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calling all witnesses

They want to pretend that Savile fooled everyone.

Mr Gambaccini, 63, said he was aware of the necrophilia claims in the eighties. He questioned why newspapers had not acted when he said a reporter had boasted that his colleagues were aware of a story linking Savile to 'necrophilia'. His comments astounded presenter Nicky Campbell who tried to stop the conversation by warning the allegations were not in the public domain. Campbell said: 'That particularly lurid accusation that you have just brought to people's attention is one that has not been in the public domain.'

Paul Gambaccini, colleague of Savile
Jack Nicholson as The Joker

Oopsie we don't want people to know that we all here in media world knew for decades... ?
'He targeted the institutionalised, the hospitalised - and this was known. Why did Jimmy go to hospitals? That's where the patients were.'
OK ARE YOU WITH US SO FAR? This is in the Daily Mail. This guy, Gambaccini, worked with Savile. A colleague.

Now here comes the Limited Hangout. He has admitted so far that people knew that Savile preyed on children and corpses, shocking the presenter.

Mr Gambaccini continued to say today that Savile's alleged abuse was taking place at a time when staff failed to get to grips with the concept of paedophilia. 'It was considered so far beyond the pale that people didn't believe it happened,' he said during the 5 Live Breakfast Show. He said the entire society was taken in by Savile - 'including the Prime Minister who invited him to Chequers; including the royal family, photographed with him, he got a knighthood in this country, he got a papal knighthood. 'This is not just the BBC this is history, this is a man who conned an entire society,' Gambaccini added. It also emerged earlier this month that Savile denied claims he was sexually attracted to corpses in an interview in 1990, after he admitted taking pleasure in taking the deceased to Stoke Mandeville Hospital mortuary. The hospital, where Savile worked as a volunteer and had his own room, said that it has never received claims that Savile 'inappropriately interacted' with corpses. A spokesman said: 'We are not launching an investigation into claims that Savile was a necrophiliac. We have never received any complaints as to that nature.' 'During our time, to the best of our knowledge, Jimmy was not given free access around our clinical areas and whenever he attended the hospital he would give advance notice and usually be in attendance with his fundraising team.'
Aha. So. Let's get it straight then.

Savile fooled everyone, the ENTIRE SOCIETY. People knew he was preying on children and dead people, but they just couldn't wrap their minds around the pedophilia and necrophilia, so they just did nothing? They refused to believe it happened?

Still tragically fooling everyone then, in 1999?

Not one person ever reported anything to the police, over decades? Because, surely, if even ONE PERSON had reported these crimes to the police, it would have been stopped? But everyone was in such a state of shock that they just remained in denial, and allowed the man to con an "entire society" even up to the prime minister and the royal family? That is what you are being asked to believe.

Alternatively, you can believe that his behavior was intentionally covered up because there is a culture of pedophilia and total corruption in the halls of power.

Talk about conspiracy theories. So, Pick One.

Furthermore, the hospital has "never received claims" about Savile's abuse of corpses.Well please tell us, WHO WAS GOING TO FILE A CLAIM? The dead? Were the corpses going to complain? He always gave advance notice and attended with his fundraising staff? SO.... what? Nothing could have happened because he was always there with his staff? The staff who covered for him and allowed the hospital to say it never received any complaints?

How stupid can this possibly get? This is all they have now. They just want to limit the damage as much as possible. Limited Hangout. It was just Jimmy and the rest of them were Pure As The Driven Snow.

That will be a tall order, keeping everyone else clean, now that over 300 victims have come forward. Looks like some arrests will have to be made, some arrests of RELATIVELY LOWER LEVEL PEOPLE so that the assholes in the corner offices can claim their plausible deniability.

