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mysteries of blogging

TB is a small blog. We are a staff of ONE, even though we call ourselves we. We means me, myself and I, plus occasionally my buddy James helps me or has a guest post. We have some teammates and joint blogs that we contribute to from time to time. But we have never gotten into followers or advertising or anything like that, so we have not done anything to try to make TB more popular, to work the dials and knobs. Think of it as a controlled experiment. What happens when you blog for years, hopefully of some quality, and do absolutely nothing with social media tools (twittering, facebooking, followers, etc.)? Well, what happened to us is we eventually got to have regular traffic in the neighborhood of 500 hits a day. Even still, the majority of visitors come in on a search and land on some old post, and never return. We estimate we have well under 100 regular readers. Not bad for thousands and thousands of hours of unpaid work, huh? It's all good. We are actually very pleased to have readers, period. Hello and a special thank you to all our regular readers. But have no doubt that in blogdom, we are TINY. TEENY TINY. MICROSCOPIC. And that is fine with us.

ridiculous bear-like microscopic creature floating in the ether

Still, weird things happen. Things you would not expect to happen to a small blog like TB.

About 2000+ people have visited TB in the past week or so to look at one particular post, an old post.

There was no direct link, and not one of them has left a comment.

They come in on an image search for "hazing."

Most of them used this type of search: yahoo image search for hazing. 

If you click on that URL, you get a general yahoo image search.

Enter "hazing" into the search bar.

You will get some hazing images.

Which one do you think is the one we used in the post 18 months ago? Take a guess.

All these people guessed the same.

A few came in on other image searches for "hazing," google images, etc. Those people guessed right too.

What are the odds? Maybe they have some direction? Maybe there is some reason they all click the same image when they do their image search, all 2000+ of them in a week or two?

Not one of these people came in on a proper link, to a source that we could say, Oh, that's where they came from. They all come in on an image search, and they all pick the same image.

These 2000+ people all came in "randomly," as it were.

These 2000+ or so people all clicked on the same image, the image from this old post we did in June 2010. It is not the first image that comes up in the image search for "hazing." It's not even the most interesting image. Nonetheless, they all selected it.


There is no innocent explanation for how all these people ended up on this post. Their behavior defies the laws of chance. There's nothing random about it unless it is computer generated traffic chicanery, and they are not really people, but "people."

And the post moved up the popular post ladder. It is now at #1: disaster lottery.

A suddenly popular post from 18 months ago, although no one wants to leave a comment.

It's a very strange phenomenon. It has happened probably a dozen times before with other posts.

It happened with this post. They came in on an image of Christine O'Donnell.

Do an image search on Christine O'Donnell and see how many pop up. They all picked the same image.

Who are these people?

They come from all over the world to read TB? We feel so honored.

A tiny sample of URLs that have clicked on disaster lottery on 12/1/11:

Deutsche Telekom Ag (  0 returning visitsGermany FlagPegnitz, Bayern, Germany
Farmers Mutual Telephone Company ( 0 returning visitsUnited States FlagFruitland, Idaho, United States
Purchase College - Suny ( 0 returning visits United States FlagPurchase, New York, United States
France Telecom ( 0 returning visitsFrance FlagParis, Ile-de-france, France
Uvalco Supply ( States FlagSabinal, Texas, United States
U.s. Department Of Labor/employment Standards Admi ( 0 returning visitsUnited States FlagElyria, Ohio, United States
Jpmorgan Chase & Co. ( 0 returning visitsUnited States FlagWesterville, Ohio, United States
Oak Ridge National Laboratory ( 0 returning visitsUnited States FlagOak Ridge, Tennessee, United States
Weaver Automotive - Firewall P2p ( 0 returning visitsUnited States FlagCarnesville, Georgia, United States
The Boeing Company ( 0 returning visitsUnited States FlagRenton, Washington, United States
Great Plains Communications ( 0 returning visitsUnited States FlagBroken Bow, Nebraska, United States
Comcast Business Communications (  0 returning visitsUnited States FlagLittle Rock, Arkansas, United States
Puerto Rico Telephone Company ( 0 returning visitsPuerto Rico FlagSan Juan, Puerto Rico
Antelecom N.v (  0 returning visitsNetherlands Antilles FlagWillemstad, Netherlands Antilles
Elk Grove School District ( 0 returning visitsUnited States FlagSacramento, California, United States
Google (  0 returning visits Germany FlagFrankfurt, Hessen, Germany
Google (  0 returning visitsTaiwan FlagTaipei, T'ai-pei, Taiwan
Telecomplus ( 0 returning visitsMauritius FlagQuatre Bornes, Plaines Wilhems, Mauritius 
Emirates Telecommunications Corporation (  0 returning visitsUnited Arab Emirates FlagDubai, United Arab Emirates
Golden Lines Cable ( 0 returning visitsIsrael FlagTel Aviv, Israel
Philippine Long Distance Telephone (  0 returning visitsPhilippines FlagBacolod, Philippines 
Buckeye Cablevision (  0 returning visitsUnited States FlagSandusky, Ohio, United States
Sigma Chi (  0 returning visitsUnited States FlagLawrence, Kansas, United States
Bright House Networks ( 0 returning visitsUnited States FlagBunnell, Florida, United States

