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how far is heaven, part 3

After watching Dr. Nick Begich's video a few weeks ago, we ordered one of his books: Controlling the Human Mind. This book informs us of the many decades of research, much of it classified, into mind control technologies. Essentially, energy is the invisible handle by which to control people: frequencies. Or, as we have read before, the NWO is wireless. Meaning: invisible. Invisible signals understood by our bodies.

How does a woman's body know how to grow a baby? It just knows. In the same way, our bodies know how to respond to energy whether or not our minds comprehend anything about the science of it.

See this pdf of the various frequencies and how they affect our brains.

The invisible energy enters our body and affects our various systems. 

When the limbic system was stimulated the patients vigilance weakened, they lost capacity to think, often they began to undress or grope and when the stimulation stopped they did not remember it. SOURCE

The limbic system affects behavior and memory.


The patient Roger was studied extensively. He suffered extensive bilateral limbic system destruction after a bout of herpes simplex virus type 1 encephalitis (HSE). Scientists studied him for over 14 years.

"Despite the magnitude of his brain damage, Roger has a normal IQ, average to above average attention, working memory, and executive functioning skills, and very good speech and language abilities. In fact, his only obvious presenting deficits are a dense global amnesia and a severe anosmia and ageusia."

A patient of average intelligence, working memory, executive functioning, and language abilities, whose ONLY obvious problem is that he can't remember what happened in the past. A serious illness caused severe brain inflammation. The inflammation caused some of his brain tissue to die. Quite a lot of brain tissue.

Roger was a normal child and young adult -- college educated, athletic, friendly, quiet, reserved. At age 28 he developed a high fever, nausea, and an intense headache. An ER doctor diagnosed him with influenza and sent him home. Friends found him unconscious days later. He remained in a coma for 9 days. He recovered, sort of.

How do the scientists describe Roger, who they studied for 14 years?

Little has changed for Roger over the past 28 years.
  • He has virtually no episodic memories for anything that has happened in three decades. He cannot remember 9/11. When shown pictures, he speculates that the Russians are attacking America.
  • He confabulates, ie: he makes statements that are not true / inaccurate. "Confabulation is considered “honest lying,” but is distinct from lying because there is typically no intent to deceive and the individual is unaware that their information is false." Wikipedia
  • He has extremely poor insight into his own condition. 
  • He downplays his own problems despite the profound affect they have had on his life (ie: he is completely dependent on others).
  • He eats voraciously.
  • He compulsively collects useless things.
  • He plays solitaire, listens to music (he has an unusual ability to remember artists and B sides of songs), and is an excellent bowler.
  • He hardly ever complains or worries about anything.
  • He is happy, outgoing, extroverted, approaching strangers without fear or concern for social cues. 
  • He has a defective memory for faces, having great difficulty distinguishing familiar people from strangers.
  • He routinely jokes, laughs and makes excellent puns. He is in a perpetual good mood.
  • He is jocular and speaks freely, without filtering his thoughts.
  • His personality and intelligence are remarkably stable, having changed little in 14 years of testing. 
  • He is compliant and easy going, earnest, attentive, and hard working.
  • His working memory, executive functioning, and attention are normal.
  • He has no depression, no anxiety, no psychiatric problems, and no psychopathology.
  • He has no sense of smell or taste.

To be clear, Roger has massive brain damage.

"Most people who meet Roger for the first time have no idea that anything is wrong. They see a normal looking middle-aged man who walks, talks, listens, and acts no differently than the average person. They might be slightly taken aback by his overly friendly behavior, or perhaps, they might be confused as to why a stranger just walked up to them and started telling jokes. They would not, however, be inclined to think that Roger is missing a substantial portion of his brain; a stark reminder that the territories of Roger's brain which are damaged, including the limbic system, are not critical for a broad range of basic life functions and behaviors."
Despite his massive brain damage, Roger can "pass" for normal on first impression, but he is dependent on others. Roger is not stressed out because Roger does not remember anything that would stress him out. He is simple.

He is a very PLEASANT and COMPLIANT person, free of WORRY and ANXIETY.


Free of troublesome MEMORIES.

Does he sound like some people you know?


The scientists learned a lot by studying Roger.

Did the scientists discover how to make people pleasant, compliant, free of worry and anxiety, free of introspection?

Perhaps some scientists discovered that damaging the limbic system makes people easier to control?,_Arkansas.jpg

Roger has massive brain damage. But what if people had just a "little" brain damage? Is that possible? Is that feasible? Is that ethical?

