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opening salvo in London?

Friends gather outside burnt out Kua family home.

The other day in London, six members of a Palestinian family, the Kua family, died in a house fire early in the morning of Saturday, September 24, 2011. Two members of the family survived, the father and a teenage daughter. As reported later in the day on Saturday, September 24, 2011, the fire has already been ruled: Not Suspicious.

Police said there was no immediate evidence of foul play. "The fire at a residential property in Neasden in which six members of the same family died has been deemed non-suspicious following an investigation by the Metropolitan Police and London Fire Brigade," Scotland Yard said in a statement on Saturday afternoon. It gave no other details about the cause of the blaze.
A thorough investigation will ensue?

Speaking at the scene, Chief Superintendent Matthew Gardner said police are conducting a "thorough and painstaking" investigation with the London Fire Brigade into the cause of the blaze.
The authorities are also conducting reassurance patrols in the local area and places of worship.

Who lives in this community?
Getting to the Heart of the Community, Harrow Times, 1/1/2000: The Jewish community in Brent is on the move -- leaving traditional areas like Cricklewood, Willesden and Brondesbury to Neasden, Kingsbury, Kenton and Harrow. Brent has a tradition of being home to immigrants from all parts of the world.
The Grange Museum in Neasden is currently showing an exhibition celebrating 100 Years of Jewish Life in Brent. TONY LELIW reports. The writing was on the wall for all to see. That Britain was and is a safe haven for the persecuted, and a country free from terror.
A young Jewish person had written these thoughts as part of an exhibition about Jewish life in Brent at the Grange Museum of Community Life in Neasden Lane, Neasden.

We wonder where is a safe place to be for a Palestinian?

Fire trucks arrived within four minutes, but immediately faced an intense fire, which is Not Suspicious. It was a difficult fire to contain.

Also Not Suspicious about this extremely fast moving fire in which a family of Palestinians were killed in London coincidentally the day after Abbas made his declaration of statehood to the UN: the sound of explosions and debris in the neighbor's yard.

Neighbours told Sky News how they woke to the sound of a series of explosions before the fire, which is not being treated as suspicious by police, gutted the property.

'First there was an explosion three or four times and then after this we came out and saw the fire,' Gito Parma said at the scene.

Resident Joe Lyons said he was shocked almost a whole family were wiped out in the 'terrible fire'.

'The fire started just before 1am - the flames were belting out the front two windows,' he told Sky.

'We saw fire engines, ambulances and police. I was very surprised this morning to see on the news that six people had died.'

Mr Lyons said he found debris from the blaze, including broken tiles, in his backyard....

Station manager Glen Gorman said: 'Firefighters were faced with very intense heat and smoke - it was a very difficult situation to deal with.

Fire station manager Glen Gorman said the fatal fire was an "absolute tragedy."
source: SKY News

Since when are explosions Not Suspicious?

The surviving daughter is in critical condition after being blown out of a first floor window, which of course is NOT SUSPICIOUS AT ALL...? Most other reports say she jumped from a second story window, but her critical injuries are to her back and head, rather than to her legs.

The only survivors were her daughter Nur, 16, who appeared to have been blown out of a first-floor window and her husband, Bassam Kua.
Nur, a student at a Catholic sixth-form college, was in a critical condition last night at St Mary's Hospital in west London.
Mr Kua, 51, was being treated for severe burns to his hands after a desperate attempt to save his family.
Neighbours said the fire started at about 1am. One who was woken by a blast said people had to restrain Mr Kua, a builder, to prevent him from re-entering the inferno.
Abdi Osman, 47, a neighbour, told how he had sat with Mr Kua in an ambulance as paramedics tried to save his son. He said he had heard two explosions coming from the house, which sent bricks from the front wall flying into the road.
"I ran outside," Mr Osman said. "I could see the fire spreading. It started downstairs but then quickly spread upstairs. I started shouting out 'Is anyone home, is anyone home' but I couldn't hear anything. It was almost silent. They must have been asleep or already dead.
"Then the father came out. He was burnt black all over his arms and face. He didn't say anything, he was in shock.
"Some of the neighbours had to hold him to stop him from going back in the house. I ran up to him and said 'Is anyone inside, where is your family?' He just looked at me and said 'They're inside, they're all inside.'
"I went into the ambulance with him but he wasn't saying anything. He just sat with his head in his hands crying. Then they brought his son into the ambulance. They put a mask on his face and tried to resuscitate him. They did CPR but he died. His dad sat there watching. It was horrific."
...The family, of Palestinian origin, came to Britain from Libya 14 years ago, friends said. They moved to the four-bedroom semi-detached house in Sonia Gardens two years ago.
By all reports a lovely family, a hard-working family with polite and intelligent children. TAKE NOTE. 

