a dirt cheap operation

Back before the internet and blogs, before people knew about that six percent of the population, but not so far back that you can't remember..... the social engineers probably had a lot of fun. They could conduct experiments with complete impunity. People were not cynical like they are today, and they didn't have access to any information except what they could purchase at the newsstand or watch on teevee.... a naive, captive audience, respectful of authority....

SIX locations, but only FIVE identified

On October 2, 1982, another contaminated Tylenol bottle was discovered by police from a batch of bottles removed from a drug store in the Chicago suburbs. Thousands of other bottles were undergoing testing for traces of cyanide. Investigators had no idea how many other bottles might have been tampered with. In an effort to put an end to the senseless deaths, J&J offered a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the terrorist.

Investigators discovered that the cyanide-laced capsules were placed in six Chicago area stores: Jewel Foods in Arlington Heights, Jewel Foods in Grove Village, Osco Drug Store in Schaumburg, Walgreen Drug Store in Chicago, Frank's Finer Foods in Winfield and another undisclosed retail outlet. Each store contained one tampered bottle with approximately three to ten tainted capsules, except for Osco Drug Store where two cyanide laced bottles were recovered.

It was suggested by the police that the bottles were randomly placed. However there was also a possibility that the terrorist may have purposely chosen those specific locations for unknown reasons. Some speculated that the terrorist could have held a grudge against the producers of Tylenol, society in general or even the stores in which the tainted bottles were found. It was further suggested that the killer many have lived within the vicinity of the drug stores, where the tampered bottles were placed.
J&J offered a WHOLE thousand dollars for information leading to the terrorist. [SEE NOTE at the end.] That was generous. We wonder about that "undisclosed" retail outlet. And yes, terrorists always chose their locations and dates for mysterious reasons. Who doesn't look at the calendar now and notice every 5/5 and 5/11 and every other damn date that has any possibility of looking good with some teevee graphic, that hasn't been "used" yet, and wonder if this is the Big Day, when some crazy terrorists decide to make their point.


One suspect: James Lewis.

A couple of unknown college students (?) trying to conduct this interview have not got any basic facts in command, but no worries. He waves a book around, a book written by an expert: John Douglas, Brilliant FBI Profiler and Catcher of Many Bad Guys....He barely lets Lewis get a word in edgewise as he gushes about Douglas and FBI profiling. In the book, Douglas was trying to figure out the motive of who would do this and the guy who did this..."was a loser, was angry at the world and was lashing out." And that something must have happened in September right before the murders, and that something triggered the murderer's anger. He didn't do such a sophisticated job at putting the cyanide into the pills, so he wasn't very sophisticated. Nor was he very organized, and he surely drove a five year old car that needed some work.

Although we don't know about that "undisclosed" location. Perhaps brilliant FBI profiler Douglas didn't investigate that part?

"And so he ruled out everyone in Johnson & Johnson.... someone in the higher ups..." [waving hand dismissively...] But that still left all the ordinary slobs at J&J to be suspects.

Mmm hmm.

And how does he know this? Well it's a science. You'd have to be an expert to appreciate it, or at least read an expert's book with your knee pads strapped on securely, and then it would be very obvious.
Douglas has worked on over 5,000 cases. Of those 5,000 cases, he’s never been proved wrong on the guilt or innocence of a suspect. Not once. “I think that’s probably the biggest pressure, is the possibility of being wrong and why I got sick”, Douglas tells me.
In the January issue of Maxim, Douglas said he was convinced that Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito are innocent.
Well, we think not. We think she's quite the little actress, or rather, she thinks she's quite the little actress rotating through her repertoire of four or five expressions that range all the way from

I HAVE to get away with this....

(dimples = smile muscles at work)

 I really hope I get away with this....
I am SO getting away with this...
 and everything in between.

Our gut instinct says she got away with murder. But we are no expert. We don't have access to the court evidence, which is why we can be dismissed, but regardless, using our HUMAN INSTINCTS, we think her guilt is written all over her face. And Mr. Douglas, who has access to anything he needs, has never been PROVEN wrong, not even once according to legend. And he says she's innocent. What more do you need to know?

