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by sheer coincidence

 All good narratives are born in beautiful, simple, wholesome little cottages, surrounded by flowers.
Only bad people question these pristine narratives.


When we saw that Sergei Magnitsky's death had spurred various congress people to draft legislation targeting 60 people of the Russian federal government with visa restrictions and more, such action being a little over-the-top in a WTF? sort of way, and called such by the Russian government, to the point that it is nearly an "international incident," we figured there must be a reason. There must be a reason why these senators and the State Department are making such a big fuss over poor Sergei. And of course the next thought is it can't be whatever reason they claim, namely the horrible human rights violations and corruption of the Russian prison system.

Abu Ghraib

No, we figure there must be some special reason that the Team Browder narrative has such widespread support in the halls of power and in the press, the press that is consolidated into the hands of a few people.

The Browder narrative fits an agenda, an agenda of Russia=Bad. And yet, still, there are many narratives that fit an agenda and yet they don't rise to this level of sycophantic unison and official support to the point of making geopolitical waves as a result of asinine legislation. So it stands out to us as being rather special. In fact, the whole thing strikes us as a bit DEFENSIVE.

As in: Let's Change the Subject and Let's Point the Finger First. Let's talk about the Horrible Corruption in Russia. Look What Happened to Poor Sergei! And Poor Bill!! Something Must Be Done. And so it happened that they drafted S. 1039, Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act of 2011.

A bill to impose sanctions on persons responsible for the detention, abuse, or death of Sergei Magnitsky, for the conspiracy to defraud the Russian Federation of taxes on corporate profits through fraudulent transactions and lawsuits against Hermitage, and for other gross violations of human rights in the Russian Federation, and for other purposes.
From the very specific to the very vague, the bill goes after the people responsible for killing Sergei, and for making fraudulent transactions and lawsuits against Hermitage, and after that for lots of other things in Russia which are, by sheer coincidence, not much specified.

Over at the Heritage Foundation, a prominent neocon think tank, Ariel Cohen manages to accuse the Russians of over-reacting to the legislation. Do you see how that works? US Senators do an outrageous thing against Russia but it's the Russians who overreact? This only works because the Team Browder narrative has gone essentially unchallenged in The West for some time now, plowing the soil.

Moscow’s position is as revealing as it is mind-boggling: It is ready to endanger the carefully constructed cooperation between U.S. and Russia in areas ranging from arms control to Afghanistan and Iran in order to protect a handful of corrupt police investigators and their high-ranking bosses who apparently stole hundreds of millions of dollars from the Russian state.
Well that's just it though. APPARENTLY this has not been proven, and APPARENTLY we've only heard from Team Browder, and APPARENTLY the Russians have a different idea of what happened, and APPARENTLY they are willing to endanger the "reset" because APPARENTLY this legislation is bullshit. But you will never learn this from professional journalists or think tanks, because they are paid to pimp certain narratives.

Cohen goes on to quote the Freedom House president David Kramer, in recent testimony, that if Russia is willing to hold back the "reset" over this, then the US needs "to reexamine the relationship." A stern warning. Because if Russia wants to be one of the big boys, Russia needs to play by the rules.

Of course, the HYPOCRISY of the US lecturing other countries, lecturing Russia, is something to behold. You might need a bucket.

So what do these people all have in common? Have you noticed?

A disease of the mind?

To describe the offer of giving the Palestinians 80 percent of 22 percent of 100 percent of what is originally their own land as a "generous" offer is a disease of the mind.
Oh but wait a second there Peasant, you'll say. We have no proof that Browder is a Zionist or that the Zionist agenda  has anything to do with Russia. That's true. We can't prove such things. We can only deduce the situation from the other pieces in place.

We don't know if Browder is a Zionist. But we know Browder has a narrative about Russia that he never tires of telling, and it so happens that certain powerful Zionists really like Browder's narrative about Russia, so their interests perhaps coincide? For instance, this past June Browder was given an uninterrupted platform for his narrative at The Henry Jackson Society. He met with Michael Weiss. International patrons of the society include Michael Chertoff, Dore Gold, Robert Kagan, William Kristol, Richard Perle, and Natan Sharansky. We think it is safe to classify all of these people as Zionists.

Now is Browder simply being an opportunist, taking advantage of the invitation to get his story out One More Time (the poor thing)? OR might there be a synergy, a win win? You can look at it either way depending on how many puzzle pieces you've got fitted in.

Remember, Browder is an American from Chicago. You can see him speak at this video. Here's a snip from the "interview" with Michael Weiss on 6/28/11, posted at the Henry Jackson Society website (link above).

So we said let’s get justice outside of Russia and one of the biggest which we been doing is legislation and I went to the United States shortly after Sergei died and I met with a man named Senator Benjamin Carter, a man who was a chairman of the US Helsinki Commission, and he was aware of Sergei’s situation when he was still alive, because I made him aware it’s one thing to learn a story that everyone is moved right now, but its hundred times worse if you are somehow involved with Sergei while he was still alive even if very vaguely, because everybody thinks what could have I done differently, what more could I have done to deal with the situation.

