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no fear mongering, no psyop - updated

[Updated at bottom, just tying up a loose thread.]

A short diversion to another topic: smallpox.

To refresh your memory, we have looked into this before.

One has to PREPARE first.

And PLAN. And have NARRATIVES Ready To Go.

See: not ready yet

Excerpt: Once upon a time, a long time ago, namely June 2001, our US government ran a national security exercise called Dark Winter simulating a smallpox attack, to see if the country was ready for a biological weapon attack. Conclusion: NOT READY YET.

See: eat fresh produce

Excerpt: ...And we were stunned to learn that a Dr. A.R. Campbell, 1865-1931, conducted extensive research on smallpox, and he discovered that smallpox was caused by bedbugs. Furthermore, it did not spread person to person, or through the air, or through clothing, but it struck people with poor hygiene and vitamin C deficiency.

"In considering this malady, I quickly became impressed with two distinctive peculiarities of it, viz: Its being a disease of the winter and of the coldest climates, and that, as a rule, it is confined to the lower or filthy classes." Resume of Experiments on Variola, by Charles A.R. Campbell, M.D.

One would note at this link that a Russian scientist had arrived at the same conclusions as Dr. Campbell. One might also note the strong connection to poor nutrition and crop failures:

The most important observation on the medical aspect of this disease is the cachexia with which it is invariably associated and which is actually the soil requisite for its different degrees of virulence. I refer to the scorbutic cachexia. Among the lower classes of people this particular acquired constitutional perversion of nutrition is most prevalent, primarily on account of their poverty, but also because of the fact that they care little or nothing for fruits or vegetables. That a most intimate connection exists between variola and scorbutus is evidenced by the fact that it is most prevalent among the poor or filthy class of people ; that it is more prevalent in winter, when the antiscorbutics are scarce and high priced; and, finally, that the removal of this perversion of nutrition will so mitigate the virulence of this malady as positively to prevent the pitting or pocking of smallpox. A failure of the fruit crop in any particularly large area is always followed the succeeding winter by the presence of smallpox.

Very, very interesting reading.

"The current drought is covering almost as much of the U.S. as during the 1930s dust bowl."


We have been told repeatedly that smallpox was eradicated worldwide, except for some samples of the deadly virus which exist in the US and Russia.
The last officially acknowledged stocks of variola are held by the United States at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and by Russia at the State Research Centre of Virology and Biotechnology. The US collection consists of 450 isolates of variola, while various authoritative sources place the number of specimens retained by Russia at ≈150 samples, consisting of 120 different strains (7,8), including several selected for their increased virulence that were collected during the Cold War as potential biological weapons. The possibility that stolen smallpox cultures may already be in the hands of rogue states or terrorist organizations also remains an important subject of international concern. 
Cave home in Afghanistan.

Well, you know, you cannot reassort deadly viruses in caves. You need BSL-3 and BSL-4 labs.
"These are not easy viruses to reconstruct," Professor Diane Griffin of Johns Hopkins University's Bloomberg School of Public Health said in 2005. "You're not going to do this in a cave in Afghanistan." (source)

How many BSL-3 and BSL-4 (even safer!) labs are there in the world?

And where do they conduct bioterrorism research?
Not in the caves of Afghanistan.
BSL-3 lab at University of Georgia, for "research involving recombinant DNA molecules"

Just to be crystal clear: BIO-TERROR research is conducted in BSL-3 and BSL-4 labs.


Most nations agreed these smallpox stocks should have been destroyed, but then, it turned out, LUCKILY, in 2011, they REALIZED that they *should NOT* destroy the stocks after all. Because they discovered there could be some [$$$$$$$$$$] "CURES" in those viruses. And sure enough, we have noticed stories in the past few months about the smallpox vaccine having sudden new benefits vis a vis other diseases.
In 2011, the World Health Organization will recommend the fate of existing smallpox stockpiles, but circumstances have changed since the complete destruction of these cultures was first proposed. Recent studies suggest that variola and its experimental surrogate, vaccinia, have a remarkable ability to modify the human immune response through complex mechanisms that scientists are only just beginning to unravel. Further study that might require intact virus is essential. Moreover, modern science now has the capability to recreate smallpox or a smallpox-like organism in the laboratory in addition to the risk of nature re-creating it as it did once before. These factors strongly suggest that relegating smallpox to the autoclave of extinction would be ill advised.
Phew close call, huh?

