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gassing up the narrative hot air balloon
swearing in Ambassador Roger Noriega
who testified this month before the House Subcommittee on Counterterrorism

"Noriega was the chief architect of the coup d'etat against Haiti's internationally recognized democratically elected President [Aristide] and all 7,000 elected officials of Haiti. In another display of his lack of professionalism, and again displaying behavior generally begging for anger management training, Roger Noriega threw a temper tantrum going as far as saying he thinks he has worked for the US government long enough! The New York Times today attributed Noriega's abrupt decision to the administration's appointment of Caleb McCarry, a Republican Congressional staffer, to the role of transition coordinator on Cuba, which took "primary responsibility for Cuba...away from him." Noriega, an arch conservative of Mexican descent, worked as a staffer for the Aristide-hating Senator Jessie Helms, who was bent on destroying Aristide, and the Clinton administration, from the very start. Going against all of the principles of democracy, Noriega's administration, under his direct orders, caused rifts throughout the Caribbean and Latin America that have reverberated throughout the world." July 30, 2005

What do we know about Paraguay and the Tri-Border Area (TBA)? A review for those who have not been following along:

We know that human trafficking represents the fastest growing organized criminal industry, and a huge flow of trafficked human beings comes into the United States through Texas, among other places.

Following the trail to South America brings one to the Tri-Border Area, now also known as the Bangkok of Latin America, since after the tsunami many hardened sex tourists diverted to the TBA.

And we know that lots of AGENTS are in the TBA.

But immigration officer Emilio Osses, who oversees one of the Argentine checkpoints in the area, said that contrary to popular belief, this is not the worst trafficking hotspot on Argentina's border. He says that this tri-border area is heavily controlled — saturated with officers from at least eight local, federal and international agencies, including lots of CIA agents.

We noted at that time the EXTENSIVE NARRATIVE in place about the TBA being tied to Hezbollah since around 2002, and the continued raising of the early 1990s bomb attacks on Jewish targets in Argentina, also courtesy of Hezbollah. If you pay attention, you will notice these bombings get brought up over and over and over again by authorities and experts who want you to believe in the narrative.

See: where is the house of cake?
See: violence around the world

After doing many posts about Paraguay and the TBA, we learned that this entire narrative is what is technically known as a Crock Of Shit.

We found all sorts of curious things about Paraguay.

Powerful people at think tanks have been yakking about the TBA since 2002.

After September 11th, the U.S.-led “war on terror” moved swiftly into Afghanistan. Once the heavy combat had diminished, speculation turned to what the next target would be. The Philippines, the former Soviet republic of Georgia, Yemen, Somalia, and Indonesia were all discussed as possibilities. Except for a few disparate stories, the tri-border region of South America received little attention as a locus of terrorist activity despite a recent history of Islamist terrorist activity. But this region, which already has a history of mass casualty Islamic terrorism, is also an area of concern. ( LINK DEFUNCT

...Board of directors for that think tank include Ted Turner, Sam Nunn, Pete Dominici, Richard Lugar, etc. See think tanks: where experts go to reverse engineer plans for world domination.
The "history of mass casualty Islamic terrorism" of course refers to the Argentinian bombings in 1992 and 1994, which come up over and over and over again to JUSTIFY the narrative. However, forensic evidence showed that the bombs were INSIDE the Jewish controlled buildings, and that's why these attacks have never been solved.


To be crystal clear, the "history of mass casualty Islamic terrorism" linked to Hezbollah in South America, in particular the TBA, is a false narrative. The narrative also presents the TBA as an organized crime paradise. That is a half truth. The TBA IS an organized crime paradise BECAUSE it is crawling with international spooks. The spooks are on the payroll of organized crime, running the trafficking rings. That's why the trafficking problems never get solved. Furthermore, all the top organized crime bosses have Israeli passports, a FACT well known to the authorities for many years.

Organized crime is ORGANIZED. That's the point.
How does organ trafficking work if not for corrupt people in hospitals?
How does human trafficking happen if not for corrupt people in customs?
How does drug trafficking happen if not for corrupt people in law enforcement?
How does money laundering happen if not for corrupt people in banking?
How does weapons trafficking happen if not for corrupt people in the military?
How does disease kill so many if not for corrupt people in the sciences?


Organized crime is run by the "Russian Mafia." The "Russian Mafia" is run by Jews with Israeli passports. Israel will never extradite these criminals.

We also learned about Fernando Lugo, pedophile president of Paraguay with many connections to the CIA.

