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We have a problem. There are too many topics, and we can't write about them all.

The utter crock of shit about Putin's supposed near-death political status and the "Arab Spring" coming to Russia... please see The Kremlin Stooge, who puts that neatly in a little brown paper lunch sack.

The "improbable sounding plan" mmhmm of Saadi Qaddafi arranging a secret getaway home in Punta Mita, Mexico, to be neighbors with Charlie Sheen Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga, with the help of some spooky people arranging flights through US, Canada, KOSOVO and some unspecified Middle East countries, luckily unraveled just in time by Mexican intelligence agents, PHEW!, after some tips from "international partners." Kosovo, of course, being an organized crime clearinghouse under complete control of NATO -- and thus the OBVIOUS choice for a Saadi Qaddafi layover......?

The little detail that children who have NOT received annual flu vaccines have BETTER IMMUNITY than those who have, oopsie-daisy, because the flu vaccine hampers the natural production of T cells leaving people MORE VULNERABLE to PANDEMICS, yup, and that in the 1970s THREE papers were published in the Lancet saying pretty much that these vaccines are useless, uh huh, (and btw the vaccines are contaminated -- all of them) -- BUT, in the meanwhile, while more research is conducted into these troublesome details (because forty fucking years is not enough time to suss it out), "the current vaccines should be used to protect our children."  -- None of this stopping the NFID and CDC from pushing National Influenza Vaccination Week 12/4-10:

~~ brilliant ~~

And most disturbing, this list of abused children in California. You go ahead and see if you can get through the list. See if you can wrap your mind around what is going on.

It's The Pedophocracy.

The Ellis County Observer
The following summaries are a few selected samples of real California Family Law cases (catogorized by county), in which children are taken away from safe parents, and forced to live with abusive parents. Is this because the abuser is offered money to film his sexual abuse against the child so the judicial system gets a kick back. All involved would be local police, judges, children services, attorneys and even medical examinars.
You decide after reading the following, is 8 billion a year worth this type of corruption.


Nom du jour said…
AP, Our system in the entire Western world (at least) is rotten - rotten to the core - and the rot began at the top long ago. It then filtered its way down, over the decades through the whole "culture" of every Western country. Some are closer to the bottom of the sewage pit, such as America and England, but all are in the same sewage system. It is going to get much, much worse, unbelievable as that may seem.

The rot started with lies, particularly Big Lies, told to the citizens by the scum they elected to represent their interests.

However, the interests of the people was, and still is, the LAST thing on the minds of the bipedal trash sitting in all Western governments. We live in a world of lies, 24/7. Would be a very long list if one compiled all the major Big Lies of the past 150 years - say, since the Northern War of Aggression against the South, up to today's utterly bullshit 9/11 false flag and it's intended bogus "War on Terror" (and there's worse to come).

An interesting area to look into is - Who do our elected traitors really represent? Do the research and you also discover that the international usurer psychopaths they ALWAYS represent are the same ones who generate and then feed them the Big Lies to sell to We The Cattle.

From that flows the rest ... their total control of all finance, media, publishing, education, legal system, etc.

Do you think the herd will wake up before it is too late? Not an ice cube's hope in Hell of that happening.

More lies to cover up the cracks in the old lies, which covered up the cracks in the older lies, which covered up the cracks . . .

And so it goes.

A13 said…
I can't look at that image at the bottom, my eyes have welled with tears...darling children don't deserve this treatment.
Filthy dogs ass pedos should be SHOT on site..the more high profile, the MORE they should be publicly Humiliated.
THat scum bag Sandusky has been jailed again..Go git him boys..

If I had Gates, or Bransons dosh $$ I'd buy an island (big one) and get all the abused and neglected kids and try to help and heal them, with much love and support.
any way, back with more comment first coffee here this morn and that image was disturbing, thanks for that WAke UP pic Pez, pictures tell 1000 words.