There have been 2000+ such visits in the past week or two.

What does it mean? Who are they? We have no idea. We just wanted you to know that we wrote a fascinating post in June 2010.

And you should read it too.


Carbon Credits may be buried in Durban; India, China to lose, 12/3/11
Durban: The much-heralded carbon trading system may be headed for a dead end, if discussions underway over the last few days at the United Nations-organised global conference on climate change are any indication. This will have a major impact on India and China, the leaders in such trading.

JP Morgan follows UBS cutting carbon jobs as permits plunge, 12/2/11

Dec. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Investment banks are cutting traders and analysts in climate-related businesses as a slump in shares and carbon emission permits coincides with a deadlock in international climate talks....Clean-power stocks and emission permits have plunged as the European Union, the biggest advocate for climate action among developed nations, is ravaged by its own sovereign debt crisis.


nobody said…
AP! This and a thousand other mysteries of Google. My best guess is that this many people are searching for hazing all the time and that the algorithm at Google deciding what gets put up in response has shifted, or rotated, or something. Which is to say, you are currently high in the list for all searches for hazing and that you weren't before.

I used to get a ton of hits for 'impossible riddle' and now I get bugger all. And I usedn't to get many hits for 'morton downey jr' and now it's my most popular entry. Did Morton Downey Jr suddenly get popular? And impossible riddles do the opposite? I don't think so.

Beyond a shift in the algorithm I can't see any logic to it.

I think that the only useful conclusion we can draw is that Google does not give you all the results ie. the number of hits you get for a thing is in no way indicative of the number of searches for it. And we can probably presume vice versa ie. the number of results you get to a search is in no way indicative of the number of mentions of such that exist on the net.

I don't know, that's my best guess. Still! It's interesting isn't it?
Anonymous said…
That IS odd!
It really makes you wonder...what the..?
Oh and by the way. I'd like you to put a button for "random article" on your page. Thanks
Anonymous said…
Hi there Peasant,

from your picture I'd thought that you wuz one woman, so referring to "us" and "we" probably means that you have a bunch of alters, right? If so, greets to you all :-)

When we (my So and me) started the website about 9 years ago we'd have about 50 visits a month, and the first time we got 1000 readers for an article upon publication we thought that we'd go crazy, especially taking in consideration the many .mil, .gov sites coming in. In the meantime we have far more than that and we've learned to be far more relaxed about the apparent "weirdness" of the internet.

A possible explanation for the "weirdness" you describe is that some bigger publication did an article about hazing and they used that image, and some readers went searching for pics about "hazing" for some reason. It would explain people coming in from so many parts of the world.

All the best to you all :-)
A. Peasant said…
maybe nobs. it is a phenomenon i have noticed before, so i'm not sure. i'd have to dig out all the posts it has happened with.

but why jp morgan, why oak ridge national lab, sigma chi, us dept of labor... ? some of the more interesting ones in the 12.1.11 batch. ? weird.

maybe it's nothing. i'm very curious about other interpretations of it, similar experiences, etc. my gut tells me it is not random. though i would never discount what you think about such matters. thanks for weighing in.
A. Peasant said…
greetings anonymous,

and "we" probably means that you have a bunch of alters, right? If so, greets to you all :-)

perhaps. nobody knows for sure, not even me, though we have our suspicions. i certainly wouldn't subject myself to an expert just to find out a little detail like that.
A. Peasant said…
swits, sorry love you went to spam for a spell. what sort of 'random article' thing do you have in mind?
aferrismoon said…
Last week I got 1500 from one Youtube site. When I clicked the link it took me to a violent, sexual death metal video.