We live in a society governed by the Rule of Law /eyeroll/. If the experts say you're guilty, you're guilty; and if they say you're innocent, you're innocent. You don't have to be going on with your own OPINIONS based on you thinking your own thoughts and using your instincts like some God-damned conspiracy freak.

There's NO EVIDENCE for any opinions other than the ones put forth by the people with access to the evidence. It's so simple as long as you go along and have no independent thoughts.

Regarding courts and their evidence, please see Robert Canup's page which explains how courts create the maximum chance that the guilty will be found innocent, and the innocent will be punished.

But Amanda Knox happened many years after the Tylenol tampering incident of 1982, and we digress.

Quotes from the video:

"The letter was addressed to Johnson & Johnson." 

...Parent of McNeil Laboratories... 

"I was not trying to get a million dollars. I was trying to get attention focused on a bank....[crosstalk]... Illinois bank."

The Continental Illinois Bank, Chicago, IL.

American Fraud: The Suspects
The fifth suspect, James Lewis, became a suspect after sending an extortion letter to J&J demanding that the company deposit $1 million into an account at the Continental Bank of Illinois if they wanted "the killings to stop." However, Lewis had no access to that account, which was a business account, closed five months earlier, for Frederick Miller McCahey, heir to the Miller Brewing Fortune. Court documents state that Lewis wrote the extortion letter to expose what he believed were McCahey's "fraudulent business dealings." Lewis had moved from Chicago to New York City three weeks before the Tylenol murders....The judge in Lewis's extortion trial said that there was not a "shred of evidence" that Lewis committed the Tylenol murders.

Also see this interview with Scott Bartz. Highly recommended. Bartz is the guy who worked for J&J, became a whistleblower on their business practices, subsequently read everything about this Tylenol case and wrote a book, a book we will be reading soon.

In the interview we learn:

Authorities turned the evidence -- the tainted capsules -- over to J&J, where they were destroyed. Investigators then used that valuable time, early in the investigation while the evidence still existed, to go after people who were all later exonerated.

One of the victims, Mary Reiner, got her capsules from a hospital where she had just given birth. Those capsules were "unit-packaged," ie: she got a blister pack or something similar with eight pills. She did not purchase a bottle from a store like the other victims, a critically important detail. The tainted capsules were thus in a hospital supply chain, and not just in retail stores, which changes everything. The killer would have to be a little more sophisticated than the "profile" suggests.

Q: You point out a number of inconsistencies and, in your estimation, absurdities that have been perpetuated since the 1982 and 1986 poisonings.
A: Number one would be the madman-in-the-retail stores hypothesis. My findings debunk this hypothesis, and point instead to a repackaging facility in the channel of distribution as the location where the tamperings occurred.

We are so glad that someone unpacked this psyop, because that what it was. We realized it as soon as our child told us that they learned about it in school. We thought about it for two minutes and realized that this incident changed everything. The fear led to tamper-resistant packaging, something we all take for granted now. A good thing? Yes, we suppose tamper-resistant packaging is a good thing.... because it keeps you safe from the grudging crazies roaming around the streets who will put poison in your products for no good reason....? And THEREFORE, with relief, you TRUST the manufacturer of the products, and are GRATEFUL for the new, improved packaging, and remove them from all suspicion should something ever go wrong, heaven forfend... ?

Something like that?

Looking at the social engineering transaction (problem - reaction - solution), we see the purpose:


You don't have to worry about what is in the package. It's safe, and God knows it's safely packaged. 

Shorter: Trust other humans less and trust big corporations more. WIN WIN WIN.

Meanwhile, this happened so long ago, and the truth has been buried in mountains and mountains of WORSHIP for J&J's handling of the incident. Do a little googling and see for yourself. See how many pages of results you can go through until you find something other than, WOW THAT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME HANDLING.

Given all the other things going on, who would take time out to look at this old thing that happened in 1982. And yet, to see the truth of it helps to recalibrate the time scale of exactly how long we've been in the social engineering laboratory and what sorts of experiments have been going on, and who has been conducting them and cooperating with them.

Back when these murders happened, we remember people couldn't wrap their minds around someone so evil, who would do something so random? Who could comprehend such a monster? People believed psychopaths were exceedingly rare and more inclined to do grisly serial murders.

