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"The devil is no fool. He can get people feeling about heaven the way they ought to feel about hell. He can make them fear the means of grace the way they do not fear sin. And he does so, not by light but by obscurity, not be realities but by shadows, not by clarity and substance but by dreams and the creatures of psychosis. And men are so poor in intellect that a few cold chills down their spine will be enough to keep them from ever finding out the truth about anything." 
~ Thomas Merton, The Seven Storey Mountain

We learn about the attacks in Norway. Aangirfan summarizes the key points:

1. July 2011 -- Norway will end its involvement in Libya on 8/1/11.
2. March 2011 -- The Socialist Left party in Norway supports military action against Israel if Israel acts against Hamas in Gaza.
3. January 2011 -- Norway's Minister of Foreign Affairs will recognize the Palestinian state once it is set up.

"During the coming September and October, there will be a new situation and ground reality regarding the Palestinian state and that new situation should be handled and dealt with," he said. "We hope the Palestinian state will be a part of the international community by that time," he added. ...
And you know what happened next. Norway suffers devastating terrorist attack.

ALSO SEE Kenny's Sideshow for an excellent round up of the blogosphere unpacking this Norway psyop.

Norway hadn’t taken seriously the threat of terrorism, according to a 2009 U.S. diplomatic memorandum distributed by Wikileaks and posted on the Aftenposten newspaper’s website. The document focused on the threat of Islamist attacks.
Check out the memorandum. Norwegians have an aversion to force. Norwegians do not believe in the terrorism narratives. Norwegians have been donating money to Palestinian causes. Norwegians think they are a "moral superpower." Norwegians sent Jews to concentration camps. Norwegians are anti-semitic. BAD NORWEGIANS.

Mr. Breivik hates Muslims..... so he murdered a bunch of Norwegians.

We guess Norway will take the threat of terrorism seriously now.....?

Breivik's analog is Timothy McVeigh and the patriot movement.

Interesting because the patriot movement formed after the S&L debacle. The patriot movement correctly identified the banksters as their problem. The patriot movement was infiltrated and destroyed from within, stocked with patsies.

The Oklahoma City bombing was planned from Elohim City, a paramilitary training camp / apocalyptic white separatist sect in the hills of Oklahoma, a "neo Nazi type camp." The head of security at Elohim City was Andreas Strassmeir, who spoke fluent Hebrew, had a girlfriend in the IDF, knew lots of people in military and intelligence, and enjoyed full diplomatic immunity. He also had connections to South America.


We've been writing about South America and you might be sick of it. However we see a lot of carefully prepared narratives and South America is so close to North America and we just really feel that these narratives were set up for a reason. ESPECIALLY since they very conveniently link back to Lebanon and Syria.

We also see that Norway will recognize the Palestinian State expected in late 2011. Norway is not the only country planning to recognize the Palestinian State. Several South American states announced plans to do the same.

After Brazil announced in early December that it recognised a Palestinian state, Argentina, Bolivia and Ecuador followed suit, and Paraguay and Uruguay said they would do the same in early 2011. Chile and Peru are also expected to reach a similar decision. Before this month, Venezuela was the only country in South America to have done so.
See: getting ready to solve more problems

Aangirfan writes: 

In the days ahead, we can expect more false flag terror events.

These will be used by the corporate media to portray opponents to the bankster scam as child killing terrorists.

For the global elite, mass murder blamed on political opponents is a legitimate tool in the plan to take down national economies and install a one-world totalitarian government and banking system run in neofeudal fashion.
We agree.

"Not far to São Paulo's west lies the Tri-Border Area (TBA), where Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay meet. The TBA has long been identified as a hub of terrorist activity, especially for the Iranian-backed Hizballah."
Steve Emerson, http://www.investigativeproject.org/documents/case_docs/1505.pdf

See: where is the house of cake?

What could possibly be worse than the TBA we ask?

According to certain people, now we have the "hub of the hub" of  "Islamist terror" in the America's: Isla de Margarita off the coast of Venezuela.

click to enlarge
please excuse our cheesy annotations but we took the liberty of identifying

Isla de Margarita is much much closer to the homeland, we might add, than the TBA.

