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what goes on in the backyard

We guess it's no surprise that Lebanon is full of traitors, living next door to the shitty little country.

Syria rising and resisting despite the wounds, by Pierre Khalaf. An excellent article, definitely worth reading in full, but we are going to focus on the role Lebanon plays in the Syria conflict.

Lebanese president Michel Suleiman is totally complicit in allowing Team NATO + Israel and its agents to use Lebanon to attack Syria.
  1. He allows Lebanese security officials who provide cover and assistance to the armed gangs to remain in their posts.
  2. He allows other Lebanese authorities to providing cellular networks to the armed gangs and facilitate and cover up organized crime, including human and weapons trafficking. See the Lutfallah 2 scandal -- organized crime at work.
  3. He has allowed Lebanese troops to neglect defending their border with Syria, thus allowing the terrorists to dig in, while also allowing the troops to complain about Syrian troops defending themselves against the terrorists. Furthermore, keeping 15,000 troops busy on the Israeli border and nitpicking soldiers who respond to Israeli aggression, while treating the northern border as a low priority, and making no arrests.

"Sixthly, is it no odd Your Excellency that not one element from the Syrian terrorist groups which have established their headquarters and operations rooms in the North and in broad daylight has been arrested and that these terrorist gangs are even preventing the army officers from entering their areas of control and presence?"
Michel Suleiman, president of Lebanon

Let's see who else in Lebanon supports the rebels aka terrorists on the NATO + Israel payroll.

We have an incident at the ready which will illustrate it all very clearly.

BEIRUT: Lebanon’s deportation of 14 Syrians, including anti-regime activists, to Damascus drew wide condemnation Thursday from the opposition March 14 coalition as well as from the U.S. and the EU.
Reaction to the deportation reflects the wide schism between the March 14 coalition and the Hezbollah-led March 8 bloc over the 17-month uprising in Syria. The March 14 coalition strongly supports the rebels who seek to topple President Bashar Assad, while Hezbollah and its March 8 allies back the Syrian regime.

March 14 coalition doesn't like it one bit. The US and the EU don't like it one bit. Druze leader Walid Jumblatt demands the dismissal of the chief of General Security, Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim, accusing him of carrying out Damascus' orders.

While Jumblatt and Suleiman are very busy trying to carry out Team NATO + Israel's orders! How inconvenient is that?

Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim, chief of General Security, Lebanon, allied with Hezbollah
He is doing his job deporting criminals out of Lebanon and back to Syria.
But the criminals are on the payroll of Team NATO + Israel.
So that's why he should be fired.
You follow?

Let's look at the stink raised by these deportations. The Lebanese government holds a cabinet meeting. Various ministers squabble about whether they knew and whether they support the decision.