 Jeffrey Dahmer -- cannibal.

A whole narrative exists about these serial killers, a narrative we're all familiar with. 

Most of them seem to have had a dysfunctional family setting and were abused as children — emotionally, sexually or verbally. It’s as if this activates some psychological trigger in their minds, increasing the feelings of inadequacy or worthlessness, and causing them to seek out their own heinous form of release.
There have been hundreds of serial killers in the history of America, and there are a few that tend to stay in the minds of citizens, becoming “famous.”
Here are just a few of the (in)famous serial killers that have walked the streets of our nation, in no particular order. There may be many others that are notorious or have killed more people, but we picked a few of the more famous killers that truly shocked us.
There may be many others who have killed more people, but nevermind that. Please stick to the approved list: Manson, Bundy, Berkowitz, Dahmer...

The way the logic works, if you're not a fuck-up from a broken home, chances are you can't be one of these serial killers, by definition. Because serial killers, "most of them," "seem" to have been abused as children.

In other words, a world of abused children is a world of potential pasties for actual, successful psychopaths.

Getting back to our recollection of the Tylenol incident, what was this random killing with medicine about? As we recall, we did not comprehend this crime, so unlike the grisly murders of Jeffrey Dahmer, also incomprehensible but somehow less so. This killing without any connection was so strange, so depersonalized. Because it didn't matter who died as long as people died.

They understand that the way to murder someone and get away with it is to not care who they kill, how they kill them, or when they kill them. Such people set up conditions where someone will be 'accidentally' killed and wait for the circumstances to occur. 
A totally bewildering thought process to normal people, regardless of intelligence, and yet totally normal to the intelligent psychopath.

We read this about Lewis:

Lewis' troubles began early in his life. In the 1960s, he was treated at a psychiatric facility after reportedly chasing his mother with an ax, attacking his stepfather and then trying to commit suicide by taking 36 headache tablets
He's perfect!

The intense fear caused by the random nature of the crime led to the tamper-resistant product packaging ubiquitous ever since -- a permanent change.

They had no evidence to pin it on Lewis, but he was still a perfect patsy. The patsy only has to "work" for a period of time. Once the thing blows over, people get wrapped up in the next psyop and NO ONE CARES about the facts anymore.

The killer has never been caught. And Mr. Douglas was on the case way back then, profiling the Tylenol killer and using his mysterious profiling expertise to eliminate all the higher ups at J&J? It had to be some pissed-off nobody. BY DEFINITION, it could not be a successful executive. Successful executives are not angry slobs, by definition. If serial killers are mostly angry slobs, successful people like politicians and executives have been excluded in the Venn Diagram.

That's how the narrative works. Successful people cannot be psychopaths by definition, and if there's any overlap with the "known" dirty qualities of anger and dysfunction, here and there, they have been overcome by personal excellence. Those people become "self-made" men, heroes, icons. You don't have to be aware of the logic involved. In fact, the social engineers know that the less aware you are of the logic, the easier they can pimp it.

J&J, meanwhile, well... Tylenol made a hero of that company. Yup. Lucky lucky lucky. Google searches return pages and pages of this classic business case study in brilliant PR. "Consumer product company's worst nightmare..." blah blah blah. Marketers predict the company's demise, but a year later J&J makes a complete comeback. Reminds us of the nuclear industry overcoming Fukushima. Worst nightmare for whom? CEO widely praised for his handling, according to the narrative. Once known for baby shampoo, J&J is now a pharmaceutical powerhouse. HOO boy. The MBAs love that shit.

They say it was very expensive, this "worst nightmare," but all it cost was $100 million ---- and the lives of seven random people!

Is $100 million a lot of money to a company like J&J? Today net income is about four billion. Are seven random people -- not even employees -- a big price to pay for a company to become an unstoppable pharmaceutical powerhouse?

2/22/11: Scientists make mistakes... Vioxx deaths estimated at 60,000 worldwide.... Merck still making billions... 

Let's get real. The $100,000 reward for information J&J put out has never been claimed either. WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN.

[NOTE: Evidently, it's $100,000. And it's still available. We don't know if it was originally $1,000 and they upped it out of embarrassment at some point, because that's the sort of mistake paths make -- tone deaf with any emotional message other than fear. But there it is. Funny they didn't give it to Bartz, huh?]