Also have had about 700 in the last month for one image only.

+ the odd link for 5 or 10 that leads to a blank page.

A. Peasant said…
anonymous, could you share your website with us?

typically with image use, it seems that the site that uses the image most recently gets identified in the image search. so if another website used the same image, i don't the image search would identify TB anymore.

also, to be clear, we are not upset or worried by it. we've seen a lot of things in the stats over the years too.

also nobs, this is a yahoo search not google. do you think that makes a difference?
A. Peasant said…
hi ferris, that's strange about the youtube. i have never noticed links that lead to a blank page. more mysteries.
Hairy-Arsed Scotsman said…
My uncle Sean says that real men wear mankinis not poofy little orange shorts.

A link for James, further to previous chat on British Imperialism:

Anonymous said…
Your blog is read by those who want a wise analysis of what is going on in certain odd corners of the world. A very large number of my hits are for a picture of the son of Osama bin Laden, via google image search; people look at the picture and probably don't read the text. I think a lot of my hits also come from potential hackers. Like Aferrismoon, I very recently got a lot of hits from one Youtube site, showing a nasty video. When I wrote about Anders Breivik I got a lot of hits from a town in Sweden which has a large military base. I get relatively few hits for Lockerbie or Jersey child abuse, but lots of hits for David Cassidy and similar celebs. I reckon that only 1 person in 20 in the 'civilised world' is not totally brainwashed - hence the lack of interest in topics such as Gladio or snipers in Tunisia.

- Aangirfan
A. Peasant said…
hullo aan, thank you for your thoughts on this topic. i remembered that you get many hits for David Cassidy and other celebrities. judging from traffic patterns and our regular, local, .mil minders, we've long had the impression that spooks and other assorted types get much more use out of our blogs than the citizens we write for.
Nom du jour said…
Hi AP,

Good points raised by you and Ang. TB has under 100 regular readers, Ang estimates 1 in 20 in the 'civilized world' not totally brainwashed (my guess would be, in America at least, 1 in 2000).

This small outpost of suppressed facts and truth is likely indicative of the others attempting to get the message out to the world - minor readership, minimal web presence, staff of one or two, next to zero capital - through no fault of your own of course. You and James put a great deal of effort into this site. Thank you.

Also there are the mainstream internet gatekeeper clown sites such as Alex Jones and Co. set up to divert some awakening people down blind alleys.

What are the vast majority of the soon-to-be residents of gulags, killing fields, etc doing? They are sitting on their collective fat ass in front of the television, getting the "facts" from the usual shills, eating poison pizza and drinking chemical cola by the gallon. I can't see that changing. What is the per capita ownership of TV's in America today? Higher than ever. What is the #1 "free" baby/toddler/child minder while mom is busy - TV. If it became necessary I am certain the psychopaths would GIVE the damn things away to ensure the daily dose of brain rotting propaganda continued to be administered to the target (pun intended) herd.

It is an arguable point, probably infinitely arguable, but I believe we in the West have failed Nature's most basic law - the Law of Survival. All of "our" governments are elected traitors, without exception. We have no leaders with our interests as their motivating ideal. None. Not one. As example, if Ron Paul actually posed a threat to the usurers he would have already had his ride down Dealey Plaza in the back seat of a limo, an unfortunate plane crash ala JFK Jr., a mysterious car crash as Haider had, etc. As I have observed before, there is no cavalry coming over the hills to the rescue, the parasites and their useful idiots in the alphabet agencies, media, education, etc are too deeply embedded, and our people are lost in a world of cunningly crafted delusion and Big Lies. That thought fills me with no joy whatsoever.



re our conversation on Russian banking - have you read any of Valdas Anelauskas work?

This is a link to a pdf of 8 short lectures he gave at the Pacifica Forum. It contains some interesting information, though not precisely what we were discussing. Still, it is enlightening reading.

It is also here at JRBooks Online, though that site seems strangely unavailable.

As for NS Germany being obliterated by the US/UK munitions of the international usurers - Germany booted them out in 1933 and took control of its economy, that is when Jewry openly declared war on Germany (probably the biggest threat to their international fraudulent fiat currency/usury power since the Edict of Expulsion in England). That fact is easily researched online. Another interesting piece of history to look into is the German cabaret society of the Wiemar period. Ironic indeed that America is now just as much a bankrupted, filthy porn ridden, morally ruined culture as Germany had become prior to 1933.

