track two treachery

"Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao (R) holds an umbrella for former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger against the rain to see him off after a meeting in Beijing, capital of China, Oct. 12, 2009. Kissinger and his delegation came to Beijing for the inaugural China-U.S. Track Two High-Level Dialogue, which gathered dozens of retired eminent diplomats and officials from both countries. (Xinhua/Yao Dawei)

Track Two diplomacy is a special type of diplomacy social engineering when supposedly "neutral" people, like former diplomats and members of think tanks, get together off-line and try to iron out problems affecting nation states. These people don't have the same constraints as public officials, so the thinking goes that they can speak freely and make better progress. Of course, people conducting track two diplomacy are also not ACCOUNTABLE to the public. So theoretically, if everyone was a former this-or-that in a track two diplomacy meeting, one might argue that such meetings are ethical, since no one has direct access to the levers of power.
However in this case, the former officials from the US side are meeting with the CURRENT OFFICIALS on the Chinese side. 
Sorry but that does not qualify as track two diplomacy.
Why should unelected former officials, ie: PRIVATE CITIZENS, with PRIVATE INTERESTS, be meeting with current Chinese officials to shape policy? Policy that affects billions of people?
One long-time Track II practitioner simply describes what he does as "practicing foreign policy without a license."  http://carnegie.org/publications/carnegie-reporter/single/view/article/item/136/


Henry Kissinger and his delegation inaugurated a high level ("track two") diplomacy with Chinese officials in 2009. They met in Beijing in 2009, Washington in 2010, and just this past week again in Beijing.
The US delegation included former secretary of state George P. Shultz, former secretary of the treasury Robert Rubin and former US chairman of the joint chiefs of staff Michael Mullen...."These officials will surely brief the current administration when they return home. Besides, some US officials, like Kissinger and Shultz, who worked in think tanks, will influence public opinion through their organizations," Qu said.

Oh indeed. SOCIAL ENGINEERING after the fact.

"Vice-Premier Li Keqiang meets former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger on Tuesday at the Great Hall of The People in Beijing. Kissinger led a delegation of prominent former diplomats attending the China-US Track Two High-Level Dialogue. [Ren chenming / China News Service]"

Just a year ago, China's CURRENT Foreign Minister met with Henry Kissinger. And the next day Hillary Clinton said: "We are preparing diligently for the upcoming state visit by President Hu Jintao. It is very much anticipated and looked forward to, and both the minister and I feel a great sense of responsibility to ensure that it continues the positive, cooperative, comprehensive relationship between our two countries."

In the West, track-two diplomacy refers to non-official dialogue often involving academics and think tanks.
The purpose of the dialogue is to enhance communication and educate the public on foreign policy, according to Sun Zhe, a professor on US politics at Tsinghua University.
"In the West..." track two diplomacy refers to non-official dialogue involving academics and think tanks, but is there a different definition in the East? Because it sure seems that there must be a different definition to account for the fact that current Chinese officials are having these policy discussions with former US officials. We think everyone is just not supposed to notice the tremendous conflict of interest?

We can't find the complete list of the Kissinger Delegations. Evidently, it is not a matter of public record. That's because these people don't represent the public. But you can be sure that whatever they are discussing, it will affect people world wide.

Kissinger Delegation members may include Robert Rubin, "formerly" of Goldman Sachs and the US Treasury. Jami Miscik, "formerly" of the CIA (Intelligence Chief) and Lehman Brothers. Carla Hills, longtime political adviser, current advisor to JP Morgan and member of the CFR,

People like Robert Gates and Mike Mullen, "formerly" of the DOD.
"U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates (L) and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen (R) arrive at a hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee March 31, 2011 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. The hearing was to examine the ongoing military operation in Libya. ( - Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images North America)"

A few months after the 2010 meeting, Obama hosted Chinese President Hu Jintao and had a state dinner inviting, among others, Henry Kissinger, Madeline Albright, Jamie Rubin, Howard Berman, Lloyd Blankfein, Zbigniew Brzezinski , et al.

Cheers. Or should we say, mazel tov.



MOSCOW, Jan. 21 (Xinhua) -- Visiting former U.S. secretary of state Henry Kissinger and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin discussed global issues Friday, and vowed to enhance ties between the two countries.

Without giving details of the talks, Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the "private meeting" lasted some 40 minutes, local press reported Saturday.

