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this is so much easier

This is a social engineer at work planning a nice neat future for the globalists.

This man, Michael Strong, talks about the SOLUTION to the PROBLEM of POVERTY. What causes poverty? According to Strong, "Poverty is due to poor legal institutions." Hmm. We think there might be more to it, such as massive debt and fiat currencies, massive corruption, suppressed technology, weather modification, wars, disease, terrorism, drugs weapons and arms trafficking, and control of natural resources -- all controlled by globalists. Not to mention that the people who make the laws and enforce the laws are paid off by globalists, so that is very much a downstream problem -- poor legal institutions. We have exactly the laws that the globalists paid for. What is the solution, according to Strong? Private cities. Well, actually, "FREE" cities.

Or, as he terms it, ANARCHO-CAPITALIST PARADISE. Therein, he believes, lies the moral-intellectual high ground over the socialists, who, tragically, through "intellectual error," have not been able to eradicate poverty.

Because PRIVATE = FREE in our Orwellian world. Do you want to be a FREE slave in a brand new PRIVATE city, controlled by globalists through their own directly-selected law enforcement goons? Doesn't that sound better than being an unfree slave in one of the many dilapidated, run down cities that already dot the globe, which are also controlled by globalists through their proxy goons in the "poor legal institutions"?? Hmm. Tough call, but the people of Honduras will have the choice.

The plan's backers say it's the ONLY WAY to kick-start development in the troubled country. In other words, we have NO CHOICE. (That is an interesting old post there from three years ago, talking about Honduras and Iran and the NO CHOICE TELL.)

However, critics warn that it could mark a return to the dark days in Honduras when US companies controlled the government, owned vast tracts of territory and ordered police to massacre striking workers – an era which prompted political scientists to coin the term "banana republic".

We think the critics have it right.

In recent years, Honduras has attempted to diversify its economy away from bananas and coffee, to include exports of clothing and car parts. But a massive wave of violent crime, triggered by drug cartels and savage street gangs known as "maras" [ie: terrorists on the payroll operating in the geopolitical black holes - ed.], has stunted economic growth, and even prompted analysts to talk of the country as a failing state.
Opponents claim outsourcing the government's responsibilities to the private sector will only further undermine the rule of law and weaken Honduras' democracy, which remains fragile following a 2009 coup. Edmundo Orellana, a former attorney general and member of congress, has warned that the charter cities would allow "multinational corporations" to establish "protectorates" by stealing sovereignty from citizens.

That is the point.

Honduras sets stage for 3 privately run cities   

The model cities will have their own judiciaries, laws, governments and police forces. They can even sign international agreements on trade and set their own immigration policies. How convenient is that?

Who needs countries anymore and the messy problems of moving all the damn people off the precious resources, and all the lying and murdering and problems involved with glossing over all that necessary business, when globalists can just build their own brand new private cities made to order? 

This Is So Much Easier.

"Tyrone, you know how much I love watching you work, but I've got my country's 500th anniversary to plan, my wedding to arrange, my wife to murder and Guilder to frame for it; I'm swamped." ~ Prince Humperdink

Of course, not everyone is happy. The INDIGENOUS PEOPLE, the Garifuna, do not want their ancestral lands to be "handed over to foreign capital." We have written about indigenous people many times before. They are the mortal enemies of the social engineers because they know how to live off the land and have strong families. They don't NEED globalists to build them cities. They NEED globalists to leave them alone and stop killing them and stealing their land. But Strong says not to worry. The president of Honduras will appoint "globally respected international figures," and they will make sure that it's all run by the book. And once it is all running there will be plenty of fake democracy so the people can vote and pretend to change things just like we do here in the Big Democracy Up North.

And so forth, every four years...wasting incredible amounts of time and money...

As an aside, we don't know why they can't just use some of the many ghost cities already built? Maybe after we have some happy success stories about the private cities in Honduras, that will be the use for the ghost cities? 