London Ambulance Service was called at 12:51am by the London Fire Brigade.
"We were called at 12.51am by the LFB to reports of a fire at Sonia Gardens.
When the engines arrived, four minutes later, the house was already engulfed in flames.
Station manager Glen Gorman, who attended the scene, said when they had arrived the house was "engulfed" in flames.

What caused the fire?

Police said they believed the fire, which broke out at the four-bedroom semi at about 1am ­yesterday, was caused by an electrical fault in a fridge in the hallway.
With stunning contempt, The Sun headline reports: "Fridge Kills Six in House Inferno: Pals mourn mum and five kids." That's right, treat the death of this family like an episode of Sponge Bob. Tell us what you *really* think.

Of course it is NOT SUSPICIOUS that an electrical fire in a hallway refrigerator can flash over and engulf an entire house in four minutes, after causing three to four explosions powerful enough to throw a girl out of a window in another room......?

Comment at SKY News story: "If it is true that a faulty refrigerator caused this fire, then I hope that details of the make and model are quickly released so that the public can be made aware of whether they are in danger or not. There could be hundreds, perhaps thousands of families with similar models in their homes."
That's logical thinking, but COMMON SENSE tells us this fire was not caused by a fridge in the hallway.

And smoke alarms would not have helped this family, as we read some of the INANE and HATEFUL comments at some of these stories. Presumably the family was woken up by the THREE OF FOUR EXPLOSIONS anyway, hmm?, which were loud enough to wake neighbors?, and the smoke alarm would be a bit redundant in those circumstances?

No jumping to conclusions then? Wait for the investigations? The investigations that have already determined the fire Not Suspicious. How convenient. Sorry, but we will jump straight to conclusions thank you very much. 

And let's just follow this logic through here:

Glen Gorman, from London Fire Brigade, said fire crews were at the scene four minutes after they received a call from a member of the public....
A neighbour who wished to remain anonymous said: “I was in my room and the window was open.
“I heard a loud bang, it was literally like an explosion, almost like a bomb.
“I thought it was really strange and within four minutes I heard sirens and police cars and we looked out the window and the fire had literally reached the top within five minutes.

A "member of the public" reports a fire, and four minutes later the fire engines are at the scene.

A neighbor hears an explosion, and four minutes later heard the engines responding, but the house was already fully engulfed in that short time.

The neighbor thought it was really strange to hear an explosion, which seems a normal response to us. The neighbor did not know what was going on until hearing the sirens approaching, and only then looking out the window to see the house already engulfed. But the "member of the public" somehow knew exactly what was going on, apparently from the first moment of the explosion, because there was no delay in calling it in. Not even a minute of confusion. From the time of the explosion to the engines arriving: 4 minutes. From the time of the phone call to the engines arriving: also 4 minutes. Seems that the explosion and the phone call were made at the same time.

Perhaps by the same person? A "member of the public."

Maybe the police ought to investigate that hmm? Don't count on it. Probably a detail like that is considered Not Suspicious.

Not Suspicious?

Not Suspicious?


Anonymous said…
hmmmm,nice detective work mrs peasant...
you dont miss a what your saying is its obviously some sort of evil sacrifice run by the intelligence services or someone who has protection.....

A. Peasant said…
hi neil,
well, i think they are just sending a message that the Palestinians will pay. they will pay in Palestine and they will pay in other places. furthermore they are showing their ownership of the police and fire investigations in London, for instance. it is a vile, obnoxious, evil display of power. i don't know if it has sacrificial meaning, i take it more as a brazen display of brutality and power. state sponsored violence from the state within the state.
Anonymous said…
I hope your right mrs peasant...
these people are severely messed up big time.....neil
McJ said…
Outstanding work AP. Thanks.

I couldn't add much to your assessment of the event. It is spine chilling evil, for sure.
A. Peasant said…
neil & McJ, as i was thinking about it last night, i had the iconic image of the horse's head on the bed from The Mafia, as an analogy.
Anonymous said…
yep thats the image I'm getting mrs peasant.....messed up crazyness with some pure evil thrown in....neil
Anonymous said…
Hey didn't something similar happen on 911? Lots of explosions that none of the authorities took notice of either???

