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remote controlled fairy tale - UPDATED

UPDATE: 7/2/12 - See A13's latest post for more information
Conveniently caught on video, listen to the commentary. We found it very "helpful" in shaping the narrative. Nice front row seat. And officer, if you need the video he got it all. Also of note in China, a man attacks a woman and chews her face. Etc.

UPDATE: 6/28/12 - Toxicology tests are back. From our comment thread and the invaluable A13:

Bath salts not to blame for 'Miami zombie' attack.

Nope. We knew that. NOR do they have any other explanation. That means, dear readers, that there will be another incident. Because mind fucks like this take time to execute properly. Drip drip drip. They are not ready to announce the "real" fake problem yet. A pattern will need to be established first. The secret of the social engineers is to perpetuate the stress / relief cycle.

The working hypothesis here at TB and with A13 is that Rudy Eugene most definitely, and probably Poppo as well, were targeted individuals. Surveilled, known, no surprises. We don't think ANYTHING about this incident was random. We think it was all controlled using technology.

We know the technology exists to put voices in people's heads, and to control their emotional states, and it can all be done invisibly. A working hypothesis is that Eugene perhaps started hearing a voice the evening before. Perhaps, being a religious man, he heard what he thought was the voice of God, and that's why he told his girlfriend he was going to meet a "friend," but otherwise behaved strangely rummaging through the closet and leaving very early. Once out of the house, he could have been directed anywhere and his emotional state altered using the Pentagon's silent sound spread spectrum technology, patented for decades and no doubt beyond our imagining in 2012

Perhaps his behavior could have been switched to the emotional signature cluster of a rabid animal, say a monkey. Yes they have that ability also, to map complete emotional signature clusters on super computers and transmit them invisibly onto humans without their knowledge or consent. See the links in the post born and bred in the slave factory, linked below. Would *that* make more sense as an explanation than bath salts, which have been ruled out anyway (no surprise)? So far there is no explanation offered for Eugene's behavior. But there IS an explanation, because he did this crazy thing. So there is a reason why. You can believe whatever you want. Voodoo curse, whatever. We believe it is technology, and the entire incident was controlled. We believe these men were targeted for a period of years, perhaps many years.

We think an incident like this will happen again and at that juncture the authorities will need to look for *another* explanation, since it is not drugs, and obviously they are not going to say hey we have our guys with this really cool technology and they can beam voices and emotions at people and make them do crazy shit. They are not going to say that, ever, even though we know they have the technology to do it. So at some point we expect them to tell us that there is a horrible disease, a form of weaponized rabies or mutated chimera virus, some such thing, that causes this "zombie" problem. And then we expect them to talk about vaccines and to stampede people into an emotional panic. The goal is to get the population in fear and to keep them in fear, because when people are afraid of invisible germs they will turn to big pharma and the government for a solution; and that is exactly what the social engineers want, as they never stop trying to inject us with their garbage under any pretext available. And their flu psyops kind of bombed, so they have to up the ante.

Stay tuned....


Sorry people, we are reading along about Syria and other matters, but in terms of writing, we are still back in the zombie apocalypse. So we will put out what was in the pipeline, even if it is a little stale. But if the zombie apocalypse continues, we should consider by what methods humans are turned into zombies, which is the point of this post...

First off, see A13's excellent post and her comment thread. Building off her work and cutting to the chase, we approach this assuming  that certain events are orchestrated using methods like mind-control and electromagnetic manipulation of the human limbic system, covered here:

See: born and bred in the slave factory
"Probably many things that can be done chemically could also be done electrically. With the right electromagnetic field, for example, you might be able to produce the same effects as psychoactive drugs". SOURCE

Bath salts or other drugs are not really needed to control human behavior. The technology exists to do it by other means. The military has been conducting research for many decades....  secret technologies that control people's emotions through frequencies, the wet dream of the social engineers.
The latest development in the technology of induced fear and mind control is the cloning of the human EEG or brain waves of any targeted victim, or indeed groups. With the use of powerful computers, segments of human emotions which include anger, anxiety, sadness, fear, embarrassment, jealousy, resentment, shame, and terror, have been identified and isolated within the EEG signals as ‘emotion signature clusters.' Their relevant frequencies and amplitudes have been measured. Then the very frequency/amplitude cluster is synthesized and stored on another computer. Each one of these negative emotions is properly and separately tagged. They are then placed on the Silent Sound carrier frequencies and could silently trigger the occurrence of the same basic emotion in another human being. P. 205
Could an individual be targeted using electromagnetic frequencies to behave like a zombie, a cannibal, and the behavior blamed on a street drug? Could the person's behavior be totally controlled? We think yes.

"The zombie apocalypse is coming, and it will be holographic. Dr. Dre predicts more holograms like Tupac are coming, and the Jackson 5 hints at a holo-MJ." APRIL 19, 2012... before the zombie apocalypse started...

Manipulated. Predictable. Predicted. Controlled.

predictive programming
humans V humans who regrettably became zombies
"I Am Legend 2 with Will Smith is officially moving forward" 2/17/12

"I Am Legend is a 1954 horror fiction novel
 by American writer Richard Matheson. It was influential in the development of the zombie genre and in popularizing the concept of a 
worldwide apocalypse due to disease."
from wikipedia

In a post-apocalyptic 2012, U.S. Army virologist, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Neville is left as the last healthy human in New York City and possibly the entire world. A series of flashbacks and past and recorded news programs reveal that a genetically re-engineered virus created in 2009 as a cure for cancer mutated into a lethal airborne strain that spread worldwide and killed 5.4 billion people, 90% of humanity. Only 12 million possessed a natural immunity. The remaining 588 million degenerated into primal, aggressive beings referred to as "Darkseekers" (the DVD subtitles refer to them as hemocytes) who have a painful intolerance to UV radiation, forcing them to hide in buildings and other dark places during the day. The "Darkseekers" exhibit increased speed, agility, and strength. They also retain some problem-solving intelligence and the capacity to organize. The immune regular humans were hunted as prey from the infected, killed by other humans, or committed suicide. 


In Miami, Rudy Eugene, in an act completely at odds with his known personality, attacked and ate the face off of Ronald Poppo, a homeless man.

Let's assume Eugene was under the influence of technology, not bath salts, and see if that theory fits the facts on the ground.