JJane said…
Hello AP :)
i'm glad that Puerto Rico Telephone made an appearance! :) But they're really such a conglomerate of phone companies, one just couldn't tell - who is who.
I had to read this post 3 times, just not up to internet spooks and tricks; but the Mohammed Rageef (?) video was muy interesante..(how on earth did I miss that one...) that a Yiddish Rothschild City of L banker becomes a Muslim - an interesting character! What really surprises me is I missed that post a year ago. Egads.
I think you've rubbed someone's the fur the wrong way. So it might be thought of as success. But it's so odd that they came in through photos..maybe all their computers are linked in some weird way.
I'm just so glad my internet is working today...water, internet, some's a good day.
I didn't watch tv for 20 years, prolly for a good reason, and this blog has been a life line to reality...thanks, so much!
A. Peasant said…
hullo nom and jane. thanks for your comments.

nom: if Ron Paul actually posed a threat to the usurers he would have already had his ride down Dealey Plaza in the back seat of a limo

i completely agree.

as for the percentage of people, i find that the people i know in my life personally, who know i blog, generally consider that i have some strange but harmless hobby like collecting eastern european 18th century thimbles or something. they've looked a few times, thought 'i don't know wtf she is talking about', and that's the end of it.

anyway, it is for people like you both and my other readers that i am happy to keep blogging. it is my own education shared, and the sharing is the joy of it, even though we are learning the saddest things. at least our eyes are open.
A. Peasant said…
i meant to add nom, that some people move from mainstream media teevee crap to what they consider alternative news sites on the web. but it's like going from the ninth circle of hell to the eight, or the seventh. take huffpo for instance. this is what we saw there yesterday:

and note the majority of supportive comments.
Nom du jour said…
Yes AP, some few Jack 'n' Jill Sixpacks get one eye half-open but then end up at the myriad mainstream "alternative news" shill sites, such as julian aswipe and his 100 percent kosher-approved wikileaks, alex jones and his "a-rabs control hollywood" crapola, huffington, etc.

Then there's the obstinately stupid no matter what. I'm reminded of an American who, when confronted with the assertion that the Israeli Government of America perpetrated the 911 false flag attack said - "I wouldn't believe it even if it WAS true!"

Would be interesting to know how many are afflicted with that warped mindset.

But let's suppose the seemingly impossible happened and the heavily armed American population decided they don't like living (and dying) in a Judaic Communist Gulag Police State after all, no matter what their Schofield BS Bible tells them. (Fat chance, but we are fantasizing.) Did I read recently the US Military has seven THOUSAND flying drones on order? I think so. Guess who they will ultimately be used against. They are currently being trialed in the Middle East for eventual use on the home front, I believe. No matter how many rifles and handguns America's population has they will be useless against those drones. As with 911 and the predictive clips from various pre-911 Hollywood movies, they telegraphed the drones in the US in Terminator II, when John Connor and his group are being hunted down by flying drones.

The good ol' guv'ment of the good ol' US of A would never do that, you say? lol. Refer back to 911. Refer back to the Judaic Communist Gulag Police State of Russia/Ukraine circa 1917 onwards.

So maybe I'm a pessimist, but maybe I'm a realist. Time will tell, as it always does.

Good luck in the coming hostilities.

A. Peasant said…
a few years ago someone actually told me, after a discussion about 911, that he doesn't want to know the truth about 911. a very nice guy btw. just does not want to know.

things like that are OPTIONAL. people opt in to the truth, or the opt out. it's the new freedom.

the scenario you describe relies on the military personnel cooperating or (hopefully) sabotaging the technology from the inside.

good luck to you also nom. it's a pleasure to have your company.
nobody said…
Yay, Twelfth Bough, a place worth coming to! And it's a compliment to AP that she gets such great comments. AP, I vote you the internet's Thinking Man's Crumpet! Hee Hee.

And you even inspired Aang to write at length. Amazing! Aang, lovely to see you so chatty.

All that aside, Google, Yahoo, they all use algorithms to decide what gets shown and what doesn't. The algorithm could easily have shifting, alternating values in it - random numbers, whatever. Or editable lists, or references to a central list. All things are possible. Mind you, no expert me - I dropped out of animation because it required me to write code and my brain doesn't work that way.

