dead friends of bill

Not *that* Bill.

Question: What do the following people have in common?

Sergei Magnitsky

A. They are all dead.
B. They all died suspicious deaths.

C. They were all associates of Bill Browder.
D. All of the above.

The answer is D.

We have just spent the last couple of weeks looking into the death of Sergei Magnitsky with the team over at Suspicious Deaths. Check it out.


veritas6464 said...

Hey AP,...I'd be avoid'n Browder at all costs.


A. Peasant said...

you know it V. looking into this case was like walking around in the carnival house of mirrors.

Cirze said...

Be careful my children.

I see the presence of these "mirrors" in my statistics every day.

Good job, AP!

A. Peasant said...

hi Suzan. point taken. that is why it is so important to provide links because everything is in the public domain. it is not a crime to think, at least not yet.

Anonymous said...

Excellent research.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

Hi there, A.Peasant :-)

Regarding the first pic from above: do you remember the guy about whom I told you in a previous comment that he was stating that the death of the ugly guy in the pic was "normal"?

Well, check out who he relate(d) to:
bit.ly/qqcfJH (his blog).

Anonymous said...

To the above list, add Robert Maxwell, AKA "The Bouncing Czech". Browder worked for him before going to Salomon Brothers, and Mr. Maxwell drowned off the Canary Islands in 1991. After his death - SURPRISE!! - British regulators discovered he had looted more than three-quarters of a Billion dollars from the pension funds of Mirror Group. Well, allegedly it was him: I can't forbear from pointing out that he was - conveniently - dead.


I was in the process of building a post on Browder's general skeeviness myself, and stumbled across your blog in the course of research. It's excellent; I'm afraid I likely won't link to it directly as I prefer to cite the original sources rather than an opinion blog (although mine is the same - I just find that if you cite blogs your critics shriek that blogs are not facts), but I hope you won't mind if I quote some of your source material and I would be delighted to give you attribution and an endorsement in return. Once again, great work. If you read Russian or are happy to pick through it with Google Translate, I'd be happy to share some of my sources as well.

A. Peasant said...

thanks Aan.

anonymous, aha yes i did just go back and reread your comment about that guy eringer. my goodness he has friends in high (low) places! that's normal right? i think sometimes these spooky types get a little tone deaf about what's normal to actual normal people who don't hang out with spooks.

Safra allegedly had links into Iran Contra as well, so it looks like one big happy family there i guess. thank you for the great links and tips. i like the stuff you are tracking, very good leads.

marknesop, i am honored to have you by. your work on hermitage is excellent. i will check out maxwell, that's a new one to me. this guy browder is like typhoid mary huh?

by all means use whatever you can. i will add you to the blogroll. i wish i read russian but i am stuck with those wacky google translations. and i know just what you mean about the original sources and people squawking about pesky bloggers not measuring up to the fine standards of journalists, yeah yeah whatever. all anyone has to do is click through and read the links. if more journalists did their damn jobs in the first place there would be no need for people like us to FIX the crappy analysis. but i digress....

anyway it is a pleasure to have your blogging acquaintance. i look forward to your writings. apea.

Anonymous said...

Thanks APea; you have a wealth of material (as does the site you referenced, Suspicious Deaths), and I still have a couple of days worth of work before I publish. But it's not normally such hard work - Browder's narrative dominates the English-speaking world.

I'd love to take credit for the Magnitsky piece I published, but I only wrote the intro. The post itself came from Kovane, a Russian, who started out as a commenter and is a frequent guest blogger. I love having the real Russian point of view. He's helping out with this one as well in the form of research, as is Yalensis, another commenter who is also Russian. Things I am particularly interested in substantiating are: 1. Magnitsky was not a lawyer, 2. Browder didn't start talking Magnitsky up until he was dead, although he'd been detained a long time before that, 3. Magnitsky was about to leave Russia when he was arrested, and 4. witnesses/accused implicated Magnitsky in the tax scheme.

Edmond Safra was indeed implicated in Iran/Contra; in fact, an employee of the Trade Development Bank so confessed, here:


No more, though - that's another from my upcoming post, and if I'm not careful I'll have published the whole thing here. It's that kind of subject, it really consumes you. Thanks again for letting me use your material, and as soon as I publish I will add you to my blogroll as well.


A. Peasant said...

hi Mark,

it is really a consuming case. as we started researching it just got deeper and deeper. i very rarely have to do as much reading as i did on this one, so it's good to verify that was not my imagination. browder has so much juice behind his narrative that it speaks of his connections.

i agree with all your priorities for substantiating. these were the big points we were looking at also. in addition i am really curious about the actual cause of death, and of course browder's crypto-jew background and the spies in the family tree.

my kind regards to Kovane and Yalensis for their work -- their perspective is absolutely invaluable. it's very hard to follow most of the translations from russian to english, and somewhere along the way i read a comment to the effect that we need some english subtitles in a youtube or something, because there's a lot of great information in russian but it gets lost in translation and then we are not so sure we are understanding what the hell happened. like in the movie (lost in translation) when the japanese woman tells bill murray to lip her stockings.... ?

thanks so much for the link on safra too. no worries! i'm going to see what i missed in other news after having my head buried in this for weeks. i will patiently await your next expose.

respects, apea.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I see Browder's Jewishness as insignificant to his avarice and greed when set against the horrific examples of same set by his employers during his developmental years in business. I've found that even peripheral mention of the word "Jew" invites the discrediting of the entire piece as an antisemitic rant. Besides, until somebody presents me with evidence that being Jewish has anything to do with being greedy and willing to do anything for money, colour me skeptical. As long as there are Jews who are both honest and poor as churchmice, I'll have to say I don't see a connection.

That's not why I'm interested - in the most negative way - in Browder. It's his slipperiness, his utter contempt for the dozy audiences that invite manipulation with their cowlike incuriosity, and his so-far ability to get away with it. Maybe those who invite being fooled deserve to look like fools, but that's no reason not to make an effort to balance the record.

It's just unfortunate that Safra and Maxwell got away with it, too, enjoying their ill-gotten gains and thumbing their noses at the law while contributing to the impression (Safra, especially) that Russia is a country without laws. It's pretty hard to institute reforms and clean the place up when the crooks are being spoon-fed by the world's biggest economy.

Thanks again for the embarrassment of riches your blog provides in the way of info!!!


A. Peasant said...

well, we will have to respectfully disagree that it doesn't matter. the fact that there are poor honest jews out there in the world has nothing to do with anything. we are not talking about those straw-people. and none of it has anything to do with anti-semitism either, which is used as a slur to stop people from noticing the very problem of collusion, of which browder seems to be a part.

for instance, why *does* browder get away with this narrative in the first place? no one can suss this stuff out at the FT, at Barron's, at the NYT? no one is willing to balance the record except some lowly bloggers who can be dismissed as anti-semites the moment they touch upon his jewish connections? that's quite a cushy gig he's got there. and quite the support team of senators and the state department at hand to back him up.

It's pretty hard to institute reforms and clean the place up when the crooks are being spoon-fed by the world's biggest economy.

well yes, exactly. why does that keep happening?

but we are happy to tackle that end of things. and in fact you may have thrown down the gauntlet, because it would take a post to explain the mysteries of this case at the level of geopolitical power politics and organized crime.

Anonymous said...

Where does the name of your blog come from?

A. Peasant said...

it has no special meaning. i like both words because they have a middle english feel to them, and i love trees, so i stuck them all together one day and that was it.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where Suraci went? His blog is down :-(


A. Peasant said...

hey swit, i'm checking on that.

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