1) Why did Eugene attack Poppo?

Poppo was a 1964 graduate of prestigious Stuyvesant High School. Stuyvesant is just a few blocks away from the WTC, which of course did not exist back then, although the plans went public in 1960 and construction began in 1966. School records report that Poppo had an IQ of 129.

Stuyvesant Alums Thwarted in Effort to Remember 9/11 at High School

The Class of 1964 — more than 700 students — had some of the city’s brightest boys. They include longtime WNBC sports anchor Len Berman, President Clinton’s adviser Dick Morris and numerous doctors, lawyers and professors. (source)
Poppo did not follow the path of success. No one seems to know why he became homeless, but just one month before the attack, he 'seemed so happy'.
 Strolling a parking lot behind the Watson Island attraction, near a boat ramp, Carlesi and a pal saw a homeless man with a beard—and a smile on his face. What struck Carlesi, who attends Santa Fe College, was the man’s expression. “Here’s this bum who has nothing and he seemed so happy,’’ he said....So he asked the “scruffy’’ man, as Carlesi described him, if he could take his picture. The man said yes, and struck a pose. Carlesi got close with his iPhone 4S, and clicked, shooting what was probably the last photo ever taken of Ronald Edward Poppo’s undamaged face. The extreme close-up shows deep creases between Poppo’s bushy eyebrows, folds under his dark eyes, and just the hint of a smile....“He was wearing a jacket and normal clothes, not too ripped up,’’ said Carlesi. “He didn’t seem like a crazy person. He didn’t smell bad.”  He thanked Poppo, who replied: “No problem, man,’’ and walked off.
What a coincidence. Here's the photo Carlesi took.

Again, "not much is known" about his past except that he has been homeless for decades, living mostly in Florida except for two years in New Orleans.
“The sad reality is there are many brilliant people who become schizophrenic and end up on the streets,” said a Stuyvesant classmate, Felix Freshwater, who became a pioneering plastic surgeon in Miami. Poppo used to sleep on a cardboard box across the street from the crime scene, often listening to a small radio, a homeless man named Andrew told the Daily News. “He didn’t mess with anyone, and he seemed like a very educated man,” Andrew said. “But I don’t know how he ended up out here with us.” (source)
He was known to frequent the area. Was he mentally ill, schizophrenic? We have not read much evidence of that. In fact, recent reports of his hospital demeanor indicate that he is not at all crazy. He is aware of the media coverage, is talking, walking, eating. He has not once complained of his pain. He doesn't want the teevee on except to watch basketball. He thinks logically. He is charming.

So perhaps we can dispense with the mental illness tag, as there is no evidence. Homelessness is not necessarily evidence of mental illness. Was Poppo in distress as a homeless person, looking to be rescued? There is no evidence of that. Perhaps he chose this lifestyle, strange as that may seem to most people.

His sister, Antionette Poppo, doesn't know what happened either. She thought he was long dead.

“I remember a very intelligent boy,” Antoinette told CBS4′s Gio Benitez. “He went to a private school, and I really don’t understand what happened.”...“I’m very upset,” Antoinette said while crying. “I’m just glad my mother isn’t here to see this.” [In the interview, she actually said that their mother always sent him to private schools.]

At nine years old, Poppo and his family were involved in a serious car accident in New York. A yearbook photo acquired by the Miami New Times showed Poppo went on to become a decorated student at one of New York’s most prestigious high schools, Stuyvesant High.
Then, the family lost touch with him and haven’t heard from Ronald in 30 years....
Beyond the stark facts of police reports and public records, all that’s really known about Poppo is that he drank and hung out under the bridge; and on Saturday, he was the central figure in the last minutes of Rudy Eugene’s life. CBS4 news partner the Miami Herald reported Poppo would stay just outside a public restroom on the north side of Jungle Island. It would take just minutes to walk to the very spot where he was attacked by the Causeway Cannibal Rudy Eugene.
A victim without ties, who perhaps we could say must be fiercely independent by nature? Someone not understood? Someone who lived a lifestyle completely free from worldly things?

Now Poppo lives in a hospital, without a face, completely dependent on medical authorities and the kindness of strangers donating money to help him. Now he is a human subject in the social engineering laboratory.

"It’s unclear what brought the two unlikely characters together on the MacArthur Causeway. Poppo was known for hanging out on and under the bridge there; Eugene liked to go to South Beach for Memorial Day Urban Beach Week." (source)

Miami Herald photo from the security camera

According to the narrative, he just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. But he was in a place he was known to frequent.

So, a random crime then? Are we sure?

2) Why did Eugene attack in front of the Miami Herald building?

The attack takes place in front of the Miami Herald building. That is quite a coincidence. A security camera on the building captures the attack, but from a sanitized distance.

Rudy Eugene was able to walk several miles to that spot, shedding his clothes along the way and throwing them into traffic, without being stopped.

Emergency callers reported seeing a naked Eugene swinging from a light pole minutes before the attack. (source)

According to Miami police, the first call of a disturbance came from a passing motorist who reported seeing Eugene stripping off his clothes and acting erratically. That call was routed to the Florida Highway Patrol — it’s unclear why and then transferred to the Miami police. Police have not disclosed the time of the first call.  (source)
Miami police have not released emergency services calls. The medical examiner declined to discuss Eugene's autopsy, and results of toxicology tests could take weeks.

