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the fuse that connects the hemispheres

A quick update on the Hezbollah narrative.

ACCORDING TO THE NARRATIVE, Hezbollah has been set up as the fuse that will connect the hemispheres. A terrorist attack in the Western hemisphere will be traced back to the places that need to be attacked in the East, like Syria and Lebanon and Iran. The narrative groundwork has been laid for this for a very long time, and that's what the experts will come forth to say at the appropriate time because that's what they've been saying for years. So they will appear to have credibility.

But of course, it is a narrative. A story. They need the story because most Americans don't give a shit about other people in other countries, so in order to make them care enough to GO TO WAR AGAIN, something has to connect back and HURT Americans. That's what always "changes everything," as we've seen before. People can die all day long, be murdered day after day, but until a bunch of Americans die at the hands of some terrorists, it doesn't really matter.

Remember people, there is NO EVIDENCE linking Iran and Hezbollah to the Argentine bombings of the early 1990s. IN FACT, the EVIDENCE shows with 99% certainty that the bombs were INSIDE THE JEWISH CONTROLLED BUILDINGS. Please click through the links as we have written about this many, many times, because certain people keep bringing it up.

The Argentine bombings form the base of the pyramid of lies that is the Hezbollah in South America Terrorist Threat Narrative. This narrative is very important to the authorities because it will allow the linkages to be connected very quickly, like a lit fuse, from Syria and Lebanon, to Iran, to Africa, to South America, and up to the USA; through the various "black holes" of organized crime, and by that route will the USA be drawn into a fast response should something happen. Meaning, drawn into WW III. There will be no time to waste, you can count on that, because whenever the terrorists on the payroll strike, the experts always have it all figured out in minutes. Which never seems to strike anyone on teevee as odd.

Let's go directly to History Commons then, one more time.

March 17, 1992: Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires is bombed, Hezbollah and Iran accused despite lack of evidence

Twenty-nine people are killed in the bombing of the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The bombing levels the three-story building. Argentina, the US, and Israel will later accuse Hezbollah and its backer Iran, but provide little evidence. According to most media accounts and the US State Department’s annual report on terrorism, the bombing was the work of a Hezbollah suicide bomber who drove a truck into the building. [Los Angeles Times, 5/8/1992; Patterns of Global Terrorism, 4/30/1993; Fox News, 10/5/2007] However, a technical report ordered by Argentina’s Supreme Court will find that the bomb was placed inside the building: “Court official Guillermo Lopez said that the investigation had ascertained that the explosives had been located on the first floor of the diplomatic headquarters. ‘The engineers established, with 99 percent certainty, the exact location where the explosives were and the quantity that was used.’” That conclusion is angrily rejected by Israel. [NotiSur, 8/16/1996] The case remains unsolved. [Ha'aretz, 3/17/2008]

Latest developments include:

1) Bibi claims to have "rock solid" evidence about the Bulgarian attack on Israeli tourists. Friendly intelligence agencies around the world agree, it has to be Hezbollah.

“I am giving you something that I know as the Prime Minister of Israel, because I know on absolutely rock-solid intelligence this is Hezbollah and this is something Iran knows about very, very well.”


All you need to know is they were "exceptionally experienced," they worked carefully to avoid detection, they were in Bulgaria for over a month, they were never seen together, etc., according to the Bulgarian officials, who have DECLINED to offer an opinion on who these murderous conspirators might be, while standing next to Obama's top counterterrorism advisor John Brennan, but Israel of course has no such scruples and can tell you the answer straight out, even though they cannot show you any evidence, because that is all above your paygrade and you are NOTHING, a SLAVE, a ZERO, a USELESS HUMAN WHO IS TAKING UP TOO MUCH SPACE.

"Mr. Borisov, who made his statements at a briefing in the capital, Sofia, alongside John O. Brennan, President Obama’s top counterterrorism adviser, did not offer any opinion about who was behind the attack.
Israeli officials said that the bombing was the work of Hezbollah operatives backed by Iran. Privately, two American officials said on Tuesday that the Shiite movement Hezbollah was responsible for the bombing based on classified “sources and methods” — typically a reference to electronic intercepts and information from spies on the ground. But the officials declined to offer specific details. For now, American officials are limiting their public comments to the formulation that the bombing bears “all the hallmarks” of other Hezbollah plots, including the arrest in Cyprus earlier this month of a suspected operative of Hezbollah on the suspicion of scheming to kill Israeli tourists there.
“It’s early in the investigation,” said Matthew Levitt, a former Treasury Department counterterrorism official who is writing a book about Hezbollah’s global operations. “They’ve got sketches out. They’re working the DNA. American authorities are waiting to allow the investigation to run its course.”"

See? It bears all the hallmarks of a Mossad false flag blamed on Hezbollah but no one will go on the record here, that could be dangerous to their credibility.

3) Meantime, more breathless panting in the background about Obama not recognizing the Threat Closer to Home, that would be Hugo Chavez, and the Russians and Chinese and the Iranians and Hezbollah of course, in South America, having moved up from the Tri-Border Area to Isla de Margarita. You will see the same names over and over and over again:

"Obama's blink portends disaster for US"

"Mr. Chavez’s hospitality also extends to Iranian proxy Hezbollah, which has been allowed to establish training camps and fundraising centers on Margarita Island, eclipsing the continent’s Tri-Border Area — where Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay meet — as the primary locus of Hezbollah activity in South America."