Senator Carter was one of those people. I went to Senator Carter and I said to him – ‘Why don’t we take away the visas and their visas of the people who killed Sergei?’ We know exactly who they are; there is a list of 16, because they all signed the documents denying him medical attention. Senator Carter said that’s a great idea. He wrote to Hillary Clinton and said ‘let’s deny these people visas based on the US article of law’ and Hillary Clinton was right in the middle of her reset policy with Russia and so she rejected his request. So he said let’s not stop there, let’s make a piece of legislation, and so he came up with something called Justice for Sergei Magnitsky Act, and the Justice for Sergei Magnitsky Act would deny their visas and also to take it one step further and freeze their assets in America. We got Senator McCain to co-sponsor it.
There's something really wrong with this interview transcript, because Bill Browder does not speak in Russian-accented English, and he does not typically make errors like getting Senator Benjamin Cardin's name wrong. So we don't know what this is all about dear reader, but there's a problem with the transcript provided by the society, as it appears to be slightly misleading. However that is merely an observation.

After Browder's narrative, Weiss lays in with a speech. At the end of this joint harangue they conclude with a curious blend of fear and ridicule toward Russia.

Russia is bad
so unlike The West
so let us laugh at their folly
and yet...


Is Russia bad? We don't think so. Does Russia have problems with corruption? Yes. But does the US have problems with corruption? Uh, yes.

Did you know that we have a huge problem of shell corporations suitable for money laundering and organized crime right here in the United States, in Cheyenne, Wyoming, among other places?

The secretive business havens of Cyprus and the Cayman Islands face a potent rival: Cheyenne, Wyoming. At a single address in this sleepy city of 60,000 people, more than 2,000 companies are registered. The building, 2710 Thomes Avenue, isn't a shimmering skyscraper filled with A-list corporations. It's a 1,700-square-foot brick house with a manicured lawn, a few blocks from the State Capitol....
All the activity at 2710 Thomes is part of a little-noticed industry in the U.S.: the mass production of paper businesses. Scores of mass incorporators like Wyoming Corporate Services have set up shop. The hotbeds of the industry are three states with a light regulatory touch-Delaware, Wyoming and Nevada.
The pervasiveness of corporate secrecy on America's shores stands in stark contrast to Washington's message to the rest of the world. Since the September 11 attacks in 2001, the U.S. has been calling forcefully for greater transparency in global transactions, to lift the veil on shadowy money flows. During a debate in 2008, presidential candidate Barack Obama singled out Ugland House in the Cayman Islands, reportedly home to some 12,000 offshore corporations, as "either the biggest building or the biggest tax scam on record."
Yet on U.S. soil, similar activity is perfectly legal. The incorporation industry, overseen by officials in the 50 states, has few rules. Convicted felons can operate firms which create companies, and buy them with no background checks.

In the United States?!?
Are you SURE?????
Hmm... that seems so.... what's the word..... corrupt?!?

So the corruption is not isolated to Russia then?

This would be a good a time as any to remind the reader that Vladimir Putin does an annual question and answer session with the Russian people. The 2009 session ran four hours. Here's the transcript. You will see that Putin actually answers questions. He actually knows the answers to questions. Hot damn. We have never been to Russia, we've always lived here in the US where we have insipid, mewling politicians who don't give a shit about Americans but claw all over each other in their zeal to be the biggest grovelers for Israel, so we are probably biased, but we think it's pretty damn good that Putin will answer unrehearsed questions for four hours and doesn't act like it's really any big deal but in fact, CONSIDERS IT HIS JOB to know what is going on in Russia. How Quaint Is That?

On answering people's questions for four hours:

Question: Mr Putin, how do you relax after such marathons? Do you have any special relaxation techniques?

Vladimir Putin: I do not get that stressed, so I don’t need to do anything special to relax. This is part of my work, and it is a very useful part. Of course, it requires greater concentration, and you need to put extra time into the preparation. But in fact the preparation does not take that long, because my colleagues and I work hard throughout the year, dealing with all the problems mentioned today.
Oh American leaders are just as good, right? RIGHT? They all know all about your problems, RIGHT? They've all done the act of pretending to give a shit, right? Some better than others? Right.

But remember, according to some people, Putin is bad. Russia is bad. Russia is CORRUPT, unlike The West. The Freedom House ranks Russia as Not Free, unlike The West, where we have bushels of extra freedom on every street corner, guarded by police with tasers. Russia, on the other hand, needs some more "democracy" and "human rights."

Zionists never tire of telling you this. By SHEER COINCIDENCE, Bill Browder never tires of telling you this either.

And how does The West usually help countries that need more "democracy" and "human rights?" They drop it in from F16s.
But they can't drop bombs on Russia, because Russia could fight back. So the cowards have to go about it some other way, and a relentless PR campaign is part of that. So again, it's probably only sheer coincidence that Bill Browder's narrative fits into this Zionist framework so neatly, because we have no proof that Browder is a Zionist, no proof in our purse. No doubt he's just minding his own business making piles and piles of money and fighting Russian corruption and trying to get justice for Poor Serge, and it's lucky for him that the good people at The Henry Jackson Society and the Heritage Foundation and the US State Department and the US Congress are so sympathetic to his plight. Lucky lucky lucky.


Russia is inconveniently located for a giant country not under Zionist control. Russia has lots of natural resources. Russia has pipelines that go across Russian territory. Russia has lots of neighbors with natural resources, like Kazakhstan, "Israel's partner in Eurasia" (by Ariel Cohen). Russia is close to China and Iran. Russia is friends with Syria. Damn Russia. Now if Russia happened to fall under Zionist control, if it could possibly be arranged, things would be different. Then we would hear about how good Russia is due to all those natural resources. But not before then.

So Putin was president for a long time (2000-2008), and then he was barred for another term, so Medvedev became president (2009-2012), and Putin has been alongside him as Prime Minister. Elections are coming up again in Russia (parliamentary 12/4/11, presidential 3/4/12), and Putin can run for president again. Not that anyone in The West would know or care.