Just in the nick of time, the scientists found out about the possible miracles that they must study by recreating the smallpox or smallpox-like organisms in their BSL-3 and BSL-4 labs, located worldwide, which you may recall those labs are -- INEXPLICABLY -- not as super secure as we would hope.

Sure enough, because we have a news filter for "smallpox," we can tell you that smallpox is very much alive and well in the scientific community and percolates along on the back burner of the herd consciousness. These headlines are just from November 2012, just a selection. This goes on all the time, this constant background focus on smallpox. Someone someplace is always reminding us. Never Forget blah blah blah.

LA Times: Smallpox virus detected in 300-year old Siberian mummy, 11/21/12...
San Fransisco Chronicle: Smallpox vaccine kills liver cancer, 11/23/12....
Reuters: Bavarian Nordic receives additional order for IMVAMUNE(R) smallpox vaccines from the Canadian government, 11/28/12....
Business Wire: Research and markets: Smallpox - pipeline review H2 2012, 11/2/12....
The Nation (Pakistan): Three children die of smallpox in Khairpur, 11/19/12

Whoa, hold on a second there. We thought this disease was eradicated except for the stockpiles in the US and Russia....?

KHAIRPUR - Three children died of smallpox in Therimirwah Taulka in Khairpur district. Three children identified as Samander, Ashfaq, Farhan died at village Ajeeb Dasti near Tharimirwah. According to the villagers, a total of seven children died during the last 48 hours in different villages, but the health department or district administration are still unaware in this regard. They said due to poor services of the health department, medicines are stolen from health centres while district administration is also not paying attention in this regard. They have demanded dispatch of doctors teams to their areas as several people including children are suffering from smallpox disease and the people are scared of the rising death toll.

How can this be? Well, there are a couple of possibilities:

1) It's not smallpox but some other pox. 
2) Bio-terrorists, using their BSL-3 and BSL-4 labs, have let the disease loose in Pakistan.
3) It's a disease that occurs naturally under certain conditions: bedbugs + winter months + poor nutrition / hygiene / poverty / lack of Vitamin C + following crop failures.

So, let's see here. We have a precedent case. It turns out that back in June 2002, a similar event happened. No one seemed to know anything.
A spokesman for the Centers for Disease Control says he had not heard anything from official sources about any outbreak.
“We did get some anecdotal reports,” said the CDC’s Llelwyn Grant.
“There are so many poxes out there that are sometimes misdiagnosed,” Grant continued. “It could be a number of things.”
OBVIOUSLY not a big emergency to the CDC, aside being useful to open some public forums about the smallpox vaccine. But the story goes on to speculate about al qaeda being responsible. And then, it turned out to be chickenpox.  Hoo, false alarm. And of course, it makes sense as all of us who were children once if we remember, and those who additionally have children may also remember, that chickenpox tends to go around in the warm months.

Lesson straight from the CDC's mouth: "There are so many poxes out there that are sometimes misdiagnosed. It could be a number of things."

So if you ever hear about smallpox breaking out, just remember it could be one of the many other poxes. Especially if it happens in the warm months. Just Saying there is no need to push the panic button in case some news story pops up about people getting smallpox someplace.

As for al qaeda or some other bioterrorists, we would expect that IF THAT WERE THE CASE THIS TIME, this news would have been handled differently. You would not be reading about it way over here at Twelfth Bough on 12/28, because everyone on teevee would have been freaking out over it since 11/20. The narrative is always prepared in advance of the event. If you don't see a narrative, that means the event was not planned. 

No fear mongering, no psyop!

That leaves us the third explanation: it's a naturally occurring outbreak of the disease...?

In 2003, we see this report about some army doctors who had seen smallpox patients in Pakistan in the 1960s.

Notable observations:

Kersey, university colleague Dr. Ashley Haase and Dr. David Williams of the Mayo Clinic are part of an elite medical group: the 200 to 400 U.S. doctors who have seen smallpox victims. Their expertise has largely been overlooked during federal bioterrorism planning.
All three say they are reassured by planning done during the past year to prepare the nation to deal with a bioterrorism attack. Their experience also suggests that smallpox is readily recognized and that it typically doesn't spread beyond bedside contacts of victims -- even in the medical conditions of war-torn Pakistan in the 1960s, where all three saw the disease....