Interfax news agency said Kissinger described the bilateral relations as "of key global importance" and expressed hope they would keep improving.

The pair met frequently in recent years, as Kissinger once called Putin "extremely intelligent" in 2007, while Putin said in 2006 that the two can "understand each other well" and can find compromise.

Russian media noted that Friday's meeting came just weeks before the March 4 presidential elections, in which Putin is seeking a third term as president.
In 2007, the Kissinger Delegation met Putin. 
Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger flew to Moscow this week with a bunch of neo-conservative heavyweights, for a deliberately concealed meeting with Russia's President Putin.

Kissinger's delegation included former Secretary of State George Schultz, former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, former Special Representative for Arms Control, Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Thomas Graham, former US Senator Sam Nunn and Chevron Oil Company chairman and chief executive officer, David O'Reilly.
News of the meeting has been suppressed or ignored by most of the mainstream Western media but was reported in Russia.  But the exact contexts retain an aura of mystery.

Only a brief comment by Kissinger after the meeting was reported: ``We appreciate the time that President Putin gave us and his frankness.”


When will the world be delivered from this creature, and the many others, who live to ripe old age as they suck the life-blood out of humanity?

Former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger arrives with his wife, Nancy, for the state dinner     [Jonathan Ernst/Reuters] January 2011


james said...

That the Chinese are negotiating with former US govt factotums is a clear demonstration that the Chinese know that the power in the US lies in the people who employ the likes of Kissinger and Obama alike. Whether or not the toady is 'in office' or not makes no difference. So much for voting, eh!

Some great pics there, APea. Though I was glad I had long had breakfast before seeing the one of Maddy and Henry together.

The last one of Toad and Nancy heading into the coven meeting is a little chilling. I hope there were no children present.

Looking at the high definition pic of Chinese and US delegations, I found myself wondering again what that percentage of jews in the US is.

Nom du jour said...

"When will the world be delivered from this creature, and the many others, who live to ripe old age as they suck the life-blood out of humanity?"

Well said, AP. Pic of the gargoyles Albright/Kissinger is horror porn in the extreme.

A. Peasant said...

i think it's very damning of the chinese. not a good sign. also very unfortunate to read that putin thinks highly of kissinger.

the high def pics are from the DOD. one big happy family.

as for the last pic, i thought this caption was apt: "Henry Kissinger and his wife, Nancy, arrive at the White House to dine on aborted Cambodian fetuses."



A. Peasant said...

nom it's high def as well. avert your eyes....

missingarib said...

What motivates these trolls to come out from under their bridge?

Nom du jour said...

Off topic, AP (and maybe not)

Have you seen this story?

Jewish Paper's Column Catches Secret Service Eye


When one considers the number of Russian Czars they murdered, this suggestion does not seem to be out of the ballpark. And then there's JFK's murder....

A. Peasant said...

do you mean the people in the post? they are still treated widely with respect and honor. they have no shame. they come and go and do their business practically in the open. they rely on name recognition from their careers, and people assuming that these experts will act in the public interest. once a public servant always a public servant. sure thing.

it's the same assumption (when people fill in the blank of what is not explicitly asked or stated) that i wrote about in the post pony business.

it's so easy for them because the press doesn't do a thing to prevent the corruption, but in fact facilitates.

Peter said...

neat pics AP!
Heinz is lookin' pretty old as is Maddy.
Nancy and Heinz look truly gothic/ghoulish. Must be all their demonic channeling.

wv tertfutu a word to summon demons no doubt

A. Peasant said...

hey Peter, long time! yes they are ghoulish indeed. i have to say i know nothing about NK, but she looks incredibly creepy in that pic.

Peter said...

Humble apologies AP, vis a vis my negligence(...long time). After all, I am indebted to you for sending quite a bit of traffic my way.For that I am grateful. Shame on me.

Nancy stands by her man.
In the words of George Carlin, she is, an "obedient worker" for her's and Heinz's (hines, did I say hines?) Bohemian Grove masters. Well, at least the East Coast version of Bohemian Grove, if there is such a thing. I have no doubt she follows instructions very very well. But hey, I am just a flannel wearing coffee house slacker, what do I know?
Ciao ciao!

A. Peasant said...

oh for pete's sake no need to apologize, truly it is just nice to see you, you flannel-wearing coffee house slacker :D

i thought of you while writing because i think you had linked over some info of him, but i did not hunt it down because it's lost in the comments somewhere back in time. i thought it was about his preference for males... ? do you recall?