Eugene left his girlfriend in Fort Lauderdale around 5 a.m. Saturday, then stopped at a friend's. He said he was on his way to Urban Beach Week, a series of outdoor concerts and parties on Miami Beach, according to his brother. No one knows what led to him walking naked on the causeway. "Where's the car, where are his clothes? We don't know where his stuff is," the brother said. "How did he get there naked in the middle of the daytime and nobody saw him?" (source)
But he was seen. So that's kind of strange. A bit of a mix-up there? What did they call all that sort of thing after 9/11, when people were testifying about departments not talking to each other, and people making mistakes, and stand-downs and so forth... ? Human error? Regrettable? Similarly here, people report Eugene stripping off his clothes and swinging naked from a light pole, and REGRETTABLY, the call is routed to the wrong department and the police don't tell us how many minutes before the attack this happened, but presumably, if they had responded to the call, the attack would have been prevented....? Ruining everything...?
A Road Ranger called to the scene also called 911 and used a loudspeaker to call for the naked attacker to cease. As the attack dragged on, two other motorists called police, as did another cyclist, Larry Vega, who later told reporters that Eugene “just stood, his head up like that, with pieces of flesh in his mouth. And he growled.”
At about 2:11 p.m. — 16 minutes after the attack began — a Miami police patrol car briefly turned up the causeway ramp, against traffic, before turning around, the video shows. (source)
MORE REGRETTABLES as the attack goes on and on, giving Eugene plenty of time to commit this gruesome act. If you watch the video, you can see that he had all the time in the world, in broad daylight, with many witnesses. We've read remarks about all the people who did nothing, but that seems unfair to the by-passers, many of whom reported the scene. PRESUMABLY people were waiting for the police, given the bloody and disturbing scene they witnessed. This was not running down a purse snatcher. What took the police so long to get there? Damn You Human Error.

And yet, luckily, it is all caught on the Miami Herald security camera.

3) Why did Eugene drag Poppo down the path?

He starts beating up Poppo who is under the bridge, in the shade. According to the narrative, Eugene is on bath salts which have made him violently crazy and really hot, which is allegedly why he stripped naked and attacked Poppo.

Here's a description of the video:

The footage shows Eugene walking naked on the sidewalk along the Biscayne Boulevard off-ramp of the causeway at around 1:55 p.m. Saturday when he paused in a shady spot under the Metromover Omni loop line. Eugene appeared to twirl as a bicyclist zoomed by. For about two minutes, Eugene bent over a second figure in the shade, though the images are obscured by a rustling palm frond. Eugene then rolled Poppo out onto the sunny sidewalk, stripping off his clothes while Poppo appeared to kick in resistance. Eugene later appeared to straddle Poppo and hunch over him for several minutes.
In the video, which you can see here, around 2:34 you can see Eugene roll Poppo onto the sidewalk, into the sun. You can see them both. He strips Poppo's pants off and appears to be attacking and eating him. Poppo struggles. Then, INEXPLICABLY, at 4:48 Eugene drags him about ten feet away, where they are partially obscured by the bridge except for their legs, and resumes attacking him, still in the sun.

Now, why would he do that? It is a completely fungible environment, a sidewalk / bike path, that -- at the street level -- is exactly the same ten feet down as the original spot where the attack started. The only possible difference in the spots on the path are sun and shade. If Eugene is allegedly high on bath salts and so hot that he has to strip off his clothes, why wouldn't he drag Poppo into the shade, rather than further down the sidewalk in the sun? Not that we can understand anything he did, but to us, this in particular makes no sense.

From the camera perspective, that ten feet makes a big difference. But from the ground, it makes no difference. 

However, it *does* allow for a relatively sanitized image of the crime scene to be published widely...

An iconic image:

4) Why does Eugene's girlfriend need Gloria Allred as her lawyer?

Why does she need a lawyer at all? She didn't do anything wrong. And why a celebrity lawyer?

Is it because she has made conflicting statements of when he began acting strangely and left? Or is that just sloppy reporting about her statements, of which this story is loaded? Or is Allred just being a media whore?

She is being advised to speak out against cannibalism by her counselor. Who is her counselor? Well that counselor just so happens to be celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred. Allred said, “Yovonka and I are very concerned about the issue of cannibalism and the number of cases that are being reported.”  “We are hopeful that … Yovonka can help the public understand the dire consequences of cannibalism for its victims.”
Allred also said, “Jokes are being made about this issue on late-night television.” She went on to say “Cannibalism is a serious issue and is very dangerous to the health and well-being of both the cannibal and the victim.”

Is this lady for real? We are afraid so. Jokes are being made indeed.

Police have just begun to piece together Eugene's actions in the hours before the attack.
It appears Eugene had been in Miami Beach — in full party mode for Urban Beach Week over the Memorial Day Weekend — shortly before the attack. Eugene's car, a purple 1995 Chevrolet Caprice, was towed for being parked illegally at 1100 10th St.
The night before, Eugene had been with his girlfriend in Miami Gardens. She reported that he was acting strangely before leaving in his car. According to police, Eugene later called her to say that his car broke down. (source)

Acting strangely the night before....? Was he on the bath salts then, or just hearing voices? Did he leave in the morning as reported elsewhere, after kissing her goodbye, and *then* take the bath salts? Did he meet his unnamed mysterious friend?
Eugene’s girlfriend has her own theory on what happened that day. She believes Eugene was drugged unknowingly. The only other explanation, she said, was supernatural — that someone put a Vodou curse on him. The girlfriend, who unlike Eugene is not Haitian, said she has never believed in Vodou, until now. “I don’t know how else to explain this,” she said. (source)

On the Saturday morning before he would make headlines for chewing off a man’s face –– before he would come to be known tragically as the “Miami Zombie”–– Rudy Eugene held his Bible and kissed his girlfriend goodbye. Eugene’s on-again, off-again girlfriend said he woke her up at 5:30 a.m. to say he was going to meet with a “homeboy.” She said she found it strange he was rummaging the closet so early in morning. He didn’t name the friend or say where he was going. He planted a kiss on her lips and said, “I love you.” Shortly after, he left the central Broward apartment he shared with her....She said Eugene never told her where he was going that morning, and she was surprised to hear reports that he’d been in South Beach in the hours before he attacked a homeless man, Ronald Poppo. As a matter of fact, she said, the previous day he told her he didn’t want to go to South Beach because of the heavy police presence for Urban Beach Week. Eugene, who had been arrested in the past for possession of marijuana, told her he didn’t want to get arrested. (source)

Who IS this mysterious homeboy friend that Eugene left to see on his way to the event he didn't want to attend???  Was his girlfriend the last known person to be in contact with him, or not? Odd that this enormous loose thread is not discussed.

He smoked marijuana, that's it. He read the bible. He was a sweet person. But he did have that one other violent episode at home with his mother, when he threatened to kill her, which was also completely out of character. Dry run?

