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the illusion of privacy in a limited hangout world

With a few keystrokes, it is now possible for an investigator to determine a target’s location, activities, finances, sexual orientation, religion, politics, habits, hobbies, friends, family, their entire personal and professional histories… even accurately predict what they will do and where they will go in the future. Without leaving the office, a government agent can surveil a subject and “watch” their activities 24/7/365: where they drive, when they walk down the street, if they attend a church or synagogue or mosque or a demonstration or visit an abortion clinic or a “known criminal activity location” or meet with a “targeted person” or a disliked political activist. There is no longer any place to hide. Follow The Money: Privacy, A Postmortem
So... does that include pedophiles? Or are they some sort of protected group?

Because there is no privacy.

Certainly no online privacy.

So how do the pedophiles get away with it?

...and human beings are prisoners...

What makes some people so Hard To Catch in a world where privacy is just an illusion?

The illusion of privacy -- something to keep in mind at all times, and especially when hearing statements along the lines of Who Could Have Imagined..... Because just like when that despicable shrew Condi Rice uttered her smarmy excuses before congress, the crimes had already been imagined, planned, executed and covered up by the time we heard her pathetic regrettables. She was just lying. Lying about the deaths of thousands of people, which led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. And she got away with that. no problem, because she told the lies to other liars in power and then the media whores, also liars, did nothing about it.

Aangirfan has posted at length about Jimmy Savile, the pedophile predator. At the beginning when the news about Savile started to break, we saw the usual treatment on the internet. In the comment section the hue and cry about 'Why are all these people coming forward now when the poor guy can't defend himself BLAH BLAH BLAH they must be lying....'

Because Who Could Have Imagined? Has nothing untoward like this ever happened? Have people not read the pedopocracy? Have they not heard about the Franklin scandal and Marc Dutroux, Holly Grieg and many others? Are there so many out there so innocent of knowledge? After all this time? How do they manage to avoid the truth so assiduously?

The people who deny the horrific child abuse -- the perpetrators, the scale and horror -- are either hopelessly naive or participating in the cover up. For those who have lifted up the rock and peeked underneath, we know that people like Savile and Sandusky are perfectly consistent with organized crime rings that enlist many, many people in positions of power at the core, along with the countless disposable scumbags on the periphery.

People get away with their crimes because they belong to the crime ring. We live inside the crime ring. The criminals run the asylum. HOW ELSE could organized crime, TCOs (wink wink), be so huge, and so unstoppable, unless they involved many highly placed people in the media, judiciary, military, police, social services, intelligence agencies, customs, corporations, finance, and religions? Of course they also overrun the internet, working from large and well-funded sites doing limited hangouts 24x7 to the lowly trolls and bloggers on the payroll, poisoning the well and misleading people in small ways just as fast as they can. The internet has really become not much different than teevee anymore. One thousand channels but nothing much to see... just millions of people pulled into cul de sacs of pointlessness.

Look at this piece of shit, for instance. 

"A troll exploits social dynamics like computer hackers exploit security loopholes, and Violentacrez calmly exploited the Reddit hive mind's powerful outrage machine and free speech values at the same time."

In other words, he's a sociopath, and he was ALLOWED to do all manner of vile things, exploitative things, because he was good at it, and because we live in the social engineering laboratory where humans are studied and experimented on 24x7x365. On the internet especially, despicable people are VALUED for their ability to create chaos and division. That's considered a skill. People LIKE it.

Michael Brutsch helpfully created a "safe space" on reddit for pedophiles. That's so nice. Of course, he knows the people who run reddit so it's ok. Reddit has 3.4 billion pageviews a month, or so. We guess the authorities maybe keep track of things that happen there? On boards that Brutsch hosted like chokeabitch, niggerjailbait, rapebait, hitler, jewmerica, misogyny, incest? 

Do people post the vilest things, safe in their anonymity from you the other reader, when the authorities can track anyone down at any time? So who are they afraid of? The authorities? We think not. You know we bet if he had a subreddit on sensitive military technology that would be a different story. That's *serious.* But he was only doing pedophilia and so forth. So.....No problem with the authorities?