Speaking to reporters after the Cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Najib Mikati, Social Affairs Minister Wael Abu Faour said: “Our information indicated that the number of Syrians handed over by General Security to Damascus was one. Later, we learned that the number has risen to 14 people.” He added that he and Public Works Minister Ghazi Aridi and Minister for the Displaced Alaaeddine Terro discussed the matter with Mikati. 
Abu Faour said that neither President Michel Sleiman, nor Interior Minister Marwan Charbel was aware of the decision to deport the Syrians. But this was disputed by Charbel while Abu Faour was speaking to reporters. “I challenge that any [security] apparatus under my command does anything of which I am not aware.” 
Health Minister Ali Hasan Khalil, who belongs to Speaker Nabih Berri’s parliamentary bloc, defended the General Security’s decision, saying the deported Syrians were sentenced on various crimes that were not politically motivated. 
Responding to Jumblatt’s ministers who defended the Syrian activists, Hezbollah’s Minister of State for Administrative Reform Mohammad Fneish said: “If some had questions, we also have questions about the wounded that are being treated in Lebanese hospitals. Most of them are fighters against the Syrian regime who were wounded in battles.” 
A Human Rights Watch representative told AFP that the 14 men were deported Wednesday, despite the fact that four of them had asked not to be expelled for fear of persecution if handed over to Syrian authorities.
Why would they be afraid? Perhaps they had some excellent training in Washington DC or elsewhere, on how to destabilize Syria?
General Security said in a statement that the expulsion of the Syrians was not politically motivated. It said the Syrians had committed violations and criminal acts, including thefts, attacking the house of an army officer, insulting the military establishment and the use of forged documents. “Therefore, the decision to deport the 14 Syrians was based on criminal acts and violations committed during their stay in Lebanon,” General Security said. “Any decision to deport Syrian, Arab or foreign nationals is a decision based on judicial and security cases in line with the standards set forth in regional and international agreements and treaties. “Exempted from this are those where evidence shows their lives might be in danger in their country if they were deported,” it added. “This procedure has been used with Syrian nationals since the beginning of the painful events in [Syria].” 
Makes perfect sense to me. Syrians found in Lebanon committing crimes should be DEPORTED. What is the problem? Jumblatt wants Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim SACKED to stop this FARCE of defending Lebanon's sovereignty and rule of law. He opposes handing over any Syrian "under any pretext or for any reason." We guess he suspends the Rule of Law for Syrians in Lebanon. No laws apply. Come in and do whatever you want, as long as it supports Team NATO + Israel's goal of destroying Syria.
But Jumblatt, a harsh critic of Assad, demanded the dismissal of Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim, chief of General Security, accusing him of carrying out Damascus’ orders. “We call on the Lebanese government and the relevant authorities to clarify all the circumstances relating to this issue and to launch a probe to determine responsibility and take disciplinary measures against the director general of General Security, leading to his sacking, if need be, in order to stop this ongoing farce,” Jumblatt said in a statement. He said that four political activists are among the deported. “Here the director general of General Security is giving a new proof of his total submission to the Syrian regime,” Jumblatt said
“After his [Ibrahim’s] police adventures with the arrest of Shadi Mawlawi, which threatened to ignite Tripoli and the north and plunge the region into massive strife, he hands over 14 Syrian citizens who sought refuge in Lebanon to escape the repression of the [Syrian] regime – including four political activists – under the pretext that they are wanted by the Syrian judiciary.” Jumblatt said he opposed the handover of any Syrian citizen who sought refuge in Lebanon “under any pretext or for any reason.”
Shrill much Mr. Jumblatt? Sounds like they got a hold of ten thugs and four spooks on the Team NATO + Israel payroll, and they are sending them to Damascus. Hey good riddance and don't let the screen door hit your asses on the way out.
Former Prime Minister Fouad Siniora, head of the parliamentary Future bloc, condemned the deportation of the Syrians, saying the move was contrary to the Human Rights Charter. “The handover of 14 Syrian nationals to the Syrian regime is an act condemned together by heart and conscience. It is not possible to hand over 14 activists to a regime that is killing its own people no matter what reasons General Security uses as an excuse to deport these people,” Siniora said in a statement.
Oh the drama.
The Lebanese Forces expressed surprise over the deportation of the Syrians, saying the move showed “a complete bias” to the Assad regime. 
Meanwhile, the U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Maura Connelly said her country was deeply  disturbed by the deportation of the 14 Syrians, according to a statement released by the U.S. Embassy. Connelly also “stressed the importance of protecting all Syrians, including dissenters and deserters, who have rejected violence, in keeping with Lebanon’s international humanitarian obligations,” the statement said. Connelly’s remarks came during a meeting with Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun, at his residence in Rabieh, north of Beirut, with whom she discussed the political and security situation in Lebanon and developments in Syria. “She praised the Lebanese Armed Forces and the Internal Security Forces for their efforts to maintain calm in Lebanon, and supported the government’s decision to increase the Army’s presence along the border,” the statement said.
Ah, we love when they are "deeply disturbed." That's long been one of their smarmy little sayings, like "regrettable," that they trot out when they are laying the bullshit on really thick, like in this case trying to say that they care so much about all Syrians, EXCEPT FOR THE ONES THAT THEIR TERRORISTS ON THE PAYROLL ARE KILLING. We are sure they are deeply disturbed that 14 of their goons just got pinched and sent into Damascus. Very good.