British police investigating alleged sexual abuse by the late Jimmy Savile said today some 300 victims had come forward and they were preparing to make arrests in a scandal that has thrown the BBC into disarray. Detectives said they had been staggered by the number of people who had come forward since the late broadcaster's crimes were first revealed just over three weeks ago. The head of the BBC's governing body called the allegations a "tsunami of filth", and police said Savile, one of the BBC's most celebrated TV stars, was "undoubtedly" one of Britain's most prolific sex offenders ever. ...The revelations have generated huge attention, not least in the United States where Entwistle's predecessor at the BBC, Mark Thompson, is poised to take over as chief executive of the New York Times.
Boy those detectives must be staggered by the number of victims that must have been ignored by other detectives in the past. And no doubt Mark Thompson and some other people are sweating bullets. Thompson is expressing "regret" already as he tries to claim that as former DIRECTOR GENERAL of the BBC, he really had no idea that Savile was being investigated, by the BBC, and how on earth did that investigation get pulled...? Hot damn it's a real mystery how these people paid so much money manage to not know the darnedest things, but not to worry, Mr. Sulzberger, who owns the NYT, is satisfied that Thompson is Hereby Insulated from any unpleasant consequences of the rampant corruption and cover up being exposed at the BBC and environs, and Thompson is expected to start his new job running the NYT on 11/12/12....

Mark Thompson, wearing an expression we have seen before... ?
 Yup, pretty sure it was this asshole.

Yesterday, lawyers representing some 30 alleged victims of abuse told Reuters their clients said other celebrities were involved, while some of those abused by Savile have told the media they were targeted on BBC premises....He said they were investigating three categories of offences; those that involved just Savile which made up the vast majority of cases; those involving Savile and others; and those which had no direct link to Savile. At this stage there was no evidence of any organised paedophile rings and offenders appeared to be opportunists, Mr Spindler added. He revealed that a retired officer had come forward to say he had investigated Savile in the 1980s over allegations of indecent assault but there had not been enough evidence to pursue a prosecution.

More bullshit there. No evidence of any RINGS. Are we to believe that none of these victims ever reported a thing? That none of them, all these years, none of their parents, nobody, ever tried to REPORT THE ABUSE TO THE AUTHORITIES?

They trot out the 'no evidence' over and over. They scrub the evidence, and then they say there's no evidence. See: Exposure

People have said they tried to report the abuse but they were ignored or intimidated into silence. Aangirfan has reported on this the entire month of October 2012, outstanding coverage, and the posts and comments are FULL OF EVIDENCE for anyone interested. Where are all the intrepid reporters who want to get a Pulitzer Prize, hmm? The establishment is not going to give a prize for exposing the establishment. So that's why this only appears in the Conspiracy Blogosphere, where we are all crazy. Despite all the evidence to the contrary. Someone commented at Aan's, somewhere, that he never believed it until an acquaintance showed him a picture, in his possession, of Savile naked in bed with some children. Evidence that never made it to the light of day, just kept as a personal item because probably, the authorities were not interested. So there's plenty of evidence and plenty of victims, and they have been around for decades, being IGNORED by the authorities, while Savile, just ONE of countless pedophile predators, went about his business with complete impunity.

And the news organizations are very very busy trying to keep this thing from flashing over.

How does this happen? Because there is a culture of Pure Driven Snow and everyone is so Good and Naive in the halls of power and in the media, or because there is a culture of Corruption. So widespread as to defy belief. And they are now going to try to put one million pounds of shit into a five pound bag by claiming that it was just a few people, and everyone else was really very sweet and honest to God, they just couldn't wrap their minds around the things they heard and saw so they just clutched their pearls and Did Nothing.

And it is implied that You Would Have Done The Exact Same Thing. Because you love your celebrities and politicians and your media whores. You can't believe they would be vile, despicable predators and cowards, could you? After tuning in to watch them so many times? You reference them you are symbiotically joined to them in your mental programming. They love you you love them. RIGHT? How can you separate what YOU would do with what THEY would do? It's all the same. Kiss kiss hug hug....?

Top Talent Superstar with Lots of Adoring Fans
Because People are Obviously Very Discerning

And even if they did do some things that might disappoint you, there would have to be a good reason....?

Like Human Error....?

We all put our pants on one leg at a time.
The pressure was too great.
I wanted to help but I just couldn't do anything.
I saw someone else try to do something and terrible things happened to him.
I could have lost my job.
I had to turn away and pretend I knew nothing.
Anyway, they blackmailed me, so I had No Choice.
You would have done the exact same thing.