We also learned about the Chaco, in Northern Paraguay, and all the mysterious things going on there.

Pardon the recap, but if you want to understand why all the following "news" is a pack of lies, please read the above links.


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Roger Noriega, pictured at top, testified last week before the House Subcommittee on Counterterrorism. He currently has a job with the AEI, a famous neocon think tank that was instrumental in helping the US commit the Iraq war war by peddling lies. He told the committee that Hezbollah is working with the drug cartels along the US / Mexico border, and and trying to radicalize Islamic populations in several Mexican cities, and represents a threat to the homeland, and:

...If our government and responsible partners in Latin America fail to act, I believe there will be an attack on U.S. personnel, installations or interests in the Americas as soon as Hezbollah operatives believe that they are capable of such an operation without implicating their Iranian sponsors in the crime.
He mentions a "key operative" as Ghazi Atef Salameh Nassereddine Abu Ali, born in Lebanon and now Venezuela's #2 diplomat to Syria.

And supposedly this guy Nassereddine has a couple of brothers, and they were blacklisted by the US Treasury in 2008 for fundraising and logistical support of Hezbollah. From his written statement:

Using his diplomatic status, Nassereddine has built and consolidated relationships with Hezbollah officials in the Middle East, first in Lebanon and now in Syria. Meanwhile, his brother Abdallah Nassereddine, maintains relationships in the broader Islamic community via a multi-national organization known as the Federation of Arab and American Associations. (FEARAB has affiliates throughout South America and the Caribbean with most regional meetings held in Sao Paulo or Buenos Aires.) All the while, their younger brother, Oday Nassereddine, has established a powerbase in Venezuela by setting up training operations on Margarita Island, and is now recruiting adherents via the Circulos Bolivarianos in Barquisimeto, 170 miles southwest of Caracas. (The Circulos Bolivarianos are ubiquitous neighborhood monitoring committees made up of the most radical followers of Hugo Chávez.)
FEARAB???? FEAR ARAB???? Get it? Of course what self-respecting terrorist Arab enemy of Israel scum WOULDN'T pick an acronym that spells FEAR ARAB? We mean that is just so believable, isn't it? It sounds like something straight out of Rita Katz's Site Intelligence made-for-teevee Osama tape headquarters.

Weirdly, some other brothers blacklisted in May 2009 for the very same activities by the US Treasury were named Ali, Kassam, and Husain (Hassan) Tajideen (Tajidden) [it's important to not have ANY CONSISTENCY WHATSOEVER when spelling Arabic names in English because it allows for the maximum confusion]; and Husain was allegedly killed in that mysterious Ethiopian plane crash off the coast of Lebanon (scoll down to Jan 25 for the beginning of the plane crash coverage). Somehow they had all this trouble finding the black boxes and everything, but Tajideen's body was miraculously recovered right away and buried in record time.

"Father (C) and relatives of Hassan Tajeddin, a victim of the crashed Ethiopian Airlines plane, mourn during his son's funeral at Hanawei village, southern Lebanon, January 26, 2010." Reuters

"Lebanese Nejmeh Tajeddine, center, mourns over the coffin of her husband, prominent businessman Hassan Tajeddine _ a very rich and influential Shiite family in southern Lebanon and a strong Hezbollah supporter _ who was one of few people so far identified from Monday's Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 crash, during his funeral in the southern village of Hanaway near the port city of Tyre, Lebanon, Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2010." AP photo

We don't know what other people see here but we know what we see. Just for comparison, this is one of the more haunting images of grief we've come across, aside from the funeral of the little girl in When The Levees Broke (the 2006 documentary).

And now we have a new set of brothers, the Nassereddines, who have a very similar profile to the Tajideen brothers.

See: passenger of interest
"Kassim Tajideen is an important financial contributor to Hizballah who operates a network of businesses in Lebanon and Africa. He has contributed tens of millions of dollars to Hizballah and has sent funds to Hizballah through his brother, a Hizballah commander in Lebanon. In addition, Kassim Tajideen and his brothers run cover companies for Hizballah in Africa."
Meanwhile Hugo Chavez has cancer, which Mr. Noriega finds a good thing, but most likely that South American terror network has already "metastasized," and something might happen in Brazil. In any case before that happens we suggest Chavez should ask Lugo who treated him in Brazil, since Lugo enjoyed a complete recovery.

See: fakers?