Oh ... except for that rather strange report that has just come out on how the towers came down since it involved melting aluminium and something else reacting and exploding bringing down these huge buildings ... but of course no mention of nanoparticles or anything like that whatsoever.

I think AP you should keep your eye out for other mysterious deaths of Palestinans. I have a bad feeling you could be right and they're going to start exterminating people so they will have less resistance to fight in the future.

I would like to think we are all wrong on this one ... but I fear not.

Anyway keep up the good work.

Harvey Price (Chch, NZ)
A. Peasant said…
welcome Harvey, thank you for commenting. indeed just like 911 and many other incidents, the early reports are really important because they are often full of inconsistencies. the fridge theory, for instance, has been ruled out by the authorities, but it will still go on and on as a
reasonable/plausible explanation, articles copied and circulated, and many people will accept it without further thought.

London Fire Brigade today said it had ruled out a Beko fridge-freezer as the cause of the tragic blaze.

and the neighbor Hesham Fathi will be quoted over and over again as a credible witness, claiming that he spoke to the father in the hospital who told him his suspicions of the fridge.

‘I have spoken to Bassan and he told me he saw smoke coming from the fridge. I am positive it was a Beko. ‘He went to raise the alarm after he saw smoke coming from the back and catch fire to the wallpaper. 'He could not get back into the house because of the smoke and was calling out to his wife and children.’

that does not really square with the other accounts, and now it has been ruled out in any case. but it will continue to circulate, just like all the other lies. they only have to get them out there which is easy as pie.

but with the Abbas speech, the israelis have lost the PR game. they are cornered, and they will behave accordingly. i would love to be wrong but history gives us the pattern.
nobody said…
Hey AP, I'm with you. Whilst Cherchez le Juif is an imperfect sentiment, it gets short odds at Ladbrokes. (The Ladbrokes from hell, that is).

As for explosions, whilst I didn't read your links I'm assuming that no one mentioned gas, yes? (And no not the liquid you buy at a petrol station, I mean the gas which is actually a gas. Why did Americans call a liquid a gas? Talk about confusing).

Anyway, I think it's telling that it was not even mentioned. It's beyond obvious, and pretty much only thing that will cause explosions in a residential house. If they're not mentioning it's because it didn't occur. If there was any possibility it was gas, they'd leap on it. And this is true for villainy or no.

Is there anything else that could cause an explosion of such tremendous force in a residential home Anyone? Anything? It's not a grain silo. Okay so what do they say in the fire forensics textbook? Oh look, point number 4 :


Presence of flammable liquids
Multiple points of origin
Use of trailers, timing devices
Presence of explosion
Sign of forced entry
Sign of contents removed before the fire or replaced with inferior goods
Signs of tampering with gas or electric appliances or sprinklers
Signs of artificial drafts eg holes in walls
Rapid onset of fire, higher than normal temperatures closet fires
Other crime committed

But they didn't mention it. There was an explosion, we're to think nothing of it, and it certainly wasn't suspicious. Whew!

Not forgetting of course that there are only two entities that can so totally control the spin of such a situation. Organised atanist paedophiles and the Israel/Jewish lobby. And somehow I doubt that the former have a hard on for Palestinians.

ciao mate

McJ said…
The head in the bead is an appropriate image AP and good point Nobody.

Do they use natural gas for heating/cooking in England? I know Propane is especially dangerous because it is heavier than air and sinks to the floor/basement.
Last year in Edmonton Canada there was a propane explosion in a home there. It completely destroyed the house and severely damaged 2 or 3 of the houses beside it. So why no mention of the obvious possibility of it being a gas explosion? Very curious.
McJ said…
"head in the bed" not "bead" :)
A. Peasant said…
no i saw no mention of gas. i don't know about propane but here in the US they put a sulfur smell into natural gas so you can tell if it's leaking, and people would mention that i would think. it's the type of smell you notice and it's so strong that even a small leak you can smell.

a big house like that does not just go from not on fire to raging inferno in four minutes all by itself. no way.
A. Peasant said…
looking at your list nobs:

Multiple points of origin
Rapid onset of fire, higher than normal temps

there is no mention of multiple points of origin, specifically, but the fact the house was engulfed in minutes and there were three or four explosions seems to indicate multiple points of origin. of course that would be the sort of thing that would come out in a real investigation, if there is a real investigation.

some characteristics of state sponsored terrorism/violence:
- it does not get investigated properly
- high profile, visible attacks
- bodies heavily mutilated
- targeting a specific group
- terror amplified by retelling in news reports
- gangs usually blamed

of course in this case no gang cam be blamed so it would have to be an accident. i mean, who hates the Palestinians? cough.
aferrismoon said…

The insipid, informationless version from yahoo.