Is that true? Would YOU dear reader have done nothing if you knew that powerful people were raping children, brutally raping them and in some cases killing them? Threatening them and their families? And it was all being covered up, for decades? Not just in the UK but around the world? Would you do it just to save your job, for money? Along with the drug trafficking weapons trafficking human trafficking, general murder and mayhem, every stripe of corruption you can think of plus all the stuff that never crossed anyone's mind until some disgusting creeps shat it into the world and now there are things in the Urban Dictionary that we just shudder to think are COMMON KNOWLEDGE among Generations X&Y, and we know the social engineers have destroyed culture when many people consider depravity no big deal. When it just goes on a t-shirt for a few laughs.

Because depravity, on a scale that Changes Everything, is exactly what is being uncovered, and now we all have the opportunity to see if we are going to PRETEND WE DON'T KNOW because it is easier, because we don't want to BELIEVE that people in power are this corrupt...

OR, are we going to WITNESS for our fellow human beings who have suffered the abuse.

People keep saying they want change. Well, it's actually pretty easy. All you have to do is follow the evidence until it takes down every corrupt politician, celebrity, judge, cop, media whore, social worker, et cetera. And you have to expend some effort meaning you can't just sit on the couch and watch teevee and call it a day.

It could go down like a house of cards if enough people loved the truth more than the status quo they keep bitching about.

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Anonymous said…
You are amazing.
INCOMING!!!!!!! said…
Hypersonic AP.

His posse would clear the room when he entered. Like Al Capone. The key phrase used by the Phukk D Witz, in public, right in URINAL face 40 years ago was that he worked naked in the coal mines.

No one ever asks what the Bevin boys was all about.

That is why the "famous" BBC centre is being emptied and ground to dust.

They are pulling a big move AP.

Check your 6.
Anonymous said…
I mean, c'mon. How can anybody in his right mind come to the idea of sticking their wee-wee into a corpse? What enjoyment could anybody get from fucking a piece of rotting flesh? How much more disgusting than that - and such people are in govt everywhere because bet the UK isn't the only place with such pervs in the power structure.

A. Peasant said…
incoming!, you got me curious there. look at this i found, Orwell wrote it. from the huffpo:

It is only when you see miners down the mine and naked that you realize what splendid men, they are. Most of them are small (big men are at a disadvantage in that job) but nearly all of them have the most noble bodies; wide shoulders tapering to slender supple waists, and small pronounced buttocks and sinewy thighs, with not an ounce of waste flesh anywhere. In the hotter mines they wear only a pair of thin drawers, clogs and knee-pads; in the hottest mines of all, only the clogs and knee-pads.

just a historical curiosity or was this why savile eagerly volunteered and got his medal for service to his country... ?

james said…
Great piece, APea.Their nonsense logic is just that - nonsense. Which you point out very well.

We have a similar character here in the Oz media world. And he's still alive and presumably abusing children.

Here's mention of him and some connections
Persistent Rumours

All the links in the story are dead now as are many others connected with this outrage.
Anonymous said…
Many thanks for the link.

The biggest blogs like What Really Happened and Prison Planet are not saying too much about all this.

But the Savile Affair, like the Franklin Cover-Up and the Dutroux Scandal, helps to explain modern politics worldwide.

- Aangirfan
A. Peasant said…
hi James,

oh that's classic how the author at that link has to discredit the website hosting the document for being fascinated by "dubious topics as free energy, masonic handshakes and weather machines".
A. Peasant said…
hello Aan. i am very glad that your work is pulling so many good comments at your blog. you have tapped the mother-lode.

as for the large sites like WRH and prison planet, it's no surprise. it's one thing for people who blog alone to have a narrow focus. you can't cover everything. but large sites with paid staff -- what is the excuse?
Edo said…
Hi AP. Another blinder!

Got me thinking about Joël van der Reijden and ISGP. If it wasn't for the likes of him and McGowan (and present company) I'd never have thought in terms of a Pedophocracy either.

I remember reading ISGP from page to page, and was absolutely outraged. Then came McGowan / Programmed to Kill and it all clicked into place.

Are we to assume the general public to be able to understand the bigger picture given the limited coverage the story is bringing?

The Dutroux case in Belgium eventually had half the nation turn out in Brussells and firemen turn their hoses on parliament. It did take some hefty court scenes, and I can't see anyone going to court in Britain in the short term.

