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"Upon receiving a record amount of $13 million from Adelson – the latest installment was a check for $5 million from Miriam Adelson, his Israeli-born wife – Newt the Historian woke up one morning to discover that there are no Palestinians – only a horde of drooling Orcs trespassing on Israeli land."

Casino Tycoon Sheldon Adelson Questioned In Olmert Bribery Scandal
U.S. casino owner Sheldon Adelson (R), a prominent Republican donor, and his Israeli-born wife Dr. Miriam Adelson, speak on stage at the "Facing Tomorrow" Presidents' Conference May 14, 2008 in Jerusalem, Israel. Adelson, a billionaire businessman and chairman and chief executive officer of Las Vegas Sands Corp., was questioned by Israeli police this week in a bribery investigation that might lead to Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's resignation.
(Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images Europe)

American billionaire Sheldon Adelson, close ally of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and owner of the Israeli daily Israel Hayom, has given $5 million to an independent group backing Newt Gingrich's presidential bid.

"Not surprisingly, Gingrich’s favorite Israeli leader is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who he sees as a “personal friend” ever since they first met in the 1980’s, when Netanyahu served as Israel’s ambassador to the U.N. “I have a warm spot in my heart for Bibi,” Gingrich said, “I like him a great deal.”
Jewish Daily Forward, 12/9/11

We saw Newtie on CNN this morning and he said he had something like 173,000 supporters. Maybe he rounded that up. Maybe we are off a hundred thousand. Not sure. But he was talking populist-type supporters, people who wrote him smallish checks for under $2000. 

That's not a lot of people in a country of, what, 310 million people? He's got the equivalent support of one small American city. How the hell can he run for president then? Well then he has SHELDON and MIRIAM, and that makes it all work, so that he can go on teevee, on CNN, and be taken seriously as a candidate.

Obviously, as we all know we who WORK for a living, that if you want a paycheck you need to keep your employer happy. You need to do your job. And the same with Newt. Newt is running for president because that is his job. Sheldon and Miriam pay Newt to run for president. Therefore, Newt will say whatever Sheldon and Miriam would like him to say, because he works for them. And since they are good buds with Bibi, we can maybe just extrapolate that all out and think of Newt as Bibi's candidate, pure and simple? Like cousins once removed? Because what the hell, it's not like Sheldon and Miriam need help, it's *Bibi* who needs help.

Not that we are going to talk about politics anymore here at TB, but this is not actually politics. This is something else. When one rich couple, one of whom is not even an American, can float their own candidate for president of the US, with only the barest booty shorts of public support, we are not really talking politics anymore. We are talking about a different old profession.

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"I believe that's why you appreciate, Mr. President, that Israel must reserve the right to defend itself. And, after all, that's the very purpose of the Jewish state, to restore to the Jewish people control over our destiny." 
 ~ Bibi to Obama, reported 3/6/12

TIP FOR BIBI. There's a saying that most Americans (hopefully) know, and it goes:
Your rights end where my nose begins.


Anonymous said...

I read that Adelson brings in $3 million a minute...or something outrageous like that. Boggles the mind.

He also said that he was ashamed (or maybe regrets) for enlisting in the American military when he was younger, and not the IDF.

Deafening silence from the lambs.

A. Peasant said...

pfft, oh the lambies will not touch that. you're correct.

i bet he admires Rahm the short-fingered wonder. Ramh "did the right thing."


Nom du jour said...

Is he saying the purpose of the jew state is not to provide safe haven for international jew criminals?

I'm shocked.

A. Peasant said...

haha nom, actually i think he *did* say that. it was the "controlling our destiny" part, our destiny, your destiny, the world's destiny. gotta stay on top of the pigpile and if it's necessary to drag the entire planet into wwiii that's their right sort of thing. i read an article in haaretz yesterday and the whole idea of the US having a an actual separate national interest is evidently a quote complex and challenging message unquote.

it's about being american, not jewish. tough concept for some people.

not that i am relying on obama to deliver that message but maybe there are some people in the military... one would think? who fucking knows. apparently money can buy a lot of organization.

aferrismoon said...

Bibi is one of the Jews who claim to speak for all Jews.

The Jewish state is about non-assimilation and exclusivity and forcing that , as far as possible, on the diaspora.

Anyhow , here's a cartoon from Eli Valley - might make you titter.



A. Peasant said...

ferris, that was originally published in the forward... ? wow.

Anonymous said...

Each clown vying for the Republican leadership is more insane than the one next too him.
This freak show serves one very valuable purpose....it keeps the Obama voters frightened enough to stay on the Democratic party farm.

All the Obama liberals supporting crimes in Libya, Syria and Iran (in the name of peace) actually follow these Republican primaries and are quite frightened about what might happen should the vile Republicans win. Paying very close attention to these evil Republicans helps them avoid the fact that Obama outdoes Bush on war, torture, and domestic spying.

Just check out any marquee Democratic party sites like Alternet, rawstory, The Nation, Democracynow, Huffpo. All of them give top billing to the Republican race and the Obama devoted line up and take it as gospel, a new form of fear mongering, and quite effective too.

nobody said...