Anonymous said…
Another fine article, AP.

Thanks for your efforts to bring Facts to the light of day in this miserably murky kosher world.

Here is a link to Matt Johnson filling in a very big piece of the suppressed puzzle on the Khazarian origins of those who call themselves Jews and are not.

Very informative, AP. Blows their bogus claims to Palestine right out of the water. Not a drop of Semitic blood amongst the lot of them - and that's a fact.

A. Peasant said…
you can conclude that when your house suddenly *does* explode, killing your family of persecuted people, and the authorities deem it not suspicious within hours, then someone is probably fucking with you.
freethinker said…
‘I have spoken to Bassan and he told me he saw smoke coming from the fridge. I am positive it was a Beko.
Has fridge spotting taken over from train spotting? Is this a new geek craze that I'm missing out on? Right I'm off to ask all my neighbours who makes their fridges. Planking is soo last week.

Earlier this year a warning was issued that 500,000 models manufactured by the company, whose headquarters are in Turkey, could be putting homes at risk.

You're right AP, nothing suspicious here at all.
A. Peasant said…
ferris, that one is highly sanitized. amazing what difference a day makes.

anonymous, thanks very much for the radio link. i will listen to it this evening.
A. Peasant said…
this friend who spoke to Bassan in the hospital, i'm very curious about him. i wonder if we will ever hear the father and surviving daughter's version of events when they are sufficiently recovered. but i bet we won't, everyone will have moved on long since.
A. Peasant said…
tel aviv troll, you should read my comment policy. enjoy the spam folder.
A. Peasant said…
comment moderation is on.
Snakey said…
I noticed this same story too and came to the same conclusions. Highly suspicious, just on the journalistic sensationalism aspect, as per usual here in the UK.

BTW we have natural gas supplied here that stinks to high heaven so you can smell gas leaking very easily.

Only points of entry I can think of in a modern UK house for gas would be 1. Gas fire with a slow leak occurring under the floorboards over a considerable length of time or general fast leak from broken gas line. 2. A central heating boiler and 3. Gas cooker in a kitchen. Even a leak can be ok as long as no-one lights up or switches on a light fitting.

If all these appliances were leaking, all at the same time, there would in all likelihood be multiple explosions. Of course, this is preposterous and I've never heard of such a scenario in the UK. In fact a quick search on UK Google pages just now for "multiple gas explosions" returns no decent results other than industry ones. When gas goes up in a house it goes in one big bang, usually taking half the house with it. I think this is why there's no mention of gas in relation to the 'explosion(s)'. It stretches credulity.

What strikes me is the unlikely scenario we are presented with that the Fire Service in this country would decide so quickly that the cause of the fire was 'not suspicious' especially if the householder has life, buildings and contents insurance policies and there are deaths involved. People here are bloody insane regarding correct paperwork and things being investigated. Gilliam's Brazil is the UK lol but only if you are standing on the wrong side of the line in the queue towards Information Retrieval of course.

There are such entities as Insurance Company 'Claims Investigators' that stalk our land but somehow the local fire service seems to have forgotten about them or the useless UK press has. No doubt the story will evolve over time or be completely buried.

It's got to the point where everything you read in the UK press has evolved to hysterically stupid heights of wanton insanity written by paid professional liars, so don't believe so-called witness testimony if it's coming from one of our rags because that's probably made up as well. If it disappears down the memory hole then you can rely on the testimony, if not it's serving someone's agenda, you can bet on it.
A. Peasant said…
excellent points Snakey. very astute observation about the insurance, and the usual red tape that anyone would expect with a house-gutting fire that kills a half dozen people.
McJ said…
Thanks for the info Snakey. Good points. I wasn't thinking that a gas leak was ultimately the cause of the explosion just wondering why that scenario wouldn't have been explored as opposed to the faulty wire in the fridge nonsense. It would seem to be a logical line of inquiry considering there were explosions. Around here when we hear of house explosions we immediately suspect either gas leaks or meth labs.

