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Where are the crime scene photos from Newtown?

Beslan massacre - victims

Beslan massacre - victims

Gareth Williams' body removed from crime scene

A double murder suicide crime scene in central Florida -- body being removed from the scene

TEAM NATO + ISRAEL drone victims

REAL MOTHER saying goodbye to her REAL SON
killed in IRAQ by the US thanks to the WAR that we started there
 based on LIES from the NEOCONS

IOF victims in Gaza

Photos of Nancy Lanza's body being removed from her house?
Photos of the bloody bedroom where her son allegedly shot her in the face?
Photos of the children's bodies being removed from the school in the middle of the night?
Photos of the no doubt incredibly bloody crime scene where all these people were shot from three to eleven times at close range by a rifle?

Nicole Brown Simpson crime scene.

Maybe they will have to demolish the school? 



Anonymous said…
Good question. It all looks very fishy.

- Aangirfan
Anonymous said…
Excellent point! That thought never even crossed my mind. Thank you!

A. Peasant said…
Also see Carol Valentine post here

The video shows some parents being interviewed.

I do not see the emotions i expect to see.
A13 said…
Hi Pez,
There are none of the parental emotions on those parents...i know how i would feel if that happened here..are all of these parents actors or heavily sedated???

it stinks all right.

This guy has an interesting "take" on these manufactured events..

I've mentioned this before in one of my past posts..

all actors..
social engineering.

Kiss kiss..
Dublinmick said…
Peasant it is pretty crazy out there no doubt about it. No way to put it all in words but the short answer for me.

Sometime around 23 hundred years ago we see in the Mahabharata Ydhishthira has a vision of the age to come: I see the coming of another age, where barbaric kings rule over a vicious, broken world, where puny, fearful men live tiny lives, white hair at sixteen, copulating with animals, their women perfect whores, making love with greedy mouths. The cows dry, trees stunted, no more flowers, no more purity, ambition, corruption, the age of Kali, the black time."
Anonymous said…
There is a blog piece floating around called "31 questions about Sandy Hook" . I heard it read on Robert Phoenix's radio show yesterday. It's a continuation of what you are addressing. Also ageofvolcanoes.blogspot has a great post up with added pictures like you've done AP.
A. Peasant said…
Thank you kitty. I left a comment over there. Encouraging to see this thought dawning on multiple people.
A. Peasant said…
A13, hey gf, exactly.
Anonymous said…
We suspect that TPTB are frustrated that the internet is still up and running, as many are beginning to "wake up" to certain intricacies of power that the ruling class would rather they stay ignorant of. How do you "turn off" hundreds of thousands of young people who know all about everything they refuse to disclose on their "History Channel"?

Joe Lieberman "China can turn off their internet! Why can't we?"

The Sorcha Faal dis-info regarding the tie-in to the LIBOR case was spread far and wide very quickly following the Newtown shooting.

The local authorities release a statement disclosing that they will seek to prosecute people who spread "false" information regarding the case.

Will they start with the networks?

Going after foreign sources as well?

Just some thoughts. Glad to see you on this AP. :-)
questioning said…
hmmm, it's cracking...hear that tinkle?
A13 said…
Hi again :)

This is interesting...they so look like a destroyed grieving family..

A13 said…
had a bit of a peek on the web about vids of the "family/parents" of the victims...
i'll put up links to the short vids.

there is no normal is manufactured televisual programming, excactly like we see in reality shows, soaps, and the like..
Here is a comment i found on a thread that was very accurate..

"PLEASE. THIS is NOT a normal grieving process! What is in the water down there? Not one of these families have shown any signs of deep, painful sorrow like one who experience with the loss of a loved one. These are red flag behaviors, not unlike ones that would be used to describe serial killers. They show very little signs of true emotions.

I find it hilarious coming from the society that wanted to see Casey Anthony hang for showing lack of remorse during her trials for the death of her daughter and yet they see nothing wrong with the way these people act?

This hasn't been the attitude of just one family, it's been all of them."

OK..the first

the Father

now the parents of a little girl..

now the family of viki soto...

what also is bizzare, is in the vid of the soto family...there is a snapshot of the deceased and in the backgound is an old man giving the horns this just does not look like a grandpa photobomb...

what do you think??

we've all read about ponerology and psychopathy and the death cult..and especially here from you Pez..but this is the photo still of the screen's unnerving.

and you'll notice when this family met obama the little girl looks like she's making the same handsign..alot of red white and black too..

it's a bit obvious..
maybe that's what they want?


A13 said…
Hiya Pez, not sure if i posted this one here but it's good..

sorry to hog the comments a bit...

Cheers dears
freethinker said…
"The Sorcha Faal dis-info regarding the tie-in to the LIBOR case was spread far and wide very quickly following the Newtown shooting. "
Swits, thanks for the alert, I'd been hooked by that one.

"Will they start with the networks? Going after foreign sources as well? "
I think so too. Duff & VT seem to be playing some kind of game with PressTV. Kevin Barett of VT has been very strong on 9-11 truth recently, pinning it on the Israelis (but being rather quite about the US traitors involved), so building credibility I suppose, and now this other VT guy Mike Harris (and later backed-up by Duff) comes on and without any evidence at all declares Sandy-Hook an Israeli revenge attack (for the Palestine UN thing, in which the US voted with Israel anyway). Now anyone who blames Israel/Zionists/Jews for anything will look like a right-wing conspiracy loony hate-speaker and PressTV is being blamed for promoting anti-semitism. And what is VT doing with the ultra-spooky English 'barrister' Shrimpton?

AP, for sure the media is being tightly controlled and some footage of the victims would enhance the narrative but I can't buy into this no-victims meme that is going around regarding 9-11, Aurora and now this. Is collateral damage of a few of the herd a big deal to TPTB? I don't think so.
Anonymous said…
Don't forget that we've had Morgan Freeman (who earns a freckle every time he wisely opines on the human condition) who has been criticizing the media for turning lone nuts into celebrities, hence motivating them to commit acts such as these.

Maybe that has something to do with the muted photo evidence.

