectively and in 69 per cent of tested blood samples from non-pregnant women. "

at first it's nothing to worry about, and then come to find out it transmits into the blood stream NO PROBLEM. and they didn't know. right.
A. Peasant said…
Jane -- much love to you and thank you for planting the lime trees!! i love limes, key lime pie, limey cocktails, coconut and lime shrimp, etc. when you water them next please give them my love!

astonishing numbers about mortality. the connection between disease and it's true causes -- pollution into our bodies through air, water, food, drugs -- has been glossed over by false narratives, and the prescription for whatever ails is more drugs and maybe some radiation. and people just accept it.

i came across this the other day for anyone interested in remedies. i don't know much about it but it looks interesting:

if anyone knows anything good or bad about it, please chime in.
A. Peasant said…

"My question: Is "israel" completely fucking barking-mad CRAZY to be killing Gaza children in front of the whole world?"

no not crazy. the reason they get away with it, in my experience, is that many Americans are racists who have bought into the lie that israelis and jews and americans are superior to any other arab / muslim / brown people including palestinians who may or may not be christians. they have just swallowed so much jewish propaganda over the years. they have internalized it.

i had a relative during cast lead ask me WHY I CARED that the israelis were killing the palestinians, who were obviously all terrorists anyway, and this person considered that i was the racist, meaning anti-semite, for not supporting the israelis, who are our special brothers due to the judeo-christian narrative bullshit.

with attitudes like this baked in to people who make zero effort to get any news anywhere but teevee, the israelis will continue to kill whoever they want and get away with it.

it's going to take something really really obvious to snap these people out of their mental torpor.
chuckyman said…
And so the opening salvos of the last Great War are fired. No great artillery barrage – more a light sprinkle of devil dust

I’ve been a bit remiss in my end of the conversation.

I don’t mean the following as some sort of kiss-up to the ladies. There are lots of valid reasons why women would be targeted - if for no other reason than their ability to reproduce. The secondary reason is the effect on the nearest and dearest around them - their men folk.

‘They’ have spent a century in fracturing society into a trillion pieces. It’s not like the good old days and it’s not as easy to march the herd off to the camps and global war. Think of the focus groups required.

All sarcasm aside I think that the one factor in the world than they have targeted is the feminine. Why? Men and women are different but the world really doesn’t zip along smoothly until they work together.

In the last few centuries we have been bombarded in the various media (print, radio and visual) with the ideal of ‘love’. I’m not opposed to the idea and happen to be happily in that place. 200 years ago – pre khazar media – people married for practical reasons. Whence love?

Life is hard and was harder then. Sharing that struggle was the key. Each party brought something to the table. What about the modern time. We see a society of gender confusion. Woman against men and men emasculated.

The product of feminism has been the equivalent of emasculation for women. They have lost their inner core. That is the plan. Industrialisation has been a disaster. It merely makes us cogs in a vast machine. We cannot be citizens – we must be consumers.

It seems to me that the feminine is the key to the way out/back/ home.

I know this is completely off the main topic but when I sat down to write this is what came out.
nobody said…
Hey AP,

Did you know that there's a 'slow blog' movement, a la the slow food movement? When I saw that it was like a light bulb going off. That's me! Not that I'm complaining about daily bloggers (confirmed Aangir-fan, me) but it's all a reaction to that scribble-any-old-shit-as-often-as-possible mindset (most clearly seen in SMS's and twitter).

Anyway... I'm bloody slow. Those longer pieces were taking four solid days. And I can't do that in other people's houses. Not forgetting of course that I'm an airhead who's very easily distracted.

But at the moment it's no so bad. I'm staying at my mum's (yeah, yeah, eyeroll) where there is space and I do have time to write. So I'm working my way there. It'll happen eventually.

Otherwise good discussion here. Apropos Israelis doing their thing in public, whilst Jews understand better than anybody the necessity of misrepresenting, or hiding, their murderous hatred of goyim (and of course the murder itself), in reality they'd like to do it in public and brag about it.

They're only human after all. And God knows that humans (particularly ones with monstrous egos) like bragging about themselves. That's why Jews are always torn - they know they can't brag about massacring goyim but they really, really want to.

So that's the plan: a one world government with them as our acknowledged masters, slaughtering us at will, and those left alive forced to behave like barking seals applauding their every move.

A Jewish wet dream heaven!
Anonymous said…
War is a favorite tool of the depopulationists. Now that the economy is over the cliff look for a really big war to start so the banksters can profit off of all sides. All civilians will be viewed as collateral damage.

*a nony mouse*
A. Peasant said…
Chuck, actually not off topic at all. i agree with your analysis and would just add that attacking women and children also makes the men who love them feel helpless. so it does tremendous damage all the way around. it is the point of greatest vulnerability.

nobs, i salute you with grim laughter. now quit your whinging and start writing something. "on Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 3:45 pm, N's buddy C wrote:" time to move that down the page a bit. kiss kiss hug hug and all that.