Michael Brutsch
The problem was, he explained, that if his identity got out, his many enemies would start attaching lies to his name because they simply don't like his views. They would say he was a child pornographer, when all he had done was spearhead the distribution of thousands of legal photos of underage girls. They would say the fact that he created a subreddit dedicated to Hitler meant he was anti-Semitic, when really it was just trolling. (Brutsch says he's got Jewish blood himself: "If you see a picture of me, I'm about as Jewish looking as they get.") They would Google-bomb his name and the word "pedophile" along with his publicly-traded company's name.  He needed to keep his anonymity to protect his ability to express things many people think but hardly anyone says.
Let's get his reasoning straight then. The PROBLEM is that he's a pig and pervert, and he's a Jew also, Which Doesn't Matter But Really, Who Could Have Imagined, and just because he has dedicated untold hours of his life to being a disgusting pig online and riling people up on purpose, because he enjoys doing that and as a matter of fact he is Top Fucking Talent in that department, well just because all that might be totally true, he does not want to bear any unpleasant consequences of any of that, so he needs to be ANONYMOUS from the other readers. Because he might be a connoisseur of child pornography?,  but that doesn't mean he's an actual child pornographer himself. True. And he might like to piss and moan about the Jews, anonymously of course because it gets people riled up and could get some of them on some watch lists or something, so he's perhaps a bit of a dilettante in so-called "anti-semitism?", but that doesn't mean he's anti-semitic since he very obviously gets an A+++ in Talmudic Judaism, whether he considers himself one or not. True. And anyway, according to Brutsch, he is just one of many other filthy perverts hanging around out there and it's all about freedom of speech so that miscreants can enjoy themselves anonymously without fear of consequences. True.

And again, who are they actually ANONYMOUS FROM? When anyone wants to remain anonymous on the web, who are they really keeping anonymous from? Not the authorities. Everyone BUT the authorities. So let's think about this. Who is dangerous to skeevy people on the web? The authorities? APPARENTLY NOT. They worry about being found out by neighbors, coworkers, friends, etc. You know, the people who could actually make their lives miserable.

Because, seems to us, if there were some authorities out there who were serious about stopping pedophiles, they could just bypass all that pesky privacy bullshit that they already bypass whenever they feel like it, since 911 changed everything and the NSA collects every speck of data every email phone call every breath you take if they think you might be a terrorist, even though they know all the terrorists because they are all on the payroll, they WHY PRAY TELL doesn't the bypass-your-rights door ever swing the other way, like when there's a fucking predator pedophile or a million of them, who are out there swapping their filthy abusive loot with each other? Why does the RULE OF LAW only come into play when the criminals need it for protection? If meantime the NSA and corporations are collecting data on E V E R Y O N E, for what reason did we sacrifice our privacy, if we can't even expect pedophiles to be stopped in the bargain???

All that Changing Everything certainly was a great deal for the criminals.

It's all a big joke. The whole thing. The whole pretense about the elections and the law and the constitution and the global warming, the war on drugs, and the war on terror. Et cetera. Democrats and republicans. All of it, Total Bullshit.