As far as staging the event? Possible. What about cousins, aunts, uncles, etc? Sheesh...maybe they just upped the fluoride dosage incrementally over the past few months, and that's why the reactions are so blase.

The globalists desperation to disarm Americans cannot be more blatant than what is shown in this clip. Piers makes complete fool of himself.


A. Peasant said…
thanks for all the great comments. some of the videos i still have to get through all the way.

in general, i think the emotional authenticity is completely missing. the normal response of a parent losing a child is inconsolable grief. not being able to speak, eat, breathe, sleep, function. crushed, devastated. not giving interviews or if able to do so, crumpling, weeping. this is not what we are seeing. if anyone knows anyone who has lost a child, esp a young child, then you know the kind of devastation. it is not something people ever fully recover from. horrible, horrible, which is why so many people in the country are feeling so awful about this except, very oddly, these parents who seem to be doing so well. remarkable.

where are the photos of people falling on the ground in grief which is what happens when you get news like this? a woman named suse lowenstein became famous for her larger than life sculptures of the mothers of the lockerbie victims (dark elegy) because every woman remembers exactly what her body did at that moment of devastation. they fell down. their legs stop working. i don't see any of this not that i have watched much because i don't ride their emotional bus anyway, but really. these videos are pretty damning.

for comparison, here is a mother in grief.

also, if anyone ever watched the documentary about katrina, when the levees broke (spike lee), there is a scene in there where a mother buries her daughter and the sound of this woman crying / shrieking, over and over again, she can't stop or do anything else. it is haunting. these things and my own experience with friends who have lost children, and my own looking at lots of pictures of the misery wrecked on the world in my name as an american -- these are the things i compare with.

laughing his way to the microphone? smiling with obomba? giving interviews on morning teevee? i am sure we can find some micro-expressions in these videos if that is necessary, but the general feeling is that people are moving along quite nicely, which i don't find believable.

that is on top of the bloodless footage. not one drop of blood in the photos i have seen.

gotta run for now, more later...
Anonymous said…
Here's what I noticed: the father of the little blond girl that was splashed all over the TV at the onset of this, went on and on with his pained looking face but not one tear was shed. But I thought the weirdest thing was he described his daughter (who was supposedly just brutally murdered) as a "good person" or something like that. I thought the use of the word PERSON to describe your newly murdered child was bizarre. Parents use words of endearment and love when referencing their children. I thought the whole thing was odd and manufactured.
A. Peasant said…
Theproblem with this whole thing is saying something. A lot of people may be thinking things are off but they are afraid to say something. And of course we know our brave media poodles will never open their mouths. And internet forums are too easy for anonymous shill attack dogs to pile in on.

But the video clips tell the story, and also, the things that are missing.

What should havehappened but didnt. That is a way to approach the topic.

freethinker said…
After looking at A13s video clips I'm going to backtrack somewhat. I'm not entirely convinced, but it does look fishy.
A. Peasant said…
hi freethinker, i am glad you took a look at the videos. i know what you were saying earlier. it just gets so confusing in a wtf kind of way.

the LIBOR stuff being a great example. here is this disinfo set out there, and we grab onto it and it's not true. but it makes a certain kind of sense with what we know. still, it is disinfo.

same with the wellaware site. i really like a lot of what he has over there, but some of it he loses me. for him to argue that sandusky case is not real is disinfo, imo. why would he do that? we have to be very careful with all the info and with trying to understand who is feeding it and for what purpose. he may be right about a lot of things (lesser importance) and still disinfo on others (greater importance), which is what spooks do. if we swallow everything they say, they win by limited hangout.

re: 911 yes there were victims. people in the buildings, firemen, etc. it does not mean that the passenger lists were real. but i am no expert on 911. as for aurora, i did not unpack that one but just kind of followed along at a distance. seemed to be full of holes.

i don't think they care one bit about who dies on the sheeple end, obviously. but in some of their operations, they want to have complete control. by staging an event they eliminate the risk of real people digging around and pursuing justice for their loved ones. too risky as they found out with 911. the trade off, however, is that the event is staged and real people can look at the emotional content being used to manipulate them and say, uh, WTF? and this is where the psychopaths think they can always pull it off but they have no real emotions so they can't. so they underestimated that risk of staging and overestimated their ability to pull it off and i think that is where we are. it also brings to mind Lobaczewski who wrote that eventually, everyone in power is of mediocre talent at best, and normal people spend a great deal of time working around idiots. so it all kind of adds up to me in this risk assessment view.

reminds me of one of my rants:

their hubris gets the best of them.

apologies for the long answer...
A. Peasant said…
hey swits, the absurdity of them complaining about spreading disinfo is too rich. i mean they don't get a friggin thing right, from the name of the alleged shooter, to the mother's occupation, to where she was killed, to whether or not the father was killed also, and that was just in the first two minutes.

there is such a job as fact checker that all big news organizations would presumably have employed by the dozens and if not why not???? what is the excuse for all the sloppy reporting that we are served up every time, every day? it's just laughable for them to get all uppity about facts. please. they wouldn't know a fucking fact if it bit them on the ass. and i hope they never see those ass-biting facts coming their way.

in the end what really pisses me off is how good people in this country have been emotionally ripped up over this. it's cruel and sick and if it's a staged event / hoax then i hope that gets around and maybe for once they won't be able to walk it back. because who JOKES about something like children being massacred? that is so beyond the pale to normal human beings. fucking sick pardon my french.
Anonymous said…
All they need to do is release/leak the crime scene photographs and all the ”hoax” pushers will be discredited. Are they waiting for a buildup of commited ” it was staged” bloggers before releasing the evidence? Possibly. I can't help but think that somehow Susstein is watching this unfold. Seems like it could be a typical Tavistock experiment.

So on one hand, you have the possibility of it being real ( a la Kennys Gladio info) on the other hand you have a staged hoax attack. (are there prior verifiable instances of this? I can't think of one at the moment)

I would think if it is a hoax, that should be ridiculously easy to prove by spending a week there and talking to people.
A. Peasant said…

Scammers scamming money off the victims......
Anonymous said…
I really like your take on this AP. your comment about wellaware is great. Your reading between the lines of truth and bullshit is extremely helpful.
A. Peasant said…
Thanks you kitty. I am glad to be of some help. I could be wrong on any number of things, certainly have gotten plenty wrong before. But when it comes to emotions, i know those and i trust my instincts.
A. Peasant said…
But swits, on what teevee channel will you see reporters interviewing people calling bs?