However there are people who have been paying attention to events in Russia and they know all about the upcoming elections and the various opposition groups, and these are people like Michael Weiss and David Kramer, which you will note if you click on the links supplied above to their speeches. They are experts on opposition to Putin. And of course they could be Zionists but that would be a sheer coincidence.

Consider the implications.

And just imagine, if you were Bill Browder, and by some amazing stroke of lucky democracy, there was regime change in Russia and you got your visa back and justice for Serge and... hoo boy. That would be a Win Win.


But there is the problem of Putin. This is what they're up against. He is not so easy to oppose, actually.

Here's a speech he made recently in which he talks about Russia's future.

Building roads. Building Russia's infrastructure. Building ports. Building ships. Building cars. Creating jobs. Building towns, with jobs. Expanding inland waterways. Meeting social obligations. Building power plants, natural gas plants, manufacturing capacity. Exporting things Made in Russia.

You will remember how many lances were broken, and how much was said about our gas exports to Europe, and how many spanners were thrown in the works to impede, for example, the Nord Stream project, the gas system under the Baltic Sea, how many alternative projects were proposed. What happened to them? They have remained on paper. But Nord Stream has essentially been implemented. The capacity is 55 billion cubic metres a year, once two strips are in operation. One has been completed. We will start pumping process gas near Vyborg tomorrow. That will take about a month, and in late October-early November we will be able to provide gas to consumers.

What does that mean? It means that we are gradually, calmly freeing ourselves from the dictate of transit states, without any abrupt movements. This is “a window to Europe” in the energy field.
It's a political speech, granted, but unlike all the promises of hopey changey we get around here from all sides, they are actually doing the things Putin talks about, you know, with money and everything. Looks like that accountability stuff we hear so much about.

Putin knows that you can't have an economy without industrial production. So Russia is not STUPIDLY DOING what we STUPIDLY DID in the United States when we allowed globalists to dismantle our economy and send all our jobs oversees. We are the "some countries" he speaks of.
You know, I visited a school outside Moscow on September 1, and saw a social science manual which stated that unlike the 20th century, the 21st century is all about the provision of services, and that the production sphere ranks second on the list of priorities. This is a rather debatable issue.

We can see that some countries, which engaged too heavily in de-industrialisation policies, are now reaping bitter fruit. Engineering centres and skilled employees are following in the wake of disappearing production facilities. This creates conditions of degradation; therefore, it’s very premature to speak about the death of industrialisation. We need a new industrialisation based on new approaches. That is the right thing to do.

"Infrastructure is patriotic."

Russia is also ready to do something about all those drugs that keep pouring out of Afghanistan, inexplicably, despite all the international counter-efforts.  (via There Are No Sunglasses.)

Addressing reporters ahead of the Kabul meeting, Viktor Ivanov said that the top issue on the agenda would be why Afghan heroin keeps spreading across the globe despite international counter-efforts. One reason why the huge presence of foreign troops in Afghanistan failed to stop drug flows is that destroying opium plantations and drug-making laboratories is not on their mandate, Viktor Ivanov said.
No grain or vegetables are cultivated in Afghanistan, only opium poppy, he said. In this situation, the key task is reorienting the Afghan agriculture to non-drug crops.
Mr. Ivanov put forward a step-by-step anti-drug plan called Rainbow-2. It stipulates the creation of an international body that would work in close cooperation with the Afghan government, the governments of neighboring states and the United Nations. He also suggested that the Afghan drug problem be recognized as a threat to international peace and security, and that foreign troops in Afghanistan be authorized to destroy poppy plantations.

See: who moves the drugs out of Afghanistan?
See: let us count the ways

Heroin destabilizes populations. US troops are all over Afghanistan. Afghanistan is the world's supplier of heroin. By sheer coincidence, Russia has a huge heroin problem.

Also this week, Putin urged all defense contracts be concluded.

In other news this week, Russia wants to fortify military ties in the region to protect each other from the sorts of uprising that took place in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.

“The events in North Africa opened our eyes to many things,” Nikolai Bordyuzha, general secretary of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, said in an interview in the Tajik capital, Dushanbe, Sept. 3. “We must reflect on what happened there and develop means of defense.” 
Good idea.


Dave said…
I think Pooty Poot ( W's nickname for Vlad ) didn't
fall off the turnip truck yesterday.
Our ( America's ) deindustrialization smells of a setup.
Spend a hundred years taking people off the land
and being self-directed give them decades of
working in souless dark Satanic Mills then pull
the livelihood rug right out from underneath them.

Snarky and haughty - wasn't that a 70's cop show :)

A. Peasant said…
Spend a hundred years taking people off the land
and being self-directed give them decades of
working in souless dark Satanic Mills then pull
the livelihood rug right out from underneath them.

exactly Dave. people don't have a lot of life skills anymore. which isn't a problem as long as you don't need to know how to do anything except operate a clicker mouse or game console.

snarky and haughty heheh, yup i know the series. i used to have adidas sneakers with three stripes on the sides exactly like snarky's when i was in fifth grade.
nobody said…
Hello AP, I have to admit I was initially dismayed at the length of this but more fool I because it was terrific. (Actually my dismay was Jeff Wells' fault. He's written the first new thing in ages - ordinarily a cause for celebration - but it's unbelievably long and, what's the word... impenetrable?)

Anyway this was great. As for Russia as villain, didn't you get the memo? It was called Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. We should all consider ourselves duly prepped.

Otherwise, I like Browder's quote: "We know exactly who they are; there is a list of 16". Fantastic! Trials? We don't need no stinkin' trials!