I really think it's just possible that the Savile case has the potential to open things up a bit. I'm hopeful.

The problem with trying to close the floodgates is that eventually there WILL be a breach.

Best of wishes to you all.

questioning said…
Hat-tip to you AP, you are in fine form! Thank you for all you. Off topic, any occult/esoterics wanna plumb this? Hmmmm, very interesting the pics are....
A. Peasant said…
hi Edo, good to see you. it's a fair question whether people can understand the bigger picture given what they are told. i vacillate between feeling for people and wanting to shake them by the shoulders. the trouble is that i have spoken to many people over the years -- i am talking about loved ones, friends and acquaintances -- and told them things about 911 and weather mod and pedophilia, etc., and most people very politely listen and then basically turn right back to their teevee sets. i have literally have had people tell me they don't want to know. so, while i understand that people are busy and they have to work hard and don't have lots of time to do research, on the other hand, there are many opportunities for people to spend some time looking into things, especially if someone has already mentioned it to them. time that they typically spend watching teevee or sports instead. and it just becomes a matter of priorities. at what point does something bother a person enough, prick their conscience, some accusation or loose thread that they have heard mumblings about before from some nutter like myself, that they actually make a sacrifice of their leisure time to do some independent research...? it's not a question for you as obviously you are one of the people who followed your curiosity and got an eyeful. same with me some years back. and it never ends because there are always more things to learn. i am always amazed by how many things i have never heard of even after being in the weeds all this time. but, anyway, it's true that something like this case has the potential to crack the programming. we certainly hope so. if pedophilia and necrophilia in the "homeland" doesn't raise a few eyebrows and rouse some interest, after all the war lying we have been told which was MERELY killing untold innocent foreigners and assorted brown people (ie: not so bad... ?), then we are well and truly screwed.

so, not assuming anything here but hoping that at least the faulty logic of the limited hangout offered up as an "explanation" insults some people's intelligence enough to piss them off.
A. Peasant said…
hi questioning, thanks. that is an interesting and creepy story, and there seems to be maybe a rash of connected people suffering some terrible things just in the past few days.

in NYC a CNBC exec had two of his children murdered by the nanny. inexplicable.

interesting that confusion is already creeping in whether the nanny was already unconscious or did she stab herself when the mother arrived. ? i have read both.

then we have this guy here, an exxon mobile exec, assassinated in Brussels.

it seems unusual that these tragedies are happening to insiders. the nanny story reminds me of mind control a la miami zombie.
james said…
We have a similar character here in the Oz media world. And he's still alive and presumably abusing children.

Um .... that should read-

We have a similar character here in the Oz media world. And he's still alive and presumably STILL abusing children.
Anonymous said…
Hey Peasant :-)

this is a bit unrelated, but: some time ago I was scouring a website about tips for people who have to do with courts ... and there was a thread about corruption. One of the commenters, apparently in the body-modification scene, told about photos from a job of a colleague which showed somebody from the judiciary who had cut off his genitals and modified what remained of his sack into some kind of bib which was buttoned to his loins with push-buttons of the kind which are on parkas. The commenter said that he had seen these pics "years ago" and he could not forget "that horror".

Personally I can only imagine what kind of psychoses must result from not having ones genitals - and such people are judges, prosecutors ...

Ah yes, .AT
Anonymous said…
One more thing, Peasant. People DO NOT want to know because IGNORANCE IS BLISS. The kind of horrors which you talk about and which are being spoken about by many more people are too much for most.

When I read American Psycho I had to stop several times - and that book is nothing compared to these your last two articles. The ISGP story, the same - I felt pure disgust when I read through the archives.

Many mothers "do not realize" when her hubby is screwing the children and then rationalize away when they go with their preteen daughters to abortion clinic.