The Holiday Island of Isla de Margarita, Venezuela, Hosts Hezbollah Militants, July 21, 2011


Hudson as in.... The Hudson Institute!

Before we get into this "news" let's check out a few other things from their website, like the "Most Viewed" and "Most Mailed" boxes, as of Thursday July 21, 2011:

Gaza on the left

What is it that the Palestinians cannot accept "LESS THAN 100%" of, and why do Palestinians "BITE the
HAND that FEEDS THEM???" That's the spirit.

click to enlarge
your generosity enables more of this:
more Russia and China BAD,
more Iran BAD
more fake democracy
more green agenda
more useless wheel-spinning to make more useless laws and reforms
more fighting "states" that train their children to be "suicide killers"  (hint hint hint!)
more tracking of terrorist funding but don't look in Lower Manhattan for any giant money laundries known as BANKS

You can also check out their columnists, a big big list but we will CHERRY PICK it for you.

CFR/PNAC member Daniel Pipes (left) shares a photo with Geert Wilders, the man
helping fan the flames of his PNAC's "New Pearl Harbor."
Land Destroyer: Meet Geert Wilders

NOW that we know who they are, let's read what they say about Isla de Margarita.

The holiday island of Isla de Margarita, situated in the Caribbean Sea, has one of the most beautiful beaches of Venezuela and breathtaking scenery. It is here, on the island of exquisite hotels and a glamorous nightlife, that the US military's Southern Command has reported the presence of Hezbollah's support and logistics cells -- one of the most important centers of "terrorist gathering" and "money laundering activities" for Hezbollah.
WHERE and WHEN did SOUTHCOM report the presence of Hezbollah "support and logistics cells" on Isla de Margarita?!???

We try to confirm this very serious allegation being made in JULY 2011. Surely news this important would have been reported. The only thing we can find is that Air Force General Douglas Fraser testified before the House and Senate Armed Services Committees on March 11 and 18, 2011 as part of SOUTHCOM's Annual Posture Statement. And here is what he said about Hezbollah and Iran: 

  • Iran continues expanding regional ties to support its own diplomatic goal of reducing the impact of international sanctions connected with its nuclear program. While much of Iranís engagement in the region has been with Venezuela and Bolivia, it has nearly doubled the number of embassies in the region in the past decade and hosted three regional heads of state in 2010. Currently, Iranian engagement with Venezuela appears to be based on shared interests: avoiding international isolation; access to military and petroleum technologies; and the reduction of U.S. influence. Together with our interagency partners, U.S. Southern Command will continue to monitor Iranian activity in the region consistent with law and policy to ensure that U.S. laws and international sanctions are respected, and that our existing partnerships remain strong and well-functioning.
Sanctions on Iran push Iran to expand diplomatic ties to lessen the negative impact of said sanctions. (Stop the sanctions?) Iran doubles embassies in South America and hosts three heads of state. So far we fail to see anything ILLEGAL here with Team Iran. 

  • In addition to extra-regional state actors, members of violent extremist organizations (VEOs) from the Middle East remain active in Latin America and the Caribbean and constitute a potential threat. Hezbollah supporters continue to raise funds within the region to finance their worldwide activities. Several entities affiliated with Islamic extremism are increasing efforts to recruit adherents in the region, and we continue to monitor this situation closely. Additionally, we deploy military information and civil affairs teams to under-governed spaces to help our regional partners to hinder these recruitment efforts and counter VEO propaganda.
IN ADDITION, there are other things going on, not specifically tied to Team Iran. Again, just potential threats of unidentified "supporters," who could be anyone that gives money to charities or sends money home. There's nothing here. If they had something they would say so. And by the way here they are admitting they send operatives into the geopolitical black holes.  

Responding to questions about extra-regional influence from the committee, Gen. Fraser seemed to play down the threat. As in previous years, he emphasized that Southcom is seeing diplomatic and economic cooperation, but not military cooperation.
  • It’s still primarily focused on political, diplomatic, commercial relationships within all those countries. And that is a normal, international process, if you will. … Regarding Iran, very similar if you will, primarily diplomatic and commercial. … Hezbollah and Hamas do have organizations in the region. I have not seen them growing in any capacity and I see primarily any support that they are giving is financial support, principally back to parent organizations in the Middle East. I have not seen connections that go beyond that to date.