[Post-script afterthought warning: people might want to read to the bottom of this comment before you click on the links. Up to you. Me, I've clicked on them]

As for weird links from sites that make no sense. Check this site out. I get frequent hits from this to my cryptic blog (a true ghost-town!) in spite of the fact that there's no link to me on it. Believe it or my cryptic-answers blog (a ghost town's ghost town), which is not google-able and linked to only via the cryptic gets frequent hits from here. And the cinema blog gets frequent hits from here.

They're always the same. Single go-nowhere hits once a week or so. As far as I can tell the sites are without purpose and completely unnavigable. I can see no logic to them apart from a spook one. It's possible they exist only to see who hits them and from where. It's possible.
nobody said…
BTW. AP, apropos your friend who doesn't want to know the truth about 911, I had a friend who declared that it could all well be true but that he didn't care. That completely flummoxed me that one. Anyway, I haven't talked to him since. He was always a greed-head anyway.
A. Peasant said…
sexy transport... next penetration (link #3). mm hmm would you like a croissant? that is totally bizarre nobs. the first link is Not Found btw. it doesn't make any sense.

however i do find that these instances of google searches do not seem to be random, but in fact are related to actual news, which is why i added some links to the bottom of the post by way of context. it does not seem random so much as roundabout. as in, there's a roundabout way to read this old post about carbon trading that may be relevant to certain people, and it is via a hazing search. this is made possible by my liberal use of photos, which are mostly downloaded btw by my local .mil minder.

Referring URL:
(No referring link)
Host Name: Browser: Firefox 8.0
IP Address: — [Label IP Address] Operating System: WinVista
Location: Natick, Massachusetts, United States Resolution: 1680x1050
Returning Visits: 0 Javascript: Enabled
Visit Length: Multiple visits spread over more than one day ISP: Headquarters, Usaisc

Navigation Path
Date Time WebPage Show Full URLs

(No referring link)
5 Dec 11:30:30
5 Dec 11:30:46 (Download)

Display Page URL not Title
Exit Link/Download Archive
Date Time Type WebPage Show Full URLs
8 Nov 11:12:49 Download
28 Nov 11:22:39 Download
1 Dec 16:00:48 Exit Link

this minder has downloaded many, perhaps all the pics, i've used. special interest in the maps. but obviously not limited to maps, as he/she/it downloaded the pic in this post. for what purpose is this a good use of US MILITARY RESOURCES?

no need to answer.
skilpad said…
Hi AP,
I'm breaking my self-imposed lurker silence here to say that I - and perhaps unquantifiable others - might not show up in your stats since I read your blog (avidly, I might add) via the RSS feed in Google Reader. Not sure how/if that would reflect in the stats.
But, having visited this actual post to leave a comment I now realise that I've been missing out on some quality commenting too ... hmm, might have to reconsider the Reader thing.

More power to your elbow!
james said…
Hey Nom, thanks for the kudos but i must say that APea is too kind. She does 99% of the work here. I'm an occasional sounding board and contribute some research even more occasionally.

Thanks for the links. I haven't heard of Valdas Anelauskas before. I've downloaded the pdf and will read it ASAP. The jrbooksonline link is still not responding.

I'm familiar with what happened in '33 in Germany and Germany's rapid economic recovery afterwards. Nobody did an excellent post on it a year or two ago. I did a quick search for it but couldn't find it unfortunately.

What i hadn't twigged to was that the massive bombing of Germany was Zionist vengence. Same as the Ukraine famine. Nice lot.
A. Peasant said…
hullo skilpad! it's a treat to get someone out of lurking :D, welcome. that's a good point about google reader. i don't really know how that all translates into stats to be honest. and i hope i don't sound whiny, forgive me if i do. i know that people are reading and mordantly chuckling at this ongoing insanity with me, i do. i remember when i was just starting blogging how surprised i was by the inside view, stats and things. i thought it would be good to do a post on it, been meaning to for a long time since i noticed this phenomenon, and i've had mixed feelings since i posted this. not sure if i regret it or not but in any case, it's a great pleasure to have your acquaintance and thank you for your loyal readership. i see you've been on booger a long time! i was reading way back then too but didn't start blogging until 2007. it seems like forever ago. Buzzflash, etc., and one of my favorite blogs of those days (long since defunct): everything's ruined.

pop in anytime....