People don't want to know because they are deeply afraid of what is going on. All the best to you and respect for your courage in writing this all. Take care.
A. Peasant said…
hi anon, thank you. much appreciated. i am happy to be able to do something useful, hopefully, for those who have suffered so much at the hands of these abusers. even just being a witness for other people is so important. people don't realize how important unless they have been invisible themselves. it is a horrible thing to be invisible, to have invisible suffering. to be unnamed and to be a slave to ignorant people. that is why reading and simply being open to the information is an important thing that many people can do, despite their powerfully strong desires to remain ignorant and blissful. it is an easy thing and a hard thing at the same time. it becomes easy when one understands what it means to the invisible, nameless victim. one finds the courage to do relatively simple things, like witnessing.

as for the bizarre sexual proclivities of judges et al... i have seen some images myself of people who volunteered for castration. enjoyed it. missed their balls later. i am not kidding. i have to say, there is a tremendous amount of depravity that springs from homosexuality, as far as i can tell. when i saw some references to felching at Aan's blog in the comments, and i looked that up. Jesus God. who the hell thinks this shit up? it is absolutely depraved. sick minds.
A. Peasant said…
Thanks to all for reading.
Dublinmick said…
Carry over from last comment, yes they don't want to know. Take heart we are being judged as to our worth as humans by a higher power than us.

As an example I mentioned to a guy in a seven eleven the energy drink he was stocking up on was banned in Europe due to liver damage. He just gave me a smirk and moved on. People don't want to hear it.

Many people do not want to face the fact they have been robots for decades with no earthly idea what is going on and claw you eyes out for bringing up uncomfortable facts.

Some probably know my views, it always seems to end up just like it is now and we have a pole shift and great cleansing. It seems to be the way of planet earth and the indians seem to know this. It is the only thing I can see that will create change in this go along to get along world. Only problem this time around is the 400 or so power plants that can simulate hundreds of Fukushimas. At last count Tokyo is losing population now and it will go on for thousands of years there. People are clearing out to other parts of Japan.

Check out the latest on the salt dome collapse in Louisiana. They are getting 4.0 quakes up to 45 miles from the sink hole. They are not sure it is not linked to Macondo and the hundreds of salt domes in the gulf. There is a new 4 mile oil slick in the gulf that is macondo oil.

A. Peasant said…
Well this is pretty cool and maybe something we need to see about now...
Anonymous said…
Dub, I understand they are washing out salt domes in northern Germany to store radioactive waste there. The Macondo disaster and the follow-up whitewashing is just appalling.

Peasant it's interesting that you'd connect the genital mutilation stuff to homosexuality. My limited understanding of homosexuality is that it is congenital, that about 4% of males are gay, and that for male offspring of any given woman from the 3rd and beyond the probability of being gay heightens - apparently a way of nature to limit the population - my impression is that among females, homosexuality is more an issue of choice and bad experience with men than predisposition but that's speculation. My personal impression of gays is that issues like narcissism, paranoia and hysteria are more prevalent among them than the rest of people - both males and females but especially males. I've been lambasted for expressing similar opinions in the past, and I wonder if this was merely hysteric over-defensiveness or if there is something more to that, as in hiding from examination. There is to my knowledge no objective study about the relation between homosexuality and substantial pathologies like psychopathy. Personally I doubt that homosexuality per se is a pathology, at least in my personal experience there are enough gays and lesbians out there who are plain ok. One salient (to me) observation is that there appear to be proportionally more male homosexuals among jews than among other groups.

To get back to the subject of your article, I wonder if there exist "homosexuals" whose sexual preference is not like that of the plain gays and lesbians who we know from everyday, but where the inclination is an expression of a general sexual depravity which in turn is a consequence of their psychopathy, such as the people raping and snuffing children, or who have their genitals removed/mutilated for "fun", "fun" being the satisfaction accrued out of destroying oneself and others.

Anyway, check out this if you haven't already:
A. Peasant said…
Amazing link, thank you. Similar to the work of Lobaczewski.

The rest i have to reply on later....
questioning said…
thanks AP. got this "supposed" screencapture being passed around. its a weird one. ben fulford/david "gary johnson" wilcock stuff.
A. Peasant said…
hi questioning, hey the link goes to a CNBC article about the Spire lawsuit against the banks. ?

i saw that article also here:

and was thinking, hmm. that looks great *if it's true*....
A. Peasant said…
anonymous at 8:37.

i don't understand the apparent numbers of homosexuals. same with jews but that's a different topic. but they are both groups very over-represented in the media world, in the talking head world.

not sure what to say about this. it's not something i can tuck into a comment because i have my own personal theories based on my observations, but the shortest way to say it is that there is something very wrong with the numbers. the 2% and the 4% numbers of these groups seems laughably low, and i think one group is actually much larger than admitted and the other group has been inflated through artificial social engineering. and they are both now in everyone's faces all the time, and it's a tyranny of sorts.
Anonymous said…
That murder of the CNBC executive stinks.