Social media. The ultimate joke. Facebook then? Totally helpless we guess when it came to stopping the cruelty against Amanda Todd, for example? Look at how this case evolves. Anonymous, cointelpro, steps in to hack their way through to the guy who blackmailed Amanda Todd? Really?? Is that necessary because the authorities and the NSA and so forth can't figure it out with the unlimited data they collect on everyone? They just can't figure it out, find the guy? Hmm. It looks like just another limited hangout. Put some low level asshole on the hook, call it a day, and let the other people upstream get back to their vile amusements.
These Daily Capper videos go through many other stories that revolve around subjects, mostly young girls, who have been tormented and manipulated sexually via the internet. They discuss the stories as if they are popular knowledge, which implies that there is an informed audience who follow these sick extortion-dramas.
Yes, indeed. It DOES IMPLY that there is an informed audience who follow these sick extortion dramas. There IS INDEED an informed audience and despite the FACT that there is no privacy whatsoever, for anyone, these people certainly do seem to get away with sick extortion dramas, without consequence. Why is that my friends? How can this be?? If we have an NSA and fusion centers tracking everything, do you see that all this frustration over catching the criminals is a big show for the gullible? Why else would poor Kody Maxson, award-winning pedophile blackmailer, say he feels "betrayed"? All this time he has been allowed to do these vile things and be rewarded with pats on the back for his TOP TALENT in blackmailing his victims, and now all of a sudden he is in trouble?? You can imagine his frustration that people are pointing the finger at him.
“If I was a tormentor I’d be in police custody,” he said, adding he’s “really pissed off and annoyed” that people are pointing the finger at him. “None of it’s true. I’m feeling betrayed.”
Really? Would he really be in police custody... in VANCOUVER? We kind of doubt it, considering that Vancouver is a huge human trafficking hub, something the police there would surely be aware of.

From Dave McGowan's Sleazefest in Seattle:

And it gets better. According to far more shocking allegations (, there is no shortage of other unsavory freight being shipped through Vancouver, including illegal drugs and weapons, and, perhaps inevitably, child pornography. According to witness statements taken from social workers, tribal elders and self-described victims, Vancouver is home to a protected network of pedophiles engaged in such pursuits as rape, torture, murder, child pornography, production of snuff films, and ethnic cleansing. Other then all that though, it seems like a great place to hold the Olympic games, especially since, as Perrin noted, “Traffickers will view the 2010 Olympics as the biggest business opportunity for them in decades.”

The network is said to be protected by virtually all levels of law enforcement and the judiciary, as well as by well-placed confederates in the church, the media, and other institutions of the state. If all of that sounds all too familiar, it is probably because you’ve spent time swimming in the sewers of the Franklin case in Omaha, Nebraska (, or possibly the Marc Dutroux case in Belgium (

From the galactic friends link:


1. An organized system of abduction, exploitation, torture and murder of large numbers of women and children appears to exist on Canada ’s west coast, and is operated and protected in part by sectors of the RCMP, the Vancouver Police Department (VPD), the judiciary, and members of the British Columbia government and federal government of Canada , including the Canadian military.

2. This system is highly funded and linked to criminal organizations including the Hell’s Angels, the Hong Kong Triad, and unnamed individual “free lance” mobsters from Vancouver and the USA . It is funded in part by a massive drug trade, with which it is intimately connected.

3. This system is decades-old and has been supplied for many years with women and children from aboriginal reserves and residential schools, with the paid collusion of lawyers, clergy and officials of the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada, along with state-funded aboriginal leaders and officials of the Department of Indian Affairs.

4. This system is international in scope, Vancouver being one spoke in a wheel of pedophilia, sex slavery, human organ black markets, “snuff” films and violent child pornography that has outlets throughout the Pacific Rim world, particularly in China and Thailand.

5. This system relies upon a network of complicity extending to the highest levels of power in Canada and other nations, involving coroners, judges, doctors, clergy, politicians and social workers, as well as the media. It also relies upon a network of “body dumping grounds” and mass graves, located in remote rural areas or on aboriginal reserves and both church and Crown land, where human remains are regularly disposed of by RCMP officers.

6. This system is kept in place because of a practice and philosophy of tolerance and protection by the established police, judicial, military, church and governmental institutions in Canada and elsewhere. The crimes committed by individual officers of the police, churches, court and government against women and children caught in this system are known and tolerated by these institutions.

Also see old TB posts regarding Vancouver.

We won't belabor it. That's the reality. Either you know it by now or you don't.