AP - OT, I know but here is a link to a video of the protest of Cheney's visit. It may warm your heart a little.
A. Peasant said…
hi McJ, wow, they really did make it difficult for those people to get in, but i see the elites were very motivated to watch the killer speak.

the fact that they had to go through the protest shows that they are really low on the pecking order. i suppose they will be surprised to learn that the elites eat their own.
McJ said…
"i suppose they will be surprised to learn that the elites eat their own."

I bet they will. :)
questioning said…
This story makes me numb, thanks to all for the informative comments.

I'm burned out with "outrage" fatigue" and "fear porn fatigue". Most days I'm just numbed when I see these and other evil acts being perpetrated by the Spawn of the Syn. Just glimpsed a Frontline show about the WTC "Mosque controversy" and my jaw dropped when I saw the Jew "convert" to Islam pimping the real estate and some Jewess leading opposition to it. It was blatant in your face Hegelian dialect right there for eyes to see. Is it wrong when I treasure my bittersweet laughs when they come?
veritas6464 said…
Hey AP,...We had a burn here in rothschalia about a month or so ago that cost a lot of lives, maybe 12 or 14 members of the same extended family (ex-pat Maori), the burn was so intense that the car in the driveway was toasted throughout!

The Media has made a constant and "milking" meal of the whole deal for at least a month now. What has not been reported is, how so many people on welfare can have been living in what the Fire Department described as a "high risk" environment without the authorities intervening?!

There have been many candle-lit benefits and every shill in the media that never gives a fuck about Gaza are all ever so, "touched" by the "loss": HORSESHIT!

For my cynical money: This is what is known as manifesting "compassion fatigue': The yids want us all to be so cried-out by our local shit, that we have no room left for Gaza or Libya or where-so-ever else the dirty tribe of child-molesters are planning to murder innocents!

just me rantin'

A. Peasant said…
hi questioning and V,

the compassion fatigue thing is definitely used a lot, and also very selectively, according to the victim's status and how they fit into the bigger social engineering picture.

and no i don't think it is wrong to treasure your mordant chuckles. we do it too, all too often. if it's wrong, we're right with you Q.
Anonymous said…
There was another time when explosives were not suspicious. 9/11 and Israel, here:
A. Peasant said…
to anonymous who left the radio interview, i just listened to it, thank you. it was excellent.
Anonymous said…
Haven't got time to reply properly but thanks AP for your gracious welcome.

Ummm last night I watched an oldish episode (2010) of the riproaring tv programme, Mythbusters (a guilty pleasure of mine). The so called "build team" were trying to turn a propane gas bottle into a rocket (myth was that a propane gas bottle in the middle of a shed/garage fire blew through the roof when it turned into a rocket and flew 150ft into the air).

Anyway, just looking at the shed they built burning down, and seeing the propane gas bottle just sitting there a bit scorched but otherwise in good nick ... reminded me of 9/11 and all that jet fuel (which burnt off really quickly) and the fires that followed. Yet another example of actual circumstance not tying in with the offical story.

What a flamin surprise lol.

And now Al Qaeda are criticising Ahmadinejad for talking of conspiracy theories etc ... these bastards really do know how to stir things up don't they? Talk about cognitive dissonance. Jeez.

Best wishes

Harvey P.
A. Peasant said…
indeed schtick, evidently any explanation only has to *sound* plausible and millions of people will readily accept it. evidence is for conspiracy theorists.
Anonymous said…
Glad you liked the Matt Johnson radio show on Khazars, AP.

I think it is brilliant. He also reveals their centuries long history of running the slave trade (that ties in with their controlling the African slave trade into the Americas, and their current White sex slave trade of women and girls from Eastern Europe into Israel).

Matt also clearly states that these bogus-Jew converts are actually Turks by ancestry. No legitimate claim to Palestine at all, of course. No more Semitic than Eskimos or Martians.

He also refers to their long standing reputation as the world's foremost liars - i.e. Masters of The Big Lie; witness the Lusitania, the Pearl Harbor "unprovoked" attack, the "holocaust" mythology and 9/11 as just a few examples.

Oh yes, and this one - Don Heddesheimer, The First Holocaust...

Makes for VERY enlightening reading, AP.