Cheers A
A13 said…
Pez, plus in my emotive last comment i forgot to ADD:

"a journalist for The Australian has just won a Walkley Award (the Australian equivalent of a Pulitzer Prize) for an in-depth article series on the CSL Afluria flu vaccine, a shot that caused convulsions in one percent of Australian infants who received it."

Very interesting.
Cheers A

Ha word verification = scone!!
Yes, i would like one of those :)
devonshire tea anyone?
A. Peasant said…
hi nom, i think you are correct. i still look for slivers of hope, any shred of anything to grab onto, with any fellow human being, hoping to get him or her to snap out of it. but sometimes i just think, it's all just going to continue to turn to shit, more shit, deeper shit. but the pedophilia, with Sandusky and football and all that converging, i almost couldn't believe how many people were suddenly staring at this pedophocracy. people who no doubt lived their entire lives without giving it a thought.

A, sorry hon. it's horrible. the stories of the children are horrible, beyond imagining. Aan posted them. i'm glad. it's hard reading but my God, what about all these children and their parents stuck in this hell. all those children having their minds destroyed, their psyches ripped into shreds, at the beginning of their lives, totally innocent. it is absolutely sickening. the people responsible should be identified and handed over to mobs because obviously there is no punishment, they are doing this with impunity, because it is ORGANIZED CRIME.
Nom du jour said…
It's the control, AP. Total control.

All our finance, information/education sources, organized religion (particularly America's with the con merchant Schofield's BS Bible), and on and on and on, all the way down to the bottom of sludge pit where you find "our" elected traitors and the lowest of the low porn industry. And everything in between. Everything. They control everything.

It's not impossible to analyze the problem(s) when one does the research into suppressed information available on the web. A solution is what seems to me to be the insurmountable hurdle.

I too have read JB Campbell's The Military Solution.

It sounds good, but is it feasible?

The entire US Military hierarchy must be corrupt to engage in the genocide and ethnic cleansing they do. For God's sake, AP, they have routinely murdered millions of women and children since Dresden, Hamburg, Hiroshima and Nagasaki right up to Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, etc. I doubt lower placed officers would be capable of changing that. And now to top it all off they are irradiating themselves while poisoning Muslim women and children with depleted uranium munitions.

It is a free range lunatic asylum and the worst of the worst tongue chewing psychos and their useful idiot lickspittles are running it.

Each time I look at the parlous state the international usurer psychopaths have reduced the Western world to I see no solution.

I hope I am missing something others can see.

A. Peasant said…
i don't know nom. for a long time i have figured that it would go the way Lobaczewski predicted -- that the evil eventually max out their abilities and start to destroy themselves. the only question really being, how long does that take and how many people go down with them.

i think the biggest problem is the secret technologies they are using against us, the poisons in the air food and water, the unseen programming via all our devices, electrical control, whatever technologies they have and i'm sure we would be horrified beyond belief. they've been studying this stuff for decades. i believe this is why they have this seeming unstoppable advantage, why people behave so moronically. i wonder if the grid got knocked out for a period of time if that would unravel their advantage.
Penny said…
Note to Staff of 1- AP:

An overwhelming amount of real news

Problem: Under reportage of said real news via msm, with all the resources, vs citizen journalist with limited time and resources

Amen to that sister!

There are so many topics I would love to cover, would love to keep an eye on in a more consistent fashion.
And I can't.

But between us we can get more out collectively.
In hopes of shifting the paradigm

From Staff of 1 -Penny.
Penny said…
oh and thanks for the link to.
Nom du jour said…
If the grid did fail that would mean all the hundreds of millions of televisions blinking out in unison. That would be cause for a global nervous breakdown in the West.

No more Lies! Live At 6? The end of Dancing With The Has-beens followed by Cooking With Some Dumbcluck and then Infomercial Heaven thru to dawn? All that gone? The end of civilization as we have come to know and loathe it, no less.