And then there's Putin's public four hour long answer and question session. Hats off to that but Hugo Chavez does that weekly. And he does it in public, in the open air, unscripted, and surrounded by crowds of thousands. Unbelievable.

Here in Oz we get nothing. Or nothing beyond whatever Rupert Murdoch wants us to know and what he instructs our worthless craven politicians to say. They all got the memo.

What was that Pogo? We have met the enemy and he is us. Exactly.
james said…
Terrific, article, AP. Great pics and lots of good back up links. The crumbling infrastructure one is so telling along with Putin's words describing essentially just that.

And i can just imagine going into my local parliamentarians office complaining about how i've been treated in a foreign country and saying "Why don't we suspend their visas/passports. We (btw, who's 'we' Tonto?) know who they are" and my local polly saying, "Great idea. Lets' do it" Yeah right!
Peter said…
AP, at the risk of sounding like a 5th grader in adidas myself. I feel compelled to share my "light weight" reaction to this post, especially in regards to the pic of Putin (which looks like an advert in a gay beef cake magazine)
I immediately flashed on this video
watch at the 1:06 point for outlaw girl(you AP) gazing at said beef cake magazine, prolly with Putin in classic wife beater shirt.
The whole video captures the spirit of you AP. outlaw chick with all the odds stacked against her, fighting for truth justice and the american way.
rawk on girl!!

wv truta truth!!
McJ said…
Awesome post AP. Keep on shattering those myths.

I never know quite what to think of Putin. I imagine he would make a shrewd poker player. I found myself laughing when I got to that picture of him, thinking of our PM little Stevie Harper, posing for one like that. Steve's PR people go to endless links to make him appear to be an ordinary guy. Here he is as a cowboy - - LOL.
I can't even imagine him doing a four hour question and answer. During the recent election, members of the mainstream press were permitted to ask him two questions a day. Only the party faithful were allowed into his rallies. It's pathetic really, that we continue to hold onto the myth that we are the 'democratic good guys'.
McJ said…
Woops, that url didn't work. Here it is again -
A. Peasant said…
HAHA McJ, cowboy FAIL!!

two questions a day. approved questions. oh yeah, that's the spirit of democracy huh? it is pathetic.

Peter, love the video !!! i am honored to be considered outlaw girl. i knew there was some reason i ditched the dark hair. and i would like a hot fireman calendar for christmas.

James, you should really try doing that and record what happens. i bet you could get them going cheif.

nobs, twice in one week. it's so good to have you roaming around. i had to check with my son about the approved enemies of indiana jones (german nazis, guys with turbaned heads (bedouin?), a coupla russians, check!). i did not know that chavez did hourly talks with the people. no wonder he is "the threat closer to home."

everyone get ready for the new al qaeda terror threats this weekend...
freethinker said…
Russia is the master-key. The fate of the world depends on what happens in Russia in the next few months. Russia and China together can stop Zionist NATO NWO. China by itself, if the jewish oligarchs regain control of Russia, wont oppose the NWO - they can keep on-side and do quite nicely. If the oligarchs regain control then Russia is finished, it'll be raped for resources and never again be allowed to be a world player. The stakes couldn't be higher.

Keep an eye on 'Right Cause' (creepy name) the oligarchs new party who are trying to get the youth and modern-progressive vote and do a deal with Medvedev to block Putin. Medvedev likes to flash masonic hand signs like Putin likes to flex his muscles. Will Medvedev sell-out, will our muscular hero save the day?
A. Peasant said…
freethinker, that's a great short summary of the situation with russia and china and the NWO. we've been waiting for russia to do something like, i don't know, send some troops somewhere BEFORE NATO bombs? that would actually be helpful, as opposed to wringing hands afterwards and expressing regret. i mean we have plenty of leaders already who pull that shit.

not sure what is the gig between putin and medvedev, only because it seems so unlikely that putin would handpick someone and have that happen, but it could be.

we are keeping an eye on Right Cause and some of the other opposition names popping up. one to watch is Mikhail Prokhorov.
nobody said…
That pic of Harper as a cowboy was priceless. My head just about hit the keyboard I laughed so hard.

And it reminded me of that shit Howard (a cricket tragic) attempting to bowl a cricket ball. Don't worry if you know nothing about cricket, just watch it. It's fantastic.

And um... She Bop? Great song but you do know what it's about yeah?
questioning said…
Putin is definately playing some sort of game here. I still have the sneaking feeling this is all part of the script. Well, like Les says, it doesn't seem like anyone has successfully taken over the world yet. I pray to God that this is HIS script, written by His ol' Lady Wisdom and that the Devil really will "be as an angel of light at the last moment" and these synning spawn of his are duly noted and turned over for punishment.
On Ron Paul definitely the same feeling. as a commentor elsewhere (think it was Kenny's sideshow) said, "even the most stupid dumbass sheeple would wake up if he did pilgrimage to Isahell courtesy of AIPAC. So he is a stealth vaccum sweeper like Ralph Nader. Fill the bag up and send people nowhere. As for solutions, what solutions?!? People who've actually uncovered this much of the Truth and internalized it are VERY few and far between and sorry, but we don't really want to waste our time watching stupid, moony-eyed boffins of whatever stripe end up learning the same lessons we did and then getting angry at us even though we clucked "I TOLD you so!". Sorry for the rant, I'm just TIRED and really don't want to put up with the BS, the psychopaths or the people who keep looking for "hope and change" from them.
A. Peasant said…
nobs, uh, no don't know what it's about please share. email me if it's very bad.