It is ridicoulsly easy right up to the point that you have to get it on teevee, because if it is only on the internet, as we all well know, the brainwashed will dismiss it as evil conspiracy. This is their checkmate that needs to be got around somehow.

Anonymous said…
True AP...there needs to be some sort of event that validates an "internet rumor".

for what it's worth..a. short clip of a "father", "warming up"

"The Grieving Father" laughs, smiles smuggly, then says:
"So just read the card?"
Then someone off screen says something like:
"Yeah just read the card"
Then the man laughs, says "Okay" and then struggles to stop laughing, composes himself to look sad, then gets into the character of grieving father.

Dublinmick said…
I try to comment on your site, it actually says comment awaiting moderation but never shows up.

Today, Michael Harris, former Republican candidate for governor of Arizona and GOP campaign finance chairman, in an internationally televised news broadcast, cited “Israeli revenge” in, what he called, “the terrorist attack in Connecticut.”
Anonymous said…
since 1913 in America
[JEWSA,inc. 1867]
...the "Producers" and "Directors" and "Scriptwriters" and "Choreographers" have been paid with "Jew" script called 'Federal Reserve notes' deemed legal tender

with an unlimited budget
[Think on that twice]

and the gullible goy [Braindeadgoy]...means they're


just gobbling up all the JEW spew, and JEW POOO on Talmudvision and what ooooozes from HOLLYWOOD....

did I mention the Jewish State called israel founded on Zionazi KHAZAR proselyte to talmudic Judaism terrrorism which has cost the braindeadgoy oooodles and oooodles of like REAL MONEY....not to mention the 300 million mass murdered GOY in the last century... like these
so-called "Jews"
have this unlimited budget to jack wahck the JFK, WEAVER, WACO, OKC,9/11 to name just a few...

and all the while like piers morgan the jew spew mouth piece with FACTS BOUNCING OFF HIS "HEAD" just repeat the LIES....
ad infinitum

cause thats his JOB

Stupid will never change true

Truth is the most powerful weapon on Earth

A. Peasant said…
Anonymous commenters, you need toidentify yourself here or you will go to spam. I am done providing a forum for anonymous people who cannot provide a simple courtesy to others.


That was the last one.
A13 said…
Hiya again...
Dubs, you went to spam..all fixed :)'s really a set up..a morphing expanding act of information warfare with active and passive participants..
wellaware1 is bullshit.
I've come to believe that he is a plant to discredit and give a bad anyone that questions the event and postulates there are actors..We all know it’s quite likely they use actors in false flag events. So goldbug is partly right. However, by saying John Goodman is Lt Vance and Kevin Costner is Jerry Sandusky and Tina Fey is the Truther Girl he makes the entire premise of using actors at all seem ridiculous.

And that is what makes goldbug shine as the perfect disinfo
shill. He makes the rest of us, that think people like the Parker family and the others that i posted up in the comments could very well be actors, look stupid.

there are multiple scenarios and narratives with this story and information warfare is obvious here.
also on the spiritual level..all the outpouring of grief, the fear the trauma of associating this event with ones own children..fear..guns..laws..end of world..blah blah..just a straight up head fuck to fuck with all our matter where our opinions/ beliefs lie.
Especially before Christmas and the holiday season...
Who gets all of that outpouring of traumatic energy...where does all that fear and pain go???

they change the story as they go..
what bothers me at this point is the way they have been oh so sloppy with the narrative and people are getting suss...this whole thing stinks, as they know that people are waking up..they know that more people than before are thinking differently to the official line...

it's like they want to be caught out or something???
to trigger a reaction or response from the people..

But anyway..
I did a post on port arthur massacre in tasmania and it was similar to this psyop...the dead were really dead thou as i got to see the police training vid ( it was uploaded to youtube illegally) and yes, real dead bodies, lotsa blood and stuff..NOT like Norway or sandy hook...
BUT had the outcome of banning semi auto weapons, the gun buy back and very tough licensing rules
for gun owners in OZ....
we are now an unarmed populace and everyone thinks guns are bad here...

BUT i believe there is MORE than this than the GUN control element..there are Multiple agendas being served here along with the ever changing narrative..
not sure if i'll be posting up anything myself on this latest guys all are doing an awesome, constant bullshit like these psyops really wears you down and i need all the good vibes i can get this time of year....sorry about long comment xxx00

Love and peace and blessings to you all here :)
Anonymous said…
Hi Peasant,

this one hit nearby, uh?

I'm just disgusted.

I wonder when you USAns will start realizing that you are in the middle of a violent, armed conflict with the "enemy within".

This is how they'll badger and badger and badger until people are overwhelmed and give them whatever they want.

And this is IMHO not only about weapons control, this is about they want to kill off a sizeable portion of US population, whites in particular. Why whites? Because white people, even uneducated ones, have the wherewital to think themselves out of the holes made by these psychos. Other peoples, black, latino ... have never to my knowledge demonstrated that they have that innate capability. They wont cause the elected ones headache.

Precedents: Soviet Union, about 60M white people murdered and/or sent to the gulags; WW2: about 60M dead, most of them whites; WW1: about 20M (?) dead mostly whites ...

A. Peasant said…
You are the bomb sistah.

Anonymous at 5:58, would you care to id yourself? I am telling you people, i am about to have a rant over this anonymous shit. And if i drive you all away, so be it.
Anonymous said…
"I am about to have a rant over this..." :-D

ohhh this is gonna be good, I can tell. :-D

Regarding the idiot above with the "gullible goy [Braindeadgoy]", etc, etc. I've seen that type of shite all over many of the blogs on kennys blogroll. Same stunted paragraphs, same inciteful, barely readable rhetoric. Total megaphony/hasbara/sayanim.