Anonymous said…
i reckon this a textbook mossad strike spread fear and terror throughout the palestinian community in london and the UK...bastards
A. Peasant said…
thank you for the second link anonymous. i just had a peek -- yes very interesting.

anon at 2:16, that is how it appears. there is sufficient evidence to suggest that, all of which has been quickly shoved aside by the freezer theory. and there probably is plenty of evidence to prove the home was attacked, but that would require an investigation. since no investigation is needed, supposedly, because the mystery has been solved, therefore no further evidence will be found. case closed, except for the message, which remains for those who can read messages.
Vinny said…
everybody always ready to say the jews did it. perhaps he was making bombs to kill jews and it went awry... don't know just saying
A. Peasant said…
i see. well Vinny the last person who made such a comment here was from Tel Aviv. i put that one in the spam folder, as it struck me as racist to assume that the man's house burnt in 4 minutes because he was making bombs to kill jews.
Vinny said…
i'm an american of european decent. i'm not being racist. and feel deeply for anyone who perishes in such a manner. but to blame people right off the bat to me is racism.
A. Peasant said…
i am questioning why the fire is not being investigated properly given multiple eye-witness accounts of explosions.

if the family was jewish, and the house suddenly exploded into fire like that, engulfed in flames in four minutes, and killing 6 members of the family, i guarantee you there is not an authority in the western world who would dare to brush aside eye-witness accounts of explosions.
veritas6464 said…
Hey AP,...I have just had that nutjob cannibalrabbi leave a comment, I won't be posting it, it is unmitigated shyte. What I find interesting though is the syntax, it looks a lot like vinny's, mmmm, perhaps they are all just taught like automatons at the yiddish internet troll-skool, however, vinny and cannibalrabbi do read very much alike - a mixture of restrained rage delivered as a condescending obsequious plea.

Uriah Heep comes to mind! Was Heep a yid? Perhaps his original handle prior to subbing was Uriah Heeb? (grin)

james said…
Hullo Vinney,
do you know what racism is? Racism is a belief that a people of a certain ethnicity are superior to a people of another ethnicity. The perceived superiority is due to the ethnicity, just to make this clear. For instance, Jews who believe they are “God's Chosen People” are engaging in racism. They hold themselves to be an ethnic group and that this group is favoured above all others.

By extension, they believe all other ethnic groups are inferior. That is racism. This is the foundation of their religion and culture. That makes their religion and culture racist.

It is true that the Jews don't belong to a single ethnic group. But they claim this for themselves by also claiming that Palestine is the home of their ancestors (when it is clearly not). So they identify themselves as an ethnic group regardless of its lack of factual basis and claim their superiority also regardless of its lack of factual basis.

Racist acts are those that denigrate or exploit others because they belong to an ethnic group that is seen as inferior. Racist acts are seen everyday in Israel.

Palestinians cannot drive on many roads in Israel simply because the are Palestinians.
Everyday Palestinians are dispossessed of their homes because they are Palestinians.
Their farms and olive groves are ploughed under because they belong to Palestinians.
Their children are injured and killed because they are Palestinians.
Whole populations are kept prisoner such as in Gaza and are being systematically killed because they are Palestinians.
This is genocide and it is being perpetrated against them simply because they are Palestinians.

Every day, Jews in Israel display a profound hatred towards Palestinians.

So why not consider seriously the possibility that Israelis or Jewish sympathisers were behind the fire bombing of a family of Palestinians in an area populated by many Jews in London on the day that Palestine was appealing to the UN for recognition through representation at the UN? A move bitterly opposed by those Jews who see themselves as superior beings and the Palestinians as having no human rights at all.

To recognise one group's racism towards all other peoples and against one people in particular is not racism. If a murderer is called a murderer by others, does this make the others murderers?

If your friends don't want to be called racists, then the answer is simple; cease the racism and the murder and theft that goes along with it.
A. Peasant said…
V, i don't know mate. my post was picked up by so i had a lot of traffic. however i think vincent may be from the pennsylvania area, if you know where cannibalrabbi is...? in any event James has spelled the problem out in pristine detail for the perpetually confused. thank you James.

To recognise one group's racism towards all other peoples and against one people in particular is not racism. If a murderer is called a murderer by others, does this make the others murderers?

and i would just add, to recognize one group's racism toward all other peoples and against one people in particular, and to not say anything about it because you are afraid of said racist group, is cowardice. and it emboldens the racists to see people cowering before them, before their power to destroy lives, reputations and careers.

understand that we are all Palestinians. to stand up for the Palestinians is to stand up for yourself.

how did that saying go?