Here are the "globally respected international figures:"

The new Model Cities will have their own police force, and will enlist a highly-reputable policing authority to train police officers and hold the police leadership accountable for fair and effective policing [BLACKWATER types? - ed.]. In addition, there will be an audit committee that is overseen by a Transparency Commission, which is an independent body, with the power to gather and evaluate such information and statistics on crime rate, and the efficiency in handling of crimes by the legal system, as well as police misconduct.
Honduran President Porfirio Lobo appointed the initial members of the Transparency Commission:
  • George Akerlof - Professor of Economics at the University of California at Berkeley, Senior Resident Scholar at the International Monetary Fund, and Nobel Prize Winner
  • Harry Strachan - Former President of INCAE Business School, Director Emeritus at Bain & Co., and Managing Partner at Mesoamerica Partners and Foundation in Cost Rica
  • Ong Boon Hwee - Former Chief Operating Officer of Singapore Power and Former Brigadier General in the Singapore Armed Forces
  • Nancy Birdsall - President and Co-Founder of the Center for Global Development , former Senior Associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and former Executive Vice President at the Inter-American Development Bank [also worked at the World Bank - ed.]
  • Paul Romer (Commission Chair) – Professor of Economics at the New York University Stern School of Business [social engineer - ed.]
Coalianza stated that Phase 1 will begin in October, and later on, factories will be built and equipped. 90% of the workforce is to be Honduran.

Click through those bios and ask yourself, HEY, WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?

More good info and analysis at this link.

The three regions mentioned as possibilities for model cities are:  near Puerto Cort├ęs, the Agalteca Valley or the Sicaya-Paulaya valley near Puerto Castilla, and Choluteca. According to COALIANZA, it must be located near to both an airport and a port. Hernandez told the press:

"It should be noted that these model cities will be established in depopulated areas of Honduras.  It does not imply the displacement of people or social groups."

None of these regions is completely vacant. Reading between the lines, what Hernandez is saying is that there are no large cooperatives or powerful landowners in these regions, groups that might vocally protest the expropriation of the land on which they live and work. 

...We were unable to locate any information on MKG Group, though the Michael Strong in question is, we believe, the Michael Strong associated with FLOW and the Free Cities Institute. Strong formed the Grupo Ciudades Libres LLC, a Nevada Company, with Kevin Lyons in 2011.

Another group that claims to be involved is the Future Cities Development Corporation, one of whose founders is Patri Friedman, grandson of Milton Friedman, nobel laureate in economics. This group has previously been linked by The Economist to the Model Cities project in Honduras.

Hernandez said that the main funding partner of the project, whose identity will be revealed later, is a Canadian company that has been investing in development regions worldwide for the last 15 years, but he would not identify the company.

There are globalists ALL OVER THIS PROJECT.

Bring a bucket.

Where will people turn after the cities of the world have been looted ransacked and otherwise destroyed by chaos? To the welcoming arms of private cities?

It's a trap.

The answer to poverty requires dismantling the globalists. Stop everything they do: manipulating the weather, causing droughts and floods and destructive storms. Stop the manufactured war on terror causing dislocation and mass murder of innocent people, destroying their land and means of supporting themselves. Stop the pollution of the globalists giant corporations and industries, including nuclear. Stop their evil media, NGOs and think tanks. Stop the organized crime drug running, human trafficking, gun running. Stop the poisoning of the populations through food, air, water and "medicine." Stop the usurious fiat currencies and let countries start their own currencies based on the only real asset that exists -- healthy, productive and educated populations, who know how to make things and take care of each other.

If countries were truly sovereign, and could have their own currencies based on the productive capacity of their populations, it would be in their interest to have healthy, educated, vibrant populations. All else would follow. The true solution runs in the exact opposite direction that the globalists would have us believe.

Making private globalist owned cities is not a solution to anything except the globalists problem of keeping control.


Anonymous said…

- Aangirfan
Anonymous said…
See also
A. Peasant said…
thank you anon and Sophia. it's good to see someone like Catherine Austin Fitts on the case. this story got some play in Huffpo, for example, but otherwise Honduras is not going to make the cut in the "msm" or corporate media. not unless / until there are terrorists threatening the homeland. but all the same, it's a huge story and a bellweather for our future. at some point the people in the US need to realize that what happens in palestine and honduras has a bearing on what happens in the USA. prolly it will be too late before they get that analogy...

Anonymous said…
Yay! AP is back!
And with a bang.
Now I have to re-think my support for anarcho-capitalism.
Great ;-)
A. Peasant said…
Hey swits. I thought you already gave that up ;)
james said…
Swits, given that capitalism's goal is monopoly,the control of markets and labour, by any means including, and especially, government intervention and assistance, "anarcho-capitalism" is an oxymoron.
james said…
Great analysis, APea
"The answer to poverty requires dismantling the globalists. Stop everything they do:. . . "

Yes, the globalists cause the poverty because it is profitable and are therefore never going to solve it. It's like employing pedophiles to run child safety programs.