Seriously AP, I would like to think there is light at the end of the tunnel as Lobaczewski does. All I can see outside that tunnel is an American FEMA Bolshevik Gulag.

Penny said…
there was another comment prior to the thank-you, did it not go through?
Anonymous said…
Yes, so much to write about!

- Aangirfan
A. Peasant said…
hi Aan, thanks for posting on the child abuse.

hi Pen, yeah sorry i don't know how but i missed the first comment in my inbox. just caught it. it's nice that things work even with the complete non-organization huh? we are organized in spirit.

hi nom. i'm running out of answers man... i hope you're wrong. it is important, at the least, not to succumb to the feelings of hopelessness just because to not do that must piss them off. so look at it that way.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the shout-out, APea!!

The only time I've been really sick with the flu in the last 10 years was the year I got a flu shot. I normally don't bother with it, but that year was supposedly a particularly virulent strain and our boss at the time was very pro-shot, so I took it. I was really sick for about a week.

I agree with A13; anyone who would do something like that to a child deserves death. You can do anything you like with consenting adults; if they get off on you knocking their teeth out, I can't feel anything but pity that they couldn't have settled on a less harmful kink. But kids are off limits. People who hurt children for pleasure have no place in society, are unworthy of understanding or rehabilitation efforts, and should instead be painlessly put down like old dogs as soon as they're found guilty. They could never be trusted again, and we have enough problems in the world without wasting time and money on nutjobs like that.
Nom du jour said…
Hi AP,

Thanks for the reply. I will give it a break for a while. The gloom is unremitting once one's eyes are open to the never-ending torrent of Big Lies we live in (it is not for nothing they have been known throughout history as the Masters of The Big Lie), but a time out is in order, huh? Another internet author I respect said a couple days ago the best we can do is keep speaking the truth about these international shyster swindlers as long and loud as we can.

I will leave you with this one final article, AP.

Maybe you've already seen it, if not it is worth a look. I am no financial type but this guy sounds right in his observations, to my layman's understanding of America's impending financial (and therefore social) Armageddon.

And, AP, here are a couple salient comments by others on the above article.

Best wishes, Nom.

-- -- -- -- --


Of course the real "800lb Gorilla" that is not mentioned in this report is the 1.4 QUADRILLION dollar Derivative bomb that could blow up at any time and totally destroy the entire world economies overnight!

-- -- -- -- --

written by Dylan, December 08, 2011

"Indeed, buying up all assets is precisely what the Wall Street crime syndicate is doing, except it’s being done in slow-motion – so that the scenario I just outlined doesn’t become obvious to even the clueless stooges in government and the media."

This is what happened to the Wiemar Republic - the central bank handed over control to the private bankers who proceeded to hand themselves infinite fiat and using it buy up the finite assets of the country slowly at first but at ever increasing speeds leading to hyper-inflation - rape and pillage by stealth. The debt was denominated in dollars and pounds, so printing would never have helped the government escape its debt as they couldn`t print dollars and pounds. This highlights the fact that the Wiemar government and central bank was the stooge of the private bankers.

It seems that active IMPOVERISHMENT of the masses is as important to these people as ENRICHMENT of themselves.

This is brutally demonstrated in the third-world policies of the Malthusian Maniacs using the food and water supply as a weapon to decimate whole populations.

-- -- -- -- --
A. Peasant said…
hi Mark,
you're very welcome. i was looking at all that putin stuff and secretly hoped you would write about it so i could link to you instead of unpacking it myself haha.

agreed on the flu shots. i've never had one, my children either. i think i had the flu twice in the last 15 years -- you know, sick like you've been hit by a bus, absolutely no chance of rallying with some OTC meds, just bed ridden.

hi nom, please don't go away. you don't need to take a break. i just don't have answers to your observations. it is gloomy but i think the other blogger is also correct, that the answer is to do something. anything. to not give into it, to not help them by giving up because of course, that is part of the social engineering of it -- that those who perceive what is happening will go mad. they want the most intelligent to feel doomed.