Where's the evidence? You have to ask the authorities. The authorities say there is no evidence? YES. OF COURSE THEY WOULD SAY THAT. That's the point.
And turns out, Savile was very highly connected and like Sandusky and his boy-grooming foundation The Second Mile, this goes way deeper. But someone has to put a firewall up and protect the bigger criminals upstream, and that's the job of the media. After all, the people in the media have played along with all this corruption for decades. They are part of the criminals upstream. They have so much blood on their hands, and they are certainly going to help run the Limited Hangout putting guys like Savile and Sandusky on the hook and through the grinder, and then they we are all going to brush our hands together and say PHEW!?! We got those fuckers?!? Glad that's over huh??? So what were you saying darling do you need a fresh scotch?

No. No we are not doing that. The pedophile angle, the harm against children, is the fuse that blows open the death cult. Not looking for a limited hangout here. Looking for the full list of names.

And why do these limited hangouts seem to work so well?

Switters sent me this link about the social engineers.

Why are Americans so easy to manipulate?

Summary: "Behavior modification techniques excite authoritarians." People who rise to power love controlling other people. So they created a society of people who are easy to control. 

And they always practice and perfect their methods. They use facebook and reddit and twitter and the internet for their FEEDBACK LOOPS, to see how they're doing. They use teevee for their programming. In order to debase human beings they put as much garbage out there as they can possibly get away with, and they they watch what the poor debased humans do using the feedback loops.

And that is why a despicable reddit troll can be known to the reddit management, and openly encourage pedophilia, and point to the debased teevee and music industry as his defense, and then have countless people rush to his defense because they consider it all an attack on their freedom of speech and privacy rights. Because all of that satisfies the social engineers.

People really want to be free to be pieces of shit. That's their right, and they will fight for it.

Understand, there is no privacy. Private corporations and the NSA have collected everything. There are no secrets.


They do not stop the criminal activity. They trot out the Rule of Law and all sorts of phony excuses why it is Too Hard to stop the criminals.


The social engineers created what they wanted to create.

They created a society of depraved, mindless, soulless, controllable sex obsessed zombies. They know where they are, and they let them do their thing. Once in a while they have to take one down to keep it looking legit. But they don't care about all the lives being destroyed. A death cult doesn't care about people's lives. They flooded drugs into countless communities. They murdered countless people, dumped their bodies God knows where. They bought off countless people. Bought them off or blackmailed them with the proceeds of the organized crime activities. They promoted the vilest sociopaths to positions of power to make this all possible. Started wars. Murdered more innocent people. Over and over and over again. Their media whores lied for them to keep it covered up. When people tried to tell what happened, they were destroyed.

This is what they wanted, and this is what we have. People complied with it, whether they realized it or not.


All those who don't like this world need to stop cooperating with the criminally insane.

Like, immediately.

In the mid-1970s, as an intern on a locked ward in a state psychiatric hospital, I first experienced one of behavior modification’s staple techniques, the “token economy.” And that’s where I also discovered that anti-authoritarians try their best to resist behavior modification. George was a severely depressed anti-authoritarian who refused to talk to staff, but for some reason, chose me to shoot pool with. My boss, a clinical psychologist, spotted my interaction with George, and told me that I should give him a token—a cigarette—to reward his “prosocial behavior.” I fought it, trying to explain that I was 20 and George was 50, and this would be humiliating. But my boss subtly threatened to kick me off the ward. So, I asked George what I should do.
George, fighting the zombifying effects of his heavy medication, grinned and said, “We'll win. Let me have the cigarette.” In full view of staff, George took the cigarette and then placed it into the shirt pocket of another patient, and then looked at the staff shaking his head in contempt.
Unlike Skinner, George was not “beyond freedom and dignity.” Anti-authoritarians such as George—who don’t take seriously the rewards and punishments of control-freak authorities—deprive authoritarian ideologies such as behavior modification from total domination.

People are depending on it.


INCOMING!!!!!!! said…
Phukkin'A AP. Phukkin'A.