"first they came for the Palestinians, but i wasn't a Palestinian..."

something like that.
Anonymous said…
hi AP this story is really sad and i can't imagine what the farther and daughter will go through after they recover
the news never mentioned that is was a Palestinian family, they usually jump to calling by their origin when they're talking about the terrorist state Israel, like 'Palestinian extremist attacks Israeli solider'
my heart goes out to the Palestinian people and i pray that they will be peace
nobody said…
Hey AP,

On my way here I stopped in at Aang's and Pen's already but really I'm thinking you are the chick for this gig. It's right up your alley. Since I already wrote it for Aang (complete with links) I'll just cut and past it here:


Thanks for that Aang, but it was all Tache and wikispooks.

Meanwhile a chap at my place pointed me at a bloke called Jim Stone. Heard of him? I hadn't but he seems quite big. He has a lot to say about the Fukushima disaster and Israeli involvement. His site is organised like shit and he writes poorly but I'm thinking he's on the money. He seems quite technically savvy and he makes some interesting points about the unlikelihood of the earthquake / tsunami / nuclear disaster stories we were given.

Nutshell - it seems the earthquake was very small and caused almost no damage at all. The Tsunami was impossibly large but still not enough to damage the nuclear plant. And then the #3 reactor that blew up was decommissioned, which is to say unable to explode. Or to put it another way the official story makes no sense. And I'm inclined to think that his makes more sense. See what you think.

Here's the first article I started with. I think it's one article (like I said, badly laid out). Anyway then look over to the right and have a click on some of the other Japan / Fukushima / mossad / power-grid links. See if it grabs you. I'm cutting and pasting this over at Pen's and AP's since they'll probably groove on it too.

ciao mate,



Is that something you might want to get your teeth into? BTW. I googled +jim +stone +福島第一原子力発電所 (the name of Fukushima nuclear plant) and found a ton of Japanese sites talking about this. I talked to a Japanese buddy and he's red hot on Fukushima but hadn't come across Jim Stone. But he's in amongst it now. Apparently Japan is rife with talk of Israeli skulduggery.

Anyway I hope it's your kettle mate because I'd like to see what you make of it. You've got the right head for it - sharp like a knife, grrrrr! Seriously!

Unlike me - I'm fart oo dizzy.
A. Peasant said…
you are not dizzy mate, or fart oo dizzy either. is that an oz term?

yes saw jim's article at the time and i did link to it over at the TB mirror site, and then linked to it here in this post:

and that all ties into Jennifer Lake's work on polio, and the connection between radiation and influenza. so it's actually a really big russian nesting dolls sort of thing which i had started to unpack in the 'how far is heaven' series of posts, of which i have a whole two written, but a plan for more, if i can bring myself to write them. i have a rough outline here somewhere.

so yeah, i think the guy is onto it, and i'm happy to hear the Japanese are onto it too.

in my bookmarks is this as well:

The Total Fertility Rate (TFR)

The best measure of population growth or shrinkage is a country’s Total Fertility Rate (TFR). It is, simply put, the average number of children women have in a society over their child bearing years. Two kids per woman is the “replacement value” for one woman and one male. Two kids per woman means the man and woman replace themselves and the next generation will be the same size as their preceding generation.

The higher the TFR number, the more the population will grow and expand. On the other hand, a TFR number below 2 kids per woman means the population is shrinking for the next generation. Nuclear weaponeers who know about these things say it is impossible for a society to recover, or grow again, with a TFR below 1.3 kids per woman. In short, that society is doomed. Japan’s TFR plummeted to 1.2 since the detonation of the two 10,000 lb sperm and ovary destroying uranium poison gas bombs in August, 1945.

so a quick summary is that it was an attack on the Japanese population specifically, with plenty of quote unquote collateral damage in the northern hemisphere and US, and throughout the world (regrettables). but the thing is there were two components of the attack: the underwater "earthquake" and how that happened, as well as the fukushima meltdown as covered by Stone. two components of destruction.

death cult and racism written all over it nobs. all over it, in big fat letters.
Anonymous said…
". . . two components of the attack: the underwater "earthquake" and how that happened,"

Ah yes, underwater "earthquake", AP. That triggered a memory. We've had one of them before, not that many years ago when the Sumatran Trench "exploded" as one report at the time said, and the resulting tsunami killed over a quarter million people, if memory serves me correctly.

Call me a suspicious old coot if you like, but I think there may be a non-kosher explanation for the "impossibly large tsunami" Japan was subjected to, and the earlier (one would have to say "impossibly large") tsunami, responsible for 250,000+ deaths on the Pacific Rim.