Fernando Lugo in May and October 2010.
Proving that he is a sick president?
Maybe he can thank the doctors in Brazil, since he routinely left Paraguay for treatments.

So, our point here is that this narrative is being puffed up again with more hot air. There's a lot going on and this is but one of the threads. We do expect that another false flag directly affecting Americans will be REQUIRED to catapult the propaganda. A narrative has been set up over many years that will allow instantaneous linkages through Mexico and South America, then to West Africa, and then to Lebanon and Syria, and then to Iran; the ultimate goal being, of course, "whatever war Israel wants." These experts are ready to go with all their fabricated history -- they can hop on teevee at a moment's notice and set the narrative up for ALL THE GULLIBLE AND LAZY AMERICANS WHO CALL THEMSELVES PATRIOTS BUT NEVER LIFT A FUCKING FINGER TO LOOK ANYTHING UP INDEPENDENTLY OR HAVE AN INDEPENDENT THOUGHT OR CRITICAL THINKING SESSION. It works the same way every time. These recent hearings about Hezbollah and the TBA threatening American national security fit into that narrative, which, as pointed out exhaustively in the above links, is a Crock Of Shit, just like the pre-Iraq War narratives turned out to be a Crock Of Shit.

See this video found by HHQ, around minute 55 for the run up to the war against Iraq.


Anonymous said…
Many thanks for this valuable and detailed account.

- Aangirfan
Anonymous said…
That organ thing made me remember something someone once said concerning drivers licences. They said - don't ever get "organ donor" on your licence because if you have to go to the hospital for any reason you might never come out again. It's so sad that we live in that kind of world. What ever happened to civilization?
Anonymous said…
like a nice warming cup of tea...

thankyou mrs peasant.....neil
A. Peasant said…
haha, well i was feeling rather hot and bitchy especially at the part about my gullible countrymen but hey, warmth is warmth. neil are you in the UK, if you don't mind me asking?
bholanath said…
AP - Just love your grasp of technical terminology.
Really helps my comprehension of these convoluted matters.
A. Peasant said…
haha, love you bho. i knew you would get my meaning....
questioning said…
Knockin` `em outta da ballpark! Hell of a compilation Ma`am! As for the grief photo comparisons, dare I say the crypto-Tribies look like they`re trying and dyin`? I may be very wrong, hope I am.

WV: alliv. May we be alliv in a world of peace and truth. P.S. U of Minnesota has a new alloy out that converts heat into electricity. Ain`t that neat? Hmm.....
Mouser said…
Allow collapse.

ALL private central bank debt be made null and void.

End all private central banks and usury on government issued currency universally.

Hang all Rothschild and zionist associates if they obstruct the end of this crime syndicate. They will lose every single penny or their heads - their choice.

L. Skywalker said…
That Darth Vader balloon is cool. Love how you cut through all the layers of bravo sierra so the layman can understand these topics. Thank You! Mouser agreed the too big to fail is an epic failure. Let all these banks and institutions collapse and start over.
A. Peasant said…
greetings padawan. i am a layman too and these are all the things i have learned by studying the force.
A. Peasant said…
questioning, those people don't look all that sad. it seems very obvious. furthermore, at the time i looked and looked for pics of his funeral and they weren't around, there was no coverage nada zip zilch. i was surprised to find them so easily this time except of course they were under a different spelling. which still makes no sense because we all know google is so helpful when you misspell something and asks "did you mean XXXXX?" so theoretically that should have happened when i looked right after the accident.
A. Peasant said…
mouser, we expect collapse is coming but whose opportunity will it become? the banks themselves have to collapse the system and they'll use some other events to hide their hand and try to reboot something bigger and better for them. so somewhere after collapse but before reboot, which will no doubt be a period of utter chaos, that people have to be most aware of what is happening.
questioning said…
But of course! Google is SOOOO helpful....except when it ain`t. Cynical of me? Naaaahhhh. I like Startpage or Scroogle myself. Never did Linuxware though I hear good things. Google is a last resort and you gotta be tricky. Thank You for verifying that I am not crazy in thinking that "funeral" seems a Mourning is the same everywhere, that is, it runs the gamut of genuine human emotions. THOSE particular photos look glycerine-laced....
A. Peasant said…
hi q. i have tried other search engines but i do still mostly use google. and i don't have a good reason either, damn me. creature of habit.

the whole plane crash scene was a fiasco that went on for many many days. i followed it very carefully at the time. this apparently fake funeral goes right along with all the other confusion and bullshit that they pulled with that crash.