We live in a perpetually expanding Crime Scene, every interaction, every contract, every form of intercourse is a conspiracy after the fact. Business persons are the perps though they are too stupid to know it and are in denial about their teir of humanity. They will get removed on plan, through their hubris, but humanity will win. I dont't think these ever so busy persons realise the irony of their inactions.

As an aside a friend of mine visibly shook when describing the blingmeister when she courted his circles 45 years ago. He was always known and now we need ask what is going down now that our eye is off the ball.

Cya supersonic.
A. Peasant said…
that's a good question about what is going down, though sometimes i wonder if the never-ending war business is the distraction for the crimes against children, or is the limited hangout of the boy scouts sandusky and savile the distraction for next war on tap. hard to say. bottom line is that it's all death cult business all the time, and i am quite sick of it. my post may be on the rant side and i maybe should have put it at the rude blog, but anyway i guess you catch my drift so thanks. glad you are back from vaca i'll have to mosey over and see if you have any goodies up...
Anonymous said…
Great post AP. You know a big smile crossed my face when I saw our table flip pic. :-D

Regarding that troll from reddit...I came across some very interesting information about the company, Gawker, that was leading the crusade to out the guy.

Turns out that the Reddit subreddit was possibly eating into their profits! This is almost unbelievable, check it out.
(a snip)
The company that Adrian Chen and the staff of work for, made some of its profits (and hence some of their wages) from the advertising of an adult network that, according to most feminists and most feminist laws of the world, contains virtual child pornography images, and likely contains sexualised images of real children in order to trick readers (i.e. ‘paedophiles’) into thinking that they are purchasing stolen or secretly recorded hardcore videos of those children ‘in action’. This is the same Adrian Chen who pressured the company that owns Reddit into ending the publishing of ‘child porn’ images of clothed teenagers.

It's almost predictable that there would be ulterior motives behind this.

I like how you framed the privacy issue...if they need to be able to watch everybody all the time for whatever reason, TO KEEP US SAFE, of course...then why aren't they arresting "criminals" by the thousands? Because they need to make the most of the arrests. To use the latest "laws", that are as un-Constitutional as can be, I'd say they want to make them newsworthy. That is, in the sense that they can use their media to show off how they are REALLY KEEPING US SAFE, not just locking up John Public for looking at pics of hot teenagers.

It's like I keep waiting for one of these days, somebody regular schmoe will save a little girl from drowning, or grandma from being hit by a bus...and while being interviewed on TV (better if live)will say "I just did what the investigators of the Franklin Scandal SHOULD have done..." ;-)
Catch my drift?
The more people wake up, the more likely something like that could happen.
A man can dreams, yes?
Anonymous said…
Excellent, Excellent, Excellent.

Good to see you back in form AP. And good to see you tying in with Aang's current juggernaut ride. The schoolgirls always knew that wave was coming and were perfectly poised to max it out. Have you been keeping up with the comments there? Lots and lots of very interesting people piling in. And the phrase 'tipping point' comes to mind.

In the face of such numbers, the disinfo trolls have been stumped. So they ran away and set up their own site! Did you see it? It's gibberish, it's pathetic, and I can't wait to see where they go with it. It should make for fine comedy. And be educational! Every time these fuckwits open their mouths they tell us more and more. Are they here reading? Probably. Boys! I demand you go on the attack! Rip us a new one! We love it!

Otherwise AP, I'm back soon. A week or two and I shall having nothing better to do than, um... 'goad motherfuckers', ha ha. And of course, it'll be nice to be me again.

best etc. etc.

PS. Hats off to George. My kind of guy. And you know what... somehow I figure I'll end up there too. See what happens but God knows I've done my level best. Ciao Ciao.

and PPS. Since I'm unable to comment at Kenny's or Penny's (something to do with their same-page comment arrangement and my IP I guess (and yeah, yeah, rhyme, whatever)), should they happen to pop in here my best regards to both of them. They're two very savvy and level-headed people whom I admire greatly.