Kudos to you for putting up with it as long as you have. I'd have no problem with you censoring crap like that, as it makes sharing posts less risky of being associated with losers like that.
Unknown said…
Peasant, if you mean the post with "close to home", 5:58 would be me. Honored to be your guest :-)

This is a case where lack of manners ends affecting everybody.
A. Peasant said…
Thanks unknown, i appreciate the clarification and published your comment. Not that i want to be a bitch but i am done with the lack of accountability with people online.

Swits i dont want to give my rant away but yeah, it is bullshit hasbara and i am not letting it through anymore.
Dubinmick said…
'Wait are you saying you do not trust mafia boss Elizabeth Battenberg? Shame on you. She has your best interests at heart. She is Merovingian!

"What webs we weave when we seek to deceive. "

Tonight we enter the Mayan fifth world. Love to you all. Hopefully a new consciousness is being instilled.

Peasant, there is not going to be world government, the cosmos will not allow it.
Anonymous said…
Davy here...

the "anonymous" who uses inflammatory rhetoric [Truth] to deprogram the "Braindeadgoy"...

just wondering - swits -
where were you in March and April of 1993 ?

I was in a studio [195$US/Hr] editting hundreds of hours of video taken from satellite of the mass murder assault and seige of my neighbors the Davidians...

I have been called a lot worse that hasbara troll...

but I have a question for you...

What makes someone on Earth a "Jewish"...?


how many actual
"Hebrew - Iraelites"
live in the "Jewish" state called Israel ...?


You know what really offends me...?

Stupid Idiots who hate True information because it might offend one of their "Jew" worshipping "friends"...

{see Carlos Ghigliotti}

while ignoring over 300 million murders by these mass murderers in the last century...

and the theft by LEDGERDEMAIN of over 1500 Quadrillion

only [IDIOTS] "Jew Worshippers" are offended by Truth

Truth is hate to those who Hate the Truth

how is Justice had without Truth ?
A. Peasant said…
ok davy, well here we go.

the "anonymous" who uses inflammatory rhetoric [Truth] to deprogram the "Braindeadgoy"...

you do realize davy, that i started this blog over five years ago and have written over 1000 posts here. you don't need to come here and start using inflammatory rhetoric to deprogram people here. have you even bothered to read anything written here? because if you just think it's ok to barge in and start accusing people and shouting at them, they you just look like a troll. i assure you everyone here knows plenty about the problems we are in including the jewish angle.

just wondering - swits -
where were you in March and April of 1993 ?

I was in a studio [195$US/Hr] editting hundreds of hours of video taken from satellite of the mass murder assault and seige of my neighbors the Davidians...

ok well if you have a good backstory and some inside information, does that mean you were working for the spooks in some capacity? otherwise why were you making so much money editing satellite video of Waco? if you are some sort of angry whistleblower with important information, then i suggest you learn some manners so that people will listen to you. also, you might want to take your info to a bigger blog because i am nobody and there is nothing i can do for you.

I have been called a lot worse that hasbara troll...

do you have problems picking up on social cues?

but I have a question for you...

What makes someone on Earth a "Jewish"...?


how many actual
"Hebrew - Iraelites"
live in the "Jewish" state called Israel ...?


i have no idea but that is a good question. my own opinion is there are many more "jews" than we are told. i have written about this before but since you don't read here you wouldn't know that. and i am not going into it for your sake here.

You know what really offends me...?

Stupid Idiots who hate True information because it might offend one of their "Jew" worshipping "friends"...

{see Carlos Ghigliotti}

while ignoring over 300 million murders by these mass murderers in the last century...

and the theft by LEDGERDEMAIN of over 1500 Quadrillion

only [IDIOTS] "Jew Worshippers" are offended by Truth

Truth is hate to those who Hate the Truth

how is Justice had without Truth ?

does anyone here really offend you davy? do you know anyone here? have you taken any time to read anything here? i have been here for five years looking for the truth. who are YOU to barge in here and be rude, anonymously, and then get all huffy?

my advice for you is this. if you are a real person, and you want to be taken seriously, you need to put your name to your opinions and stop barging around like an asshole. because the way you do things now make you look exactly like a troll. which is why people think you are a troll. and if you are a troll, and you get $ per comment or however the enormous security apparatus pays their goons to anonymously disrupt civilized people trying to talk, then take yourself elsewhere.
A. Peasant said…
Btw davy, the way you quote what you made for money tells me you are not an american.

A. Peasant said…
so just to be clear, according to your own comments, your name is "davy" (is that like davy crockett hun, because most grown american men i know go by dave), and your neighbors were the davidians, and you made 195$US/Hr (americans put the dollar sign before the number just so you know for your future troll-work), editing satellite images of waco, wow you must have had a really good job with a lot of security clearance huh?, and you are really angry about the damn stupid braindead goyim who love jews. and they are such "braindead" "stupid idiots" and you like to go around calling them names on blogs because you hate those stupid goyim so much and actually it's a good idea to go around making a big show about being so "anti-semitic" so that you can get as many people tarred with that brush as possible? because if i publish your comment then i am anti-semitic too? and if i don't i am an idiot braindead goy who hates the truth? is that how it works hun? and then, if somebody links to me, one of your buddies can leave a comment there that this blog is anti-semitic, based on comments like yours?

it's so funny because if, say, you theoretically *were* a hasbara troll, all of that would make perfect sense.
Penny said…
Hey AP
Yah, I see what your referencing with regard to comments..

It's a time waster to have to clean up the blog of spam and moronic troll comments.

The Khazar troll that was hanging at my place was so obviously a Khazar...
I roll my eyes
The comments were so obviously stupid, more then once the Khazar troll was called on it's nonsense and it kept on going

Then there was the spam- good god
As much as 15 spams in a day
All anonymous
The google spam catcher would get around half of it sometimes a bit better, but I still had to delete it all from the blog, the spam folder and the blog email account

Regarding the lack of imagery from Sandy Hook?
I have thought about this..
Here is what comes to my mind
The use of the imagery is not necessary for any kind of trauma/shock value
Most of us are parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins etc
Most of us have family.
We have all gone to school
As have our family members

We can all imagine the horror of this situation without the help of images by personalizing this in our own minds.
This is the psychological 'advantage' in school shootings And mall shootings....
These are everyday places that all of us go to
These settings and the potential for harm in all cases is terror inducing enough. Leaving us all feeling threatened and vulnerable. No imagery necessary.
That's my thinking about it anyway
For whatever it may or may not be worth
I don't know?