When the two men arrived in one of the dusty villages dotting the Himalayan foothills of northern Pakistan, they would ask for the village chief. Then they would share tea, as custom dictated, and ask if any villagers had smallpox.

If the answer was yes, Haase would ask to see the smallpox victims. Most often, they were cared for by family members in dark, cramped, homes.

Sometimes, he would encounter smallpox victims along the road. One woman was journeying to a distant part of Pakistan to visit relatives. She had the disease's pustules but felt strong enough to make the trip.

The woman, and others like her, probably helped keep smallpox circulating in Pakistan, Haase said. The virus can be shed in pustule scabs. Still, cases were rare, indicating that the disease did not spread easily without prolonged, close contact, he said.

That was good, because the drug Haase tested didn't work. It often made people vomit. Some patients' families got angry and forced him to leave villages in a hurry.

...Williams, 70, a retired lung specialist at the Mayo Clinic, was a Methodist medical missionary stationed in Pakistan from 1965 until late 1973. He still remembers his first smallpox case at the United Christian Hospital in Lahore.

The man, who lived in the countryside, arrived covered with pustules. The diagnosis was obvious.

Williams and the other doctors sent the man elsewhere for treatment after a day or so.

No one else at the hospital contracted the disease, including the men in the open ward where the man stayed, he said. Although most staff members were vaccinated, many patients were not.

...Kersey, 64, had much the same experience at a hospital in Karachi, in southern Pakistan.
That's where he saw the three smallpox patients whose pustule-marked faces still are imprinted on his memory. Yet no one else in the hospital became infected; most staff members were vaccinated.

In the slums of Karachi, where he volunteered to care for patients, it was different. The crowded conditions, malnutrition and other health problems helped the disease spread.

"These were extraordinarily poor health conditions," he said. And smallpox wasn't the only threat. Far more common, Kersey said, were leprosy, malaria, rabies and deaths from a disease that still kills millions of people -- diarrhea.

The expertise of these doctors has been largely ignored by the people doing bioterrorism planning. CHECK.

AND, their observations about smallpox agree entirely with the observations of Dr. A.R. Campbell. CHECK.

AND, we have no fear-mongering narrative in place. CHECK.

AND, we have a precedent case of misdiagnosis in Pakistan, in 2002. CHECK.

What else do we know?

Khairpur district of Pakistan

At the same time the provincial government of Sindh has declared Tharparkar District a calamity-hit drought area, deferring all payments of outstanding government dues including agricultural taxes and loan payments. It further declared the drought situation beyond its capacity to respond and called upon the federal government and international community to respond to the people’s needs. 95% of Tharparkar has had no rain and 1.2 million of its population of 1.3 million is affected by the drought. Major parts of Umerkot District and some areas of Sukkur, Khairpur, Sanghar, Kohistan region of Jamshoro, and ‘Kachho’ area of Dadu District are also facing severe drought. 

Pictures of Khairpur:

We think, maybe, there's a pretty good chance that the people who live in Khairpur may be poor, and malnourished, and lack vitamin C in their diets, due to the floods a couple of years ago (that were inexplicably not forecasted), and the current drought this year. We think also, that some of these people may have to contend with pests such as bedbugs.

In other words, we think this is an environment, that HISTORICALLY, provides the conditions that lead to smallpox.


Virtually eradicated nationwide sixty years ago thanks to superpowered pesticides such as DDT, bedbugs are back — largely because those chemicals are now banned, but also thanks to what experts quoted in news reports call "increased foreign travel." While much of this involves airplanes — and Koehler points out that "there are parts of the world such as India and Pakistan that have had bedbugs forever and where they never went away" — the bedbug resurgence is spurring not-so-surprising buzz about its origins.
Ah, see, the bedbugs could be Pakistan's fault then? Experts cite "increased foreign travel?" You know, from skeevy places that we might want to bomb someday? Actually we had a different take on it.

Bedbugs have plagued humans for centuries. Then, after a half a century of relative inactivity, the bedbugs suddenly started up again in the late 1990s. Hmm. Kind of strange. And of course, the bedbugs are harder to kill than ever.