Hey AP,

I was going to crack some scatological joke about Newtie having rights too and how his nose is jammed up Adelson's arse. But I couldn't make the punchline work. Never mind.

Thinks: isn't it curious how both pillars of the death cult are obsessed with faecal matter. The satanists keep jars of it for ceremonial purposes and Israelis have a bent for shitting in Palestinian homes and schools, and of course Polish hotel rooms. No doubt it means something but I don't know what it is.

Sorry, what were we talking about? Something less idiotic I'm sure. Best to pay me no attention.

PS. Bloggers prove-you're-not-a-robot code words get ever more unintelligible don't they? Doubtless it'll take a couple of goes to post this.

A. Peasant said...

hi anonymous, yes i agree that the entire spectacle is used to whip up frenzy amongst the dems. it's always been thus and it is very effective, sad to say, even after all this time. you'd think more people would have smartened up by now. and of course it works the other way too as you can tell by talking to any republican foaming at the mouth over obama. just as long as no one talks about the power of aipac and organized jewry, all is well in election-land and they can go on fighting each other into infinity, which is what they live for. as one who USED to be very political, i know the gig.

hey nobs, did i miss something about polish hotel rooms? i must have....

isn't this booger catchpa thing kind of funny? i missed the part where there was a big problem and "something must be done" like institute the double catchpa with a half-twist extra-secure human-proving flaming hula-hoop security measures? wtf. i don't know what the problem was and i'm thinking there actually was no problem but they wanted to make things more obnoxious just for the hell of it, just because they can and it spikes the tavistock stress a little for the bloggers.

Anonymous said...

This code will simply not allow me to post here. Doubt this goes through.


Anonymous said...

Another testament to our "democracy" and it's objective media. Watch this 2 minute clip and see if you can spot what's missing.
darn...forgot about the title. :-P

To me, this screams desperation. Or are they taunting the people? Purposefully instilling anger towards themselves, humiliating his supporters? Ugh. I think this should be considered a form of election rigging.(Only posted because somewhat relevant to the topic) -swits

A. Peasant said...

well she said it twice, "we LIVE for nights like this."

they live to push buttons, so talk about people pushing buttons, to gloat over people having their buttons pushed.

so yeah. i'd be pretty sure that it was no accident that they forgot to mention RP but took santorum and gingrich seriously. the thing is, for RP supporters to get all riled up about it is to play the game right along with them.

ronak pinak said...

Got them ol' highjacked republic blues A.P. Used to have a music file sharing blog until America decided they own the internet and took out megaupload. I was sharing the 500 titles in my collection with other music geek bloogers. Megaup was the best because they gave you 500gb of storage free and a free user could download files up to 800mb in size. All other file sharers you had to let people directly into your account (not a good idea) or split the files into 100mb parts. I was posting albums in free lossless audio codec (FLAC) format, the higest quality format for computer. All that ground to a halt on January 19 of this year. Because one elite hacker figured out how to get paid off of it everyone will be punished. Now the downloading days are over. You go to a page and it says sorry not available in America. This will probably happen to political analysis type bloggers sooner or later. It lets you know you are doing it right and the so called elites don't like it. Sorry for rambling and I realize sharing music files is "piracy" to some but it is just another example of diminishing freedoms in some mythical war against a tactic.

A. Peasant said...

You go to a page and it says sorry not available in America. This will probably happen to political analysis type bloggers sooner or later. It lets you know you are doing it right and the so called elites don't like it.

very interesting. i was wondering what it might look like when they start getting serious, and figuring they won't shut the whole internet down because it's too valuable for them. however they will make things more difficult just like they started with the catchpa. your comment is very helpful because now i can visualize what they might do.

now do you think paid hosting would be a workaround for those who start getting pinched? meaning they can restrict "free" tools like booger and just take down a big swath of the net and force people to either drop out, which many will, or go to another type of hosting? i realize you might not have any idea but this was something James and i were talking about the other day.

nobody said...

Hey AP, since you're asking: I think I found this via WRH (can't remember really since it was years ago) but regardless you should google 'israeli tourists polish hotels excrement' (or somesuch) since it's fascinating.

Long and short: tons of Israelis (mostly teenagers) make a sort of reverse pilgrimage to Poland to visit the gas chambers. Somehow in amongst it all they become gripped by a mad urge to show the Poles what scum they are by shitting in every possible place in their hotel rooms except in the toilet. They'd do things like shit on top of a television, if you can imagine that.

Actually, did you ever see that Pilger documentary where he wanders around a Palestinian primary school that had been occupied and trashed by the IDF? There was just shit everywhere. In the photocopier! The mad thing is that they didn't take a dump or two upon leaving - there was so much shit in this place that the Israelis must have spent days living in the stink of their own filth. It was beyond perverse.

Of course what with being so utterly self-obsessed, it clearly didn't occur to any of these brave shitters that whatever message they thought they were sending to whomever, all they did was tell us about themselves: ie. Israelis are obsessed with their own faecal matter. Honestly, who else does that? Apart from dogs?