Off I go now.
A. Peasant said…
haha, a man can dreams, yes!

you have sent me many good links swits, so i'm glad to share them in a post. that stir up between gawker and reddit -- i don't know what to say. it's all pretty messed up and the social networking sites just feed into it and feed off of it. and as usual, follow the money.

wikispooks said…
Good stuff. Can I wikify it and post it on Wikispooks (duly credited and linked) please?

I'll need to chop it about a bit but you're welcome to edit or change it yourself once up.
aferrismoon said…
The 'trolling' as uhh relevant social development will now be taught in schools - shit is good children - acquire it, digest it, regurgitate and then exploit the reactions. Not dissimilar to the 'chaos' activities of the such loonimarys as the 'Weather Underground', Mansonia, pretty much every 'art' period since Dada, the awful talent shows etc etc.

If u don't like it [ aka engaging one's intelligence] the updated Politik will get you, ridicule you and cast you aside, in the mould of anti-intellect hating social regimes - Bolshevist Communism, Pol Pot. ObAmerika etc.

Anyhow I don't understand anything you're saying [ voice now applying the 'OMG I think I'm a victim here', soon to hyperventilate. look at me shrillness] as it won't fit on Twitter

Yuri Bezmenov - always worth a relisten

wikispooks said…
Done it.

Let me know any issues - or change it yourself if you like
A. Peasant said…
It looks fine. Thank you.
Anonymous said…
I think I'm starting to see a pattern developing. I think certain groups are beginning to get bothered...that they're losing the internet infowar.

Web users turn on trolls in what may be a new Internet age -

French Jews to sue Twitter over anti-Semitic tweets -
(surprised there's only one comment)

Zionizing California -
California passes resolution defining criticism of Israel as anti-Semitism -

Indeed, if Americans

@ferrismoon I saw that Yuri clip years ago, and at first, wasn't sure if it was just right-wing JBS scare tactics...but over the past few years, after re-listening to what he say and reapplying...Man, he really seems to nail what's going down. That's why I wonder if these new "internet news" stations like Russia Today, aren't in fact part of the demoralization campaign.
Anonymous said…
Great article.

Brutsch is just one pig working for the establishment spook services spreading filth and pain. How many more just like him? How many helpers and enablers and unwitting dupes are devoted to this? With the multi billion dollar budgets for all thinks homeland security related, the sky is the limit.

The Amanda Todd story will cause more pain on several fronts. Filthy media are using this story to continue to twist the knife in families, especially those with girls of similar age.
A current CBC story makes a huge deal of selling lie on useless statistical evidence.
Girl suicides on the rise due to cyber bullying.....

Lies and fearmongering! Over 10 years and four nations with only 41 cases is not even close to a reasonable sample to make claims like that.
But such a headline could encourage a copycat reaction by many girls. Malcolm Gladwell wrote about suicide epidemics in The Tipping Point, and clearly there are links with media romanticizing suicide. Creating empathy amongst specific demographic groups playing up the despair and pain leading to copycat behavior is well within the capabilities of our media monsters.
CBC also featured a bizarre out of touch reaction to the Todd suicide featuring a bunch of women who reacted to it by stripping down for online photos in 'support' of Amanda..........what a great way to confuse young girls further and cause even more grief for their mothers.

As for your very logical well crafted question about why the authorities 'can't bypass all that pesky privacy bullshit'........our glorious CBC explains it to us, just in case we are thinking too much for ourselves. Lies and cover for the criminals as usual.

Anonymous said…
Hullo AP, Did my comment go astray? Perhaps it's in your spam folder?


A. Peasant said…
Nobs, so sorry it was in a moderation folder.

I haveread someof the comments at aans and am paying as close attention as possible (home life permitting).

Are you really going to write again? Is it christmas?? This isa great time tojump back into the fray. They areon theropes so let uspileon. Sorry for the run on words it is the ipad... Slows meright down
A. Peasant said…
Ferris, i think wehave several lost generationsof young people already. Sometimesi just cannot believe what passesfor normalbehavior. Things that would be considered absolutely scandalous thirty years ago.