i think all men should know how to throw a ball. i think that is a failure of parenting, at the very least. all women should know how to throw a ball too, and i don't, which pisses me right off.

questioning, RP is on team israel, that's my take, sad though it may be. rant anytime. we understand. especially in times like this when many people are willing to discuss thing due to the 911 anniversary, it's ok to be annoyed. God knows we know how it feels to be annoyed with the state of the world.
Anonymous said…
Can't help but see RP as a symbol of the "good guys" winning for a while .Eternal battle between light and darkness, and one can't deny that the evil has been kicking goods ass for the past hundred years.
McJ said…
Hahaha Nobody, that clip of Howard was hilarious. I was a ball player in my younger days (a pitcher actually) so it is painful to watch someone who doesn't know how to properly throw a ball. I could show you how to do it AP, but at my age, my arm would probably fall off. :)

I think you are right that Putin is playing for team israel. I wouldn't imagine he'd be one of the good guys having clawed his way to the top of the heap in Russia.

Here's his cowboy picture - :)
A. Peasant said…
hi switters. i know you like RP. you might be right about him, it's just not clear. same with Putin, hi McJ. my reference to the playing for team israel was to Ron Paul, not Putin. i hope Putin is not on that team, i suspect he is not, but this is the problem that it is really hard to tell sometimes.

as for throwing ball, people have taught me. in my mind i know exactly what to do. i understand. i just can't do it too well. also, i can't catch for shit. you don't want me on your softball team. ;p
nobody said…
What's it about? Ahem, I really couldn't say...

...and I normally never bother playing the word verification game, but today I have exopharc. Spooky.

Now, everybody off to youtube and watch that clip again. 'Oh wow, I had no idea...'
A. Peasant said…
ok ok, we looked it all up. interesting. also, quaint, that a little song like that spawned a list of doom and so forth. geez where are all the parental controls now with the music industry? i guess it's much better to teach the young ladies how to have sex with many partners, male and female, and dress like prostitutes, and dance like strippers, the way they do now....
McJ said…
@AP - aah yes - I see that now. Duh....Posting when you are tired and not paying attention is never a good idea. :) Like I said, I have never figured out how to peg Putin. For example and on an interesting note, after the Japan Tsunami he alluded to Stuxnet having been used against them and also offered them land to lease off Russia’s far east including Kamchatka and Sakhalin Island (in the event that parts of Japan became inhabitable).

It wouldn't matter what sport we were playing. I'd most definitely want you on my team. :)
A. Peasant said…
thanks McJ, and back atchoo girlfriend. i'm a good first base coach actually. *that* i can do.

to your point, i think Putin does a lot of things that i read as good, but he fails to act in some cases where he should.
Blammo said…
Oh geeze Nobody, never gave it any thought, but as soon as you brought up the question of meaning, the first lyric to pop in my head was "I don't get enough good vibration..."

"Manhigut Yehudit... the most right-wing and the largest sector within the Likud Central Committee... endorsed Ron Paul, saying he should be “the the Zionist choice for President”" Manhigut Yehudit has denounced foreign aid, as have JDL founder Meir Kahane, and JTF, as laid out in their "7-point plan"

"How JTF would save America and Israel!
POINT ONE: A ferocious retaliation against all Muslim nations which have in any way aided or abetted terrorism against American citizens
POINT TWO: The immediate destruction by the American or Israeli military of all Muslim nuclear reactors, plants and laboratories developing nuclear, chemical and/or biological weapons of mass destruction

Can a man be slandered by an endorsement, in the way people like Aahmadinejad and Gaddafi are slandered by claiming they're Jewish? Funny how no other group sees claiming a man as one of their own as a form of libel.
nobody said…
Hee Hee. Me, I like that song. I'm always up for that intelligent variety of double-entendre that flies over the heads of kids. No problems. Otherwise, brilliant baseline, very hooky.

As for the 'list' and the outraged opposition against it, I reckon you could argue a case that, what with She-Bop being too intelligently written and going over everyone's head, the loud screams against it were a punishment for not being obvious enough. Like the death-to-double-entendres pimp and whore shit we get now.

And then there's Zac And Miri Make a Porno. Eyeroll. The campaign to turn our kids into prostitutes continues apace. Sure.

And Blammo. I like your last point mate. Very good - it's one of those ones where wish I'd thought it (damn you!). Did I say that out loud? Bugger.
Cirze said…
Oh happy day when we expose all of these fifth columners.

Kudos for all you do to keep us informed!

I'm expecting a big FF soon too.


(Could throw a baseball in third grade but boys wouldn't let me play. That never changed until I was in my 30's.)

But you will never learn this from professional journalists or think tanks, because they are paid to pimp certain narratives.
Anonymous said…
Blammo...many good points.
That's the things...freedom...or anarcho-capitalism...or whatever one labels it, the desire to be left alone from government, as long as one isn't hurting another, those that believe that driving is a right not a privilege, nearly universal draws with a large net.

Heard of a video recently...of a drunk guy being arrested by the cops...he started screaming about the constitution..and yelling "Ron Paul 2012!!!"...could be devastating to a campaign.

As long as the media remains in the pocket of certain entities...the human mind, society as a whole, will be deceived.

Seems we're at the final stage of Cloward-Piven possibly. Using the extreme opposite (Paul) to topple the machine. Then entities will pounce, as they're wont during a crisis ("no wasting those!").

The question to me lately is...who's behind Sabrosky and Duff?