Michael Strong's argument is that Honduras can only be restored to peace and prosperity by the Honduran govt handing over large tracts of land and sovereignty over it to the globalists. And the Honduran Govt is agreeing to this by going along with it.

This means the Honduran govt is admitting that it is not competent to carry out it's primary funtion of governing and is 'fixing' it by 'outsourcing' itself.

This admission of incompetence on the part of the Honduran govt should obviously be remedied by its own resignation.
freethinker said…
Fascinating post AP. Thanks for reminding me why I hate academics - Michael Strong what a gob-shite.

So I guess this is another globalist sub-project along with destruction of nation states, corporatization of the state, clearing the peasants from the land, mega-cities, Venus Project and Seasteading. Dystopia sold as Utopia.
A. Peasant said…
hi James and freethinker,
the people of Honduras mightily resisted the violent coup in their country in 2009, see here:

so they didn't want it, but they got it, and now the state is broken, and who pays??? the people of course. it is always a game of win win win for the globalists.

this was also an interesting related thing in the news lately:

The Honduran mess made Arias wary of the “specter of authoritarianism” increasing in the region, although he diplomatically avoids singling out individual countries where the powerful are trampling on democratic institutions. “With states that are so weak, there are not sufficient resources for education, health care, infrastructure and security,” he says, chiding the region’s elites for not paying enough in taxes.

exactly. problem - reaction - solution. and that insipid M Strong has the solution. totally agreed freethinker about the academics -- a smarmy and obnoxious lot blowing smoke up each others' asses.
Anonymous said…
Hullo AP,

You don't get it obviously -

"it would be in their interest to have healthy, educated, vibrant populations"

Do you know how much prostitutes would cost if everyone was healthy and educated with all their needs seen to? Like a million bucks! Forget it.

And what about kids? How would you find paedophile fodder without warfare and starvation making lots of orphans?

What the hell's the matter with you? Don't you want slaves? And if you do have some perverse desire to do your own housework at least spare a thought for those who think they deserve to be treated like kings and queens. They're people too!

Clearly you're prejudiced against murderous killers, slave owners, and paedophile rapists. Some humanitarian, you!


yes yes, smiley winky...
A. Peasant said…
hahaha, hey i always admitted to being a bitch...
Penny said…
Yeah AP, what's up with you?!
Don't you know humanitarian = Angelina Jolie

Now that is a "great" humanitarian

These cities you mention seem to tie in with the Agenda 21 issue.

James : Capitalism = Communism
with it's centralized controls via state or cartel

Really it is the same/same
Like the sides of the same coin
One is heads One is tails
But, it is still just a penny
(soon to be non existent in Canada)

freethinker said…
Penny, going to cent or straight to 'the cashless society' (another major globalist plan)? Came across this today, AlJaz touting the cashless society in Sweden: Sweden aims to be cashless society.
Total fluff piece but promoting an agenda. Lucky Swedes who are so cool and hip and always on the cutting edge of new tech..blah, blah - ie they are compliant lab-rats. Sweden has the earliest established 'Central Bank' in Europe and probably the world, and were the first to use banknotes. I wonder what prompted AlJaz to make this report.
A. Peasant said…
hi Pen and freethinker! apologies for the delay. i was trying to get a post together and i did complete the task at hand...

so, Pen, i saw your piece on Angelina. she is truly despicable. pathetic how many people can be so gullible, and what a sadly important role she can play, and that she happily chooses to do so.

also, i agree about Agenda 21. the people of central and south america have highly productive land and they know how to work it. as usual, it's the interference of the globalists that creates the problems, which they then helpfully offer to solve. what a racket.

hi freethinker, 3% use of cash? what the hell. is cash too messy for them? sweden, taking scandinavian design to the slaughter house. a nice neat bolt through the forehead...
freethinker said…
Over here there is a big push by ALL the supermarkets to promote self-service tills. Of course that saves some peanuts that the monkey at the till would take, but I think the real agenda is to train the sheep (monkeys, sheep - I've a low opinion of humanity I guess) in not using cash, as cash is so awkward to use with the self-service tills.
Anonymous said…
Obama isn't skipping intelligence briefings. He's skipping on mossad briefings. He gets HIS intel from better sources.
A. Peasant said…
And you know this how? Are you privy to the factions?