Wonder what those two nuclear submarines the terrorist state of Israel swindled out of Germany have been up to lately, on the sea bed?
A. Peasant said…
i had also come across reports of the indonesian tsunami that it was triggered on purpose by some navy or other, all of course impossible to prove. under the sea is a great hiding place.

the most compelling part of Jim Stone's work imo was the lack of destruction from the earthquake, plenty of photographic evidence, compared to other earthquakes of similar but lesser magnitude. anyone can look it up himself and verify the destruction from other large quakes, and see that there is nothing like that in Sendai or any area of Japan close to the epicenter of this quake that supposedly triggered the tsunami. simply use teh google image search. essentially ALL the destruction was from the tsunami. thus we must conclude there was no 9.0 quake, no 8.8 quake, nothing big like that. i don't agree with his theory that this happened to punish Japan for enriching uranium for Iran. the real reasons are always about killing many people, targeted populations, and getting away with it. geopolitical dramas like Iran's non-existent nuclear weapons program threatening to wipe izzy off the map, "acts of God" / "mother nature", and "human error" simply provide the plausible covers needed for these various scenarios, which are accomplished using occult methods for occult goals. but in general terms, yes i think he has got a couple of huge pieces of it together.

Jen Lake posted on this as well at the time. i direct readers over to her place if interested.
nobody said…
Oh AP, I told you mate - "like a knife". But more fool me - you'd already performed the surgery, ha ha. As for dizzy, if I weren't, I wouldn't have needed to send you this because I'd have lowered my reading glasses, taken the pipe out of my mouth, and said, "Ah yes, AP covered this in her posting dated blah, blah, blah, and I quote 'blah, blah, blah'", instead of leaping up knocking over my glass saying, 'What! What? Huh? What?' etc. etc.

Thanks mate, I'm off to check that last Jennifer link something-or-other. Looks interesting.

ciao ciao


PS Whew! I typed all that and didn't knock my glass over once. Maybe there's hope for me yet.
A. Peasant said…
no worries mate. i think this all happened when you were extreme lurking, and we didn't even know if you were alive or dead or anything. and you survived all that so you better not be putting on spectacles and smoking pipes like an old guy in an armchair because it is not convincing for a known pirate like yourself, and we won't have it.
marknesop said…
Hey, A.P. Speaking of London, its favourite adopted son, William Browder, appears to have succeeded in his intense campaign to get the UK to sign on to the Manitsky List travel ban:

If you review the Featured Story on the same page -

- the UK is also decreasing its banking profile in Russia in a fairly significant manner. Russia/UK relations are said now to be at an all-time low, but it looks like there's an Even Lower, and that's where they're heading, as Russia will likely react to the travel ban. The game of poke-chest continues apace.
A. Peasant said…
well well, the plot definitely thickens. Mr. Kraus put it delicately enough:

“In recent years, British foreign policy has been seen in Moscow as overtly hostile, as the UK foreign policy establishment essentially aligned itself with the US neocon faction,” said Kraus, who is independent asset manager.

“The Kremlin has taken badly the hectoring tone, as well as the propensity of the UK to grant asylum to individuals accused in Russia of terrorism or fraud - especially those wealthy enough to hire PR firms and provide political donations.”

like Browder...

thanks for the update Mark. i've been off running down other atrocities and took my eye off the ball with this one.
Anonymous said…
Things are moving bewilderingly fast on this one - now the British Embassy in Moscow says there's no truth to it at all. It seems one newspaper (The Observer) reported the story, sourcing the British Immigration Minister.

Any known connection between The Observer and Browder?
A. Peasant said…
hmm. very curious pullback. the first story was pretty detailed.

i don't know what to make of it just yet. as much as they try to spin it that all this drama is Russia's loss, i think it is London's loss.
Anonymous said…
I have a feeling Browder is behind it, and perhaps he thought if he could get it out front, popular opinion would be behind him and force the government to take action. You know he's been dragging the Magnitsky bill around Europe trying to get everyone to sign on, but he hasn't managed to get anybody big except the USA. Europe knows which side its bread is buttered on, and nobody wants to go into a cold winter with bad feelings between them and the supplier of 65% of their natural gas.
A. Peasant said…
that could be. that's a popular technique to create the narrative first which then justifies the desired action, and he's a professed master of such media manipulation.