Well, we MISSED THE PART about SOUTHCOM reporting that Isla de Margarita "hosts" Hezbollah "support and logistics cells." That is a bit of a stretch. So how did we get from general organizations (designated as terrorists by the US) in the region sending money back home and nothing more to Isla de Margarita being the hub of the hub of Islamist terrorism in the Americas?

Roger Noriega helped. He testified earlier this month, four months after General Fraser, and added another layer to the narrative.

Witnesses for the hearing include Roger F. Noriega, a senior fellow of the American Enterprise Institute, and Douglas Farah, a senior fellow of the International Assessment and Strategy Center. Their testimony is expected to closely follow recent statements to a Senate committee from Air Force General Douglas Fraser, commanding officer of the U.S. Southern Command. 
If you click through there you can easily see the LACK OF EVIDENCE. The narrative works on innuendo and suggestions: reputed head of Hezbollah, allegedly setting up a network of operatives, believed to have helped Hezbollah, according to US officials, etc. Nothing but a theory smearing Muslims in Latin America, built on the testimony of General Fraser.

Brother of Venezuelan diplomat in Syria set training operation in Isla de Margarita
Ambassador Roger Noriega, formerly head of the Organization of American States [OAS], during a recent Hearing of the Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence Committee on Homeland Security, testified that a key operative in the Hezbollah network in Latin America is the Lebanese-born Ghazi Atef Salameh Nassereddine Abu Ali, Venezuela's No. 2 diplomat in Syria.
Nasreddine, who was black-listed by the U.S. Department of the Treasury in June 2008 for his fundraising and logistical support to Hezbollah, is managing, along with his brothers, a network that "raises and launders money and recruits and trains operatives to expand Hezbollah's influence in Venezuela and throughout Latin America." This network also has a presence in Isla Margarita. Ambassador Noriega stated that the Venezuelan diplomat's younger brother, Oday Nassereddine, has established a powerbase in Venezuela by setting up training operations on Isla de Margarita.
Training operations? That sounds rather serious. Sounds like paramilitaries which are a scourge on humanity.

Reading the Hudson article closely, we see a book mentioned. A book written in 2009, a biography of Hugo Chavez written by Douglas E. Schoen and Michael Rowen, a couple of seasoned political consultants one of whom is definitely Jewish. The full title is The Threat Closer to Home: Hugo Chavez and the War Against America. Published January 2009.

And these authors alleged that Isla de Margarita was the "hub of the hub" of Islamist terror in the Americas, back in 2009.

So IF it were true that Isla de Margarita was the "hub of the hub" of terror that the authors claimed almost three years ago, when their book was published, then clearly the information would have been known long before January 2009, since books don't get written and published overnight. Conservatively, this information, IF TRUE, would be about four or five years old, during which time surely something would have been done about it by now, we would have to assume...? Because otherwise we would have to ask WHY, if these authors discovered this in writing their book, so surely the authorities have known about this for four or five years, haven't they disrupted these supposed training operations? Then again, the authority called General Fraser of Southcom just said in March that:

"Hezbollah and Hamas do have organizations in the region. I have not seen them growing in any capacity and I see primarily any support that they are giving is financial support, principally back to parent organizations in the Middle East. I have not seen connections that go beyond that to date." 
No connections beyond money being sent back home presumably means NO TRAINING CAMPS. Unless of course there ARE training camps but those guys are ON THE PAYROLL, in which case we would find out "by surprise," which is what seems to be the set up here with this little narrative seedling planted and watered. Once again, we are just trying to show you how these narratives work and WHO DRIVES THEM, who is  ALLOWED to drive them and TWIST the words of people like General Fraser, and those would be the sorts of people who work at think tanks like the Hudson Institute. The threat closer to home.

