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While we work on some other matters, this is interesting.

If you really want to know the state of news in this country, check this out: 10 Things to Know for Wednesday, helpfully brought to you by the *other* AP.

The Number One Thing you need to know today, 8/8? "The full story behind Sikh shooting may never be public." With the shooter dead and no trial coming, what investigators uncover about the white supremacist this patsy will remain a secret.



In comments, nobody suggested that per Dave McGowan, most likely there was one particular target. Sure enough, Bholanath tells us that one of the people killed is the father of a movie producer who worked on a disclosure film made by Stephen Greer.


The conclusion:

"Here’s a trailer for the Sirius film. Let’s hope this latest illuminati drama/tragedy will backfire and actually set this film up to be viewed by seven billion people."
So, if the Wisconsin tragedy opens the door to the disclosure narrative, helpfully organized into a movie, that is no backfire. That is the point.
Please see our post ALIEN FAIL:

If the time has come to crash the whole system, you can be sure they want to control the replacement scenario.


Jody Paulson said…
Thanks for posting this, AP. They're getting more and more blatant about this everyday. Not only does this "catapult the propaganda" as Bush would say, it serves as a major news distraction while the rest of the world goes to hell in a hand basket.
Anonymous said…
like I've always said....if their lips are moving the're's what "THEY" do..

...even if it is a a bubble headed bleached blonde shiksa with hiked up skirt and high heels or that shiksa that talks so fast there are no spaces btween her words.

They'll lie to the last breath.
A13 said…
"manufactured" reality and events seem to be more frequent than naturally occurring similar less frequent events..
controlled to create the desired effect of tension and release, of (human emotional)energy going into some "dark matter" type of vacuum, and feeding off it..the manufactured reality seems to be full of suffering, full of fear..
I turn off the TV the PC and all external influences to get to the base fabric of my self and share that self with those i love.. that at least gives me a reprieve, and solace when the bullshit just shows it'self to be unrelenting and more in your face and blatant as Jody rightly put it..
I'm waiting for the closing ceremony of the olympics to merge in with what i saw in the opening ceremony, as they are twinned..
much Love.
Wah doh..
Anonymous said…
Excellent! Thanks AP. I'd heard talk of four gunmen but hadn't seen where it came from. And here it is.

I have a feeling we're in amongst a proper onion here. I have it figured as a four-fer. The first layer consists of a lone gunmen, white militias, and gun control. And yes it's true they want to take everyone's guns. I'm going to declare that the second layer is Mike Rivero's line about this being due to prescription drugs. Eyeroll aside, it's true that drugs are a mechanism by which people can be made to do such things. The third layer is that this is another psy-op designed to instil a societal fear. It's certainly done that. In this limited hangout the killers are presumably 'normal' killers, which is to say not mind controlled.

But the fourth layer addresses the obvious question of why Sikhs? Where's the value in that? I think we can answer that with Dave McGowan's serial killer logic, ie. that any given massacre is done merely to hide a single target, who was actually the point of the whole exercise. The BTK killer's first victims, Joseph Otero and his whole family, being a case in point.

I think it's as likely as any other thing that there was a single individual in that church that was targeted and that all the other victims were merely cover. And sure enough, mind control was the means used to get it done.

Funnily enough, Mike Rivero actually posted an article that used the words 'mind control' but only because it didn't pursue the implications. Punters could read it and be none the wiser. God knows Rivero will never cross that line.
aferrismoon said…
And then there's this : "Avoiding a trial will allow us - and we hope the whole southern Arizona community - to continue with our recovery and move forward with our lives"
Mark Kelly - astro-hubbie of Gabby Giffords

They've tortured Loughner into saying he's guilty and now he's competant to stand trial even though there won't be one.