Meanwhile back in Poland, Israeli tour groups are now banned from all Polish motels. Sure enough, the tours continue but I expect they stay in Jewish-owned motels. And doubtless are told that, what with the hotel being owned by Jews, might they please refrain from shitting all over the furnishings.

It all comes back to me now. The shitting was just one part of it. These Israelis were arseholes everywhere they went - shops, cafes, carparks, everywhere. So much so that I expect that the Poles of today were forced to conclude that if ever there were a people who deserved a backlash this was them.

Mind you, I haven't heard much of this story lately. Perhaps there was a travel advisory asking them to tone it down since people were talking. Not sure really.

Nom du jour said...

Ah, the Polish 'gas chambers' would be the fakes built by the Russian jew communists after the end of the war.

What was not fake were the Auschwitz swimming pool for inmates, the soccer matches, the day release to work outside the camp, the orchestras, the theatrical plays, the maternity ward attached to the hospital for inmates, the specially printed camp money for inmates to earn, the postcards sent home from Auschwitz, the camp brothel, the small delousing chambers where the bug spray Zyklon B was used to kill the typhus lice on inmates clothing to keep them alive!!

Then there were the regular Red Cross camp inspections, where no ill treatment of inmates was reported. The order from German High Command to reduce the deaths in Auschwitz due to the typhus epidemics (imagine that, "Reduce the deaths" in a death camp! LOL).

Let's see - there's the Leuchter Report, the jewish David Cole Auschwitz tour videos, Don Heddesheimer's First Holocaust book detailing jew claims of "six million jews" being wiped out during World War One. The "One Third of the Holocaust" videos. The camp's death registers released by the Russians decades later that put the lie to the six million.

The Polish government having to remove the "4 million deaths" plaque outside Auschwitz and replace it with one a little closer to the truth - 1 million (but of course, 6 million minus 3 million still equals 6 million, or you go to jail!!)

Over a dozen supposedly first world "democracies" where you get jail time for expressing ANY skepticism about the six million tale. We all know how Truth needs jail terms to support it, right?

E-lie Wiesel whose camp tattoo must have just fallen off, or something. Irene Zisblatt and her ability to recycle diamonds through her bowels on a daily basis for years, etc etc etc.

Geysers of blood, electrified floors, steam rooms, peddle operated brain bashing machines and so much more crap presented at the Nuremberg Kangaroo Court performances.

The billions and billions Germany has handed over to the jews for so-called reparations, the longest gravy train in world history.

Oh yes, and the fact that Palestine was stolen on the back of the jews' latest holocaust story...

And on and on and on and on.

So yes, the "rightful" owners of Palestine going to visit the "real" gas chambers of the holoco$t is fitting indeed.

Anonymous said...

Noby writes: "...isn't it curious how both pillars of the death cult are obsessed with faecal matter. The satanists keep jars of it for ceremonial purposes and Israelis have a bent for shitting in Palestinian homes and schools, and of course Polish hotel rooms. No doubt it means something but I don't know what it is."

As an interesting aside, natives in South East Asia that do breakins/thieving in houses tend to do the same thing...by leaving shit behind.

Perhaps something to do with Jinns worship?


A. Peasant said...

yes, well, i'm not sure what to add here. i suppose there is some explanation for this behavior, and all i can say is it can't be good. normally, people don't do disgusting things because, even if they really despise someone, they have enough dignity to refrain from doing something disgusting to make their point. so it seems to reveal a complete lack of dignity on behalf of the shitters. by their fruits shall ye know them... ?

james said...

I think in both the cases that Nobby mentions, it is an indication of the presence of the demonic.

The satanists, of course, invite the demons in thinking they will gain power through destruction but little realising that the demons mean to destroy them too.

The israeli culture is one of hate, fear and exploitation. A heady mix but it is 'open sesame' for the demons and will lead to the israelis ultimate degradation and destruction, too.

The shit is a clear sign of this degradation in process. One day they will be faced with their own degradation and it will destroy them spiritually. Which is the ultimate goal of the demons, anyway. Destroy everybody.

Destroy the evil ones through their own degradation and the rest of us through reacting to them with our own hated and violence.

This is why the only true enemies of evil are the peacemakers. Pardon the philosophy!

james said...

I should add, 'peacemaking' does not mean peacekeeping or appeasing. That is a weakness. And so is violence, for that matter.

nobody said...

'by their fruits' - ha ha ha ha. Very good.

Who needs durian when you got Israelis? I crack myself up.

nobody said...

Oh wait, you've probably never heard of durian. Let me just check wikipedia. Yup, it's there. It'll explain that joke nicely. The sign you see there is beyond common in SE Asian hotels.

Anonymous said...

AP have they gotten to you? It's been over a month with no word. Please post to let us know you're OK.

A. Peasant said...

I don't know, maybe they got me with their depression ray. I am still alive. Thinking of posting again. It may not be pretty but I will put something together.

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