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Fred's brother

We want to quickly revisit the Poppo / Eugene narrative to note a bit of "progression" in the story.

You may recall that one of the holes in the narrative was the mysterious friend that Eugene went to meet just before he magically turned into a cannibal zombie...?

"Eugene’s on-again, off-again girlfriend said he woke her up at 5:30 a.m. to say he was going to meet with a “homeboy.” She said she found it strange he was rummaging the closet so early in morning. He didn’t name the friend or say where he was going."

The friend is mentioned in many stories but not named. Just glossed right over.

Well, now we know, well, sort of. We know his BROTHER, Fred.

Also, they tell us the crime may not have been random, that Eugene "KNEW" his victim, according to Fred, who remembers. They met Poppo once before. It was random *that* time, but probably not *this* time. That seems to be the suggestion.

"Rudy Eugene, 31, who was killed by police during the gruesome mauling, randomly encountered Ronald Poppo while doing community work handing out meals to the homeless a few years ago, a friend of Eugene’s told The Miami Herald.
“Poppo seemed like a nice and kind man,” said Fredric Christian, 34, who claimed to have been with Eugene at the time. “I remember when we gave him food.”
There were also reports of ripped Bible verses found near Eugene’s lifeless body. It's not unheard of for religious delusions to play a part in schizophrenic behavior, said forensic psychologist Dr. Wade Silverman."

Christian said, "I remember when we gave him food." Hahaha, Matthew 25:35? Teachings of Jesus Christ?  For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in,.... DO THESE CLOWNS LIKE TO LAY IT ON THICK, OR WHAT?

And sudden new details! Ripped pages out of Eugene's bible, at the scene of the crime, just steps away?? So strange that we didn't hear or read a peep about this way back when it happened. We wonder where was his secret pocket that he kept his bible while he was stripped naked and swinging from the lamppost? Or did he put it down, swing from the lamppost, and then pick it up again before traveling on? That would be really weird, huh?

Anyway, the friend, Fred, told all this to the Miami Herald, which is of course the "news" organization that filmed the entire incident from the rooftop security camera, so you can trust them. And everyone else is just piggybacking off that Miami Herald story and running this "news" and getting this religious delusion whack-job angle out there. You know, Eugene met this homeless guy Poppo years ago at a shelter, gave him food, and he recognized his face while in the midst of his religious delusion cannibal zombie bath salts state of insanity, and that's why he must have stared at him so hard while crouching over him, before ripping his face apart with his teeth....? He was RECOGNIZING him, see? Remembering when he gave him food. And something snapped inside his religiously deluded head? And not sure when he ripped the bible up but we don't recall seeing any of that on the video. But the pages were reportedly nearby so it must have happened. Anyway, the narrative suggestion being that it is no longer a "random" crime but now a religious delusion type of crime. CHECK. That all hangs together for you right? It has all been "revealed." He must have been possessed.

REVEALED: Miami cannibal Rudy Eugene had met his victim before horrifying attack

Here's the Miami Herald story, the source for all this echo chamber revelation.

"The brutal details of his attack on a homeless man, the roaring headlines, the whispers of Vodou or demonic possession, all conspired against Charles, who simply wanted to bury her son with a proper church service and then return to a quiet, anonymous life with a fiancé and two younger sons. The first church said no, followed by the second. The third said yes then backed out. Same for the fourth church."

Poor lady couldn't get the churches to bury her son. That's so... Christian.... of them? They seem rather superstitious over a dead man's body. And not very Christian to deprive his mother of the comfort of a Christian burial.

"As friends and family try to piece together Eugene’s final hours, a few of the gaps have been filled in. The evening before the attack, Christian, Eugene’s longtime friend, said a troubled Eugene came over to visit Christian’s brother.
“My brother said Rudy didn’t look right,’’ Christian said. “[Eugene] said he needed to talk to [my brother] about something but never got a chance to say what it was.”
The next morning, Cross said, Eugene was up about 5 a.m. scouring their closet for something, leaving heaps of clothing strewn across the room. He kissed Cross on the lips and walked out the door carrying his King James Bible and a brown book he used to jot down scriptures."

Just noting more inconsistencies for the record. This guy Fredric Christian, Eugene's long time friend, was not actually the "friend" that Eugene went to see, no that was his brother. Eugene came to see his longtime friend's (Fred's) brother. Check. No name for this guy, Fred's brother. IT'S NOT IMPORTANT. Nor are any other details, seemingly. The story just morphs and changes from "new" outlet to "news" outlet, with all sorts of screwy things thrown in there, just appearing willy nilly like ripped out bible pages floating around all of a sudden, weeks later, so you don't really know. The more confusing details the better.

But, obviously, Fred Christian is now an important witness to these new developments in the narrative, so we should make sure he has credibility before we start pumping this narrative around, right? We are taking his word for it that Eugene met Poppo before and that Eugene met with Fred's brother just before having his religious delusion cannibal zombie attack?



questioning said…
agreed on the clown part....
aferrismoon said…
A Minister of the Knesset [ MK-Ultra ] got sent a New Testament and had himself filmed ripping all the pages out etc.

In the Aurora shootings its reported a 6 year old was killed , and a 1 year old also attended the midnight showing.

The film is a PG13. Is it usual for cinema-staff to waive the rules?

Talking of 'pages' , the book That Holmes allegedly sent to the psychiatrist, which one can't read about as its patient confidentiality] was a late entry in the story.

Perhaps its an idea to keep a note of journalists who write this and see how often they recur.

Wow! Those Christians are so crazeee!

Bible + the name Christian, double layering.

A. Peasant said…
Hi ferris,

I had not heard that one about the Knesset tool ripping up the NT. nice. Can we do that to the Talmud?

I also noticed this layering in the Eugene case:

"The next morning, Cross said, Eugene was up about 5 a.m. scouring their closet for something, leaving heaps of clothing strewn across the room. He kissed Cross on the lips and walked out the door carrying his King James Bible and a brown book he used to jot down scriptures.""

He kissed Cross n the lips! Kind of cool that his girlfriend has a last name like that. Being a formerly good catholic girl we recall venerating the cross on good Friday, which involves kisses for many people. Lots of leyering or do I mean layering indeed.

I was also wondering about the children at the midnight showing. Why is seeing a movie at midnight so important? Midnight mass?

I read a story about it today, here:
" #2 gets out of the white Hyundai, leaves the semi-conscious James Holmes (locked?) inside the car, then opens up the hatchback and arms himself with guns and amo. He straps on his gas mask, carries his weapons and gas cans into the theater through the exit door twenty minutes after the movie starts. Using the tactical manoevers of a trained commando, he throws a gas canister into the crowd and shoots one shot into the air. The shot scares people out of their seats making them easy targets."

The single shot scares people, making them jump up. Easy targets. Fight or flight? Woman and children more inclined to flight. Perfect.
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