Seven people murdered.
Just a drop in the bucket.


Timster said...

Excellent article. Well researched. I remember being suspicious of those crimes and asking myself "cui bono?" I would like to have a bottle of Tylenol from before the incidents to see if the old circle K was present. Extortion? A threat followed through? I guess we will never really know.

A. Peasant said...

thanks timster. i ordered the book because that's the guy whose done the research, and i am looking forward to reading it. the answer to your question might be in there, or maybe on some photos. you can do a google image search, there were a lot of photos from the incident but i didn't look too closely at the bottles. i figure that the kosher mafia has had that K-gig going for a long time too, but i don't know how long.

A. Peasant said...

sorry my spelling and grammar just gets worse by the day.

james said...

Gerat post, APea

I have noticed that the brand of Australian olive oil i like to use has the kosher (and halal!) stamp of approval on it. Of course, olive oil has nothing to do with being kosher or not. To get away with this blackmail, our kosher nostra friends must have a much more compelling argument than 1 or 2% (at most) of the population will boycott your goods. I'm sure it would be much more economical to lose that custom and tell the kosher nostra to go pork themselves. So something else is going on with all that.

A. Peasant said...

thanks James.

the kosher nostra thing is a very interesting little racket. i doubt it has anything to do with this particular tylenol incident though. my guess is that j&j was already in the bag, which is why the social engineers essentially rewarded the management. only a trusted partner could be used for a psyop like this, so i don't think there would be an extortion angle.

Anonymous said...

Over this Kosherissue... heard that one can get a tax deduction of $1500.
Don't know if this is true - but interesting thought.


Anonymous said...

Nice one AP,

Following the logic of serial killers as an entirely created MKULTRA psyop, the Tylenol thing suddenly falls into the 'well-of-course' category.

As for FBI 'profiling', if you read McGowan's serial killer analysis it becomes beyond obvious that the whole thing is a complete sham. He looked at any number of famous killers and not a single one of them had a standard 'type' of victim, nor even a consistent MO. None of them had a profile.

In fact it was quite the opposite with all of them conforming precisely to (Murder Incorporated) Pittsburgh Pete's professional technique of only ever using 'weapons of opportunity', ie. whatever was close at hand. In profiler terms this equates to 'no MO'. So much for profiling.

And not forgetting of course that in every one of those cases it was utterly impossible for the given nominal 'serial' killer to have committed their crimes single-handedly. All of them involved obvious accomplices. Have you read Maury Terry's book about the Son of Sam killings, The Ultimate Evil? It's a bit purple prosey but otherwise very good. In it, it's made inarguably clear Berkowitz was part of a ring, and a small part at that.

And um, what? Pasties? Did you mean the edible Cornish variety, or the tasselled things women put on their bosoms? Sudden weird visual: imagine a woman confusing the two... Hmm... I'm thinking she'd have to be very dim and have big bosoms... pretty far-fetched I know...

A. Peasant said...

pasties, patsies, whatever you say mate... it's all their fault that's all you need to know.

i read McGowan's 'something about henry' or is it harry, i don't remember. and yes it's required reading to understand what a load of crap is all this serial killer nonsense. i have not read the son of sam book.

whereas Dave McGowan should be world famous for his brilliant and important writing, and is not, but this clown Douglas is highly regarded. so typical.

aferrismoon said...

McGowan also notes that some 'serial killers' were found with supplies of various pharmaceuticals acquired in large amounts. Usually for subdueing the victims in some way, knocking the victims out as Dahmer did [ I think].

Pharmaceuticals were also important in the 'Laurel Canyon' scene which seeped into serial-killing via Manson.

Often 'serial-killers' are attached via family or service to the military.


Are SK's a form of 'research assistant' for Military-Pharma-Hollywood Ind.Complex?

Rob Ressler gave the world the nomme-de-guerre 'Serial Killers' or he wrote 50 episodes of Law and Order or something.


A. Peasant said...

hullo ferris. i didn't know Ressler coined that term. the whole thing is such a sham, and it's all connected as you point out to the pharma-military-hollywood matrix.

i must read the laurel canyon series. that's one that i have not gotten around to and that is my bad.