Eugene was known to the North Miami Police Department cops as the first person they ever Tasered. That incident occurred in 2008, when cops took him in for beating and threatening to kill his mother. Police told WPLG-TV in Miami they had to Taser him three times to subdue him. "He wasn't cooperative, wouldn't follow orders, very belligerent," Detective Mike Pons remembered. "He had that thousand-yard stare, staring right into you, not assessing or understanding what the commands were." Eugene was found guilty, but the court suspended his sentence saying he was “not likely to engage in” in any further criminal conduct. (source: NY DAILY NEWS)

Wow what a coincidence.

“I don’t know what they injected in him to turn him into the person who did what he did,” [his mother] said, making the motion of someone putting a syringe into the crook of her arm. (source)
Perhaps "they" didn't inject anything into him. Perhaps "they" controlled him by other means. It is interesting that both his girlfriend and mother believe someone did something to him, drugged him or cursed him, to cause his bizarre behavior, because it was so completely out of character. Maybe it was the mysterious "zombie" friend he was mysteriously summoned to meet at 2 AM, or 5:30 AM... sometime after he started acting strangely in the evening but presumably before he allegedly took the bath salts...?

"Eugene’s last day started at 2 a.m. Saturday at his girlfriend’s house, where he suddenly took off after behaving oddly, rifling through both his clothes and hers, CBS Miami reported.
He told a friend he was going to Miami Beach to check out Urban Beach Weekend, a huge Memorial Day party drawing people from all over. Cops later found and towed his purple Chevy sedan, which was parked illegally. Eugene had apparently abandoned it because it didn’t start. He then appears to have started walking back across the 3-mile causeway to the mainland in the hot sun, shedding clothes as he went. Cops found his clothes and driver’s license strewn along the causeway like fairy-tale breadcrumbs. About 2 p.m., Eugene stopped right by the Miami Herald building, where a security camera caught him crouching over Poppo, who was reclining in the shade of an overpass. Brief clips of the security video had been released earlier. But the full video reveals just how long the grisly attack took, and how many people biked, drove or walked by without stopping. Details in the video are obscured by waving palm fronds and the overpass, but it shows a naked Eugene rolling Poppo’s body a few feet and then taking his pants off. He appears to punch and manhandle Poppo’s limp body for a few minutes, then drags it a few feet further — to a spot largely obscured from the camera.....“He was actually swallowing pieces of the man's face,” said Armando Aguilar, president of Miami's Fraternal Order of Police. [That turned out to be NOT TRUE. - ed.]" (source: NY DAILY NEWS)

Two AM, 5:30 AM... hey, what's the difference? He rummages through the closets, kisses his girl goodbye,  goes to meet a mysterious friend, somewhere along there his car breaks down, and next thing we know he's stripping off his clothes swinging naked from a lamppost and eating Poppo's face in front of the Miami Herald building, dragging his victim just out of reach of the cameras. Hey don't mind all the inconsistencies in the media presentation of this story. They do this over and over again. It's called "journalism."

So a likely story then? Random crazy shit can happen to anyone? Be afraid?

5. Bath salts, or what will those toxicology reports say?

We have to wait for the toxicology report, which can take weeks, during which time many other events will have taken place to distract everyone. By the time we hear the results, the whole thing may become a footnote, or perhaps the social engineers may open a new chapter in the narrative. For instance, if it wasn't bath salts but some strange new mutated chimera disease like rabies...? We'll see. But in the meantime, we looked at some reports of people who have taken the so-called bath salts, MDPV. You can read one account here: -- from a male who weighs 170 pounds, probably the equivalent size of Eugene.

At first he likes it, and so he does more. Two hours into the experience he describes being rather paralyzed.

2:30 smoke nicotine, at this point I really notice my movements becomming, weird, robotic like dxm, but also shaky and there is a difficulty getting myself to move, I feel frozen, similar to how you freeze when someone scares the shit out of you, but without the fear, I'm really good at ignoring paranoia, I can see just about any else having a total freakout running down the street naked by now, there is just such a weird manic tweakerness going on, this stuff was in control, not me, I could barely use my computer mouse to navigate at this point, took all the effort I had to ma
3:??am feeling increasing concerned about my muscle control, sitting in my chair unable to move, I feel like a deer caught in the headlights, realize I've been sitting staring at my computer screen doing nothing for about an hour, this is the void state of nothingness, the state between being high and coming down, extended forever, I sit like a zombie with weird thoughts running through my head, I know this is chemically induced and that I will eventually come down, but I can't help but worry that I might stay this way, stuck an insane weirdo who can do anything but stare with bug eyes in some toxic trance

And many hours later, in the afternoon:

1:30 whatever is in control of my mind and body at this point decides I will take a shower, I get in the shower and as soon and I start, the hot water runs out, well guess what . . stuck again, frozen, but now with cold running shower on me, I can't move no matter how hard I try, its like the harder I try to move, the more I just stand there and shake, the water is warm for a little bit until it runs out completely then just cold water, i manage to turn my back to it, I'm guessing that's because it was an involuntary muscle action, but nope no voluntary ones, not yet 

And so forth. In this case, at least, "zombie" means paralyzed. Not that we can make much of a judgment from one opinion, but after perusing several sites where people "review" the drug, in general people say the MDPV drug experience quickly passes from pleasant and alert to paranoid and incapacitated. It's a fine line easily crossed because the drug is pleasant at first, and then people decide to do a little more, and then the paranoid and incapacitated experience begins and is extremely unpleasant and debilitating for many hours.

So if Eugene took bath salts, how was he able to strip naked while walking several miles, swing from a lamppost, and then rip a struggling man's face off with his bare teeth? Was he pleasantly alert or paranoid and incapacitated when he did all that?


Our general impression is that Rudy Eugene was not on bath salts. No evidence has been presented that he was on bath salts. Furthermore, no mysterious "friend" has come forward who gave him the drug, or called him to meet, and no store owner has come forward saying they sold him bath salts, and he has no history of ever using anything other than marijuana, not even OTC drugs.

There are many striking coincidences about the event, and big loose threads left dangling.

So we expect there is some other explanation for why he became a zombie, a technology explanation, which of course will not be revealed. If the toxicology reports indicate an infectious disease that strikes fear into the populace, then we know the social engineers are getting serious about their zombie apocalypse.

As if we didn't know they were serious already.


kenny said…
A young guy I know told me the story of a friend of his who took the so called bath salts/plant food synthetic drugs for months spending thousands of dollars on them and he said he literally went crazy. Acting bizarre and talking out of his head but never violent. The boy's mother finally got him into a short term rehab and supposedly he is now OK.