Scientists hypothesize what's up with that. In the 1940s and ’50s, liberal use of DDT and other insecticides all but wiped out the pests. Scientists hypothesize that the few that survived proliferated—females can lay up to five eggs a day, and 500 during a lifetime—and passed along pesticide-resistant traits. Millions of bedbug generations later, scientists are finally zeroing in on how, exactly, bedbugs made their comeback.

Possibilities include:
  1. thicker skin repels pesticides faster 
  2. metabolism repels pesticides 
  3. chemical blocking repels pesticides 
  4. Fort Detrick bio-engineered a bedbug that repels pesticides

Just kidding! The scientists didn't actually hypothesize about Fort Detrick. That was us.
Some people might be eager to blame countries like Pakistan for the bedbug problem, and perhaps the smallpox problem should it become an issue, but they should rather look at countries with BSL-3 and BSL-4 labs, because that's where all the bioterror research is conducted. Research that may have made bedbugs *suddenly* more virulent after decades of being easily controlled, and research into creating deadly chimera viruses that would never occur in nature, and research into naturally occurring diseases like smallpox that have been understood for over a century, with such knowledge having been intentionally suppressed from the masses, leading to needless suffering. And also leading to some people making obscene profits on vaccines and huge government bureaucracies instead.


For your consideration.


james said…
Great analysis, APea
Anonymous said…
apparently plans have been made...

simple truths endure.

clean hearts and minds...

are stronger.
A. Peasant said…
Thank you James. I thought it might be a good idea to check in with bioterror.
questioning said…
excellent work all around A.P. Ma'am. I "gift" you this link. Money shot: "These were terrorists involved in drug running operations from the Tri-border (TBA) areas of South America through North Africa and into Western Europe. By the way, this is the way they made their money. Drugs sell at higher profits in Western Europe than elsewhere, so there is money to be made. The problem is that some of them got caught—snatched up in Benghazi and northeastern Libya.

Now regarding AQIM, this has a direct connection not only to South America, but also to Mexico and Mexican drug gangs. You think that what’s going on in Libya is just ‘over there,’ and far away from the U.S. and has nothing to do with our safety and security? Think again, but more on this in a bit." Hmmmmm, where have we heard this lickle tid-bit before? "We are engaged in a real war here with Iran and Syria and by extension, with Russia and China. And we are being lied to about it every step of the way. And the lies are getting worse, but so are the attempts to stop the truth from getting out.

What do you mean?

What do you think the recent directive issued by Obama, the one you wrote about ‘insider threats,’ is all about? Obama does not want the American people to know the truth about what is going on. He’s doubled down to stop leaks, like this. But you know what? He just might be too late, because we’re not done here. I’m not done talking, and there’s much more that needs to be exposed.".....(rollseyes) O REALLY?!?
A. Peasant said…
Aaah questioning... This is neocon gold!

Many thanks.
questioning said…
you're welcome :) lovin' the limited hang-out/damage control/sheparding spin in this article so far..."ook-ooh!-ooh!-ooh! ima INSIDER! I gots ta guds heer sees! I'll spill da beans!(pay no attention to the "raisins" mixed in there) Obamarama an' friendz (frenemies) is ta ebil!" Fuck, these guys sound like breathless tween-age girls building up to orgasm at a corporate androgyne warbling twink band concert. (girls and gay bois, just remember, those twinks you worship have serviced more jewish cock than a mohel! Old, diseased, nasty, crusty grandpa dongs!)

I'm really sick and tired of these crocodile-swine hue-mans waddling and slithering around on their scaly trotters. Crying croc tears as they root their necrotic snouts in filth. And most of Mankind is oblivious...(sighs).
A. Peasant said…
gah that's a lot of visuals there q.... have mercy... ;D
A. Peasant said…
btw sorry for comments held up in moderation. working many hours lately.
Unknown said…
Good research, thorough. This has to be one of the false flag areas to watch for given all that we know.

Understand what you mean about work it has been manic for me too. Hence a bit of delay with finishing off some more leads on the subject we were discussing a while back. I promise I will have this done soon!