Would a "little" damage to the limbic system, for instance, make it difficult for people to remember things that happened in the past?

Would constant reminders be helpful in shaping memory, allowing some events to remain important while others faded away? Would this help keep people easy to control?

Would a "little" brain damage make people simpler and more compliant?

Would they still work hard, play hard, and be largely free of anxiety and introspection?

Are you smelling what we're stepping on here?

Roger's brain necrosis was caused by inflammation. Adjuvants in vaccines also cause brain inflammation. Does a "little" brain damage make people easier to control? Can a "little" brain damage be caused by vaccines? Can a "little" brain damage be arranged for large numbers of people?

'I think this is a very hard choice, but the price, we think, the price is worth it.'

What about radio frequency research? Has the military researched the science of controlling people through radio frequencies for many decades? Can these technologies cause or mimic a "little" brain damage?

The Office of Naval Research has been collecting scientific reports on the biological effects of RFR since 1974. At present time their collection is growing by over 1000 papers each year.

The great majority of published experiments was performed on animals. The experiments with people (as we will see later) are reserved to secret military projects.

Our understanding comes from what we remember + what we forget.

Do not leave important decisions about what to remember and what to forget in the hands of others.


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Anonymous said…
My TV is switched off permanently.

- Aangirfan
aferrismoon said…
vaccines + perhaps certain types of 'flashing' via a TV set might work together to 'turn off' areas of the brain.

When watching TV programmes you have to wait until they're finshed. Watching same progs on computer the individual is more in control.
New giant HD screen , as if u r there.

People can spend an incredible amount of time 'screening' - take the video-game players - hours and hours , day after day.

In the first couple of paragraphs are two longish quotes from Buckminster-Fuller and John Lilly about ' the brain' and 'sub-awareness programming'

Lilly experimented with programming, self-meta programming. Some of his work on it is here

Many people like being programmed, esp. the 'victim' programme - a great deal of self-worth seems, inexplicably, to be garnered from this. It matters not if the 'present' victim is in no way a victim, but in fact quite well-off, he or she is able to feed directly off the suffering of past others. With this programming in place they are then able to inflict 'revenge' in the form of pain and suffering on others , who , are then programmed in as 'victimisers'

After a while physical objects , locations, 'historical' material is brought in to surroud the programmee.

etc etc

Penny said…
Hey AP
best wishes to you and yours!!

Would a little brain damage go a long way towards making people more compliant?

I would assume it is possible.

Aangirfan makes the comment about the tv, the mass programming device

"Would constant reminders be helpful in shaping memory, allowing some events to remain important while others faded away? Would this help keep people easy to control?"

I would say that they would be.
Oddly enough I was thinking about this just the other day..
How varying tv shows follow along the same themes
How Hollywood remakes the same movies, following the same narratives..
Sure there is the easier and cheaper argument, but an argument can also be made for reinforcing specific ideologies....
Jody Paulson said…
Wow. That's an eye-opening post, AP. I once took anti-depressants (trying both Prozac and Paxil successively), and I have to say one of the first things I noticed was the loss of my sense of taste (it came back when I stopped taking them). I also remember I stopped caring about stuff in general, in both good and bad ways. That's not living, in my estimation. One of the major chemicals in these SSRI anti-depressants is of course fluoride.

I remember a friendly discussion with a Palestinian shopkeeper in San Francisco. He seemed really happy to speak to an American who actually seemed to know and care what was going on regarding the oppression of his people. I told him most Americans simply didn't know what was going on because the Jews had so much power over our media, or else the attacks on the Palestinians were so minimized we'd just forget. And he said, "Well, I can never forgive what happened to Jenin."

And here's me, "Ms. Super-activist" (in my own mind) who made a point to scour the Internet everyday, and at that moment I couldn't for the life of me remember what had happened in Jenin. Later on I looked it up and felt deeply ashamed that I could have ever forgotten. What are they doing to us that we should act this way? Are we truly headed towards a world where "we have always been at war with Oceana" ??? Sometimes it sure seems like it.
A. Peasant said…
thanks for the great comments.

aan, your intelligence and prolific output confirm your teevee forbearance.

ferris, yes this is all part of the layering as you describe it. the more one immerses oneself in the culture, listening to the advice to take the flu shot and other drugs, watch the right programs, eat the right foods, etc., one is sucked further and further into the programming. the pieces lock together. it must be very convincing to the fully initiated.

hi Pen. i have no doubt that h-wood works only the approved narratives. they will give them a lot of different spins. but where is the movie about the Nakba? all this time they never made a blockbuster about the Nakba... and no doubt they never will. not an approved narrative.