A. Peasant said…
Blammo, incredible links. so if i understand these whack jobs correctly, the idea is OK we will forego all the US money going forward, and we keep everything we already have, and then we can do whatever we want, and get away with it because you will back us up... win win win.

and RP is the guy they like for this scenario. that does have a certain logical consistency.

nobs, i'm glad we're on teh same page mate.

Suzan, i think we have the makings of a softball team going here....

Switters, very good question re: Sabrosky and Duff. it gets to the split among the elite i think, possible split between Pilgrim Society types vs. banking cabal...? that is something James and i have tossed around.
freethinker said…
"Switters, very good question re: Sabrosky and Duff. it gets to the split among the elite i think, possible split between Pilgrim Society types vs. banking cabal...? that is something James and i have tossed around."

You might find this interesting:-

"Mr. THORKELSON. Mr. Speaker, In order that the
American people may have a clearer understanding of those
who over a period of years have been undermining this Re-
public, in order to return it to the British Empire, I have
inserted in the RECORD a number of articles to prove this point.
These articles are entitled "Steps Toward British Union, a
World State, and International Strife." This is part I, and
in this I include a hope expressed by Mr. Andrew Carnegie,
in his book entitled "Triumphant Democracy." In this he
expresses himself in this manner:
Let men say what they will, I say that as surely as the sun in
the heavens once shone upon Britain and America united, so surely
is it one morning to rise, to shine upon, to greet again the reunited
states—the British-American Union.
This statement is clear, and the organizations which Mr.
Carnegie endowed have spent millions in order to bring this
about. This thing has been made possible by scholarships,
exchange professors, subsidies of churches, subsidies of edu-
cational institutions; all of them working for the purpose of
eliminating Americanism as was taught once in our schools
and to gradually exchange this for an English version of our
These organizations were organized to bring about a British
union, a union in which the United States would again be-
come a part of the British Empire. However, this has been
upset to some extent by the attempt of the internationalists
to establish their own government as an International or
world union. And there is, therefore, a conflict between the
two, for England wants a British union, with America as a
colony, and the international money changers want a Jewish
controlled union, in order to establish their own world
." and so on

I have a notion that the English power-elite and intelligentsia were so stupid and arrogant that they thought they could build their 'New World Order' (ala H.G.Wells et al) using jewish bankers money without there being a sting in the tail. The jewish bankers would encourage the Anglo-Americans in their endeavours only to subvert and take-over the project later.

I'm not convinced Sabrosky was in on the game. In any event his interview on PressTV was excellent (unfortunately I can't persuade anyone to watch it - the world is full of wilful idiots). Duff is a player for sure.
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freethinker said…
More on the split in the elites-

The New Jewish Hostile Elites vs the WASPs: interview with Kevin MacDonald.
"Br Nathanael: Is the new Jewish elite an improvement over the WASP elite?

Kevin MacDonald: No. Let me put it this way. One of the characteristic flaws of WASPs is believing that other peoples are just like them so that those who replace them will uphold the same ideals…such as making decisions based on principle rather than on self-interest."

The goyim are so gullible.
A. Peasant said…
freethinker, GREAT links. thank you so much. this is exactly what we have been sussing is the main split going on in the background, pulling in the RCC as well (note that pope benny went to visit England this year), and these are alliances shifting and moving in response to the power struggle between the international bankers vs. the aristrocracy (and/or RCC), essentially. it's kind of a 3 way which is why it was interesting to see the pope schmoozing with the queen. so someone like Duff, for instance, fits into this sort of framework. he's obviously a player, intelligence, but not on the side of jewish bankers. therefore there must be another "side" which is much less obvious, and this is probably it, this WASP / aristrocracy side ie: Pilgrim Society. maybe James will weigh in on it. he had this pegged way back when and explained it to me.

anyway, what a tremendous find to have it all laid out in the congressional record. is it still a conspiracy if it makes it into the congressional record????
Peter said…
Geez Nobs, I had no idea this would peak your very learned interest.
First, what does exopharc mean?
Everything else we are in accord with.
The outlaw thing was from the hat worn by Cyndi throughout most of the video. (hat worn, yet another metaphor in a metaphor dense video)This was from the 1953 Marlon Brando film, The Wild One. (another metaphor describing AP) Putin & AP
The masturbation thing was of a very secondary meaning IMHO although a sophisticated joke for sure.
Masses in zombie masturbatory state.
lol wv smazina
like the outlaw chicks name?
nobody said…
Hey Peter,

And exopharc? Well, admittedly it was unspoken but the topic you see was, ahem, masturbation. And given that, what with 'exo' meaning 'outer' and 'pharc' meaning, um... pharc, I thought it was all rather jolly.

And AP, of course we're on the same page. I'm not really embarassed about masturbation. I actually tried it one time myself. It was back in college. I remember laughing hysterically for ages and then falling asleep. Oh wait, that was grass. Which one is masturbation again? Anyway I'm pretty sure I had a go at it and nothing too dreadful happened so there you are.
A. Peasant said…
hahaha, this was a great way to start my day, you two, i must tell you. good visuals.... :D

thank God we are all now in accord. synchronize the watches!
james said…
I have a notion that the English power-elite and intelligentsia were so stupid and arrogant that they thought they could build their 'New World Order' (ala H.G.Wells et al) using jewish bankers money without there being a sting in the tail. The jewish bankers would encourage the Anglo-Americans in their endeavours only to subvert and take-over the project later.

Exactly, Freethinker! And the American elite and the Europeans too. And we mustn't forget the Vatican. All of them took the bait of being able to leverage their wealth and power with jewish bankers' money. They got richer but their wealth and power gradually depended more and more on their new allies, the bankers. And the bankers are dependable in that they ALWAYS turn on their partners in crime.