Peter said...

A peasant writes again yippee!
This article about Tylenol tampering has epic implications. Since that event, almost evrything has tamper resistant packaging... pretty impresssive.
Sooo, many other things were happening back in the early 80's. Aids?
I have my theories... it was all gangland slayings in the new high tech era. But hey who'll believe that?
Cui bono? gangland wars benefit the elites... divide and conquer.
Eugenics seeemingly, fit the profile, from my cheap seat vantage point.
Thanks AP for a thought provoking and nostalgic journey!

A. Peasant said...

hey Peter, good to see you!

i concur, the implications of this incident, from a social engineering perspective, were huge. all packaging changed, watershed event. a big show about corporate responsibility.


and thank you for reminding me about aids. a few weeks ago when i was not writing, i came across some fascinating stuff about that. i might do a post on it because i don't want to tackle the current events, which other people are doing a great job with anyway. i'm kind of liking these cold cases.

Anonymous said...

Off-topic - Saw this and thought of you, since here at the Twelfth Bough is where i was introduced to the concept of "the narrative".


"According to a recent report by the BBC, the Defense Department appears to be looking for a way to hijack the mind so it can implant false, but believable, stories - a sort of "like me" weapon, if you will."

Another off-topic, but had to share.


Do you think our responsible government scientists have found a way to weaponize this yet? A gas grenade perhaps? How about a spray mist? No wonder zombies are all the craze today. You could probably create an entire army of them with just a few thousand pounds of ordinance.

A. Peasant said...

omg these guys are funny, aren't they? the have narratives for their narratives. the first link is exactly the same idea that they do with the weather mod technology. they act like oh gee whiz wouldn't it be nice? blah blah blah. maybe someday if we're really lucky and we work really hard, we can figure out how to do this stuff, huh? that would be grand.

same way they talk about controlling people's emotions. no question, NO QUESTION they already know how to do that, on an individual basis as well as across large and very large groups.

someone left a link here recently about another case like this, where they were just discovering that teevee influences people. i think it was swits. same thing, they play dumb -- that's the narrative to COVER UP that they've already been doing all this stuff for decades. they want people to believe that we are all pretty much working with the same information.

with weather, for instance, after the weather causes "massive life and property losses," people will finally demand that Something Must Be Done about the crazy, deadly weather. they have all this stuff they've been playing with for a hundred years. the military puts out a big report about controlling the weather by 2025, back in 1996. they admit that they want weather mod to be "socially desirable" by 2025.

So of course it would be completely ridiculous to suppose that halfway through this plan 1) they already have the technology, and 2) they use it to cause "massive life and property losses," so that 3) we will beg them to develop the technology and save us from the weather. That would betray an extremely cynical understanding of social engineering and psychopathy.


same with the pentagon "researching" narrative networks.

"We're not going to be able to go in and zap people's amygdalae or anesthetize them or do whatever."

NO? not going to be able to do that? oh PHEW.


silent sound carrier frequencies were perfected by the pentagon over 20 years ago and can make people feel any emotion by transmitting waves over the UHF waves. completely undetectable, no defense against it.


as for the creepy devil's drug, first think i thought is they are dropping that crap in the chemtrails. would explain a few things in combination with the other technology that they are just "thinking" about looking into.

great finds, thank you for the links.

bholanath said...

AP -
This is a wonderful post, and it's very nice to enjoy your always-relevant research and connections and ramifications again. You owe no one an apology for taking time out and taking the sustenance that you need.

Also, just wanted to point out that the "devil's drug" is simply the datura or belladonna plant, which has been around forever. For sure its nasty shit (tried it in the 60s), and this is probably some kind of telegraphing of the weaponization 'research' going on.
Datura seeds are 'poisonous' and darkly hallucinogenic, but the leaves can be smoked quite safely and relieve lung congestion with no side-effects.
Fear propaganda? - definitely.