A. Peasant said…
hi Pen,
that is true about us filling in the blanks, with imagery or words. that is a technique they have long used and it works very well. so i agree that it may be in play. however, there's not even an image of a bloody footprint, or anything. i mean, they could easily have even put an image out there that would have been in context and still allowing for people to fill in the blanks with their personal images in their own minds. there's just nothing other than the feel sad / feel good human interest angle.

given how actually bloody such a crime scene would be, it just seems really convenient that no one got a drop of blood on them, and the little girl who supposedly got away -- remains unnamed.


so no one can ask her anything? or bother her family? or find out how she is doing? wouldn't she be traumatized beyond belief yet we are told she ran out covered in blood and told her parent that she was ok but all her friends were dead. ? did she not even leave any bloody footprints when she ran to her parents? did the photographers on scene use such restraint that they did not take even one photograph to be seared into our hive mind? a tiny handprint, anything?

this guy here reminds us of the little iraqi girl and her brother whose parents were shot to death at a checkpoint.

hopefully we all remember her face. that is what a child looks like who has just been traumatized.

and as for the trolls.... they suck and the web is full of them as well as people pretending to be citizens but who are really on the payroll, with their blogs, and i am sick of them all.
A. Peasant said…
yeah well sorry about your sad story.

sorry that we observe pesky social graces here like using names.

it just didn't seem to me that I was SHOUTING at swits or any other professional dimwit, but then some hypersensitive people with SHITE for brains complained at Kennys' as anonymous and then ...oh well

well, you know, you could be a sociopath because if you don't realize that you are SHOUTING and calling people names like "professional dimwit" and "hypersensitive people with SHITE for brains," then you probably are missing some of the normal human equipment that typically prevents people from speaking to each other that way for no reason.

and so sorry you didn't make enough money in a "free country" like texas.

that some people get their knickers bunched up, never addressing the actual facts....just the messenger
....please accept my apology for offending someones sensitivities who couldn't actually deal with the truth offered but was willing to assume that I was trying to infect their Site proper with anti-semitism....

oh BUT OF COURSE DAVY, your "apology" is accepted. i guess i missed the part about you offering up truth that i "couldn't actually deal with", since your comments barely make any sense. aside from this being my blog not yours, and i don't work for you, and you don't get to come here being an asshole and demanding that i address your "facts" which have nothing to do with my post but are a complete diversion. i suppose that is another one of our pesky social graces that you find so tiresome.

anyway, it was fun to let you go on and on about your sad story so everyone can see that you are a victim then. imagine my shock. so very sorry i can't help you. you have a permanent disability.

buh bye now.
A. Peasant said…
for the benefit of other readers, this troll appears to be a sephardi jew complaining that the ashkenazi jews are so mean on the playground, and anyway, the ashkenazi jews are not the "real" jews.

not my problem.

wrote about it re: the moshe saba helicopter crash.

found connections to organ trafficking, syrian jewish community in NY, hatzolah private ambulance services, Haiti, and all sorts of other sordid dirt. other posts at the above link, scroll down on the right hand side.
james said…
Hi APea,
You make a really good point with this post. I read your 'Guerrilla-Warfare' post again. Great message and great writing. I recommend it to all readers here
A. Peasant said…
Thanks James. Plus i caught a troll haha...
Anonymous said…
Great coverage here of this nasty black op.
The lies and disinformation make any speculation a dodgy game.
Focusing on inconsistencies and impossibilities, being willing to change or adapt as new info becomes available is the way to go.

Making belligerent claims of a specific nature (that are impossible to prove) and trying to get people to fight about them like D'D'D'Davey........not so good.

I sympathize with A Peasant trying to keep the high road whilst greasy trolls slither about doing what they do best....distract from the main issue. The Davey creature displays all classic troll behavior.
I see more and more mindless ignorant Jew bashing rants on any blog that takes an honest collaborative approach to truth seeking on any issue. IMO it is there to scare away people who are just starting to look at alternative news. It is there because it works. Deleting such screed or responding as you have here are both effective.

I am generally anonymous, because I have this silly idea that truth and good ideas should stand on their own. But clearly screen names have some value, so I will take one on.
You (APeasant) paid me a nice compliment on the aangirfan blog one day for my suggestion of a story topic regarding stupid white people, overpopulation and gay people.....a very nice compliment on my humor. It meant a lot, thank you.

This truth seeking mindset that many of us have is a blessing and a curse. Humor and a sense of community make it much less difficult.

You do great work here, I hope you have a happy holiday season with lots of love.

Friendly Giant.
A. Peasant said…
hi Friendly Giant, thank you for commenting.

I see more and more mindless ignorant Jew bashing rants on any blog that takes an honest collaborative approach to truth seeking on any issue. IMO it is there to scare away people who are just starting to look at alternative news. It is there because it works.

i agree. it is always best when we keep that collaborative thing going, and keep it civilized. people identifying themselves makes it all the better because then you can keep track of who thinks what and people are accountable for what they say. not that we are all about holding anyone's feet to the fire but the fact is that there is risk and effort to have an online presence of any stability, and it's not fair to anyone when people just use the web for anonymity. i could go on and on and on about this and i might still do my rant because it is a big juicy topic that i have stewed over for some time now, but suffice to say i appreciate the people who read here and comment, and i think there are some really outstanding people who visit here and at Penny's, Kenny's, nobody's (may he write again someday), Aan's and other sites. noting also that the bloggers mentioned have also been blogging steady for years, and have seen a lot of people come and go.

and that comment was so funny. i really don't laugh out loud much but truly, that one caught me just right. you know when you're in that serious as a heart attack mode reading all this nasty shit and then, the surprise funny. so grimly funny and true... :D it was great.

merry christmas to you and yours and i wish you also every blessing for the new year. i really, really hope that we have turned a corner at long last.

love to you and all my friends around the world.
Unknown said…
AP - Good work. I think we are moving along the same lines here.