From my experience over very many years and this is mostly in hindsight, the majority who lost it on drugs and died were a little off or odd to begin with. Teetering on the fence and the drugs knocked them over the side.

So I guess it is possible if Eugene was taking the drugs he could have really flipped.

Here's a sort of related article with some points of interest.
Jody Paulson said…
Good to hear from you again, Pez!

I'm always interested to hear about this subject because I'm absolutely convinced that I am/was an experimental subject for the kind of abuse detailed in Kenny's last post. I think that's one of the reasons Gitmo is still open for business ... they are actually harvesting sensations and emotions from people's brainwaves, recording brain reactions so they can use this data to mimic that sensation in other people. Which is why none of those guys can ever be released. Did you ever see that movie "Brainstorm" with Natalie Wood? I think it works like that. There have been times when I've been just lying in my bed and I'll suddenly get the sensation of being bound, it's like you can actually feel the physical restraints. And then you can feel some pretty sick stuff being done to you.

I can very much relate to Poppo's story. I'm still pretty much homeless (I live in a motel) and have been for over 10 years. This despite the fact that my IQ is actually higher than Poppo's and I *had* been a perfect student in the graduate program at the University of Idaho when I started getting pretty vocal about the 9-11 incident, among other things. Though I've always been surrounded, it seems, by lots of Military intelligence, multiple personality, CIA kind of people ...
A. Peasant said…
hi Kenny, thanks for your comment and the link. the link has a lot of great information about the reality of mind control technologies and their long provenance as black ops. the drug explanation offered sounds plausible and that's why they offer it, knowing that most people will accept it without a second glance. when they come out with the "real" reason, it will be another lie. but it will seem true because it's different and worse than the original lie.

hi Jodi. i'm sorry you have to go through so much. i never saw that movie with Natalie Wood so i'm not sure about the methods you describe, but, i am pretty damn certain that all this stuff exists and is deployed on a wide scale, much more than most people would imagine. i've had my own share of weird things happen over the years especially since blogging, and in particular after blogging about military technology. sometimes i wonder if a solar flare or something took down the grid, if people would suddenly notice the absence of electromagnetic manipulation.
Anonymous said…
This explains a lot. Very good.

- Aangirfan
Anonymous said…
Hi there Peasant, nice to see you're still among us :-)

What happened to that poor Poppo guy is shocking. Is there a way to send him greeting cards or anything to cheer him up?

As follow-up to the Jody Paulson comment above: I've been almost unable to get work over the last 10 years or so. Two weeks ago somebody told me that I'd not get a job for which I had applied because of my "political views" and the company in question did buisness with israel and didn't want to risk it. The person who told me was given that information by the company HR who said specifically that the info was not for me to know.

That let me suspect that perhaps some of the hndreds of applications before may have been silently turned down for the same reasons. I don't live in the USA BTW.

My political activity in public is reduced to having a pretty much anti-israel website - where I never write - registered under my name since about 6 years. There is almost nothing else to be known about me on the internet - I always post anon. Prior to that I had said in private that 9/11 is plausibly an israel/spook false-flag.
aferrismoon said…
The photo of Poppo - why did he choose black and white?

Foto , well composed, good contrast, iconic feel to it.

Perhaps more preparation went into it than just a quick click.

Oh! - he appears to be a pro-photographer:

Felix Freshwater seems to exist though does seem quite a coincidence that this former classmate is a plastic surgeon.

"That is the Poppo — approachable and likable — remembered by David Ehrenstein.

Ehrenstein, a film critic and journalist whose latest book, Masters of Cinema: Roman Polanski, is due in September, says they were classmates at Flushing Christian Day School in Queens, N.Y.."

Never miss a chance to market one's products off the back of a tragedy.

In 1964 Polanski wrote the screenplay for 'Do You Like Women'/ 'Aimez Vous Les Femmes' about a sect of cannibals.

Poppo was in the class of 1964.

Anyhow a photographer gets to market his photo,
A plastic surgeon his practice,
and an author his upcoming Polanski book.

A. Peasant said…
A13, I somehow managed to lose your comment trying to publish it from the iPad. I can't seem to get it back either. I'm sorry and if you would try again I would be most grateful. !! Wah doh.
A. Peasant said…
Hello anon. Well that is the sort of thing that I would expect. I personally did not think I would ever get a job after my blogging. But I did and I was lucky, so don't give up.

There is a problem, several, in that the hr rep was talking about your confidential info to another but not to you? Not professional. And Why wouldn't you be entitled to know the real reason? Perhaps because it's so indicative of Israel's outrageous behavior? Isn't it funny how Israel causes people to feel they have to sneak around all the time? Or else. Basically it's constant bullying.

You could very well be blackballed by the information you are linked to on the web, particularly if you are trying to get work in a corporate environment. I would assume corps have access to a lot of detail perhaps from fusion centers, etc for their background checks.

As for anonymous commenting... My feeling is that we have no anonynimity from the govt. it is a false security to comment anonymously, in my opinion. If the govt knows who you are anyway and shares that info with your potential employers, then what have you gained? You have only remained anonymous from people who can't hurt you, so I feel it is pointless. But I understand the drive for self preservation. I just think the social engineers are several steps ahead and when you want to remain anonymous they know you are afraid.
A. Peasant said…
Hi ferris. Yes I thought the whole photo incident was quite a coincidence. And the gentleman took it with his iPhone.

The powerful class of 64... Look what happens to people who go off the reservation.

A. Peasant said…
A13 has left a new comment on your post "remote controlled fairy tale":

HI Pez :)
Thanks for the link over..
It is a very interesting subject and to be honest, i'm in two minds about it all..
Maybe it's a complete fabrication..a story, run to [promote an agenda, to create fear and panic..and push a certain line of thought and "what if's"...but, on the other hand, like what i blogged about and wither the "delivery" of the "altered state" (remember that movie) is brought about from chemical/ electronic/ organic/bio means is the test run/ reason that this happened..
I also wondered WHY did he take off poppos pants?? was there a hyper sexual element to this condition..Some "conditions" provoke hyper sexuality..and i think that twinned with hyper agression it would be very logical.
I will be doing more research into this phenomena as it is intreaging.
Great post BTW :)
Cheers A13 wah doh.