the counter motion to that is to understand that evil can only destroy, it cannot create. james has a great essay on that i'll see if i can rustle it up. the bottom line is they will destroy themselves. the only question is how many of us do they take with them.
A. Peasant said…
btw nom, just read your link.

try this one:
A. Peasant said…
he talks about the mortgage derivatives but there are lots of derivatives and it's all the same monopoly money worthless betting slips.
Nom du jour said…
Thanks AP,

It adequately described that segment of the swindle. And the international usurer parasites still walked off with the taxpayers' $700 Billion.

I would like to see a Ropes And Lamp Posts Futures Market instituted. I think all of America's Moms and Pops should invest in it.

Kieran Alexis said…
Hi all, yes it does seem bleak . .

But I beleive that that is [partly] because so much more of this [particularly child abuse] is visible now . . . thanks to those that did not decide that this topic was 'just too much to look at' over the years.

There is an avalanche [understatement] approaching . . . and an evolution [I feel] and many more secrets will be revealed.

Partly as the basket case financial system begins to eat it's own [witness MF Global] and more and more minions are laid off.

It is quite possible [likely, I feel] that many of these people will begin to decide to undo more and more of what has been going on.

Also, I note that chemical castration is being introduced in Russia;
"The Russian parliament has approved a law on pedophilia in a first reading. From now on people found guilty of sex crimes against children under the age of 14 will face chemical castration, while repeat offenders face a life sentence.

­According to the new law, the decision on a convict’s obligatory chemical castration will be made through a forensic psychiatrist's report requested by the court, which may ultimately turn to other medical measures, MP Dmitry Vyatkin explained to Itar-TASS.

“It would be unwise to limit the medical measures to just castration, as in some cases it may not help,” Vyatkin said.

Sense can and will break out . . .

And once the public actually get a hold of real information, well, I think the retribution will be rather overwhelming, and I also think that it will all be part of a new way. A new start.

As long as people had reason to be lazy, they didn't look. Too disturbing.
Once they have nothing to loose, they'll look [as is happening with 'money' and 'debt' issues - people are listening now . . they weren't before . . ].

Of course, WWIII is also trying to be broken out . . but again, I believe that it somehow won't go at all to plan . . . :)

Keep up the good works!

Kind regards . . . :)
A. Peasant said…
hi dayzero,

thank you for your excellent comment. you articulate a lot of things that are hard to articulate -- the sense that we are on the verge of things reversing, starting to go right, somehow. not that it could ever be painless because there's no way out of this without pain as the existing systems that we are tied into come down. yet it may not be the controlled demolition that the power-hungry think they can manage as a big psyop.

As long as people had reason to be lazy, they didn't look. Too disturbing.
Once they have nothing to loose, they'll look [as is happening with 'money' and 'debt' issues - people are listening now . . they weren't before . . ].

i think that's a very good point.

i have thought many times, they will do "it" (tip the first domino) now, and then they don't. i have wondered what is taking them so long. i think that maybe they are very much concerned that once they pull the trigger, they will lose all control and never get it back for the reasons you touch upon -- that people will start looking at things, and then it's all going to go pear shaped fast.

very hard to say of course but there are many variables in play, and they have to control a lot of things to pull off a total police state. a lot of things. i don't think it is the fait accompli that they would like us to believe. is the situation distressing? yes very much so. exceedingly difficult? yes, absolutely. but it ain't over yet.
Nom du jour said…
Hi AP,

This essay is relevant. Cannot recall if I have already linked you to it some time ago (?)

So much to read and remember.

Nom du jour said…
If you have time AP, this new article is revealing. (You will need a barf bucket.)

Who Hates Our Freedoms? Part 1

It beggars belief looking at these Presidential candidate traitors all lined up in a yellow row.

The Presidential race must be renamed the Jonathan Pollard Event to honestly reflect these cretins real intent.