And here's a quote from Gordon Duff-

"It isn’t just that members of the press, our congress and 95% of our military are corrupt, moderate to severe, along with being functionally delusional. They believe everyone else is even dumber."

I think this is the first time i have seen Duff point the finger at the military. I'd give half of everybody else's money to know who exactly he is ultimately working for.

link courtesy of Chuckyman. Interesting read
nobody said…
Holy Shit, that's fantastic. Thanks James, Thanks Freethinker - I'm off to check it out.

Otherwise that's pretty much been my line all along albeit by way of a hamfisted guessing game based negative shapes, if you can dig it. It's the two towers both with tremendous power but one subordinate to the other. Pedophocracy, whatever, ultimate power rests with the bankers.

Off to bed. Oyasumi.
nobody said…
the word missing there is 'on'. Sorry, too tired.
Penny said…
Magnitsky get's a law? Bill?
Whatever? Any excuse, any excuse at all?
I am going to put up a letter written to President Kennedy during the Cuban missile crisis.
It seems as relevant today as it did then.

Freethinker: interesting about the british world order, odd, because I saw something this weekend.

Well actually my hubby did, he read it to me while I cooked and I thought it most odd

"Britain could 'get ahead' by loosening its ties with Europe, William Hague has revealed."

'In fact we may get ahead as a result of being outside.'

Mr Cameron insisted there was 'no case to answer' on membership, adding: 'I want us to be influential in Europe about the things that matter to our national interest - promoting the single market, pushing forward for growth, making sure we get lower energy prices.'

So the Brits want to be influential in the EU without being a member?

They might get further ahead being on the outside?

I was thinking, how odd?

How could Britain get further ahead being on the outside of the EU?
Unless they are in charge?

"Earlier this week, Mr Hague outlined plans to revive the Foreign Office and restore excellence to British diplomacy."

Couple this with the fact that, Canada, the other North American British colony has just "decided" to to call the military the
"Royal Canadian" blah, blah
allegedly correcting a historical blunder

Also recently PM Harper has ordered the royal ugliness, the queens picture must be hanging in all canadian embassies world wide

I am scratching my head at all this but... your comment at 9:13 am
seems to shed some light on what may be going on
freethinker said…
Penny, 'Perfidious Albion' has always played a strange dance with Europe. Consider that the UK stayed out of the Euro at Gordon Brown's insistence when he was chancellor then as PM he was forever pushing the NWO. The UK is the only major player in the EU not to adopt the Euro.

While the UK side of the Anglo-American project seems to have had a schism between the 'elites' and the 'international jewish bankers' (City of London) that is no longer the case, the bankers have total domination. On the American side perhaps there is a residual WASP resistance.

Actually the more I think of it the more I believe that the schism between the British Imperialists and International Banking Jewry was an illusion and that that 1940 congressional record above is simply how it appeared to an American. British royalty and aristocracy is not at all opposed to international jewry - it is part of it (see: circumcision of P.Charles by Rabbi, royal Davidic bloodlines,, Zion Olympics, Jerusalem by Blake - the elite's favourite anthem, etc). The lower-level non-jewish duped English elites and intelligensia I mentionad earlier would all have been Freemasons (see: H.G.Wells - Things to Come ) and thereby subverted to the Jewish cause whether aware of it or not.

Too much thinking is making my brain hurt.


Off topic, some links to 'Anonymous' the curious might like to explore: (Illumination: the Secret Religion - How to Become God) (The Meritocracy Party) Menwith Hill??? (The Movement) (The Movement, youtube) (Freedominfo youtube) ("The Plan" 1 year. 3 phases. A world of change.) (nice domain name)

A wee bit smelly?
A. Peasant said…
hi Pen. i see a parallel between the UK wanting to be on the outside, and the links that Blammo left re: Ron Paul being a zionist choice for the US president because then israel, too, could be footloose and fancy free. no pesky rules and ties that bind, just the freedom to go commando without answering to anyone. now of course we must imagine that this freedom is not for everyone. *some* countries would probably be encouraged to stay inside the control grid. ? there is always a pecking order, and it may be redefined from time to time.

James, very good read by G. Duff. curious.

freethinker, we absolutely agree that the delineations between the groups is very blurry. in fact it does seem that the people who comprise the elite have some choices to make, and their choices are not always clear, but we are sure they all want to be on the winning side. but which side is that? this is the problem with power hungry people. they eat their own, they won't stop at good enough, they will keep going and cannibalizing and consolidating power. and in this process the smaller fish realize they will be eaten, and before that happens they want to get away and make some other arrangements, because not everyone has the same interests. there are winners and losers.

so yeah, it makes the brain hurt trying to suss out how they are all trying to out maneuver each other in treachery, but essentially that seems to be what is happening. they are destroying each other.

thanks for all the links. we are checking them out...
Dave said…
Several years ago, I was checking out an antique
auction online and one of the items displayed was
a portrait from the early 1900's of our local
jewish textile magnate. On the frame underneath
his name was the Masonic lodge he attended.
Ka-ching !
At this time in the South he couldn't have bought
his way into a country club - but he was a Mason.

The "tribe" has been around quite a long time
and they are well practiced at staying in the shadows and using surrogates to carry out their

It would not surprise me if the Rothschild group
is the front for other families acting in unison-
who knows.....

One thing's for sure when elephants tussle the
grass get trampled.

And if you endured 12 years of schooling you
realized the socio/psychopaths live to control
the rest of us for profit and pleasure at our expense.