Nom du jour said...

There's a first, AP. Tried to link you to this story a few hours ago but my comment has been "disappeared". By whom I wonder?

I should not have mentioned their murder of so many Russian Czars and the murder of JFK in the same comment. Ooops.

Here we go again:


Could be America's Mystery-Man-In-Chief is on borrowed time?


Oh yeah, and this:

US law states that to even suggest the assassination of a US President is a punishable offense under the following US criminal code:

Class D felony under United States Code Title 18, Section 871. The offense is punishable by five years in prison, a $250,000 fine - and usually gets the person arrested.


LOL - Should be a barrel of laughs seeing them find a loophole so this chosen one does not get charged. Or maybe he could fly off to safe haven, somewhere or other.


The Realist Report said...

I've had this idea that Putin may be the last independent leader in the so-called 'Developed World', but I suppose it's just wishful thinking... kinda like Ron Paul, huh? And I'm not trying to be sarcastic here, hope it doesn't come off that way.

One question comes to mind: why would the West be targeting Putin's Russia if he was 'in on it' so to speak? Putin's Russia has stood against the Western/Jewish agenda in Syria and Iran, and is being targeted by Western, CIA-backed NGOs for regime change. Mere theatrics?

See this interview for more on the Western targeting of Russia:


"When will the world be delivered from this creature, and the many others, who live to ripe old age as they suck the life-blood out of humanity?"

When people like us run the show.

Cheers AP, love your take on things. Always enlightening.

questioning said...

What the hell ARE these creatures?!?! I know that psychopaths are found in all the human races, but....except for possibly the hyena people (ethiopian members of the "tribe) Why is it I get the feeling it is a genetic undercurrent tied to one source that is especially or near totally prevalent within a certain group of creatures posing as human? And why do I get the feeling these monsters, these goblins all recognize each other whether they are open or crypto and have been going at it for a long,long time? The ethiopians as far as I've seen, never fucked anyone over, so the evil gene or genes must've been lost. They were in ghettos and isolated from surrounding communities, but they never dominated or destroyed, them. AFAIK.

A. Peasant said...

hi nom, yes i saw that all unfolding yesterday. funny that abe fuxman et al are all hyperventilating that he was stupid enough to write it down and publish. obviously this is one of those things that is only spoken of amongst the chosen.

the most important detail and left out of the coverage so far is that adler is CHABAD. chabad is extremely powerful and anyone can find pics of them with presidents and leaders of all sorts. you can search TB also, i have written about them many times. they always seem to be near any false flag, most blatantly in the Mumbai attacks but they show up in lots of situations. they were the supposed target of the recent Thai terror scare. they were the first at the scene when a bomb went off at a russian airport a year ago. etc.

over at penny's one of her comment threads went postal when i brought up chabad in india and their role in babysitting all the drugged up young israelis who go there after IOF service.


here's the video of what happens and note chabad's role: TO BE THERE, to help the youth. lots of youth means lots of chabad, all over the host country. being very helpful of course.


they are the uber-sayanim for the mossad.

this is the angle about this adler story that is most interesting and the reason that he won't be touched. but it poses a big PR problem, that he wrote these things which are obviously discussed in private circles but not meant for the goyim to see, just like the talmud for thousands of years until the internet made it possible for us to read it. it is a reflection of chabad's power that he would even consider writing such things down AS IF he can get away with anything, because no doubt that is the reality he is accustomed to. so the others like fuxman have to make a big show now of self-policing, of making adler one of the temporary bad jews who do the bad things such as think like this. pretty comical.

Nom du jour said...

Thanks for the links, AP.

So many sticky lying threads with these parasites.

Talking of parasite false flag ops - was it Zoom Copter and Puzzle Car they were supposedly hawking in malls, while planting the demolition charges in World Trade Center buildings 1, 2 and 7? These days they hawk cosmetics, in the same malls, made from Dead Sea minerals stolen from Occupied Palestine, while really doing . . . what? Another point - who owns all those malls around the world, which they use as cover? (And the Alex Jones useful idiot answer is: Arabs! Arabs own them, just like Arabs own Hollywood.)

We may find out this year what they have been up to. It's 2012 and they've been pumping that Mayan Calender boondoggle to the cattle for a very long time.....

Peter said...