A. Peasant said...

hi bho, thank you. it's good to see you too. i was actually enjoying myself over your place the other day and following links around. it was great reading and exploring. i enjoyed your reminiscing and could see your dad fishing.

my youngest asked me what an alchemist was recently, and i went into a 20 minute verbal post (my children hear it all) about how all the drugs come from plants and minerals and things of the earth, and in the old days alchemists and medicine men had that knowledge. and that's where the scientists today get it too, except of course they have to enhance everything and make stuff like plutonium, which is even more deadly than the natural versions. i guess they probably have enhanced this drug as well to make it a better boogeyman.

loved how the daily mail article ends:

"In modern times, the CIA used the drug as part of Cold War interrogations, with the hope of using it like a truth serum. However, because of the drug’s chemical makeup, it also induces powerful hallucinations....
Experts are baffled as to why Colombia is riddled with scopolamine-related crimes, but wager much of it has to do with the country’s torn drug-culture past, and on-going civil war."

so, the CIA *USED* to use it back in teh old days. and Colombia is the israel of south america. and the experts are just BAFFLED why columbia is riddled with these crimes but it must be the fault of the country's CULTURE. those damn colombians. it's such a mystery huh?

Anonymous said...

I hadn't thought about this case in years. I confess I accepted the whole narrative as given when it occurred. But looking back now, your story makes a lot more sense.

A. Peasant said...

i think just about everyone accepted the narrative as given back then. people didn't really question things and they had no internet. there were many conditions in favor of the paths and social engineers.

i have the book and am just a few chapters into it. it was really very sad how these people died, the little girl, a mother with a newborn and other children, etc. it was by chance that three people from the same family died and a nurse sussed out the tylenol, otherwise it could have gone on much longer. the police work was atrocious from the start.

Anonymous said...

Off-topic...but my current fascination is this topic.

CULTURAL MARXISM: The Corruption of America

Pez, have you done any articles specifically on "Cultural Marxism" that you can think of? The doc is long, but really gets into how things have changed in America over the years.


Anonymous said...

The weaponized Devils Breath zombie apocalypse is upon us!

Man Repeatedly Stabs Himself, Throws Intestines, Skin atPolice


A. Peasant said...

seriously swits, that's a little freaky since the other day some guy in Miami bit off the face of another guy, in broad daylight, and had to be shot dead to get him to stop. oh yeah they were both naked.


and then there is the guy who mailed body parts to conservative party hq in ottawa.


Anonymous said...

Re the Canadian thing, they weren't sent any arseholes were they? That would make sense. To keep them all in one place, kind of thing...

A. Peasant said...

mwahaha, very good ! morbid humor. my irish blood appreciates.

i guess he sent a hand to the liberal party and a foot to the conservative party. no mention of where his ass ended up. it's quite a spectacle, this crime, and the alleged criminal. he has a whole article on disappearing oneself from society, very detailed. the kind of thing that a young porn star would not be inclined to know about, one would think. plus he has the three names, always interesting for a killer. even his alias has three names of course, where the ordinary people just go by the two names. i dunno it's all kind of interesting in a sideshow sort of way...

Anonymous said...

A young co-worker of mine is now convinced there's a zombie outbreak going on. Some woman killed her kid and ate it's brains. Another killed a friend and did the same. It's certainly disturbing, but kind of amusing in some scary-clown, macabre way.

I wonder if the Devils Breath was used on the people at Jonestown? Seems like just the drug to get a couple hundred people to drink killer koolaid.

Close to the source of the drug. Far from toxicologists.


A. Peasant said...

hmm. i am seeing this meme also. did you see this?

i guess the CDC itself is preparing for zombie apocalypse. ? wtf?

CDC has a fun new way of teaching about emergency preparedness. Our new graphic novel, "Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic" demonstrates the importance of being prepared in an entertaining way that people of all ages will enjoy. Readers follow Todd, Julie, and their dog Max as a strange new disease begins spreading, turning ordinary people into zombies....


it's a "fun new way" of reaching more people than ever before with fear-mongering, helpfully boosted by creepy examples of people acting like zombies in real life.

probably there is a VACCINE that they will come out with for the suspected air-borne rabies flu mutation that makes people zombies.


"it's no joke" says the CDC.

Anonymous said...

Hey AP,

There's spooky timing. Pen wrote a thing just lately (doubtless you've seen it) and I wrote a comment there with the precise same thoughts. Wait, I might still it might still be in my cut and paste clipboard.