Good reminder of the bezmenov info. I watched it a year or two ago. Excellent and sadlyprophetic. No surprises. It was all planned by social engineers. As dulynoted.

A. Peasant said…
from your first link:

“People are realising they cannot afford to have this ‘live and let live’ ethos to what is posted on their site. I feel like this is a social movement on a par with the Arab Spring.”

let's hope this is not a good analogy... with the arab spring...because that was all a social engineering experiment also. but, that caveat aside, the article makes a good point about all those people who now see anonymous behavior as suspicious. that is progress.

re: bezmenov, it is excellent. and yes i think it is safe to say that ALL, and i mean ALL, large media outlets are included. it's all tainted. where there's a budget, especially a big one, there is an agenda.
A. Peasant said…
hi anon at 3:40. good links. the last one is just classic. the poor authorities, they try so hard. it's just so hard. the constitution, the jurisdiction.... it is all there to protect us and REGRETTABLY, it helps the criminals get away.

i like what the calgary women are doing in terms of contacting people and saying, HEY did you know your child is posting XYZ? but i don't get why the pic of them half dressed. is that really necessary? does everything have to be sexed up? and all those women in the pic are pretty young. i would like to see the MOTHERS of the children who participated in the bullying. i would like to see their faces on the banner.

it is true there are way too many mixed messages in everything. do a good deed but do it half dressed? and write messages over your body? reminds me of some other similar stuff i recently saw with women all having the same words written on their bodies to support the troops. i don't have the link but it was all these photos of half dressed women with the same message written on their backs. women's bodies are reduced to sending messages and the battle seems to be which message. the "good" message or the "bad" message. hey how about no troops sent anywhere to kill other people, since all the wars are for filthy bankers anyway??? that's my idea of supporting the troops. stay home stay alive stay with your family. win win for the people.

aferrismoon said…
"I'm a limited hangout hood-a-lum
I troll so hard it makes me cum
Ridicule and hate
Is a rule of thumb
If I ever can extract it
Fr-o-o-m my bum "

'Harvard and Yale Traditional Initiation Ditties'

A. Peasant said…
Hahaha, omg ferris you are wicked!
james said…
The thing with the Native Americans/First Nation people is that they were subjected to deliberate, organised genocide by churches/corporations and govt and it is still ongoing . It's just that the perps (govt etc) are making money off it now and using criminals as fronts at the sharp end and backing them from behind.
A. Peasant said…
hi James,
here's the link to the Kevin Arnett site:

it's frustrating that the church has become a firewall of sorts. people have accepted that the church has done all these horrible things but they don't necessarily see the crossover to the police and the judiciary, and the rest of how organized crime works.
Edo said…
Welcome back AP - storming post as per usual, and sharp as a razor.

Nobs mate, please let it be true and start writing again. Current affairs need your thoughts!

Best wishes to everyone.

A. Peasant said…
Hey Edo, hi and thanks to you, good to see you around. I second your thoughts aboutmr.nobody... Thethought of him writing againmakes meunreasonably happy haha...
Anonymous said…
Totally excellent. All clearly explained.

The Feudal Lords are usually criminals.

- Aangirfan
A. Peasant said…
Aan, thank you. thank you for your work this month exposing Savile and pulling on all the many threads to unravel how he was connected to so many powerful people. you've done outstanding work and i am happy to be able to pile on a bit.
Anonymous said…
Hi Peasant, nice to see you're back from the long recess :-)

I read the article yesterday over at Wikispooks without realizing it was yours. I've had similar thoughts over the years but in respect to "illegal" drugs: in all countries police has the whole drugs scene pretty much under control so a market for illegal drugs can only exist with their (and their civilian higher-ups) ultimate sanction and approval. So, thanks for putting that all into clear words.