Hezbollah militants infiltrate into the U.S.
The book, Threat Closer to Home by Douglas Schoen and Michael Rowan, reveals that the "hub of the hub" of Islamist terror in the America is Isla de Margarita. "The island has long been home to a large Lebanese expatriate population, and Hezbollah has had a foothold there for decades," the authors write. Lebanese expatriates in Isla de Margarita were involved in 1992 in helping Hezbollah militants to establish a terrorist cell in Charlotte, North Carolina, by infiltrating them into the U.S.. Other terrorist might have been smuggled into the U.S. as well, however, without having been discovered by the American authorities.
This 1990s incident is known as Operation Smokescreen, and neocons like Daniel Pipes have written breathless exposes about the filthy and arrogant Hezbollah terrorists taking advantage of the good Americans.

Pipes says this operation confirmed:
  • There is no American bias against Muslims.
  • Islamist money is flowing to the Middle East from the US and not the other way around.
  • Uneducated Islamist immigrants commonly show contempt for the US.
  • The hapless US authorities routinely bungle matters and we are only saved from terrorist doom by lucky breaks.
Of course this incident lead to *another* book for other authors...

But back to the Chavez book:
The book further explains that the banks of the island, declared as a free-trade zone by the Venezuelan government, are integral to a network of financial institution in the Caribbean region that facilitate "drug trafficking, money laundering, and terrorist fund-raising." The two authors explain that Isla de Margarita is home to several "quasi-legal front businesses that funnel money overseas to terrorists, as well as to outright illegal enterprises whose profits similarly get steered to Middle eastern terror".
The banks on the island launder money? And how does that make them any different from Wachovia?
The island has also a false-documents industry that provides fake passports, identity cards and travel documents to terrorists. It is hence the perfect "transit center for terrorists and terror sympathizers, a way station for trips within the region and overseas to the Middle East." The island is also used as a stop-off to the Tri-border area -- where Brazil Argentina and Paraguay converge -- where Hezbollah and Hamas are operating. Ambassador Noriega in his testimony reports that during the spring of 2011, two Iranian Hezbollah operatives were conducting terror training on Venezuela's Margarita Island for persons brought there from other countries in the Latin America.
False document industry ==> "the perfect transit center for terrorists and terror sympathizers"....?

another stretch...

Drug trafficking
Isla de Margarita is also a place of interest for Hezbollah thanks to drug trafficking: the terrorist movement is financing itself and its weapons through narco-terrorism. The book Gangrillas by Mendez Beddow and Sam Thibodeaux reports that the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has alerted ghost planes flying several routes between Isla Margarita, Central America, Europe and Western Africa. "These flights carry illegal drugs from the opium producing nations, and from the cocaine countries," the authors state..

The DEA knows about ghost flights carrying drugs? We bet they do and so we BELIEVE them but where's the proof that it's Hezbollah?
Hamas in the Isla de Margarita
The Venezuelan island is reported also to be not only the center of Hezbollah illegal activities, but also a center for Hamas to funnel funds to its terrorist organization. Besides the Tri-border area, however, other free trade zones in Latin America, such as Iquique in Chile and Maicao in Colombia, are reported to be centers for Hezbollah's and Hamas's activities.



malcontent said...

This incident in Norway was the single most depraved, narcissistic and cowardly act I can imagine.

Machine gunning children for political gain?

This incident also shows just how useless our panopticon defenses actually are when a boob like this can publish his intentions for years in advance and go so completely undetected.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the links.


- Aangirfan

james said...

Malcontent said . .
" This incident also shows just how useless our panopticon defenses actually are when a boob like this can publish his intentions for years in advance and go so completely undetected.

I think you're missing the complete 'scripted' nature of this whole operation that involves the police, security agencies, certain foreign governments and, of course, the media.

You seem to have fallen victim to the myopia of "The Lone Gunman".

A. Peasant said...

per my summary of daniel pipes rehash of the operation smokescreen:

The hapless US authorities routinely bungle matters and we are only saved from terrorist doom by lucky breaks.

bungling happens on purpose because it allows for the human error excuse. it then allows people to call for more laws and regulations and power to oversee, all of which of course are useless. no one of consequence is every held accountable.

state sponsored violence is not investigated. bumbling authorities are very useful for losing evidence and screwing up investigations "by accident." for instance the police in pakistan promptly hosed down the pavement after benazir bhutto assassination, washing away the evidence. oops!

there are many uses for bumbling, bungling authorities. to believe that we are only protected by the fates, by lucky breaks, by the few competent ones strewn among the fools, is the essence of terrorism in play with this line of reasoning, because luck always runs out tick tick tick.

of course in a pathocracy the mediocre of talent end up filling all the positions so bungling, bumbling authorities is easy to arrange. these people will obey orders without thinking. all that is required is someone up above to give the orders to do the stupid thing and it will be done.