Aha I copied it out of the email, phew!
bholanath said…
Thank you, AP, for this valuable research, despite it being such an horrific subject. I blogged recently about the 'authorities' lack of action on the Montreal cannibal despite private citizens' repeated warnings and evidence. But, obviously, the more pertinent information will only be uncovered by researchers such as yourself and others here. It's like the intraspecies predators' agenda is to thoroughly degrade humanity and shut down all but the reptile brain through chemicals and technology for fear-creating purposes, maybe effect the self-extinction program, but I don't think it will succeed. They always underestimate the resilience of the true humans and our deeper connections to that which is greater than the self-obsessed illusions in which the predators are imprisoned.
Thank you again, and may you stay strong and persevere.

Damn! I'm also 'class of 64'....
A. Peasant said…
Hi A13. I think your post directs to the rabies correctly. My suss is they will find a scarier explanation for all the zombie behavior, a disease explanation that will strike great fear into the population. A vaccine will be offered. The street drugs is a red herring. It has to be something more random and invisible to terrify people and rush them to the arms of big pharma. A disease like mutated rabies would do that.

Astor the sexual nature, the nudity, I think it just makes the whole thing more lurid, no other reason. Of course this all presumes the events were directed and controlled via the ssss technology. I think it is at least as good an explanation as the ones offered in the media which we know to discard as useless and misleading. The big mental jump is to realize that the technology exists.
A. Peasant said…
Hi bho, I guess you are one of the ones who got away!! A great rarity. Not only are you not on their reservation, but you have a fulfilling life.
I saw your post on the stellar police work and thank you for the mention. I totally agree that they cannot succeed in the end, but they sure are making a mess of the joint in their nonstop efforts.

James and I were discussing the wetiko idea very recently and I couldn't think of the term but knew you had written about it several times. I have to refresh my memory but from what I recall it is an excellent description of our problem.
Anonymous said…
Hey AP,

Thanks for this. I like the first part particularly. Actually I'm thinking you should have ended with it. But never mind, that's just me being pedantic. Otherwise I think we've got a long way to go in terms of what's possible / what the death cult has been up to, in terms of electro-magnetic whatever. Bowart's Operation Mind Control gave us a good idea about drugs but for the electro-magnetic aspect there's no equivalent 'go-to', if you know what I mean. Or is there? I guess I'll go follow your links.

Anyway, good to see you up and at 'em.
A. Peasant said…
Ha well that could be I should have stopped before I started. I am out of practice. Oh well. Are you writing anywhere yet matey?
No Easy Answers said…
A. Peasant said…
Is he trying to flush himself head first? .?..

Crazy psathetic.
questioning said…
Good to have you back AP Ma'am (hat tip). yes, this and the other cases of cannibalism as well as pretty much all the serial killers seem to have elements of "demonic" EM mind-fuckery. and like Jodi, I sleep badly, I'll get a "Jolt" of the most inappropriate random crap just as I am about to lull into REM. Sick of that BS. Dave McGowan's series of articles is enlightening, as is Adam Austen's observation the majority of serial killers are either Jewish or derived from jewish stock. as the Dog Poet says...."Out Demons Out!"
A. Peasant said…
hey questioning, good to see you too! i have been wondering about the 2% and really wondering what is the true percentage, at least here in the states, in New England for instance. it seems to me that it can't be so low, just judging from my own observations. and thinking over the implications of that, and the benefits of keeping that number artificially low when in fact it is a much bigger number.....?
A. Peasant said…
... if it is a bigger number? but not knowing how to go about proving such a thing. however, something is definitely wrong with the whole picture.
Anonymous said…
Free advertising on CNN!
CNN: Designer Drug Maybe Turning People Into Zombies! We Could Purchase This Off The Internet!

Love the bylines
"Bath Salts *still* available on the Internet!"
"Bath Salts Grab National Headlines!"

Obviously, something MUST be done.
questioning said…
absolutely agreed. It CAN'T be that low. 15-30 million Chosenites out of a Population of what, 7 billion? If the numbers are that low, it means that literally half the Jewish population worldwide at least is in academics, media, politics, pharmaceuticals, medical, legal and yes, food corps and banking. Far, FAR out of proportion to their numbers. There are some 40+ Jewish Congresscritters, not to mention at least four, possibly more Chosenites on the SCOTUS. The list simply goes on and on. White supremacist groups? Jew-lead totally. all the "secret societies" I mean, C'mon!!!!

Totally off topic, or not....Ohio Newspapers have been waxing rhetoric about all the "new laws" that gonna protect human trafficking victims. somehow....I'm not feeling it. smells wrong to me as I look at it.
A. Peasant said…
swits, for various reasons, mainly that i am limping along with a laptop running on safe mode, i can't watch the video. but, the comments are funny. gotta love CNN. you know they're serious when they send Josh Levs out with his graphics and starts talking to everyone like second graders.

questioning, you make great points. i know that les vis has mentioned this fuzzy maths problem but i'm not aware of anyone who has tried to quantify that it must be total crap. i got really suspicious of the 'only 2% but wielding too much influence' narrative when i saw it on CNN, like as a "criticism". then i knew it had to be bullshit.

i saw the Ohio news on trafficking. i guess they want to know where the holes are in their trafficking rings, find out who knows what, shake a few low level people out of the bushes and make a big show of throwing the book at them. progress.
questioning said…
Yes....look this link up

Look up the long-winded comment from
davidking50. For some fuckin' reason, my heart isn't exactly bleeding.....Perhaps it's the verified actions of this Tribe of degenerates since Cochin, China 4000 years ago. "Pagan" Christian, Muslim, whatever, time after time people have this sudden urge to kick the po' wittle heebies out. but not any of the other minority faiths or ethnic groups in anywhere NEAR those number of times and places. Now why is that?!?!