I saw the Alex Jones link (not a fan of his at all) and followed it.
The CNBC link to the $43 Trillion laws suit against the banksters is disappeared.
There was a page up on it at CNBC.
An extensive google search turns up ZERO mention of this story by any other corporate media outfit.

But just when you start to think Jones might have one right....the next layer of the onion shows the lawyer running the case to be less than trustworthy. Mitchell J Stein, has not been a good lawyer.

PS Great reporting here on many issues.
That photo of Lady Gaga is classic, and a good excuse to remind everyone that CBCnews featured her for six days in a row after the Amanda Todd suicide, lauding the Gaga efforts to prevent bullying. I am sure the many girls and mothers trying to make sense of the Todd suicide at cbcnews, found comfort and wisdom in the Lady Gaga Bullying Foundation.
Anonymous said…
Excellent work Twelfth Bough

Here's what makes me soo blasted mad.

Here in America folks especially the Conservative and Christian folks praise and admire Ronald Reagan.

They think that Ronald Reagan was one of the best presidents ever.

They think he was one of the best leaders ever.


Also there was a PEDOPHILE ring operating out of the White House while he was President.

Does the words:Franklin Cover-Up ring a bell?

Call Boys took midnight tour of White House while he was President.


John Decamp wrote a book about it called:The Franklin Coverup:Child Abuse,Satanism,and Murder in Nebraska.

In Cathy O'Brien's Trans-Formation of America in which is the Story about being a Mind Controled Sex Slave for the US Presidents(Including both Reagan and Daddy Bush).
She says Ronald Reagan not only knew.
He assisted and aproved George HW Bush and Dick Cheney in their Raping,Abusing of Women and Molesting Chidren 15 - NO MORE BEATING AROUND THE BUSH

Ohhh as there are Libraries Highways named after him.

Folks still talking still praising him..


I think Ronald Reagan should've tried and hanged for what happened to the children during his presidency!!!


In America folks especially Christian folks,If your critical of the Golden GOP Conservative-Republican Party.
They'll nearly ostracize you.


Under at least 2 Republican presidencies(Reagan and Daddy Bush)A Pedophila Ring operated

Anonymous said…
Hi again Peasant, here "anonymous at 8:37" :-),

about the tribe no verifiable numbers are available. Once one of them bragged
before me in their typical hateful manner that there exist about 1/2 billion, and that we "have no idea how intense their hatred for us is". Before 9/11 I cared very little about them (I even had a GF long time ago).

About homosexuals I really have no idea. The 4% I mentioned was picked up a long time ago apparently from a "scientific study". There have always been homosexuals around me, either neighbors or friends of somebody or at
work ... They've always just been part of the landscape until now with all the Saville stuff that is coming to view. From my interactions I can't say much negative apart from a couple of situations.

If you look beyond anecdotes, aspects which both groups have in common is that they stay apart from general society and have their own structures, they have been rejected by general society throughout time and geography and cultures (at least to my knowledge), and more important is that both appear to be intimately involved in the phenomenon of ponerization.

I wonder how is your view about this all and if you'd have a look at it in one of your coming articles. Thanks again for your very informative writings.
A. Peasant said…
anon @ 5:17, thanks. agreed about "lady" gaga...

as for the spire lawsuit, this is very curious. the press release strikes me as odd in that it uses the term banksters and certainly presents a very huge and wide ranging allegation / lawsuit. the writing voice used is overly friendly IMO. contrived for such a serious press release. it says a lot of the right things that would presumably get a lot of people excited. i don't know, looks like a big fat trap to me. something very greasy about it.