A. Peasant said…
so true Dave.

The "tribe" has been around quite a long time
and they are well practiced at staying in the shadows and using surrogates to carry out their

absolutely. not to belabor the point but it seems like many people are having trouble sorting out their loyalties, because they are being used, and sometimes it takes some time to figure that kind of thing out.

if people don't realize the reality of the paths after 12 years of school, they then have more learning environments to get kicked around: college (perhaps), the world of work, relationships, etc. again, it takes some people longer than others to realize what is happening.

often the nicest people take the longest to wise up.
freethinker said…
No reaction to the links I posted earlier regarding 'Anonymous'?
A. Peasant said…
hi freethinker. well, you asked:

"a wee bit smelly?"

i would say that crap stinks to high heaven. i wouldn't touch it with a nine foot pole with a ten foot handle. it's all quite glossy and organized.

the thing is that if one is serious about freedom and truth, one just does it. one does not look for an organization to join. booger is free, is it not? conversation is free, is it not? these groups that set up to organize people are diverting them from the work they should be doing either alone or in loose affiliations like the ones set up by bloggers and their communities of readers, without leaders and without pay. that's where the real work is being done.
freethinker said…
Hmm, either you've misunderstood me or I'm misunderstanding your comment.

"a wee bit smelly?" of course that was an ironic rhetorical question - its stinks more than a little, that's obvious.

"the thing is that if one is serious about freedom and truth, one just does it. one does not look for an organization to join. booger is free, is it not? conversation is free, is it not? these groups that set up to organize people are diverting them from the work they should be doing either alone or in loose affiliations like the ones set up by bloggers and their communities of readers, without leaders and without pay. that's where the real work is being done." -
I hope you don't think I was looking for advice on whether to join this crowd, I wouldn't touch them with a barge-pole either - of course (does that really have to be spelled out).

Sometimes I'm too cryptic, subtle or obscure for my own good. I'll try and spell out what I was alluding to. It seems to me that this 'Anonymous' movement is gaining traction with the youth. They have a polished 'V for Vendetta' branding. V for Vendetta is a much misunderstood film - see VigilantCitizen; in fact it is deceptive. Anonymous seem to be the good guys but no-one is exploring their background (as far as I can see).

The links-
ArmageddonConspiracy is a fascinating website - it purports to have the true insight into so much of history an religion. They claim to be the Iluminatti, who are the good guys unlike the nasty Freemasons - hmmm. On the litmus test of 9-11 they crash and burn. They are deceptive.
'The Movement' is an (anarchist) offshoot of the above. They tried to mobilise the youth towards a hidden agenda.
The related 'The Meritocracy Party' was an attempt at creating a political movement again with a hidden agenda apart from the nebulous notion of a Meritocracy.
These stink of British intel and the ArmageddonConspiracy especially of the secular jewish mindset.

Now we find the 'Movement' and 'Meritocracy Party' are virtually moribund - the only activity now seems to be to pimp 'Anonymous' and the 'V-Movement' (same thing). See increasing use of V for Vendetta branding and the use of V hand gestures amongst the young and celebs.

I thought you might be interested. Apologies for not being clear (if I wasn't).
A. Peasant said…
hi freethinker,
i very much appreciate you clarifying what you were alluding to. i *thought* we were on the same page, and turns out we are. phew! but i wasn't sure when i replied, which is why i was a bit rhetorical myself. so my apologies as well.

when i looked at the first site all was well for a few paragraphs, and then it was 'how silly is the idea of god...' and so here we are, as you point out, secularism. no thanks. the other sites are over-engineered. i don't know how else to describe it. they are traps. traps for disaffected young people. it is good to see them moribund.

i never could bring myself to watch that movie V for Vendetta, even though someone practically begged me to. started to watch it and quickly lost interest. nor have i watched The Matrix. probably go 20 minutes into that one too. nor many many other movies too numerous to mention. it is all just meh to me. fake phony engineered not genuine. therefore i don't spend any time on these "movements." in general i don't even bother to look into them enough to know if they are phony because to me they seem phony by definition. i don't write about certain things because of the opportunity cost of doing the research, especially now that i have about a quarter the time to blog than i did a year ago.

thus, i do find it interesting, but only in a confirming sort of way, meaning i'm glad to know i'm not the only one who thinks it's a bunch of crap. so, many, many thanks for expanding your comment.
freethinker said…
Hello AP. Further to earlier chat about British/Jewish elites of the NWO I think you'll be interested in this:
A. Peasant said…
those look like excellent links freethinker. thank you. there's a lot to study there but in general yes, i figure it has to sort out something like this. good stuff.
freethinker said…
You're welcome.
That Uroko vid I linked earler is worth a look too, when you have some time on your hands ;)
A. Peasant said…
can you get me some of that free time stuff? :D
A. Peasant said…
freethinker, going through the links.
just read this in the first link:

The current intifada began at Al Aqsa mosque when Sharon visited the Temple Mount with 1000 armed riot police on September 28, 2000.

interesting that anniversary is coming up this wednesday.

and sharon supposedly still "alive" with his brain a little puddle in his head.
freethinker said…
Interesting thought!

There's a lot of good stuff on that site. Very thoughtfully he's provided an offline archive here:

I doubt its your 'thing' but there is some speculation that the comet Elenin could make its presence felt on 27/28 also. Something to do with planetary alignments - on several previous planetary alignments with Elenin there have been large earthquakes. There is so much crap abounding on Elenin that I haven't given it much attention, but on the face of it the correlation between 7+ quakes and Elenin alignments is strong. We'll see.