Ambassador Maura Connelly

EU Ambassador to Lebanon Angelina Eichorst expressed concern over the deportation of the Syrians. Asked to comment on the Syrians’ deportation, Eichorst told the state-run National News Agency: “Lebanon has endorsed the U.N. Agreement to fight torture and it must respect its international obligations. It must not deport people who might be exposed to torture or mistreatment.” Read more: (The Daily Star :: Lebanon News ::

And wrapping it up, no surprise there that the EU Ambassador would say something completely hypocritical, and wave around international obligations, when Team NATO + Israel violates them with total impunity.

Meanwhile, the Hezbollah narrative has moved to the front burner, as we predicted two years ago. It was just a matter of time.


Anonymous said…
Hey AP,

Very good, thanks for that. And good to see that the Europeans have ditched their open-slather participation with the CIA's Torture Air (their slogan: 'come fly the unfriendly skies') and will now no longer be party to "deport[ing] people who might be exposed to torture or mistreatment." Talk about turn on a dime! From up-to-their-eyeballs to perish-the-thought and all in the time it takes for a journo to stick a mike in their face. Hurray!

Um... either that or they're a pack of rat-faced hypocrites who'd sell their own children. It's one of those two things.

Otherwise, am I the only person who's never quite been able to figure out the Druze? I had a read at wikipedia and came away not very much the wiser. It seems that their number one precept is "Veracity in speech and the truthfulness of the tongue" but at the same time it's apparently permissable for them to practice "Taqiyya". From wikipedia: "This means a legal dispensation whereby a believing individual can deny his faith or commit otherwise illegal or blasphemous acts while they are under those risks." Urgh, shades of sabbateanism.

Speaking of which, here's another unfortunate quote from the wiki page: "Israeli Knesset member Ayoob Kara, a Druze himself, speculated that the Druze are descended from one of the Lost Tribes of Israel, probably Zebulun. Kara stated that the Druze share many of the same beliefs as Jews, and that he has genetic evidence to prove that the Druze were descended from Jews" Groan.

But then again under Jumblatt's father Kamal the Druze were Pan-Arabist allies of the PLO who opposed Israel and its Phalangist allies. But then again as soon as he'd defeated the Christians the Syrians invaded and threw him down. And they in turned on the Christians. Huh?

Lebanon is such a mare's nest, ain't it? Is there anyone out there who gets it and can make it clear? That would be nice.
A. Peasant said…
Hi nobs,
Yes I agree that Lebanon is very confusing. When I looked up march 14 on wikipedia though, they have a handy chart, and when I looked at the chart

I see the "future movement" has a big chunk of the Opposition party, which is strong but not dominant n the govt. and what can we bet that is the spook's party. Given that Lebanon has always been next door to the shitty country, I guess it has long been a target of infiltration, and it's all been baked into the cake for decades now, politically speaking.

And that is not even to begin to touch the religious dimension. I don't know anything about the Druze. There are definitely shades of crypto/Sabbatean though, in that taqiyya custom. It wouldn't surprise me one bit. In fact, there must be little sects like that which are sabbs. It's the perfect hideout because it triggers no alarms. Who is going to worry about a tiny minority?

Famous last words huh? If the world hasn't learned that lesson by now, it will never learn.
Anonymous said…
Since you mention ambassadors here, I wonder if you have ever taken time to reflect upon or look into the diplomatic world, Peasant.

If you'd looked into the diplomatic world as I have done limitedly, you'd notice a world of privilege where seldom anybody is loyal to any concept of general advancement of the country which they supposedly represent abroad. Instead, you'd see a world of people privileged beyond belief to the average citizen, composed of the scions of the wealthiest and most influencial families of their originary countries, people who seldom have a backbone and who entertain a fascist world outlook and a system of values which would make the nazis and the zionists looks like radical leftists.