remember before the olympics all the predictions and videos and just lots of talk about something going down? and nothing happened. people got sucked in. there was a lot of legit info to follow and be suspicious of, but there was nothing there. this is a sort of mindfuck that i think they like to feed into at times, feeding into the conspiracy. and my quick suss is that this spire case is something like that. the lawsuit says a lot of "correct" things, but there's nothing there. it is not a serious lawsuit. it's just meant to divert a lot of people's energy similar to the lead up to the olympics. my 2c. not sure if the CNBC exec nanny murder is a branch off of that or what, but there is something very wrong with that story also.
A. Peasant said…
hello @ 6:22. thank you for the info. i am familiar with the franklin coverup and the other creeps you mention. there are some links in the next post down to that scandal and some others like the dutreux ring for instance.
A. Peasant said…
Also re the lawsuit, i am reminded of the bill browder serge magnitsky sags. It is a long and confusing story, but there is a term i learned. Inoculation. When a company arranges a bogus lawsuit against itself for the purpose of booking losses. Or other purposes?

Pertinent link here

Something to ponder. It is basically a shell game when a company steals from itself then makes a big kabuki fuss in court with lawsuits but all the money ends up back in the same hands. ?
Anonymous said…
This is @6:22
Ty A.Peasant for the reponse

As the presidental election nears I'm Dumbfounded how folks would defend the GOP Conservative/Republican Party line.

No matter what the cost:o)
A. Peasant said…
i am dumbfounded that people bother with politics at all anymore. they all work for the same criminals. it's a complete joke.
A. Peasant said…
hi anon at 8:37, sorry your comment was in moderation and i did not see it for using the ipad instead of the laptop. anyway, i would like to dig into the topic further one of these days.

there's this thing called Generation Jones which is between the boomers and gen x, and while a lot of them have been co-opted by boomer and x values, because it includes people like obama and that disgusting shrew latest to the supreme court, kagan, there are a few who actually still knew their grandparents and have values that were widespread circa WWI. imo these people form the core of the pareto slice that will *hopefully* get us out of this shit show because they are much more inclined to see through all the bullshit.

i don't really have the tools to prove such a thing unfortunately, but that is the core of the idea.

as for the numbers of actual jews and homosexuals in society, that's another nut that is very hard to crack using simply the google-fu. so all i can say is i call bullshit on what we are told for numbers.
A. Peasant said…
i should add that if i can put my thoughts about the numbers into a post, i will. but without being able to prove anything, i am not sure that it would be worth it. of course my conspiracy mind will tell you that it's no surprise that i can't find the numbers i need...

Anonymous said…
sorry off-topic...but just discovered this and found it interesting. The first 15 minutes are interesting...I'm going to continue it tomorrow.
North Korea Exposes the Western Propaganda (Full Documentary)
questioning said…
again, off topic, but damned good. haarpicane FAIL.
A. Peasant said…
H questioning,
Thanks. Iam workingon another postandit willinclude some jimstone links...
Anonymous said…
You know what mrs peasant,,I expect jhalf of those victims are actually now actors pop stars and performers on the tee vee,,,Paedofiles are rife everywhere in Britain,,
The bbc is a sham governmental agency along with any of the other institutions working for the corporations and the fake Jewish financial cartel,,,
I think the actual meaning of the word Britain is covenant people or people of the covenant,,,
We know who these people have made a covenant with,,,the wrong end of themselves,,,,
Britain is a sick sick place,,,that has overstepped itself falling down in slow motion,,disfigured and under perpetual delusion,,,,
Most of the working class and middle classes of whatever ethnicity are normal respectable people,,,
But the so called higher classes are mostly totally corrupted,,,
It was Samhain last night,,,the satanic of the elite would have smashed a child's head over a rock in some satanic ritual,,,,probably the same as where you are

Thanks to people like you and aangirfan,,the truth gets out,,,, both of you Hero 's heroines,,,

A. Peasant said…
Neil! Where have you been man? Your poem is still here. I am happy to hear from you again.

Iexpectyou are rightabout the abused. Poor brittany spears i guess one of her handlers used to tellher her dogs were missing -- strangleddead? -- and get her in a state, and then produce the dogs. Sick sick but she is a star and a mind controlled slave And that is how it is done. Very sAd. The pics tell the story as usual.

Hang tough we are some of us still here...