hi Jody,
excellent observations. i have similar bouts of forgetting things that i should know, and also of not being able to articulate well things that i do know. i am sure we are all affected to one degree or another by the various pollutants including electro-magnetic, and my sense is that it is something we need to consciously resist, constantly make efforts to strengthen our memories, pursue the truth, etc., every day. exercise the mind every day, use it or lose it, or we will end up not knowing anything. and we would be like Roger. happy, compliant, chemically lobotomized.
JJane said…
Okay, I admit it: for a second or so there I wanted to be Roger. Oh, shit, just a bad day!!
on the video: completely disconnected from our deep feelings, no communication between left and right brain and the rise once again of the repilian brain - big trouble there (unless we castrate all our males). Men have a smaller corpus collasium (sp) as it is & have a hard time connecting those two. All in all, today I'd like to be Roger.
A. Peasant said…
hahaha, i get it, i know what you're saying jj. a little mental vacation... roger that :D
bholanath said…
Hi AP,
A friend sent this article, and I passed it on to Visible who linked it at his blog. If you didn't catch it, I think you will find it informative and relevant (another big piece of the shit pie).
all the best in the new year
A13 said…
Speaking of Brain damage..there is a projection of "increased so called "dementia"
in aging populations..see here

WHY is this happening?
Maybe confused souls are easier to "capture" after the death process??
Maybe they will be pushing voluntary/involuntary euthenasia for the "suffers" of this brain damage.

Excellent post Pez.
Cheers A13
questioning said…
This is sick. How dare you disturb my flouride-induced lotus euphoria! heh, anyways, my condolences to Roger and hopes and best wishes that the demonic doctors just observed, instead of causing his condition. May his family and friends protect him well. This ties into a lot of things I think. Agreed with A13 that crazy as it sounds, these demonic entities want to weaken our souls for their own personal use.
james said…
that is a great article you linked to Bholanath. there is a part II to it plus some discussion in a third article in which the drug apologists' deceptive methods of arguing are exposed.

the links are -
The Epidemic of Mental Illness: Why?

The Illusions of Psychiatry"

‘The Illusions of Psychiatry’: An Exchange
A13 said…
Speaking of brain damage and creating "victims"

Janet Marshall, 53, from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, won £25,000 in an out-of-court settlement from her GP after "losing" 28 years to prescribed benzodiazepines

I feel angry and bitter at the Government, the pharmaceutical companies, the GPs – they all knew about it. I was a healthy normal person before the benzos; I was a good mother but I was robbed of that. I feel so guilty about my kids."

Cheers A13
A. Peasant said…
hi all,
i have to catch up on all the great links. thank you. if time cooperates i will do a follow up post....
Anonymous said…
Hey AP please please read the article below, what with your extensive reporting on human trafficking. This is just a horrible story, a girl beheaded to keep another in line,and it's not being reported anywhere in the US media and it happened HERE in the US. Why do we have to get news from foreign sites to know what's going on right here under our noses?? Pathetic.
A. Peasant said…
hi anon, thanks for the link. a horrible story. so evidently this happened in october and from what i gather, the witness just came forward recently (a slew of stories about it around 12/21), thus the fresh round of attention to the case, as they just charged the scumbag.

borderland beat has the daily mail story with some comments:

note the link to a similar story in Monterey CA, with this line:

Relatives who declined to be identified said investigators asked the family not to talk to the media. The order appeared to be spread to friends, who were silenced by adults when seen talking to a reporter.

please don't talk to the media? while we figure out which one of our gangs on the payroll whacked your child?

also interesting, around 12/7 massey was arrested on drug charges and *offered* info on the murder:

here's the beginning of the story:

more links at the bottom there, note that the FBI was involved:

OKCPD has now asked for FBI involvement in the case, hoping that a profile can be built of the murderer of Carina Saunders. At this time there is no known motive for Carina’s murder and OKCPD and the FBI are still tracking down new leads.

despite FBI involvement it took the killer to offer info to investigators to crack the case. and why would he do that? there must have been others involved that he thought he could pin it on?
malcontent said…
Teevee based entrainment seems to be the most versatile means to manipulate the masses. Radio on the other hand would appear to be more limited in that the current crop of addicts I know are also addicted to rage. They need to know who to hate in regular, metered doses.

If anyone knows of where to find specifics on precise frequencies and the corresponding emotions or mental states associated with them, I will be very interested to develop a means to warn of their presence.