As for the Ohio trafficking, you helped me congeal my thoughts there.
A. Peasant said…
wow, the mastery of spin and such pride in that poster and the comments. good of them to "let" the muslims live anywhere... ? such generosity... ? such humility... ? such.. tone deafness... ??
questioning said…
Precisely summed up. thank you. apologies for that off topic (or is it?). There isn't a huge stretch from this attitude and the dispassionate attitude that is shown in mind-fucking and raping the human race as a whole for whatever bizarre georgia guidestone reasoning they have.
A. Peasant said…
No apology needed. You are precisely on topic and even if you weren't, you are always thoughtful and appreciated. As the saying goes, attitude is everything. It's all so simple. The belief in superiority is where it all grows wrong.

Micah 6:8, a favorite from my religious days.
Anonymous said… there is a government agency spending money and pretending zombies actually exist.

A. Peasant said…
I see they have made the leap from zombies calypso to pandemic. It is assumed that those two things are connected. I guess we don't have to worry about the bath salts. Red herring.
Anonymous said…
A. Peasant said…
Hmm indeed. Very odd how lugo is just going along with this, smiling. All the other leftist leaders making a big stink about it, for show. This could tee up the expected crisis in the tri border area.
bholanath said…
Did you see Sandusky work release program (grin)?
A. Peasant said…
Good one. Did you see the pedophile troll in the comments whining aboutforgiveness? Anonymous of course, because only another pedophile would be thinking about it that way.
kenny said…
I ran across this book on various forms of mind control and if you haven't seen it I thought it may be of some interest.

Maybe a few grains of salt with some of it.


by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler
Anonymous said…
Could be he was listening to Alice Cooper's "I'll bite your face off" to much. Burn them demon records again!
A13 said…
Hi AP and all..
Apologies for not getting back here sooner, but my pc crashed (again)and have had to hook up old Hal here, in desperation.
I've got a bee in my bonnet about all this..the zombie thing..
I'm not sure if the "bath salts" "synthetic drug" stuff is a red herring..I remember that in the past CIA mind control experiments have involved LSD as well as electro-shock treatment. sooo what i'm saying is..maybe they are using the "bath salts/synthetics as a combination/trigger/accelerant to the DEWS/EM weapons??? to trigger off the desired frequency inside the Targeted persons brain to alter consciousness, mood, thought and therefore actions?? this is bugging there is knowledge of a world wide targeting/experimentation of people..why wouldn't drug users be a huge part of this>>
I'm in the process of tying this stuff together in my next post which is a work in progress at the moment and when you get into the world of DEWS, surveillance and human's deep territory, and a mind fuck..the whole extraterrestrial worm world of AI and it's psychological/ military/ and scientific dictatorship/ technocracy/ psychopathy involved is satggering and i must say makes one a tad noid ;)
I'll be referring to your post here if you don't mind..but IMO there is a plauseable and doable link between these events, mediums and motives..they do have the means...and the materiel all in place..
Cheers A13
Anonymous said…
Thanks Kenny.
A. Peasant said…
hi all. my apologies for being absent. thank you also Kenny for the link and i will check it out. the other day i was reading and following some links Aan had about mind control and the 'space kids' program and some other creep named Puharich and his involvement in all this sort of experimentation.

A13 yes of course, i agree there is a connection and it would be used as it has in the past, with the drug users as guinea pigs. so no worries there. in this particular zombie case with Eugene, i just didn't see much evidence that he would have used the bath salts. but that didn't stop the media from talking about bath salts in this general sense as being a threat and the cause of zombie behavior. in that sense i think it is a red herring. not to say that drug use is not part of the experimentation as obviously it has played a huge role. just to say that in Eugene's case, he had no history of doing anything other than smoking weed, and based on other reports of bath salts users, his behavior doesn't really fit. and yet i would be virtually certain that when they mapped out the various human emotions on their supercomputers for installation via electromagnetic technology, they most certainly have all sorts of data from people high on drugs. and therefore, theoretically, they could take the drug experience of one person and inflict it on another person via technology. i don't think i concluded my post that strongly but this is the actual conclusion, ha, so there you go.

furthermore, and this is even creepier, they could have mapped emotional signatures from ANIMALS into their supercomputers and inflict them on humans. and that would be a possible explanation for his behavior as well. point being it could be any time of secret experimentation that is totally outside the person's control, and not caused by the person's drug use. but anyone with a history of drug use, even as limited as Eugene, provides a subject with built-in plausible deniability -- ie: the crazy behavior can be blamed on the drug use. in that sense, total red herring, false flag sort of thing.
Anonymous said…
Exactly. Bath salts = fulvous clupea harengus.

Please, please, please AP, look into the electromagnetic thing, the emotional mapping, all that. You da chick!
A13 said…
Yes..bath salts is bullshit and a RH..but there is one common..and that is that these people were either known to the "authorities" or were considered drug users.. so they had prior "form" as it were..they could well have been under constant surveillance, including mapping and intense profiling..and then used as experiments, and a means to an ends to achieve the desired Psyop/ fear factor/ i've could be weaponised rabies or a mutation of..what i'm now interested in is the mass surveillance, profiling and tracking of these they are not a "random"..
the thought of the human animal crossover is therefore also very doable imo..maybe with a crazy the one that bit the face off that lady a few years back>>>wtfk??
Cheers A13
A13 said…
Yes..bath salts is bullshit and a RH..but there is one common..and that is that these people were either known to the "authorities" or were considered drug users.. so they had prior "form" as it were..they could well have been under constant surveillance, including mapping and intense profiling..and then used as experiments, and a means to an ends to achieve the desired Psyop/ fear factor/ i've could be weaponised rabies or a mutation of..what i'm now interested in is the mass surveillance, profiling and tracking of these they are not a "random"..
the thought of the human animal crossover is therefore also very doable imo..maybe with a crazy the one that bit the face off that lady a few years back>>>wtfk??
Cheers A13
Penny said…

saw your comment at my place, I feel like I can barely get away from my blog, other then to do my day to day stuff

Puharich. This is a name I know.
Tied everyway to the CIA and all manner of brain experimentation including remote viewing and project stargate

First read about him and the Nine in the Peter Levenda Trilogy.

In Levenda's trilogy he writes of experimentation with children

Whitley Streiber, does that ring a bell??? If that is the right name you should be able to make a connection easily

Andrija Puharich & The Nine

Some background that jibes with what I am aware of at the above link.

Oh and here
A. Peasant said…
anon, i would like to do that. it is really the topic that has grabbed my attention lately. we'll see how things go with family vacation ahead and a limping laptop, so please be patient...

