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use your imagination to fill in the gap

We've talked about the technology gap before. It's the difference between what most people think is possible and what is actually possible. The gap was created and maintained by the military to allow various narrative possibilities. It allows certain powerful people to play God, with you and your loved ones.


Jody Paulson said…
Thanks for posting this, AP. Dr. Begich is brilliant, and in those videos he clearly explains the kinds of things HAARP is capable of. I feel I'm pretty sensitive to electromagnetic energy, and there is NO DOUBT in my mind it is being used at public protests to muddle the minds of participants, cause people to move, etc. When I lived in San Francisco, I and about a dozen other people would regularly (on the 11th of every month) come to the cable car turn-around to hand out 9-11 truth literature. And almost immediately after we'd get there I could feel my blood pressure spike and the place which was almost always crowded with people would start to clear out. It was really dramatic, to me, anyway -- a place that normally was bustling with hundreds of people would dwindle unnaturally to like, a couple dozen people. I know that was no accident. It would end up being very uncomfortable to just stand there for very long ... I don't know what kind of technology they were using, but they were doing something!
A. Peasant said…
that's wild Jody. they do have these technologies and some of them they admit to, like the "pain ray." made by Raytheon.

if you've ever looked into group stalking, there's a lot of info on it collected there. there used to be a website here that i linked to in a post somewhere back along the way:

but it seems reduced now to some podcasts.

definitely the sort of thing that is literally designed to drive people crazy, and make them look crazy for talking about it. so yeah, it's good to see someone like Begich articulate it all so well. i ordered one of his books, can't wait to read it.
veritas6464 said…
Hey Campo,...Great Post, that format of posting vids freaked me out, whattha? embedr, yes? Anyhoo, I was diagnosed with chronic arthritis about four years ago, the onset was almost instantaneous. I mean; as soon as I attended my first anti Gov rally, I was almost crippled with arthritis, in my hands and shoulders - I was in hell!

The pain was crippling me; literally, I was incapable of functioning.

At the first consultation with a GP I was confirmed to have arthritis and prescribed medication - "ORIVAIL", it worked.
From popping sixty or seventy Codeines and Ibuprofens a day, I went ot one capsule of Orivail.

I might add, that I NEVER used to drop 'jack & jills' EVER! I was as clean as, since being a Soldier.

On my second consultation the Doc' suggested that the blood test indicated that I was not suffering from arthritis afterall and that it may be something else, including a psycho-somatic illness! WTF!

During this period we had enormous rainfall manifesting floods that killed twenty odd people which destroyed the States' infrastructure...


You should have seen the dust-storms and cloud formations we had at that very time!

I KNOW their evil sophisticated shit is real!


veritas (am i dizzy? whew)
A. Peasant said…
hullo V, sorry to hear that you have also suffered through something like that. the whole routine of taking meds is so dangerous also, even if they are "only" OTC pain meds. the kidneys can't deal with all the toxins from air, food, water etc., PLUS all the pharma stuff taken to relieve the symptoms of pain. as anyone knows when you are in pain, you just want the pain to stop and that becomes a priority. thus disease becomes a great handle for controlling people. get a person sick and then their behavior becomes very predictable.

it's just mind-boggling how many ways they have to do the slow-kill method, how many little things add up. i got about halfway through the video A13 posted a day or two ago about how they are changing us from the inside with all the crap coming out of the chemtrails. it's all very creepy but that is why i really liked what Begich said about fear, and the importance of not succumbing to fear. but it's hard sometimes to take it all in and not get freaked out.
nobody said…
Hey AP, how would you know if your brain was being scrambled or not? Are they able to transmit something through your computer? Because I tell ya, my brain feels scrambled. I can hardly think straight. There was P2P the other day talking about 'focus' and that's the one thing I can't do.

Did you read Jeff Wells' last piece over at Rigorous Intuition? It's long but it's worth reading. According to him computers scramble your brain with no MK monkey business needed. And he could be right. All I know is that the more time I spend in front of the computer the more weird and fidgetty I get. My ability to settle on a thought and follow it to its logical conclusion is gone.

Then again... I'm living at my mother's and I find the whole thing intensely stressful. Perhaps it's merely that? Who knows? Mind you, I hit the road soon. We'll see if that changes anything.
A. Peasant said…
i don't know nobs. i've had all sorts of focus / unfocus periods involving the computer over the years. i've had times i could write and times i couldn't. i think it's really hard to know what affect the computer has since we are swimming in electronics all the time. i will check out the rigorous intuition piece, haven't seen it.