OOPS he forgot to cite the evidence for that claim, see here.

And the Examiner, we always get a kick out of the Examiner...

...citing The Heritage Foundation's Peter Brooks, Robert F. Noreiga, and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen getting TOP MARKS for whoring this narrative with impressive sycophantic endurance. We wonder what she gets for that.

We don't do politics but we have long considered the fix in for Romney. The way this narrative progresses indicates that Obama does not take the Threat Closer To Home seriously. He's one little terrorist attack in the Western Hemisphere away from done.


james said…
I bet every penny you have, APea, that Netanyahoo would not be able to give anybody a convincing definition of what "Rock Solid" meant, never mind "truth".

These being alternate terms for "useful" for him and his fellow travellers
A. Peasant said…
He is so vile. He's really saying that he has all the evidence because his people did the job. I noticed long ago that paths often say truthful things as long as you know the lie and can invert their statements accordingly. Gee dubya did it a lot but in his case he tended to misspeaks and sound like a moron. In bibis case, his ego is so enormous he considers he can say the most brazen things and always be able to talk his way through, because he is smarter than everyone.
Anonymous said…
Hey AP,

I expect you're right. For the last ten years or so America has been entirely oriented towards the Middle East. Which stands to reason given the ascendency of Jews over the old American ruling class who otherwise viewed places close to home as being of greater importance.

But between the Jews' voraciousness for the whole world and the Americans' focus on their own backyard, eventually the circle must close and South America will return to its fascist hell of yore, and all under the new world order.

Fingers crossed that Chavez and Morales etc. have been using the current lull to reinforce their positions, makes links with each other, and other wise, I don't know... arm the populace!

I'm not optimistic but I'm rooting for them.

And good to see you back AP. Lovely Lovely.
Dublinmick said…
OFF topic but I guess you are following PSU.

Paterno is just a minor player in this.

The governor's office and the Attorney General's office also have links to secondmile. Arrow child and Family Ministries Inc. has petitioned to take over retaining all personnel to handle the 100,000 children still under this outfit.

Freeh is Opus Dei as was his friend Hannsen who was convicted as a spy, and bear in mind Freeh was forced to resign from the FBI. He was paid to lead this investigation by Penn State. He did a quick shallow job and they hope it is over.

Gricar's the DAs body was not found but let us remember also Freeh failed to mention him and assistant DA Jonathan Luna was found in a stream stabbed 36 times and it was ruled a suicide.

Spanier wrote a book on mate swapping and was 70 miles from boys town in Nebraska where another pedo catastrophe developed. He also wrote a book on mate swapping. He is now replaced by Rendell who was also affiliated with second mile.

Past and present members of Sandusky's second mile give $201,783.64 to Corbett campaign.

Corbett approves 3 million grant for Sandusky and second mile.
Anonymous said…
sorry off-topic...just posting for reference.

Mini-doc (30minutes) on
Devils Breath (Scopolamine)

Notice the upload date. The week before the Batman shooting.

Now the shooter doesn't know why he's in jail. Oh, and the judge sealed the case, I believe.

Fun stuff. ;-)
A. Peasant said…
Hi guys. Nobs, this narrative about south America has been kept in play for a long time, and it's not that complicated. It has the components that would make it very useful, especially since hezbollah is part of the lebanesegovernment. Thus it allows for the bridge to be crossed from a rouge group to state sponsored terrorism, thereby justifying a military response. So it's just my opinion but as I state in the post, until something happens here, people just won't get on board with the retributory killing spree.

It was good to see that Iran came right out and called Israel on the false flag.

“"It’s amazing that just a few minutes after the terrorist attack, Israeli officials announced that Iran was behind it,” Iran’s U.N. Ambassador Mohammad Khazaee told a U.N. Security Council debate on the Middle East. “We have never and will not engage in such a despicable attempt on … innocent people.”

“Such terrorist operation could only be planned and carried out by the same regime whose short history is full of state terrorism operations and assassinations aimed implicating others for narrow political gains,” Khazaee said. “I could provide … many examples showing that this regime killed its own citizens and innocent Jewish people during the last couple of decades."

That is very direct and rather prompt.

I don't know what the various leaders are up to but I thought when lugo was bumped out he seemed SO HAPPY and not upset at all, no complaints, just stepped aside smiled and walked away. He's a CIA tool so one would assume he's cooperating, and it doesn't mean the new guy isn't also a CIA tool it just means its time to get lugo out of the kitchen. Maybe the crockpot is gonna explode.
A. Peasant said…
Hi dubs,
Yes I've been following that a little and wondering how deep it will be ALLOWED to go, knowing it must go very deep. I suppose they needed to make it look good by punishing the school and so forth, but until they start handing out indictments of a lot more CEOs and politicians, I would say we've got a limited hangout. Sandusky is so crazy I hope he says something useful before he dies in a tragic prison accident.
A. Peasant said…
Hi swits,
I'm not following that one overly closebut yeah, he looks utterly confused. And fucked and he knows it. He is in so over his head so how does someone so smart end up in that situation? Only with help.