Heinz("Hinds" should have been {ben}inserted instead of "hines", my bad) Yeah , Heinz has a thing for the boyz and the boys like Hinds. (ahem)
and Nancy goin' to the ball pic conjured up some music HERE
Stanly Kubrick was offed like George Carlin for getting waay to close to the PTB.
Chabad are also very "obediant workers" unlike Sytanley Kubrick. But that music says alot.

A. Peasant said...

nom, agreed on the dead sea minerals and the malls and the 2012 boondoggle. seems like march is now the month to watch, with putin's impending election. perhaps that is why the tension had to ratchet down a few clicks. not time yet.

btw i was told by someone who purchased those expensive dead sea minerals from the mall, that they didn't do shit. imagine my shock.

creepy music Peter.

Peter said...

Is anyone fluent in Polish?
Stumbling about Youtube with the previous Eyes Wide shut video, i found THIS
I hope that link works cuz I had to type the sukker in by hand ugh!

A. Peasant said...

it says something like sooner or later everyone will be ??? (thrown) into the lake of fire.

i typed it into google translate.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese are said to be the Jews of Asia.

They have brought success to countries like Malaysia; but they are not always popular.

- Aangirfan

A. Peasant said...

chinese society had a round of self-reflection when the little girl was run over and left for dead a few months ago.

Nom du jour said...

LOL AP, I can imagine your shock. Parasites selling useless shit to trusting goys! Who'd a thunk it.

Might have linked this here once before, but it is worth another look. The best exploding towers video. Clearly shows what the Zoom Copter clowns were really up to. This has to be close to the top of the long list of videos most censored by the Commies controlling Google.

This vid is actually going DOWN in views! What do you have to do to have those lousy shysters subtract views from a vid? Answer - show the truth.

Last time I looked they had allowed it to go up to 20,000+ views, now they have DROPPED its view count to 12,000+


Obviously this guy's video is bad news for the 911 perps.

A. Peasant said...

nom, actually the purchaser of the expensive but useless dead sea products is not a goyim.......

great video of the tower. just appalling to read the comments though. the tactics used also include flooding good information with trolls and assorted obnoxious people on the payroll to name call, divert, etc. they must be paid well to keep at it so diligently all these years later. 911 is a thankless topic. much credit goes to those who put up with all the bullshit.

Nom du jour said...

Oh Boy! Not a goy? lol

Seems to me, AP, the internet is crawling with parasite trolls and their useful idiot goy shills. Can't visit a comment section anywhere that does not have them in residence. You get them here too. No Planes Alinsky, for example.

Got me thinking about one of Professor Revilo P. Oliver's essays from 1966. The last few pars:

"Let me conclude with one further comment on what I have tried to say.

"When the Bolsheviks' jackals snarl at us, they usually hiss 'racist' and 'white supremacist.' Let me make it clear, therefore, that I am not arguing for the superiority of the white race. I am asking a question, a biological question. Have we, the men of the West, who are the sole creators of a civilization whose technology gives us absolute mastery of the world, if we want it – we, whose Christian civilization, for all its defects, is, in comparison with others, as superior morally as it is technologically, have we lost the will to live?

"That is a question that any observer must ask when he sees the incredible spectacle of a great nation taxing itself to nourish cannibals, draining away its economic blood to arm Bolsheviks, tolerating in its own midst the systematic breeding, with its own money, of degeneracy and crime. Have our minds become so befuddled by the hypocritical jabbering of unhuman invaders and the babbling of our own fools that we have lost even the instinct of self-preservation?

"If, indeed, we have, then, by the irrevocable law of nature, we have become, like the dinosaurs, the dodos, and the mountain gorillas, biologically obsolete and the world will soon know us no more."


ahhhhh - 'the babbling of our own fools' - he was so good with words.

Yes, I think he's right. We have lost the instinct of self-preservation. We have lost the will to live and are going the way of the dinosaurs. Our culture's eulogy will read - "They Would Believe Anything As Long As It Was Not The Truth."


A. Peasant said...

indeed nom. a few warriors yet remain though.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the dead sea salt guys at the malls, I have a theory.

Part 1:
I accidentally got sucked into one of their demonstrations a few months ago. I was standing at a corner of two aisles trying to determine which direction to go to a certain store when someone beside me asked me if I'd like to try a new hand lotion. I was actually looking for a new lotion so said sure. It wasn't until I sat on the stool that I realized it was "one of those places".