Fits right in with the notes Holmes' sent to his psychiatrist detailing his forthcoming attack which we can't see as its patient-doctor confidentiality.

its crazy not to be crayz

A. Peasant said…
Hi everyone. The flag is always flying half mast for some victims or other these days, in contrast to the spectacle of the olympics. Thrill of victory and agony of defeat writ large. It is all intertwined and the closing ceremony will mark something more than the end of the olympics. The blatant ritual of the opening ceremony leaving no doubt that they are pulling out all the stops to cast spells, which sadly works for many.

Nobs, as for the sikhs, hmm. That could be that the was a particular target. I was thinking more broadly that they are getting any and all ethnic /religious into the divide and conquer fray, finger pointing etc. also the possibility that india might need a pinch on the ass by the global chessboard masters. I saw reference to another alliance recently, not BRIC. It was TIMPI or something, i cant find the link. Anyway, fractal guessing here.

Yo ferris. Who needs trials anyways. That was always the risky part of the fake democracy. Best to do away with it alltogether.
bholanath said…
One thing that came to my attention is that the son of the murdered head of the Sikh temple is one of the producers of a 'disclosure' film being made by Steven Greer.
I know that sounds like a can of worms, but...who knows?
Sorry, I don't have the link right now (some internet problems), but the story sounded legit.
A. Peasant said…
Hi bho, that is a very important detail fitting exactly into what nobs was saying about all hits targeting a specific person. Of course imo the disclosure narrative is complete BS, so not sure why they would want to stop it. Very interesting development...
A. Peasant said…

"Let’s hope this latest illuminati drama/tragedy will backfire and actually set this film up to be viewed by seven billion people."


Bluebeam here we come.
A. Peasant said…
Alien fail.
Anonymous said…
Little off-topic...but I gotta ask. How is this guy getting away with this kind of reporting? For the past few years I've operated under the assumption that nearly everything that is reported on television is ok'd by some "producer". This guy has been exposing some dirt on a regular basis now, just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on him.
A. Peasant said…
Limited hang out? They have to admit to certain things to have any credibility. The truth about the drone strikes is that they MEAN to target civilians, so that is one thing he shaded. If they can still present all this chaos as somehow wellmeaning, vs the truth -- these people are running a death cult ....
bholanath said…
Also see that the Greer film (Sirius) covers various suppressed advanced free energy technologies a la Tesla.
ps - Kaleka is apparently the director.
Anonymous said…
One more, just as an example of how this guy jumps all over the map in regards to what he covers.

cointelpro? Who knows? But it's interesting that, at least in his local area, he's broadcasting information that I usually only see covered in blogs. Maybe he's part of some program...but it's interesting nonetheless.

Reality Check: Fast and Furious Operation Was Really About U.S. Supporting A Drug Cartel?
A. Peasant said…
I saw that bho. The govt is evilly keeping technology suppressed. True.

And the fox news reporter says the govt is evilly putting terrorists on the payroll. True.

So when enough people findthem trustworthy, they deliver the goods, the lie. And people will believe it.

Overall the sense is that they must be getting ready to pull the plug and take the whole system down, and the role of these people is to steer the public to the replacement solution. So swits, if we have a project bluebeam and this guy says the aliens are real and they are good, that would not surprise me one bit.he is building credibility for a reason. He probably doesnt know yet, but they will tell him what to say at some point, and it will be a big lie.
A. Peasant said…
When i say he probably doesnt know yet, i mean he doesnt know what he will have to lie about. I presume that he knows he works in a sewer.
Anonymous said…
Hey AP, and yeah, I've been wondering at that guy myself. I figure that it's simple stuff - the MSM is going out backwards to the internet. Between the two mediums of news people are realising that one of them is bullshit. What's the MSM to do? Why not copy the internet's act? Not utterly of course - God forbid - but just enough to appear to be doing the right thing.

I think we can take it as read (as per the comments above) that what we're seeing is limited hangout. There's no way known that any corporate behemoth is going to come good and start telling us the truth. No way known.