Continuing in the same vein, sanctioned atrocities, Dutroux, Saville etc, where I live there was some years a case of a perv called "Fritzl" who held his daughter in the basement for 24 years. That was easy: he was committed for life, as things should be. And there was another case, "Kampusch", of the girl who was abducted at age 8/9 and kept in a hidden basement. This case kept appearing in the media and "reviving" after part of the "authorities" closed it, two, three, four ... times. In the meantime the pederast inclinations of too many catholic priests caused the installation of a "commission", whose main mission has been to buy out and silence the victims and witnesses. This would have also have gone softly into oblivion, but people who had grown up in orphanages which had nothing to do with the church but everything with the "left side of the empire", the socialist party, went on public record complaining that they were being discriminated against because nobody was listening to them. So here also a commission was installed if I understood that correctly.

Now, have you heard about "Haute de la Garenne" (sp?)? Well, there is a beautiful castle here called "Wilhelminenberg". It was used by the nazis to intern (and probably kill) imbeciles, and when they went it became an orphanage under control of the city govt. Currently it is a luxury hotel. It has a beautiful park open to the public and a splendid view over the city. Public information about this case has been scant, but what came out is that a) children were being rented out to pimps and b) unknown men were let in at night to have their way with the children, apparently some higher-up employees of the city administration as well as "well-known" politicians of the time. Last but not least, there are "over 1000 reported cases" and the number of complainants is increasing according to what little has been published.

Up to about 6 months ago all of this was come and go in the media, present in waves. Then something interesting happened. A much maligned rightist party purportedly paid private investigators to assemble a dossier because they wanted to know what was going on with child molesters here. They published a preview. And the issue of pederasty disappeared from media within one week. According to what was came to me third-hand, the PIs had named a bunch of currently active higher-ups from the left side of the empire, among them our current preznit and wife, who BTW have impeccable references, these consisting mainly in having lived on a kibbutz and having "emigrated" to sweden to run away from the nazis; the current preznit of the parliament (who has similarly impeccable references), several ppl from academia involved in research about sexuality (same kind of refs), and a certain "fat and well-known" politician. Of these there are exactly two in this city: one is the major, the other one is an MP from the rightist-catholic party who declared that all this pederasty nonsense was bringing us nowhere - causa finita.

It appears to me that there is nothing interesting here to see and we all should go our ways. It must be just a coincidence that things so similar are happening everywhere, stuff which is not supposed to happen. It must be a flurry of one-off cases. Or it is sanctioned.
A. Peasant said…
Hello anon,
I agree there seems tohave sprung some sort of leak in the dam. Amazing development and something that has seemed inevitable for along time, yet itdidnothappen.i don't know why now suddenly it seems like things arebreaking open.

I remember the Fritzl case, that wasnot too long ago. Kampusch does not ring a bell. The difference couldbe that fritzl was expendable as a limited hangout.perhaps the othercase had too many tentacles?

I see the presidents wife was VP of save the children austria in the 1990s. Practice makes perfect...

What happened tothe dossier? Did it ever get circulated?

Anonymous said…
I don't think the dossier ever got circulated. Pass this through google translate: http : // bit . ly / xRpJ99

IIRC save the kids is a front of the company together with worldvision and several other "save the somethings" which have a lively influx of socialites and wannabees in this country.

BTW I've been reading up about all the "gangstalking" weirdness - it should only give more weight to what you say - you may want to look up the case of a brit by the name of Kevin Galalae and check his writings.

Out of curiosity, are you a USAn?
A. Peasant said…
Hi, thanks. I will check these out.

I was just reading this found by following links at aan's comments. Another country same issues...

And yes i am in the US, in new england. Been blogging since 2007 and have definitely had strange things happen over the years depending on topics covered. I can tell you theydonot likepeople writing about militarytechnology.
Dublinmick said…
Fantastic Peasant

We heard a short hue and cry after Penn State but the link with Saville and Sandusky is very muted. (firts saw this on aangirfan) That is the way the west is these days. They don't want to know and many of them are simply suffering from various forms of mental illness and cowardice.

A. Peasant said…
hey dubs, good to see you. i agree exactly about people not wanting to know. see next post...