Anonymous said...

Fox and Murdoch announce Al Quaida behind Norway shootings.

Yes and Jewish anti-muslim Sweden democrat Isaac Nygren got an emai from the shooter one hour before it happened at his residence on a Kibbutz in Israel. Another wild coincidence along with the shooter visiting Elmo Lake Minn where Michele Bachman's husband runs a camp to convert gay people such as the shooter.


Olof Palme Swedish prime minister gunned down in Stockholm by by Croation hit squad. Vinko Sindicic former Yugoslav hitman in jail for murdering a Croation nationalist makes claim. Gun used by the killer smuggled into the country from the United States. He was a strong critic of apartheid, imperialism and the Vietnam war and believed by some Germans to have been a victim of Yugoslavian operatives. Pro-Palestinian prime minister was declared pentagon public enemy number one.

Anna Lindh pro-Palestinian (critic of Ariel Sharon) Swedish minister for foreign affairs stabbed to death in shopping mall in 2003 by a Swede of Serb parents who was pronounced insane. Like Palme she had given her body guards the day off. She had announced she would boycott Israel.

David Horowitz problem with Norway, no problem no mo



Anonymous said...

Excellent article AP... and you are spot on...

the narrative continues



A13 said...

Hey Pez, apologies for not getting over here to your place until now!!
Busy busy busy...
I though this might interest you!


‘The Knights Templar’: Mexico’s Newest Drug Cartel [???]

geat post and thanks for keeping us up to date with all of this!!

and Dublin mick, if you are reading this, is your blog shut down? Hope you are well mate :)

WV= apeadit !!!
no joke ;)

A. Peasant said...

swit and A13, great links!!! many thanks. i've got more coming and i'll use these. thank you both. amazing synchronicity.

malcontent said...

James I'm not missing the scripted nature I'm merely noting that the ownership of this act is perhaps the ugliest view of humanity that I can imagine.

This was much more than a lone gunman.

questioning said...

Yech, yet another Tribe game. Hah, conservative pro-gay christian. Well, not the slightest bit contradictory. Queers are the "eunuchs of the Earth (born of their mother`s wombs) and Jesus blessed the Roman General`s faith and love for his servant above all others. Then there is Daniel, beloved of the High Court Eunuch. Etc. Seems Leviticus is actually describing the peccadillos Chosen males love to get up to, namely rape little children of either sex. Aint it the way, "accept" the feminine and "other paths" before insinuating into the structure and destroying it. Not to condone the perversity sponsered in the about-face nowadays.
My own little thoughts here. Excellant article and compilaton as usual A. Peasant

questioning said...

Ohhh. Zio-google didn`t like me posting THAT little tidbit on queers in one spot. Intelligent people just MIGHT figure out it is yet another "Caliban and the Witch" scenario. My apologies for that 404 and 503 connection error.

Olle said...

Greetings from Sweden (Americans and geography, ;)well, Abba, Björn Borg & Olof Palme...next to Norway, (Breivik, Aha, Cod & Oil) in Scandinavia, on the other side of the pond, right above Denmark, did you find it? Good. No offence.)

Anyway, VERY nice and informative blog, you are really thorough and damn good looking too. I put it next to Xymph & the others.Now,i think i´ll go over and refresh myself at the Rant Lounge...

A. Peasant said...

greetings Olle! thank you for clarifying where Sweden is... no worries here we are autodidactic and have learned many many things on our own that the schools never taught us. actually my entire blogging experience has been better than 20 years of formal education. so i *know* where Sweden is, thanks be to God.

i'm glad you found us, thank you for the sweet compliment. i'm due for a rant myself, maybe we'll see you over there... APea.

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