A13, totally agreed that this guy Eugene was probably under constant surveillance. the fact that he was the first taser victim and was "unreachable" during that incident with his mother is highly suss. i doubt they would try something so highly visible and important to the zombie meme on an untested subject. thus i agree that he must have been under surveillance at the very least.

there is a lot written on the stalking dimension of the problem, and i have come across some of it lately also. i will ping you links as i rustle them up. also re the weaponized rabies, i think that is spot on. what if they had the emotional signature clusters from rabid animals? i don't see anything that would prevent them from getting such a thing and inflicting it on humans, because after all they have the technology. that much we know. the only thing that would prevent them doing it is ethics, of which they have none. i mean that actually *is* weaponized rabies, in a sense. it's rabies on an electromagnetic signal. if beamed at a human, that's weaponized rabies. and it all can be blamed on a chimera virus or drugs or whatever, and no one would ever be the wiser. they would rush to get their vaccines in terror of contracting the "disease." if giving people the vaccines is the ultimate goal, these memes are a means to the end.

hi Pen,
thanks for popping over. thank you for the links and tips. i will definitely check it all out. keep up all the great work on Syria. you've been outstanding.
A13 said…
Poor Rudy..and poor poppo(he's prolly a TI as well)

toxicology is back from the lab..

the set frequency to a "monkey" or primate form of rabies which occurs naturally in monkeys and dogs..

A synthetic electronic form of the condition perhaps....deliverable by various DEW and ssss technologies in unison..that is my thought. get into correhent form including the world wide phenomena of targeted individuals, and the ginomous satanic psyop that it is..
There are no governments ..only the MIL IND complex, and the big money banking mafia..WE are the enemy and we are being mocked by the whole zombie "meme" (as "they" think we all are already..fuckers they are.
Brain feeling fried today so not sure if i'll get my post up before the if anyone has any ideas or xtra links let me know..
This is the main silent arsenal we are being attacked with. Most of the human, empath population.
Cheers A13
A. Peasant said…
aha! exactly A13. i will update this post and hope you can get something written soon to follow up.
bholanath said…
Waco, TX man on K-2 ""synthetic marijuana""[NOT] kills and eats dog, growling, etc etc.
Side-effect: fear-creating bonus - Lassie could be attacked by potheads...WIN WIN.
AP and A13, your research is fantastic, very important background.
Are true humans approaching being outnumbered, as R. Sauder wonders?
Anonymous said…
Thanks AP, excellent. I'm off to follow links.

Hmm... have to pop in and say hi to A13 as well.
questioning said…
damn, I am massive fail, two people today I tried to open minds up, on e on LIBOR, the other here and I get the goddamned three monkey treatment.

I need to pray to the Elder Gods to wipe all us humans off, the awake and sheeple. My GOD!!!! Our Species has become such HOSTS for all manner of parasites and predators. WELCOMING prey/hosts at that. I will be a "eunuch born of mother's womb" and fuck randomly. Love is impossible for me. Thank Whatever Benign Deity for not making me a Breeder. Sekhmat!Kali! Wipe the herd away and return us to Honorable, Noble, Predators. Give us the ability to devour Evil Alive!
A. Peasant said…
Now now, don't go off the rails on us q. It is a waste of time to try to explain things to people unfortunately. They have to come to the realization on their own and sometimes they do but many many never do, and that is their choice. Try not to let it get to you.
questioning said…
well, this is why texting while drunk and depressed is never a good idea. I apologize AP Ma'am. I just went back over that comment of mine and it is cringe-inducing, again apologies. I am embarrassed and ashamed of myself for that outburst.

well, I haven't been all morose in my cups. here is a new twist to the Dealey Plaza events. reminds me of that Ed chiaraini guy who claims lots of high-profile people are characters played by actors. the one of JFK and Jackie with Jimmy Carter and Rosalyn did give me pause. No idea what to make of that. but WOULD make sense if the high profile guys 'round the world are played by actors within the elite families. that's a new bit of mindfuckery to me
A. Peasant said…
haha no worries q. i been there myself. i will check out your link in the morning just wanted to say no worries in case you check back sooner...
questioning said…
take your time and as for Prince Bandar Bush....where do I apply the glycerin tears? outside or inside edge of the eye for better realism?

as for that alfre dude being cointelpro, I knew about that as well. it's just when i read that article, it struck a gong off inside me, there is something to it that intuitively makes sense.
A. Peasant said…
ok i looked that dealey plaza thing over. imo the evidence is most compelling that jackie did it. it was a psyop but they definitely killed him. the psyop is that she did it herself and of course remained above suspicion all this time, the beautiful grieving widow. whether she was mind controlled or did it willingly, that i don't know.

the guy who has all these photos of people staging contemporary events is very compelling also, but i don't think it is related to the jfk stuff. just my 2c.
A. Peasant said…
also the trouble is that he pushes gold, and i think that is a red flag.

ok as for the top secret time travel link... ? as i stated before in the "alien fail" post, i do believe in an enormous technology gap, but these explanations offered are narratives, all this stuff about the grays and so forth. i mean she just goes on and on and on with unsubstantiated claims.

there is a simpler explanation for the technology gap -- the intentional suppression of technology. did you see this documentary? it's excellent.

so yeah, is there some crazy technology maybe 500 years advanced being held in secret? yes i would tend to believe that. did it come from time travel and aliens? no i don't think so. if they could make a lightbulb 100 years ago with a filament that is still burning (see the documentary), and the CABAL she speaks of purposely withheld the technology, which they did, and reset expectations lower, and enforced those strictly, and stole Tesla's ideas, etc.... well, that is just the beginning of how many ways we have been fucked over with technology and with our wallets. generation after generation. *that's* why your life may not be all that it could be, and mine too. countless people have been hobbled and worse, killed, by this criminal cabal. it did not require aliens and time travel to fuck everything up. it was just the rotten scumbags who have always been interested in creating this gap so they can play god.

and granted they may have some really interesting abilities with the technology by now, which they would definitely hold in secret in hopes of pulling off a bluebeam psyop, but i don't think they can control the fourth dimension, time. if they could, all their other psyops would be so much easier to control, but clearly they have problems with time just like everyone else. they are not God. they are deluded.