A cool detail about the diplomatic world is that they often dictate policy upon "their" government instead of the other way around - tail wags dog - they are seldom importuned by laws and they are not subject to any "checks and balances" whatsoever.
A. Peasant said…
Hello anonymous,
Yes of course i have come across the diplomats while researching lots of things such as pedophilia and human trafficking, car accidents ,and other mishaps that dont ge investigated, and various coverups such as Carmela Conroy and her role getting Ray Davis out of pakistan after he regrettably went rogue and killed those two ISI guys who we suppose had kearned too much about the drone campaign.

carmela is quite something.

Back in the day i used to spend all morning reading news from around the world and posting the interesting tidbits here

And yes theere were many interesting things i read about diplomats.
A. Peasant said…
Just about a week ago a venezuelan diplomat was killed in kenya, By another diplomat, very shortly after she replaced the previous diplomat, who left under a scandal.

Seedy crowd.
Anonymous said…
Apropos the discussion of diplomats, it should be remembered that there's no such thing as an ambassador who isn't a spook. Every embasssy has spooks and the ambassador can't not be in the loop. Certainly, he/she may be junior to any given head spook and thus be low on the need-to-know totem pole but they are on it. That's just me being charitable you understand. Most likely they're at the top of the pole and there to oversee any spooky roll-out.

Otherwise, depending on the country ambassadorships are plums given as rewards to those most loyal, which is to say 'corrupt'.

Australia, sure enough, is a much sought after plum and we've suffered more than a few spooky bullshit artists. My favourite was Melvin Sembler who seems to be both uber-Jewish and MKULTRA-connected (Straight Inc).

The current guy, a 'friend' of Barrack Obama, Jeff Bleich has MKULTRA written all over him (born on an army base in Germany no less). And I put the apostrophes there because in Barry's case I doubt he has 'friends' as such. A more accurate term would probably be 'handler'.

But really the ultimate example of a beyond-obvious spook was Marshall Green. His wikipedia entry is definitely worth reading. Such a background: Korea during its fascist coup d'etat; Indonesia during their version of the same, not forgetting the following CIA-list massacre; and, sure enough Oz in 75 when the coup against Whitlam took place. And when he retired? The board of 'Population Crisis Committee'. sure. Mass murderers? Eugenicists? Who can tell the goddamn difference?
A. Peasant said…
Hi nobs,
Wow those three have some bona fides. Out this way the last exciting thing to my memory was dick egan, founder of emc. He became ambassador to ireland and then killed himself.

Definitely seems to be a revolving door for the uber successful corporate types as well as the to the manor born diplomats.
Anonymous said…
Hey AP, off topic but did you see this link at WRH? I'm convinced it's absolutely real. Further, I'd say that not only is it a spectacular piece of evidence in and of itself but that it's barely the tip of the iceberg, perhaps the least of the shit pursued by the death cult.

Anyway, I saw it and instantly thought of you. Right up your alley. Fingers crossed you can make something of it.

best, etc etc
Anonymous said…
PS. Have you ever head of a thing called 'Fastest Free Youtube Downloader'? That should be googleable. I use it and think it's fantastic. It's a nifty little bit of software that allows you to turn an otherwise unsaveable youtube clip into an mpeg you can save to hard drive. I use the mgeg/vcd setting but I haven't played around much and there's quite a choice of formats. There might be a better one. Anyway, a very useful tool for the collation of evidence.

I've no guarantees it isn't a psy-op trap, or whatever, but I use it and like it. And if it is a trap, I'll see you in jail, ha ha. Ciao Ciao.
A. Peasant said…
Yup i have seen it. Pretty sure its in one of my old posts already. I will look tomorrow. Thanks for the tip. I will put the link in comments.