Anyway best regards,

A. Peasant said…
Carol, no worries. We do what we can. There are many things i want to follow up on and then life intervenes or some other post writes itself etc.. We do what we can in between making our lives go forward.
Anonymous said…
Here's a link regarding that "insider threat" policy...(ugg VT..)

I found it interesting that neither side is skreeching "Conspiracy theorist!"...

this one's OFF-TOPIC...but you may find use for it someday.

I wanted to add something else, but have forgotton. :-P
Hope everyone had a nice Turkey day.
A. Peasant said…
Hey swits, hope you are going good. Thanksgiving was good and it has been a nuthouse ever since.

This exec order... It could be the faction battle but even so, we the people lose no matter which faction. The only benefit, if its real, is for their ranks to be thinned and more of them to be taken down out and exposed. But false sense of security? No way.

Like one of the comments in the second link, when is hollywood going to make a predictive programming movie about hollywood hotshots and other assorted powersluts being picked off by pissed off white americans? Are they working on that one yet? Yeah didnt think so.
bholanath said…
So, the subway pusher turns out to be a bipolar Muslim on marijuana who hears voices in his head....
Who makes this shit up??!!
A. Peasant said…
hey bho, he sounds like our man rudy eugene the miami cannibal.

i wonder if this guy is another human experiment.
A. Peasant said…
btw that atlasshrugs, isn't that the woman who just adores john bolton? i think it is. check out her blog. pure neocon crack.
freethinker said…
AP, a little off-topic light relief for you: ;)
questioning said…
way off topic, but interesting w/regards to climate change
A. Peasant said…
Interesting. This is bad also

Is thing tends to be flying over when disaster strikes. Wi december half way through, not much time left for some 2012 disaster action....
questioning said…
yes, agreed ma'am. I've got this feeling something big is coming...11th,12th,13th, 21st and 25th. Dates to watch for. The crocodile-swine are up to something. Massive behind the scenes movements in all spheres. the poner-golems are battling it out for king of the dung heap.
A. Peasant said…
exactly. here's hoping they slip on the big banana peel...
Dublinmick said…
Peasant you have probably seen this but if not. Methane in Boston.

A. Peasant said…
I did not see it. So the pipes leaking, yes. Legit problem. But the global warming and fossil fuels...? These problems are always another opportunity for mindfucking.
questioning said…
oooooooo lawdee-lawdee chil' them ther boston folks so'nuff got der beans baked!!! Dublinmick, go over to Jimstone's site. This hand-wringing ties in PERFECT with the magical nattie gas hypersonic vacuum cavitation bomb-like explosions.
Unknown said…
This is just a proposal:

How about a re-run of the Guadalajara explosions of 22nd April 1992 being lined up for Boston?

I hope I am wrong but this long forgotten about incident seems suspicious to me. It would also provide a historical precursor.

Carol A. Valentine
A. Peasant said…
damn, freethinker i'm sorry your comment was in moderation all these days and i did not know. sorry sorry. i have to see that movie. ;D

Carol, i never heard about those '92 explosions. but i did write about pipes exploding back in 9/10. see here:

where we learned that oil and gas pipes are known for decades to carry radioactive scale. and this problem has never been adequately addressed. and gee, now that the pipes are exploding everywhere i guess maybe we have here our dirty bombs?

Dublinmick said…
Gosh questioning you are so sharp. You make the net so wonderfuf shit for brains.


Please direct us to your site for more information.
questioning said…
lol, cynical sarcasm doesn't translate all that well in text sometimes Dublinmick. I assure you, none of it was directed to you. Apologies :) scroll down, you'll find it.

Dublinmick said…
Sorry questionable I probably overreacted. A point I would like to make is there are many things ongoing that are not planned by the human hand. Sometimes the boys in the back room are given too much credit.

For instance, the gulf problem is far from over, there are many theories on why methane is leaching up and causing salt dome collapse in the bayou, 50 miles south of Baton Rouge, yes there is butane in it along with radioactive materials dumped. Methane is being released world wide in many areas.

There are large booms in the south east still going on and along the Madrid. Too much to cover here.

The Bayou is bubbling, estimates Fukushima will have contaminated entire pacific ocean in 1000 days, all Calif blue fin tuna are now radioactive.

More booms in major cities, methane release? asteroid belt?

Solar max

As good an explanation as any

Best explanation I have found!