Things that cannot and will not be mentioned:

- false flags and the use of the Big Lie to take us to war, to wit - Pearl Harbour, the USS Liberty, and 911.

- the pedophocracy as an organised global power trip

- the nature of crypto judaism as per the Donmeh and Sabbateanism. Nor any criticism of Judaism as per the from-their-own-mouths talmud.

- and amongst a million other things: the reality of limited hangout, ha ha.

Otherwise, I went back and read your UFO Fail. Very good! You at your best!

I wondered why I hadn't read it before (indeed there you were in the comments asking where I was) and I realised that that was the week my father died and I was in amongst funerals and wills and such do-your-head-in. But better late than never (your piece, not my father) and it was good to see you nail something so completely.

A. Peasant said…
Hi nobs,
Ahh, the list of forbidden truths...

It is true that the corporate media has to get real about some things, and that is due to the internet. I have been surprised several times lately on reading articles and the comments have large clumps of people calling BS, and these are not blogs but news articles. So it seems the number of people tuned in is too large to avoid, thus they have to do something to keep those people watching. Even having one guy like this one on Fox is sort ofa spectacle in itself... Imean here we are wondering what it means.

I am so glad you read my alien piece. It is actually one of my favorite posts.
Anonymous said…
Hmm... 'the list of forbidden truths'. There's a piece in that. Are you up for it? Or am I? I've a way to go yet and won't be able to get around to it for a month or so. It'd be an interesting exercise. Actually I expect it's the kind of thing where you could let the commenters score most of the points, if you can dig it. Anyway, soon soon.
A. Peasant said…
I dig it... Needs to be done too...
bholanath said…
WTF? The security cameras in the Sikh temple were turned off!!!! Can you believe it? I'm shocked. This is absolutely unprecedented!
A. Peasant said…
I know right?! Who could have imagined....
Dublinmick said…
Peasant as you know this is a subject I have always been interested in. I always when I am blooging, keep a link to Zeitlin and the SETI project you mention. Here are a few comments from him, he actually worked there and found many of his cohorts sort of a waste.

Gerry Zeitlin of Berkeley’s open SETI program, the search for extra terrestrial life certainly takes the Vedas and Sumerian tablets seriously.”The Shining Ones (Christian and Barbara Joy O’Brien), which I am reading now, extensively consults several little-known texts, including Kharsag Epics Nos. 1-9 (taken from Sumerian tablets), The Atrahasis Epic (a story from nineteenth century B.C.E. Mesopotamia that includes both a creation and a flood account), the Askew Codex”

Zeitlin says he has read Sitchin’s books as well as the Atrahasis which is similar in descripive analysis of the Anunnaki. I highly recommend it. ”I have read most of Sitchin’s books. They provide much information that has been neglected by modern society. But they do not provide all of the essential aspects of the picture he paints, and they have other “downsides” which we could address if you wish. One of the gaps relates to your question: How did the “Anunnaki” happen to be living on this planet “Nibiru”? Did they “evolve” there (assuming humans and humanoids “evolve”, which is an assumption I do not make), or did they arrive from somewhere else?”
bholanath said…
Oh, and the interviewed "witnesses" in Aurora were actors from central casting...their resumes are online.
Help, I'm stuck in quicksand in this rabbithole! But, so many lies falling apart. It's better than tee vee!
A. Peasant said…
Hi bho, thankfully i am on vaca and out of the quicksand for the moment. Leave me some links if you can...

Hi dubs, the interview is good. Ialso went tohis site and was looking around there. Lots to see there.
Overall he says some important things i agree with about power and the way it drives human motivations around this topic of the aliens.
Anonymous said…
It seems these security cameras are a waste of money. They always seem to be turned off at the wrong time. Lady Di is killed in the tunnel (security cameras off) shooting at Sikh temples (security cameras off)

bholanath said…
A lot of stuff on willyloman.wordpress, I think that's where the link was. Goes also to GLP (aack!) but resumes are there. willy seems to be on top of this one.