Yep, here it is:

Hmm... I was wondering the other day why there are so many zombie movies lately. I doubt it's an accident. Knowing how controlled Hollywood is and how it's a crucial mechanism for pushing societal memes I have no doubt there's a reason for it. The obvious thought is that it's a basic inculcation in inhumanity. That is, we're all being prepped (in a sideways fashion) for how we are to view the unwashed masses when the cops are mowing them down. Zombie movies are basically all about mass extermination.

But what if it was much more precise than that? What if the coming UFO invasion was a red herring? What if the threat is to be an actual zombie threat? ie. they name it as such. And no, there are no actual zombies. Instead there's merely art-directed MK drones behaving like them. And then all puffed up in the media into a huge threat, and thus giving the govt carte blanche to shoot whomever with a coverall excuse ready to be rolled out.

After all you have to kill zombies. I can imagine graphic news footage of a blood-spattered, severed-arm-waving bloke being riddled with bullets by black-armoured swat nazis, and the newsreader saying, "In a bizarre scene that was like a zombie movie come to life..."

I know it sounds far fetched but if one can imagine it, provided the masses have an image/thought/memory to plug it into, then that's all it takes. It's precisely what Hollywood did with Arab terrorists which were pretty much made from whole cloth and otherwise imagined into reality. With MKULTRA the 'thought' of zombies qualifies as do-able. The thought is father to the reality. Besides which, it's no more far-fetched than a UFO invasion.

Anyway, it's a thought. And... that's all it takes.


Following on from your mention of the CDC thing, perhaps there is an actual 'zombie virus'? It's possible. And that would function brilliantly as a Bilderberger mechanism for population reduction.

A. Peasant said...

unfortunately, it does *not* seem far fetched. this has death cult written all over it. there has been a great deal of predictive programming via movies along the theme, thinking of that movie with Will Smith, is it I Am Legend? when he is the lone guy left in the city and all these zombie freaks come out at night, hard to kill, etc. this is the sort of terror that would stampede people into the arms of the pharma vaccines. definitely it has a lot of angles with the MK ultra sleepers, the social engineering, predictive programming, vaccine solution, etc.

A13 said...

Hi there Pez and folks :)
Weaponized Rabies!!!
The looming false flag apocalypse rapture thingy!! like blue beam.. and yes mr anonymous, just as doable and believable as a staged, faked UFO invasion..
I'm in the process of writing a post, in my long neglected blog on this stuff..
Excellent post peez about thaT TYLENOL SCARE..WE HAD SOMETHING SIMILAR HERE IN OZ way back, to do with a similar painkiller branded as Panadol.
"Today the pharmaceutical company is putting its 28 Panadol and Panadeine products back on the shelves after three months when it was threatened by an extortion.

The extortion attempt followed a similar threat against the other drug manufacturer, Herron, earlier this year."
from Here:http://www.abc.net.au/worldtoday/stories/s166881.htm

have to love ya and leave ya :)
I'll be around more ofter xx
Cheers A13

Anonymous said...

It's scary really. I spent some time doing some serious thinking. All these Zombie movies & games... as well as Alien movies & games...

Battle for LA/ Resident Evil/ Cowboys and Aliens/ The Crazies/ Quarantine/ The Avengers/ The Hills have eyes/ etc. Just think back, how many movies and games of these two genres have come out in just the past 10 years? Hell, even the past 5 years!

I agree with the posts above, the government is obviously preparing us for something, But which scenario are they planning on using? Fake Alien invasion or Spread of biological virus? Or perhaps both mixed into one. Back-engineered ET crafts swarming over large populations and spreading a disease.

That way they can kill 2 birds with 1 stone: Exterminate massive amounts of people with the help of civilians being forced to kill each other to protect themselves; all the while gathering together scared and fooled nationwide leaders from around the world to tell them it was the work of ET invaders, and then they'll have the support and funding they need to weaponize space.

As has already been stated in previous posts, we're already seeing crazy activity. A woman kills her kid and eats his brains; a homeless man goes Hannibal on some other homeless man chewing his face off, and now conveniently all of a sudden we get random public shootings every other week.

Indeed they're preparing us for something, and it seems obvious they're trying to take away our means of protecting ourselves from whatever they have planned.

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