It took a short while to work it out.

Swing by and have a look at my latest thoughts I would be interested to know what you think.

I reckon it was put together by a

real 'sick ass joker'

Best wishes to you and A13,


Greg Bacon said…
The SH massacre doesn't seem to be getting traction that Obama and his handlers had hoped for regarding gun confiscation/control, so look for another, even bloodier incident.
wikispooks said…

FWIW - good stuff on the Anon/Davy Troll.

At best the guy has a serious ego problem; at worst? Well you nailed it.
A. Peasant said…
hi Carol, i have taken a quick look last night and will leave you a comment at your place.

hi Greg, that sounds right. in fact i had expected something really big would come done sooner or later and it's getting to later.
A. Peasant said…
thanks wikispooks. he has clearly outed himself in my eyes. he came here from somewhere else, israel or wherever, lands near waco?, always a popular hot spot for foreign born jews?, somehow had lots of money to edit satellite photos of the seige, which he got from which government or corporation?, and is now whining twenty years later on the blogosphere, to people who can't help him, that he wasn't treated right after doing all this work and is lecturing americans on the alamo and patriotism and how he tried to help us and we're just too stupid blah blah blah. ok the arrogance meter breaks right around there. at best he sounds like someone who got burned by other spooks, and serves him right. clearly he was up to no good in the first place, so whatever.

he is just using people in his proxy war that is internal to jewry.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said…
Hi AP, viewed from this side of the pond we are getting a real mind fuck here right on schedule. Just as they deliberately "dither" the weather forecasts, decades ago they were more accurate with less tech, so we cannot identify weather weapons being deployed, they are using their usual "Make everyone miserable at Christmas via eunuch MSM" routine to effect an emotional/intellectual head trauma. Contused and confused we won't spot when they flick the domestic killer switch.

Here we've got a nurse offing herself for answering a phone call from two Ocker jocks and MSM coverage from a school massacre with parents that look like they have watched a particularly traumatic episode of Frazier.

Youngsters watching this will not be able to recognise real trauma nor associate it with true traumatic causes and experiences.

It is total Protocol.

There are straws in the wind that suggest a quiet word has been put out to those in the know here in the Northern Smoke. Where I live is next to a massive rent generating facility. All laid out with extensive gardens,only detached or semi detached and wide roads and avenues, quiet cul de sacs. The properties a either occupied by the Jews or rented out a vast expense to high yield expats from various countries, but primarily Japanese bankers, and these properties are NEVER, NEVER sold on the open market. My friends found that out when they were done over by an estate agent here a couple of decades ago. They change hands off market and within the tribe to make sure there is an almost impenetrable barrier to entry for the non-chosen. You never ever see an estate agent's placard in the front garden.

Well guess what? They are banging out, they've pulled the ejector seat toggle. Estate agent placards are everywhere now.

Good work AP. Cya.
Penny said…
"Maybe they will have to demolish the school? "

prognosticate much;)

"She said some have wondered about building a new school for Sandy Hook students if the town decides to tear the school down, but that decision has not been made."
questioning said…
You've got Trolls! Hmmm, this is all over one post...interesting! excellent comments from the real people. I liked your comment over at The Living Tiki @ December 20, 2012 at 2:44 pm. Obviously you need croc-swine for actors because normal people are a much greater security risk(comes with having a conscious and no amount of moola will assuage that), unless they are one-offs who get the cement boots.

This is the converse of Jim Stone's observation that low-level g-men of whatever alphabet agencies need to be honorable, trustworthy people who will report the facts on the ground to the higher-ups and ordinarily wouldn't dream of blackmail, let alone connect the dots. The croc-swine don't really "trust" us, but they sure as hell don't trust each other!

@INCOMING!!!! Yep, lotsa croc-swine Tribe and Shabbots high-ups in the "know" are bugging-out, skedaddling to D.U.M.B.s like Denver or isolated areas like the Tri-Borders, some really nasty shit is going down.
questioning said…
@ Penny....(jaw drops) dang!!
Anonymous said…
For some reason, if this whole Cassandras Hook ;-) actually happened...Someone like Lanza would be a perfect candidate for weaponized Scopolamine. Just throwing it out there. That is one frightening drug on it's own. Can only imagine what they've cooked up in the labs.
questioning said…
from GLP.

hol-ee shit!
A. Peasant said…
hi i'm back...

incoming, got your comment the first time brother but had a good laugh with the resubmit FFS... ;D anyway, that's a sign about the ejector seat. i guess it's a good sign because they might take some of us with them when they go down, but they are going down. i wonder where they are going? patagonia, paraguay... ?

hi Pen, yes i saw a one line throw in a few days somewhere ago that they might demolish the school. (q, i just got lucky there.) it makes sense. get rid of the evidence / non-evidence. presumably someone could take one of those black lights in there that shows the blood even after it is all cleaned up? we've all seen it on teevee -- common knowledge. well maybe it's best to quarantine the crime scene indefinitely and then demolish the building before anyone tries that stunt and no blood turns up.

A. Peasant said…
questioning, yes exactly re: the actors. all the good talent they already sent to hollywood to make money for them. everyone left is b-team. (talented people of conscience would tell them to fuck off and die.)

as for jim stone, well, he's done a lot of good work. but, i find his conclusions on this one just a click or too too far. the children abducted into sex slavery? well why bother when they have unlimited access to children already? it does not compute. either this brilliant guy who knows all sorts of other arcane stuff can't figure this out, or he is using a known issue to misdirect. sorry but i don't buy it. he's shown himself to be too smart to be so dumb.

anyway, what parent would agree to not seeing their child's body? wtf? ridiculous. a normal parent would get into assault and battery over something like that. who could live with himself to not see their child one last time, no matter how awful? just because some dipshit said no? i don't think so.

i don't think the children were abducted. i think the giant security apparatus is used to put spooks and their families on assignment in designated locations years in advance. just like millions of people relocate for their jobs. same same. if you work for CIA or mossad or whatever, and they tell you to take your family and move to spooktown USA and get a job in the school or church or police station, and sit tight being normal for ten fucking years while we pump money into your bank account to make it easy for you, they will do it. the agencies have so much money, official and black budgets and organized crime money, what is the difficulty? it's such an easy thing to imagine. i figure we are talking well under 100 spooks plus their families in situ to pull something like this off. logistically, i don't see the problem.