The young fellow (aren't they all) proceeded to massage various products on my hands, chatting all the while, with no accent. Early on he said the ingredients came from Israel and in fact he was from Israel. I said, "oh yes, you have the look". He said, "thank you". What made him think that was a compliment? There were a few other slightly off replies when I asked any questions not related to the products.

Anonymous said...

Part 2:
The strangest part happened when I balked at buying the outrageously priced products. The salesman told me he had a brand new product and technique that everyone raved about that I should try. Before I could respond, he had spread some powder on the inside of my arm. He then pulled out a little magnet and said it wouldn't hurt at all; this would take off all the dead skin. While he was moving this little magnet up and down my arm, he was shaking, jerking almost, uncontrollably! I asked him if he was okay and he replied "hmmm" - no emotion.

Okay, now my theory. (grin) I think these men may be mechanical/biological robots and they talk to normal people in the malls to upgrade their language software. Bet you haven't heard that one?

The funny thing is he offered me a free lotion sample at the beginning then reneged when I asked about the list of preservatives on the little packet. I ended up wasting 20 minutes with this guy!

A. Peasant said...

ok i never heard that theory before, you're right. :D

that's very strange about the magnet. i don't know what to make of that. some years ago i bought some hand lotion from some women in the mall, same thing, israelis. as i recall their attitude was condescending, like i was a pitiful thing who needed to work on my hands and nails because obviously i did not know how to take care of myself and i should let them show me how it's done.

the goyim whisperers.

Nom du jour said...

". . . a pitiful thing "

Well of course, AP. Read the relevant sections of the talmud and you will see what they are told throughout their lives to think of us.

That insane book of filth will be going on the Hate Literature list any day now, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, 'the goyim whisperers' - love it. Yes, now that I think about it, he was somewhat condescending. But his whole body vibrating with each stroke, then wiping off the magnet, vibration stops, another stroke, vibrating violently, with no concern - that was so freaky.

By the way, love your posts AP, always so thought-provoking.

A. Peasant said...

nom, no i am not waiting for that any day.. (wink)....

btw i just had one of your comments show up and it seemed to be MIA since 1/21 or so. but not really sure because i am so busy lately and it might have been there but i don't recall seeing it in my emails. anyway, it is published now (at 5:29 on 1/21).

hi anonymous, many thanks. pop in the comments any time you feel inclined. we don't bite (usually! :D)... as for the salesbot, do you think he was acting?

Anonymous said...

Not sure whether the salesbot was acting but I was back in the mall last week and noticed two new guys at the dead sea kiosk. Maybe they sent the last one back to the factory.

Penny said...

AP- You ever see the movie the Dark Crystal?

HK's wife? In that picture she makes me think of the Skeksis.

If you haven't seen it, a brief video here


Anonymous said...

They said I didn't know what I was talking about! LOL I am beginning to feel like a fricking genius. How long have I been jawing about the grape diet?

When old news becomes current news! Looks like they were right 100 years ago, in fact the grape harks back to biblical times.


Grape seed extract kills head and neck cancer cells, leaves healthy cells unharmed

Grape-seed extract kills laboratory leukemia cells, proving value of natural compounds Dec 31, 2008 | not rated yet | 0
Whole grape – seed and skin – may be perfect colon cancer fighting food Jun 02, 2011 | not rated yet | 0
Yale scientists to study DNA repair in cancer cells Oct 25, 2007 | not rated yet | 0

Grape seed extract creates these conditions that are unfavorable to growth. Specifically, the paper shows that grape seed extract both damages cancer cells’ DNA (via increased reactive oxygen species) and stops the pathways that allow repair (as seen by decreased levels of the DNA repair molecules Brca1 and Rad51 and DNA repair foci).
“Yet we saw absolutely no toxicity to the mice, themselves,” Agarwal says."

How long have I been talking about the grape cure around here?



Anonymous said...

All bugger and lady gaga need in that pic is a top hat and white rabbit. If it is true the good die young we are probably looking at another 200 years of him.

aferrismoon said...

Your post 'Facilitate This' has been reposted in Russian at this site.



A. Peasant said...

ferris, that's pretty wild huh? i translated to see what the comments said but it's all pretty obscure with the google translate tool.

aferrismoon said...

Sure the comments prove difficult to translate , the translators give the vague direction but usually one has to manipulate it a great deal to get a fluid translation.

Their title is 'Organise This' rather than 'Facilitate'


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