real nsa security budget, 1 trillion, not including black budget from organized crime:

"if money can fix it, it's not a problem."

questioning said…
I agree w/ regard to Jim Stone, the child sex trafficking angle tripped me up, especially considering the fact so many are of the Tribe. I've also noticed him being linked a LOT more lately after being around for years. It's like wellaware, damned good observations, another layer peeled back, buuuuut......

btw, I noticed you removed SOTT from the blogroll ;-) get bit?
A. Peasant said…
haha, q, you are paying attention. i did take some broken links off and also some that i feel are compromised in one way or other.

i had not checked sott in a long time and i went over there and they have that corporate feel now: all our alt news has been approved for your consumption.

in general, i'll just say that having blogged for a long time, i am sure the internet is not a meritocracy. there are other forces in play which contribute to "success" or "failure." and i salute my middle finger to them.
Anonymous said…
I think I'm actually coming around to accepting the idea that this could be possible. With black budgets, media the's almost as if they're setting up an apocalypse. (in the "great unveiling" sense)

Do you remember reading anything (in the months/years following 9/11) about the pentagon hiring writers to come up with terrorist plans/stories so that they could "prepare"?

Wonder how that's going.
A. Peasant said…
Q i am positive wellaware is disinfo limited hangout. That is how all these guys work. They mix good info with bad and that discredits the good and anyone who used it. These guys have pretty much ruined the web. Adding in all the confusion from the media, it becomes nearly impossible to get anything straight. But but but... We still have our brains and emotional intelligence. As long as people do not censor their own thoughts, we can still "know" things by intuition and common sense. I do believe that is the way forward because the other way of ascertaining facts has been blocked and made impassable by debris. That was intentional.

It is time for people to rediscover their human instincts.
questioning said…
I agree! But even knowing that practically the whole Alt Media is compromised, what choice do we have but discernment? And you're correct, using logic, critical thinking, facts on the ground no longer works. I just was chatting with a friend who was upset over Newton being a false flag. She acknowledged the bizarre indiscrepancies, but couldn't still wrap her head around the concept that ALL of it would be fake if you follow the evidence to it's logical conclusion. "I mourn the lost kids"........

.....what do you do?
Anonymous said…
Another odd parent interview

bholanath said…
Praise and gratitude and blessings in this holy time to you, AP and all who come here ('cept trolls).
Suppose you've seen this, but anyway, fascinating (in a morbid way):
Anonymous said…
One more interesting development.

A13 said…
Merry Christmas darling sweetie :)
Blessings, love and peace to you all there and all the very best for this time of year..into the new..
may our reality stay focused upon love, understanding, acceptance and courage..most of all truth :)
Regards and respect Ad

Wah sista
prayers and much love xx
Penny said…
Anonymous questioning said...

@ Penny....(jaw drops) dang!!

December 22, 2012 5:53 PM


Hoping your jaw is firmly back in place?

Anonymous said…
Creighton has a piece up regarding ”crisis actors”. I had never heard of these people before, our that line of work before. But 9/11 Harley t-shirt guy immediately comes to mind.
A. Peasant said…
hello to all. some comments were in moderation, sorry for the delay. i think it was mostly Swits but not sure.

Bho, A13, thank you for your Christmas wishes. i love you guys.

for all of you who inhabit this place in the ether where we intersect, i love you all and wish you a blessed Christmas and every blessing for 2013. may the truth prevail and we all live to tell our great great grandchildren tales of lore. and they will listen with wide eyes and scarcely be able to believe us because the world will be such a beautiful place by then and the evil will be long vanquished. Merry Christmas.
questioning said…
Merry Christmas all, thank you for your insights and links. Penny, my jaw is firmly attached, :-) That link you provided from huffpo regarding the school being rebuilt was dead-center!

To all I raise my glass and toast our kind hostess and I bow to her. Keep the quill wet, the tongue sharp and the powder dry. (for you Homeland Security hasbarat and other alphabet spookshills, I am referring to make-up...or am I?) maybe we ought to start a franchise :-P
Dublinmick said…
No doubt the British model has been followed in all of this.

It is difficult to get very far with the average, "I watch days of our lives" and "Bill O'Reilly" types. What you will get is, you actually believe all that crap. You know it is getting so convoluted it is hard to explain.

When people have not followed the Jon Benet Ramsey, Helter Skelter, Los angeles Strangler, Son of Sam, Colombine, Batman and other tragedies of unbelievable proportions, it just doesn't click with them.

There is a killing factory all working together and people just can't get a handle on it. The Brady Bunch is not up to digging very far into the matrix.
Anonymous said…
Hullo AP

Sorry I've been away. And sorry for breaking your rule about being anonymous, ha ha. In my defence may I say that, a) I'm not really anonymous and, b) I am the exception that proves the rule. Kinda, sorta, not really... but I'm sure you can dig it.

Anyway, very good. I do love it when someone who knows what they're doing has a scalpel in one hand and a catling in the other and absolutely goes for it. Bravo.

Hmm... whilst that does sound kind of death-cult gruesome it's not really what with there not being any blood as such: just shredded nylon and hissing hot air as the troll's Macy's-Parade-balloon sense of self cops its just rewards. Hee Hee.

Actually, you'd almost feel sorry for them what with their having no weapons in their arsenal apart from me-me-me. Hmm... I wanted to mention 'relentlessness' in that last sentence but if you think about it of course a person who is nothing beyond me-me-me will be relentless. With nothing else to fall back on, nor the sense to appreciate that, he can only do the same thing over and over. And you don't need me to tell you what that equals, do you? Of course not.

Anyway, I wanted to pop in and add to your list of photos from my usual touchstone, Dave McGowan, from back when he did his deconstruction of the Columbine massacre. Here it is. I don't know if it's precisely germane but it's always worth comparing such similar events (who knows, some otherwise-missed thing may occur to somebody) and besides, McGowan's always an enjoyable re-read.

Anyway mate, good to see you in such fine form and I'll talk to you later.

Oh, and apologies to A13 (and no doubt others as well) for not dropping a line. It's nothing personal, just me being an equal opportunity ill-mannered git.

Otherwise a belated Merry Christmas, not-belated-yet Happy New Year, and all-round best regards.

Off I go now,

yours aye, etc. etc.
A. Peasant said…
aha, the pirate! as if you could be anonymous. i would like to see you try haha.

of course, the pics are germaine as they show an actual crime scene from which deductions may be made. the double cross in this case, like Mumbai and others i am sure.

davy has gone off to put me under the bus. tear.

glad to hear from you and to know you are alive and well. xo.
A. Peasant said…
little does he know, i LIVE under the bus.
A13 said…
Hello lovers :)
Well, i'm off to read that mcgowan stuff...thanks cap'n annonymous..and yes please do drop a line you EO gitt cause we miss you :) Hope you all had a nice chrissy..
I've got no more info or opinion on this stuff except i'd take a huge look at the so called ex psych Rosen.
many inconsistencies here in this story

HHQ has done a huge post on Sandy Hook and it's relation to Dunblane..I have to find some time to read it today..For me it seems a similar attack to Port Arthur and dunblane...

Word verification = proudyn
Yep, i'm very proud to know y'all :)
Dublinmick said…

Just happened to notice her site on Kenny's she was wondering why friends facebook accounts are being shut down. I can't post there, it seems I can only post on site that ask for the code on google blogs.

Facebook it appears it shutting all blogs related to guns also.

People have informed Fetzer of facebook shut downs.

Facebook Purges Pro-Gun Accounts
The following is a list of Facebook accounts operated by individuals in the alternative media that have been shut down by Facebook staff over the past 24 hours. Infowars writer Aaron Dykes and political dissident Brandon J. Raub have also had their accounts deleted. Raub was snatched by police and forcibly imprisoned in a psychiatric ward earlier this year for posting political content on Facebook. Infowars editor Kurt Nimmo also had his account suspended this morning.
Kurt Nimmo (account suspended)
Aaron Dykes (account inactive)
Brandon J. Raub (account inactive)
Michael F Rivero (account inactive)
Anthony J Hilder (account inactive)
William Lewis (account inactive)
Richard Gage (account inactive)
William Rodriguez (account inactive)
Infowar Artist (account inactive)
We are Change (account inactive)
Wacboston At Twitter (account inactive)
Michael Murphy Tmp (account inactive)
Robert M Bowman (account inactive)
Peter Dale Scott (account inactive)
Jason Infowars (account inactive)
Mike Skuthan (account inactive)
Packy Savvenas (account inactive)
Sean Wright (account inactive)
Katherine Albrect (account inactive)

More on Sandy Hook
kenny said…
What do you think about this pez?

Sandy Hook False Flag Psy-op - Ken O'Keefe
A. Peasant said…
hi Kenny,
i really like it. it's very strong. the hypocrisy of the hollywood crowd is brilliantly done.

thank you!
freethinker said…
What a mind-fuck! I feel like the clueless naive copper in The Wicker Man trying to find some truth amongst a coven of satanists. Nothing makes sense.

New York Giants Run Out As Sandy Hook Families Line the Field. WTF is that about?

This guy is a bit of a rough diamond but he makes some good points. Its just too obviously fake; there's a double play of some sort going on.
Sandy Hook ELementary Massacre PSYOP / HOAX - Was Gene Rosen speaking in code?

Happy 2013 AP.
A. Peasant said…
hey freethinker, happy 2013 to you too....
we're on the same page. i have another post in the works and it's about this meta=level of the psyop, which is to say that yes it is all so obviously fucked up that must be for a reason. looking forward to watching your links....
Penny said…


oops sorry about the cap lock ap. was trying to wish happy new year in caps and kept on typing

All the best to everyone,don't want to leave anyone out
See ya next year
A. Peasant said…
Pen, you are such a sweetie...
Happy new year,!!!!
james said…
Thanks, Pen, and to you, too! And Happy New Year to you, APea.

Perhaps one should say 'Best Wishes' as I doubt it will be a happy year. Never-the-less, I doubt it will be without hope as the level of community knowledge increases as the psychopaths get more and more desperate and blatant in their rush towards their endgame and their illusory safety.
A. Peasant said…
thanks James. happy new year to you also, and to all the great people around these parts. i hope for the best. i agree they are rushing along into their endgame -- they have dropped the mask with this latest "event," and that means, i guess, that one way or the other we must be nearing the conclusion of the drama.
freethinker said…
Online article FORCES Giles County officials, police to cancel school on Wednesday
Always be wary when the 'Precautionary Principle' is invoked. Is this (and other still to come) knee-jerk reaction to bloggers' speculation going to be used as a pretext for a clamp-down on internet free-speach?

The blog involved:
The Next School Massacre Target?
and some reporting of it-
Possible School Massacre Averted?
Actually, the Narrows, Giles County map does seem to be a good fit for a strike-zone on the Gotham map.
Hat said…
Here is a really strange coincidence; a slasher movie called "Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre" had a review posted about it on July 20, 2012; the same day as the Batman, Aurora shooting. The first paragraph of the review states, "So here we have Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre. Let’s say that again, SANDY HOOK LINGERIE PARTY MASSACRE! What do you think of when you see that combination of words? What’s in a title anyway? Does it have a cryptic meaning? Who is Sandy Hook? What on earth am I writing about? Let’s move on…" while the last paragraph reads, "A wiseman once said that the key to a good life is making the most of every minute because as each one passes, you never get them back. I urge you not to waste yours on Sandy Hook as it is without a shadow of a doubt as rancid as a night in a decaying concrete tomb. Forget it"

My question is did this "reviewer" have foreknowledge of the Sandy Hook incident and so he used this "review" in a way to try to forewarn? This is beyond creepy to me and borders on sinister.

A. Peasant said…
hey freethinker and hat, thanks for the comments and links. this psyop is a moving target. i think you are both onto the track of it having to do with pure emotional manipulation, perhaps for the sake of emotional manipulation. ? i am trying to wrestle it into a post.